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Wikileaks Email 11136 - Neera Tanden - "I know this email thing isn't on the level."

Wikileaks ^ | 10/16/2016 | Wikileaks 

Neera Tanden says:
I know this email thing isn't on the level. I'm fully aware of that. But her inability to just do a national interview and communicate genuine feelings of remorse and regret is now, I fear, becoming a character problem (more so than honesty).
People hate her arrogant, like her down. It's a sexist context, but I think it's the truth. I see no downside in her actually just saying, look, I'm sorry. I think it will take so much air out of this.
She always sees herself bending to "their" will when she hands over information, etc. But the way she has to bend here is in the remorse. Not the "if I had to do it all over again, I wouldn't do it." A real feeling of - this decision I made created a mess and I'm sorry I did that.
No one thinks she doesn't have the judgment to be president - she's not reaffirming a negative characteristic in saying sorry. She needs to do that - I see no way of moving on until October otherwise.
Anyway, that's my advice.
Podesta responds: Jen and I are in the same place. Trying to figure out how to get her there and best way to execute.

Flashback: January 2013 -- Proof Hillary isn't fit to be president ^ | January 26, 2013 | Larry Klayman 

No one understands better than yours truly – except perhaps Vince Foster and scores of others (including material witnesses) who mysteriously died in and around the Clinton administration during the 1990s – the treachery of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Indeed, I fought her and her husband tooth and nail during these years and am the only lawyer ever to have obtained a court ruling that a sitting president committed a crime – a finding made by now Chief Judge Royce Lamberth in the famous Filegate case, which involved Bill and Hillary Clinton illegally obtaining FBI files on perceived adversaries to intimidate witnesses and blunt the 40-plus scandals that the Clintons found themselves engulfed in during those years. ..."

Here is just a partial list of "Her Evilness'" crimes that came to light during the Clinton administration years:

1) Whitewater scandal – This was the fraudulent land scheme, masterminded by Hillary and key witness Jim McDougal (who also mysteriously died in prison), while Hillary was a partner of the Rose Law Firm – also the firm of Vince Foster and Webster Hubbell, who later moved to D.C. with the Clintons to infest the White House Counsel's office with their "legal expertise." Hubbell was later indicted, tried and convicted for tax fraud. Foster turned up dead in Fort Marcy Park, as he was a material witness for then independent counsel Ken Starr's Whitewater criminal investigation.
2) Travelgate – To feather the nest of her friends, Harry and Susan Thomases, both Hollywood "beautiful people," Hillary had the head of the White House Travel Office, Billy Dale, fired on trumped-up claims of tax irregularities and then put the Thomases in charge to personally reap the profits of this government travel business. Dale, who was my client, was ultimately cleared, but not after his life was virtually ruined.

3) Filegate – This patented Hillary scandal was first detected by the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee, which had been investigating the Clintons' Travelgate caper. What was learned is that more than 900 FBI files had been ordered up by a former bar bouncer, Craig Livingstone, whom Hillary had hired to work in the White House Counsel's Office, on the first lady's orders and without proper legal justification. I later filed a class-action suit against the Clintons and other accomplices. The case went on for almost a decade and resulted in the uncovering of yet another Clinton scandal, E-mailgate – where the Clintons had covered up and suppressed more than a million potentially incriminating emails that should have been produced to me, Ken Starr and Congress over a variety of the duo's crimes.
It was also during this Filegate case that it was learned that President Clinton, on the advice of his top political adviser, James Carville, had illegally released Privacy Act protected information from White House files to smear Kathleen Willey, a woman who was a material witness in the impeachment proceedings, as she was also sexually harassed by the "philanderer in chief" while working for him in the White House. This was the basis of Judge Lamberth's ruling that President Clinton had committed a crime.
4) Chinagate – Not to be outdone by her prior scandals, Hillary then masterminded a scheme whereby the Clinton-Gore presidential campaign of 1996 took bribes from communist Chinese banks and their government to bankroll the president's and the Democratic Party's re-election efforts when it appeared, due to their low standing in the polls, that all the stops needed to be pulled out.
It was the lawsuit that I brought against Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, where at Hillary's instruction, he literally sold seats on Department trade missions to China and elsewhere, which principally uncovered this.
In late 1996 and early 1997, the scandal had burgeoned to such a level that joint congressional hearings were empaneled, ultimately to be shut down when Democrats uncovered illegal fundraising by some Republicans.
The two parties, faced with mutual assured destruction, simply took an exit stage left. However, I soldiered on with my lawsuit. And, while I uncovered a lot about Bonnie and Clyde and their Chinese "friends," this scandal ultimately took back seat to the Monica Lewinsky scandal, since the media preferred sex to foreign espionage and graft.
Hillary and Bill were ironically saved by Monica, who became the lightening rod drawing attention away to what at the time was perhaps the biggest scandal in American history: Chinagate.

Man the Vote: It’s the Least You Can Do for Your Country

American Thinker ^ | December 16, 2016 | Clarice Feldman 

Earlier this week Nate Silver reported that if only men voted Trump’s already won. That is, to say women are voting in greater percentages for Clinton and men for Trump. Here’s his astonishing chart:

“If men were the only voters, conversely, we’d have to subtract 10 points from Clinton’s current margin in every state -- which would yield an awfully red map. Trump would win everything that could plausibly be called a swing state, with Clinton hanging on only to the West Coast, parts of the Northeast, Illinois and New Mexico. That would yield 350 electoral votes for Trump to 188 for Clinton:”
This may well explain the Clinton effort to schlep before the cameras every woman who is willing to accuse Trump of making advances toward them no matter how flimsy, tardy and improbable the charge.
Hillary who asserted on her website that women who claimed to have survived sexual assault “have the right to be believed” scrubbed that as Trump reminded voters of her husband’s depredations against women.
Christina Jeffrey notes in correspondence how the term “sexual assault” has been stretched beyond rational meaning when it suits the left to do so:
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New FBI files contain allegations of 'quid pro quo' in Clinton's emails (UNBELIEVABLE)

Fox News ^ | October 15, 2016 | Catherine Herridge, Pamela Browne 

FBI interview summaries and notes, provided late Friday to the House Government Oversight and Intelligence Committees, contain allegations of a "quid pro quo" between a senior State Department executive and FBI agents during the Hillary Clinton email investigation, two congressional sources told Fox News.

In return for altering the classification, the possibility of additional slots for the FBI at missions overseas was discussed,” Chaffetz said.

As Fox News previously reported, interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, reveal the serious allegation that Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public.

Fox News was told as far back as August 2015 that Kennedy was running interference on Capitol Hill. But Kennedy, in his FBI interview on Dec. 21, 2015, “categorically rejected” allegations of classified code tampering.
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Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country after Obama Hardcover – by Michael Savage

Amazon Books ^ | October 15,2015 | Hojzykr)

Everyone needs to read this book!

I'm on page 193 and might commit suicide by the time I get to page 272
Obama has purged the military into a politically correct nothing
Being run by fools who know nothing about the military
Ash Carter is secretary of Defense
A professor at MIT
The good people are all quitting when their time is up
Hillary wins were done
Have never read a michael Savage book before or listened to his radio show
How and hell did the GOP allow this to happen
Where has the great McCain been??????????
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Hillary Clinton’s long record of enabling the global jihad ^ | 10/15/2016 | Robert Spencer 

Never in American history has anyone as unfit and undeserving as Hillary Clinton run for U.S. President. While she stands on the threshold of being elected to the White House, she quite literally belongs in a prison cell. This article lays out the case against her, chapter and verse….
Campaign-finance laws prohibit U.S. political figures from accepting money from foreign sources. But as the Washington Post noted in February 2015, the Bill, Hillary, & Chelsea Clinton Foundation “has given donors a way to potentially gain favor with the Clintons outside the traditional political [donation] limits.”
Foreign donors that gave money to the Foundation included:
Hezbollah supporter Issam Fares, who once served as deputy prime minister of Lebanon;11 the Dubai Foundation, which also gave money to the families of Palestinian terrorists killed in action;12 the royal family of the United Arab Emirates; a Dubai-based company that promotes Sharia Law;13 a privately-held Chinese construction and trade conglomerate headed by a delegate of the Chinese parliament;14 and the governments of Saudi Arabia, Brunei, the United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.
Even during Clinton’s tenure (2009-13) as secretary of state, the Clinton Foundation received millions of dollars in donations from seven foreign governments.
Bill Clinton earned a total of $48 million from foreign sources for his appearance and speaking fees during his wife’s term as secretary.
In August 2016, the Associated Press reported that 85 of Hillary Clinton’s 154 scheduled meetings and phone calls with non-governmental personnel during her time at the State Department were with donors who gave $156 million to the Clinton Foundation. The AP report also revealed that the Clinton Foundation had received $170 million in donations from at least 16 foreign governments whose representatives met personally with Mrs. Clinton
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Ben & Jerry’s threw its support behind Black Lives Matter. Now police group is demanding a boycott.

Vox ^ | October 12, 2016 | Victoria M. Massie 

Black Lives Matter isn’t anti-police? Bullshit!

Blue Lives Matter, a group of active and retired law enforcement officials, issued a statement on Monday demanding all Americans boycott Ben & Jerry’s after the ice cream maker announced its public support of Black Lives Matter last week.
“Ben & Jerry’s went beyond making a statement in support of civil rights when they actively accused law enforcement of widespread racism,” Blue Lives Matter wrote. “By spreading these false and misleading statements, Ben & Jerry’s lends an appearance of legitimacy to the baseless claims that police officers are killing men based on the color of their skin. This message has inspired the assassination and attempted assassination of police officers, and it costs officers their lives.”
In its announcement in support of Black Lives Matter, Ben & Jerry’s provided a seven-point list on how systemic racism is real, from housing segregation and the racial wealth gap to the criminal justice system. It said the announcement was inspired by the footage of police killings of African Americans, most recently in Charlotte, North Carolina. While the creators said they “respect and value the commitment to our communities that those in law enforcement make” and “do not place the blame for this on individual officers,” they note that the criminal justice system isn’t fair to all.
Meanwhile, threats of a Blue Lives Matter–led boycott perpetuates the idea that critiquing police brutality is anti-police, and that the movement for black lives is to blame for attacks on police.
Black Lives Matter does not revolve around police officers
One of the most common critiques of the movement for black lives is that it is “anti-cop” — even though the movement was never defined in opposition to police.
It’s true that Black Lives Matter became a national rallying cry following the extrajudicial killing of 18-year-old Mike Brown by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in August 2014. It’s also true that a parallel Blue Lives Matter movement was sparked at the same time by critics who felt that the focus on disproportionate police brutality against black people denied that "blue lives," or police lives, matter too.
But the movement actually began a year earlier, on July 13, 2013, when George Zimmerman was acquitted of all charges for killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida in 2012. Activist Alicia Garza mourned with a simple Facebook post at 7:14 pm: #BlackLivesMatter. She would go on to be one of the co-founders of the Black Lives Matter organization.
The term Black Lives Matter was in response to a moment in which not even the criminal justice system seemed to value a black child’s life. Yet the movement and phrase were created to address the broader spectrum of issues that systemically fail to affirm black people’s lives and dignity in society. Brown’s death, and the momentum generated around it, highlighted that police brutality is an aspect that can’t be ignored.
The movement for black lives wants law enforcement held accountable for killing people
Though some label them “anti-cop,” most activists in the movement for black lives are demanding one thing from police officers: accountability.
Law enforcement is tasked with serving and protecting communities equally. Like activists in the movement for black lives, Ben & Jerry’s noted that the extrajudicial killings of black people shows how many black communities are simultaneously underpoliced and overpoliced.
“We respect and value the commitment to our communities that those in law enforcement make, and we respect the value of every one of their lives,” Ben & Jerry’s wrote. “But we do believe that — whether Black, brown, white, or blue — our nation and our very way of life is dependent on the principle of all people being served equal justice under the law. And it’s clear, the effects of the criminal justice system are not color blind.”
At least 2,195 people have been killed by police since Brown’s death two years ago. A disproportionately high percentage of those killed were black — and some were doing absolutely nothing wrong. Despite the high frequency with which officer-involved killings take place, police are rarely indicted for killing civilians, even as more video evidence of those killings becomes available.
And while Blue Lives Matter may be alluding to high-profile shootings of police officers in Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, at the tail end of a protest against a string of extrajudicial police killings of black people, these kinds of shootings are rare. The respective shooters acted alone. And leaders in the movement for black lives condemned the shootings explicitly as counter to the goals of the movement.
Indeed, law enforcement and activists in the movement for black lives agree that it is wrong to kill police officers. By contrast, police officers spend more time closing ranks when extrajudicial shootings of African Americans take place than condemning them and the officers responsible accordingly.
“All lives do matter,” Ben & Jerry’s wrote. “But all lives will not matter until Black lives matter.”