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The Clinton Foundation’s Global Bribery and Crony Access Scam (national disgrace)

The ^ | August 25, 2016 | Austin Bay 

Hillary’s hybrid ‘Clinton State-Foundation’ is a national disgrace
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. “Whoever you are, I have always depended on the kindness of strangers,” says the frequently delusional Blanche Dubois near the bitter end of Tennessee Williams’ Pulitzer Prize-winning play A Streetcar Named Desire.
Ah yes, kind strangers. It’s a playwright’s loaded line. Put bluntly, Miss Blanche may practice intermittent prostitution. According to rumors, before her New Orleans travails, Blanche lost her Mississippi hotel digs because her scandalous associations with menfolk tarnished the joint’s reputation. This naughty gossip, Blanche’s louche behavior, her iffy relationship with what we might call the truth—the drip, drip, drip of on-stage evidence—leads many play-watchers to conclude, yeah, right, Tennessee Williams, I get it. That kind of kind strangers, the kind that tip the tart.
Blanche Dubois is a fictional character. Hillary Clinton often inhabits a fictional universe. Claiming she was targeted by snipers in Bosnia and telling Fox News interviewer Chris Wallace that FBI Director James Comey exonerated her grossly negligent mishandling of classified information are just two examples of Hillary’s fictional existence. However, Hillary’s State Department was no cheap Mississippi hotel, and the latest batch of emails confirming close, coordinated contact between Hillary’s top State aides and the kind strangers who donate to the Clinton Foundation ain’t rumors spread by traveling salesmen. Even The AP is troubled by the number of Clinton Foundation donors with quick access to Hillary’s senior staff. The second paragraph in the AP report has numbers, not rumors:
>>> “At least 85 of 154 people from private interests who met or had phone conversations scheduled with Clinton while she led the State Department donated to her family charity or pledged commitments to its international programs, according to a review of State Department calendars released so far to The AP Combined, the 85 donors contributed as much as $156 million. At least 40 donated more than $100,000 each, and 20 gave more than $1 million.”
“Released so far.” That’s the AP acknowledging the drip, drip, drip technique. More of Hillary’s emails continue to appear, including emails she swore she destroyed because they were personal.
Indeed, it appears evidence of an axis has emerged, drip by drip, an axis that operationally connected Clinton Foundation donors to Hillary’s State Department. That suggests from 2009 to 2013, when she was secretary of state, Hillary ran a hybrid organization—what we might call the Clinton State-Foundation—which served the needs of Foundation donors, in return for their… kindnesses.
If the Clinton State-Foundation looks like a pay-to-play bribery operation, well, it sure looked like Blanche Dubois was sleeping around a bit with kind strangers, didn’t it?
* * *
Rajiv Fernando was a kind stranger who, in 2011, thanks to the kindness of Clinton senior aide Cheryl Mills, ended up as a kind stranger in a strange land—or at least strange from the perspective of everyone else on International Security Advisory Board (ISAB).
Now, the ISAB’s portfolio is to provide advice on “arms control, disarmament, nonproliferation, international security, and related aspects of public diplomacy.” Fernando? He was a Democratic Party donor who had “given up to $5 million to the Clinton Foundation.”
Fernando had absolutely no experience much less expertise in security and diplomatic issues. Yet on one occasion when he attended a board meeting, members were discussing issues that required examination of top secret intelligence. As the Washington Examiner notes, it took a Freedom of Information Act request by Citizens United to shakeout the emails that revealed the “scramble” by Clinton’s aides when ABC News asked for Fernando’s resume.
Wouldn’t media bigshots call for a special prosecutor if a Republican administration had such a blatant appearance of compromise?
And what do the emails reveal about Kind Stranger Rajiv’s appointment to a prestigious national security board despite his complete lack of qualifications?
“We must protect the Secretary’s and Under Secretary’s name, as well as the integrity of the Board. I think it’s important to get down to the bottom of this before there’s any response,” the aide added. “The true answer is simply that S staff (Cheryl Mills) added him,” another official later wrote. “Raj was not on the list sent to S; he was added at their insistence.” “S” is an abbreviation often used to denote the secretary of state in documents. In this case, it was a reference to Clinton.”
Ouch. It appears Cheryl Mills, Hillary’s chief of staff and State-Foundation operative, added Rajiv Fernando, at Hillary’s insistence. When the veil was lifted the rats ran from the light. Kind Stranger Rajiv left the ISAB four days after his background was called into question. It was, so to speak, Fernando’s hideaway.
What does Rajiv Fernando actually do for a living? He says he is an investor. He certainly “invested” five million bucks in the Clintons. This kind stranger got his goody—the board position—but he didn’t get to keep it. Did Rajiv Fernando get anything else for his five million? We don’t know. It is, at this point—given the drip, drip, drip—a fair question to ask. It is a question that deserves an answer.
Prostituting the State Department isn’t a sly joke—it’s unethical, it’s a national disgrace and it’s probably criminal. It will take a special prosecutor to evaluate the criminality because the Obama Administration is culturally and ethically incapable of conducting an investigation. Attorney General Loretta Lynch is totally compromised by the Clintons. The late June 2016 meeting in Phoenix between Lynch and Bill Clinton followed by FBI Director Comey’s sell out of the law proved that.
* * *
Judicial Watch, after battering a stonewall of Obama Administration resistance, obtained emails detailing Clinton aide Huma Abedin’s thoughtful and careful concern for Clinton Foundation kind strangers.
“The Abedin emails reveal that the longtime Clinton aide apparently served as a conduit between Clinton Foundation donors and Hillary Clinton while Clinton was secretary of state. In more than a dozen exchanges, Abedin provided expedited, direct access to Clinton for donors who had contributed between $25,000 and $10 million to the Clinton Foundation. In many instances, Clinton Foundation top executive Doug Band, who worked with the Foundation throughout Hillary Clinton’s tenure at State, coordinated closely with Abedin.”
Follow the link to the Judicial Watch page—and follow the money as the Huma and Doug State-Foundation team helps Clinton Foundation donor Casey Wasserman solve a problem related to a “criminal charge.” Wasserman is identified as a “a millionaire Hollywood sports entertainment executive” who gave the Foundation somewhere between five and ten million dollars.
* * *
For three years the Obama Administration stonewalled The AP’ requests for information. The AP had to sue in federal court to get the information “released so far.”
Of course the AP isn’t the only outfit getting stiffed. Citizens United and Judicial Watch have encountered similar stonewall operations. The Obama Administration, on behalf of Hillary, is pursuing a Watergate-esque modified limited hang-out and stalling and stonewalling are part of the strategy.
The result is a clear cut case of waging war on honesty—war on honesty waged by the President and his Administration. Oh yes, indeed, it isn’t just the strategic falsehood. The Administration has justified its delays by tactical lies. See, it’s difficult to respond—time-consuming—because the questions are complex, so many pieces of information, and so forth, etc.
Buying time is the goal. An interim goal was buying enough time to knock Bernie Sanders out of the presidential race. They succeeded there. Now, as Politico pointed out August 24, 2016 the Administration and Team Clinton are trying to “run out the clock” in the general election..........................

Unquestionably An OPSEC Violation’: Clinton Sent US Operations Info To Podesta’s Hacked Email

Daily Caller ^ | October 21, 2016 | Michael Bastasch 

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s sending of U.S. intelligence information to her campaign chair’s unsecured email address is “unquestionably” an operations security violation, according to an intelligence expert.
“It’s unquestionably an OPSEC violation,” Dr. John Schindler, a former NSA analyst and national security expert, told The Daily Caller News Foundation, regarding an email Clinton sent to Podesta that included U.S. intelligence sources.
OPSEC stands for operations security — meaning the keeping of critical military intelligence out of enemy hands. The email was published online by WikiLeaks from Clinton aide John Podesta’s hacked Gmail account.
U.S. intelligence officials suspect Russia was behind the hack, and a private cyber security firm recently linked the hackers were linked Russian intelligence.
Schindler said specific information in the hacked email regarding a confidential “source in Tripoli” was “not something anybody should be putting in unclassified email.”
Clinton sent Podesta an email in August 2014 giving her assessment of what needs to be done in the Middle East. Clinton said her sources were based on “Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources” in the Middle East, and specifically referred to a source in Libya.
[dcquiz] “A source in Tripoli stated in confidence that when the U.S. Embassy was evacuated, the presence of two U.S. Navy jet fighters over the city brought all fighting to a halt for several hours, as Islamist forces were not certain that these aircraft would not also provide close ground support for moderate government forces,” Clinton wrote to Podesta.
The email was one of thousands of published online by WikiLeaks. Schindler said it’s unclear if the email contained any “secret” information or what classification of the intelligence was Clinton presented to Podesta.
“It’s tough to say if it’s secret — US military moves usually are considered such at the time it happens,” Schindler said, adding the “exact classification would depend on how they learned this.”
Clinton sent the email from a private account she began using after leaving the Department of State that’s based out of her home in Chappaqua, New York. The FBI has already investigated Clinton over her handling of classified information while serving as Secretary of State, including storing classified materials on her private email server.
FBI Director James Comey said Clinton’s handling of classified materials was “extremely careless,” but declined to recommend bringing charges against the former State Department head.

New theory may explain the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle

Toronto Sun ^ | Oct. 21, 2016 | Postmedia Network 

A new theory aims to explain the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships around the Bermuda Triangle.
Meteorologists revealed that strange clouds linked to super-powerful “air bombs” could be capable of bringing down large objects,while speaking to Science Channel’s “What on Earth?”
According to the New York Post, scientists used satellite imagery to detect “hexagonal”-shaped clouds between 30 and 80 km wide, with a hurricane-like force of 275 km/h, forming over patches of water.
“The satellite imagery is really bizarre … the hexagonal shapes of the cloud formations,” said meteorologist Dr. Randy Cerveny. “These types of hexagonal shapes in the ocean are in essence air bombs. They’re formed by what is called microbursts and they’re blasts of air.”
The Bermuda Triangle, which is located between Miami, Puerto Rico and the island of Bermuda, has baffled researchers for decades. The area has been synonymous with objects mysteriously disappearing.

O'Reilly Poll

O'Reilly conducted his own poll by having graduate students contact 250 people from both parties in every state (25,000 people).

The result was shocking. 86% Trump and 14% Hillary. I am not attesting to the validity of the poll, but even if you half Trump's numbers and double hers, he still wins the popular vote by a wide margin.

Keep in mind that there are more red states than blue, and Democrats in Red states tend to be more conservative than their blue-state liberals.

This would skew the results some because the electoral college results give greater emphasis to the more population-dense blue states. Still, if this poll is legit, Hillary doesn't stand a chance.

Hillary Clinton embraces George Soros’ ‘radical’ vision of open-border world

The Washington Times ^ | October 20, 2016 | Rowan Scarborough 

Hillary Clinton has aligned herself closely with a vision for America laid out by her benefactor — left-wing financier George Soros, who talks of “international governance,” more open borders, increased Muslim immigration and diminished U.S. global power.
The phrase “American exceptionalism” is not part of his agenda. He wrote in 1998: “The sovereignty of states must be subordinated to international law and international institutions.”
“We need some global system of political decision-making. In short, we need a global society to support our global economy,” Mr. Soros wrote.
After the Sept. 11, 2001, al Qaeda attacks on New York City and the Pentagon, he said, “Military power is of limited use in dealing with asymmetric threats such as terrorism.”
The Clinton-Soros symbiosis came into clearer focus this month with WikiLeaks’ release of thousands of hacked emails from John Podesta, Mrs. Clinton’s campaign chairman. Mr. Soros’ name comes up nearly 60 times.
The financial and ideological alliance is so complete that after Mr. Soros dined with Mrs. Clinton in 2014 and asked her to attend a liberal group’s fundraiser, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, wrote in an email, “I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make Soros happy).”
Rep. Duncan Hunter, the California Republican who is co-chairman of Donald Trump’s congressional leadership caucus, said a vote for Mrs. Clinton is a vote for the Soros agenda.
“The fact that Hillary Clinton and her campaign are so closely aligned with George Soros and his radical agenda is serious cause for alarm,” Mr. Hunter told The Washington Times. “Publicly, it’s a relationship she’s never really talked up, but communications at least now reveal how closely aligned they are, and Americans deserve to know that a Clinton presidency means even more direct influence from George Soros.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Take heed Hillary; all tyrants fall and you will too!

US Defense Watch ^ | October 20, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

During last night’s debate, Hillary Clinton gave the world a glimpse into her corrupted, dark soul.
Dressed again in clothing purloined from Doctor No’s boudoir, Mrs. Clinton was again missing something on her buttoned up Maoist jacket; a US flag pin.
As the debate marched on, Mr. Trump mentioned the crimes of ISIS and she smiled. As he discussed the fraudulent Clinton Foundation, she scowled. When he talked about her email scandal, the myriad of national security crimes she committed and the obvious sellout by FBI director James Comey, she gazed at all of us with a look of utter irritation and scorn.
How dare anyone question her too big to jail status! How dare anyone say she was a crook! How dare anyone challenge her future coronation as President!
Mrs. Clinton clearly believes she’s a modern day Marie Antoinette, an Eva Peron, a Queen Mary, who is above and beyond national and international law. In her twisted mind she can do anything she pleases; steal millions from poor people dying in Haiti, break national security laws, put intelligence personnel and the nation at risk, commit perjury, obstruction of justice, fraud, bribery, be abusive to security and military personnel and staff members and possibly murder all for the greater good of Hillary.
She is constantly being told how special and smart and cunning she is by an army of minions and suck ups that are so sycophantic they must have trained at the court of Louis XIV.
No, Hillary you’re not special. You’re a twisted individual who has wrecked lives and nations for 25 years. You are totally incompetent and a gangster clad in a pants suit.
You are, as Trump said last night, ‘a nasty woman.’
Hillary continues to rake in millions from the pay for play scheme known as the Clinton Foundation. She continues to lie, threaten, blackmail, cheat and deceive, to get whatever she desires. She, like all tyrants in history has been able to attract so many who are willing to assist her to commit crimes.
Whether for personal gain, out of pure ideology, or under the threat of death, imprisonment or loss of income, Hillary Clinton has garnered groupies in the mainstream media, at the DNC, at the State Department, at the FBI, the DOJ, and in the White House, who are all accessories to the litany of felonies and misdemeanors she has committed and continues to commit to this day.
Why ordinary men and women are drawn to evil is a question mankind has been answering since the dawn of time.
And, there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton is evil. With a personality that is a hybrid of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Violet Beauregarde and the Three Faces of Eve, she has disdain for anyone who can’t do something for her and her only. We’re all just everyday American deplorables who are irredeemable.
Like all villains in history, Hillary’s reign of crime and terror will end. Hillary Clinton, the tyrant will fall from power; either by the ballot box, impeachment or after she’s arrested for high crimes by patriots during the Second American Revolution.
Here are some possible scenarios detailing Hillary’s downfall.
Trump may very well win in a spectacular Brexit style victory detonating a Bangalore torpedo across a chain of rigged polls that are attempting to fool people into believing that Trump has no chance, when the real story is much different.
After getting thoroughly trounced by Trump, she holds a rare press conference and blames Putin and the Russians for her loss in the election. She then goes into seclusion at her secret medical clinic located in one of the seven bedrooms in Chelsea’s apartment.
Hillary is elected and is finally brought to justice when James O’Keefe and Wikileaks work together to break open a scandal that brings down Hillary and that makes Watergate look as innocuous as a parking ticket.
President Hillary Clinton and the new Marxist packed Supreme Court declare the Second Amendment null and void. Lexington and Concord skirmishes take place from sea to shining sea. The Second American Revolution has begun.
Eventually, patriots regain control and form a new government based on the original principles of the Constitution, among them the Second Amendment, which is restored to its rightful place as the bulwark against government tyranny. Hillary Clinton is finally arrested.
Like all thugs and crooks that climb over bodies to make their way to power, Hillary is oblivious to the fact that there is one law that she is not above; the law of God. And, ‘though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceedingly small.’

CNN’s Starr: Clinton’s Answer On Nuke Launch Time Used ‘Extremely Classified’ Info ^ | Oct 20, 2016 

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” CNN Pentagon Correspondent Barbara Starr reported that Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s statement about the time it takes to launch nuclear weapons is “extremely classified,” and while there is a lot of information available to public on what the process is for launching nuclear weapons, “if you know information to be classified, and you’re a government official, even if it’s in the open source, even if it’s on the Internet, you are not supposed to disclose it.”
She further stated, “the bottom line is, the US military, not especially thrilled to be discussing in precise detail what it takes to launch nuclear weapons.”
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Proof It’s Rigged–Clinton Campaign Caught Sequentially Seeding Presser Questions To Compliant Media

The Conservative Treehouse ^ | Oct 20, 2016 | Sundance 

Following the debate Hillary Clinton held an “impromptu” presser with journalists aboard her campaign plane. However, if you look closely into how it’s coordinated it might just blow you away.
Watch as Hillary Clinton’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, actually instructs specific reporters on what questions to ask. It took about three different camera angles to fully identify the ruse, but when you see it, it’s rather jaw dropping:
First. Here’s the segment as broadcast on MSNBC. Pay close attention at the very beginning to Andrea Mitchell and Nick Merrill
Notice at the very beginning, the construct begins with a seeded question to MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell: (video)
From a second (Fox) Camera Angle you can see what was taking place at that moment: (video)
While Secretary Clinton is answering the seeded question from Andrea Mitchell, Nick Merrill (suit, black tie) begins typing up another question for another selected reporter.
Watch his eyes, and how Merrill signals via tapping on his phone to tell the next journalist what to ask. The signaling is at 01:44 of this video angle – WATCH HIM: (video)
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Hillary’s Plot Against America

ABC News ^ | October 21, 2016 | Ed Lasky 

Recent news and leaks make it clear that a plot is afoot. A smoking gun has been found. Republicans are committing political malpractice by not making it clear they are the last line of defense.

ObamaCare is imploding, as was widely predicted upon its passage by Republicans and a range of non-partisan experts. The ObamaCare meltdown is even worse than we thought. Bloomberg News recently:
A growing number of people in Obamacare are finding out their health insurance plans will disappear from the program next year, forcing them to find new coverage even as options shrink and prices rise.
At least 1.4 million people in 32 states will lose the Obamacare plan they have now, according to state officials contacted by Bloomberg. That’s largely caused by Aetna Inc., UnitedHealth Group Inc. and some state or regional insurers quitting the law’s markets for individual coverage.
Sign-ups for Obamacare coverage begin next month. Fallout from the quitting insurers has emerged as the latest threat to the law, which is also a major focal point in the U.S. presidential election. While it’s not clear what all the consequences of the departing insurers will be, interviews with regulators and insurance customers suggest that plans will be fewer and more expensive, and may not include the same doctors and hospitals.
It may also mean that instead of growing in 2017, Obamacare could shrink. As of March 31, the law covered 11.1 million people; an Oct. 13 S&P Global Ratings report predicted that enrollment next year will range from an 8 percent decline to a 4 percent gain.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

No, Hillary, 17 U.S. Intelligence Agencies Did Not Say Russia Hacked Dem E-mails

National Review ^ | Oct 20, 2016 | Fred Fleitz 

Hillary Clinton in last night’s presidential debate tried to avoid talking about the substance of the damaging WikiLeaks disclosures of DNC and Clinton campaign officials by claiming 17 U.S. intelligence agencies determined that Russia was responsible for this. After Clinton made this claim, she scolded Trump for challenging U.S. intelligence professionals who have taken an oath to help defend this country.
What Clinton said was false and misleading. First of all, only two intelligence entities – the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) – have weighed in on this issue, not 17 intelligence agencies. And what they said was ambiguous about Russian involvement.
Saying we think the hacks “are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts” is far short of saying we have evidence that Russia has been responsible for the hacks.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

What happens when those in power meet the "deplorables" that rise up and confront their lies.

 by vannrox

Here's some history. As I read on and on that the USA is waking up to the harsh reality...that the USA is not a Republic of the people, but really an oligarchy controlled by the richest 0.01%. They control the media, the electronics and the government. They control us, and everything is rigged against us.

What happens? What actually happens? What will happen? Will Donald Trump get elected and change everything. Sadly, even if he wins the election, he probably won't make it to the Presidency. The powers that be will rig the game. SO what will happen? What?

Here's some interesting pictures from the Bulgarian revolution. Indeed. History has the answers...

 If the image does not show then click here.

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