Friday, October 14, 2016

Media To Voters: Drop Dead, We're Getting Hillary Elected!

Investors Business Daily ^ | 10/13/2016 | Kerry Jackson 

Everybody knew it, and now it's being confirmed by the emails that are being dumped: The media are a wing of the Democratic Party and are doing all they can to rig the election for Hillary Clinton.

A profession that at one time prided itself on the pursuit of evenhanded truth took a turn some time ago. Eventually, the media's mask of objectivity and balance began to slip. Now it's completely off, revealing one ugly mug of bias.
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Why those polls that say Clinton’s ahead could be wrong!

CNBC ^ | October 13, 2016 | Jake Novak 

There's one word to describe the major national presidential election polls over the last two weeks: "wild."
Just about all of those wild swings in the polls lately have been in favor of Hillary Clinton, as she's now increased her lead from less than one percentage point in the RealClearPolitics poll average to 4.6 points as of Thursday morning.
But there's another word you have to use when you see such massive swings in the polls in just a few days with less than a month to go before Election Day: "baloney." And the reason why they're baloney has nothing to do with conspiracy theories, partisan weighting, or even Russian hacking. It's all about common sense.
The wild poll swings we saw after the first debate and after the Donald Trump "Access Hollywood" tape was leaked were not a straightforward case of Trump did a poor job or Trump looked bad so fewer people now say they'll vote for him. What happens in polling is that, if your candidate does something that makes him or her look bad, or that you don't agree with, you're less likely to want to answer poll questions about him – even if it's anonymous. It doesn't mean you still don't support him. Just that right this minute, you really don't want to talk about it....
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Clinton says she 'does not recall' [20 times] in her answers about her emails!

Newsy via AOL ^ | Oct 13th 2016 | LAUREN STEPHENSON 

Although the U.S. Justice Department didn't end up pursuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, she's still having to answer questions about her private email server. And it's not just on the campaign trail — it's in court.
Clinton's attorneys submitted on her behalf answers to 23 of the 25 questions posed to her by Judicial Watch as part of its Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against Clinton. Judicial Watch is a "conservative, non-partisan" watchdog organization.
She signed and submitted her answers under penalty of perjury on Monday.
And Thursday, Judicial Watch released Clinton's responses.
Many of the responses included the phrase: "does not recall." Based on Newsy's count, the phrase was used 20 times in her answers.
Clinton said she didn't recall ever discussing or being told the use of a private email for State Department business "conflicted with or violated federal recordkeeping laws." She also said she didn't recall any reasons other than convenience for using her private email account for State Department business.
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