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Liberals are Premature Prognosticators ^ | October 10, 2016 | Wayne Allyn Root 

Did you watch the media over the weekend? They were gloating. They thought the race was over. They thought Trump was finished. Finito. History.
Did you listen to the political experts? They too were burying Trump.
Did you watch the career politicians? Even Republican politicians raced away from Trump. They were like rats deserting a sinking Trump ship.
Did you hear the many calls for Trump to resign over his comments in a secretly recorded video from 11 years ago?
And then there were the phone calls. I fielded dozens of gloating calls from my liberal friends- they all believed Trump was finished. They taunted me. They were congratulating their candidate Hillary as if she had already won.
All of Trump’s critics and doubters were practicing what I call “Premature Prognostication.”
Football fans do it all the time. My friends call to congratulate me when my team is leading by 14 points in the 4th quarter. Kiss that lead goodbye. That team loses every time. Making that premature phone call and gloating too soon is a curse upon your team. It’s “the kiss of death.”
Well don’t look now, but liberals just did it to Hillary. They cursed her. They crowned her champion before the game was over. They need to see their doctors immediately. They need a pill for premature prognostication.
Anyone who counted Donald Trump out, simply doesn’t know Trump. Sunday night they got a lesson. To put it simply, Trump owned the debate. He was in command. He was in rare form. He crushed it.
Trump has nine lives. He’s like Freddie Kruger in “Nightmare on Elm Street.” You can’t kill him (I mean politically, of course). You can’t stop him, or slow him, or beat him down. He just keeps popping back up. Trump is relentless!
Anyone who thought Trump was finished, or would step down, disregarded the one rule all of us who know Trump understand...

Never count Trump out.
Trump didn't step down. Trump DOUBLED DOWN. That's because Trump understands that his "ace in the hole" is- not the establishment GOP, or GOP leaders. They don't matter to Trump. What matters to Trump are the people. As long as the people stay loyal, Trump is golden.
Trump lost none of his loyal base. The latest poll after the infamous tape (By POLITICO/Morning Consult) showed Trump didn’t lose any of his base.
He lost the establishment politicians, but not the people who love and support him. Perhaps they forgot, it’s the people who elect the president, not the DC establishment.
That news gave Trump confidence heading into his big debate on Sunday night. Trump was “the comeback kid.” He was strong, confident, high-energy, credible, prepared, colorful, and on the offensive most of the night against Hillary and the moderators. He even pulled a page from Ronald Reagan- Trump was funny.
What people remember from these debates is who was in control, who looked confident, who had one or two memorable lines. Trump won on all three counts.
When Hillary said she was glad people like Trump don’t run the country, Trump’s response was the line of the night: “That’s because you’d be in prison.”
When Hillary tried to compare herself to Abe Lincoln to explain why she has both a public and private answer to each question, Trump subtly made the point that Hillary is no “Honest Abe.”
Trump’s promise to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary if he’s elected president was the memorable moment of the night.
Most importantly, Trump made the point throughout the night that we cannot trust Hillary’s judgement. Trump made it clear whether it be Obamacare, or jobs, or foreign policy, Hillary always talks big, but does nothing…and when she actually does something, she makes all the wrong decisions (See Libya, Syria, the Arab Spring).
Trump was counted out by everyone it seemed- but me. Because I know Donald Trump. He is the guy you always bat in the cleanup position. He’s always best under pressure. He always shines at the important moments in life. He hits homeruns when they are most needed- with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th inning.

In conclusion, we learned three things on Sunday night:
Trump has nine lives. Never bet against Trump.
Trump always saves his best for last.
Never prematurely prognosticate.
Trump understands the importance of “the moment.” Trump was mediocre in the first debate. But he crushed it in the second debate, when he needed it most. I'm betting his best performance yet will come in the third debate in my hometown, Las Vegas. Because Vegas is where all showmen come to shine!
That’s why I believe Donald J. Trump will be the next president of the United States.

This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil

US Defense Watch ^ | October 10, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

The hand of God was on Mr. Trump last night.

Donald Trump walked on to the debate stage, savaged by the leftist mainstream media for his locker room remarks he made to Access Hollywood host, Billy Bush in 2005. Liberal and conservative pundits alike said Trump and his populist movement of deplorables was done. GOP hacks like Paul Ryan called for Trump to resign because he could never bounce back.
He did. Trump is back and he’s got the Big MO again and he has goodness and the light shining right upon him.
Trump hammered Hillary Clinton on a myriad of subjects ranging from her pathological lying, her criminal private server activities, her corruption, her record of incompetence while Secretary of State, her call for open borders and endless, unvetted refugees, her host of Wall Street backers, her disdain for the middle class and of course, her husband’s serial abuse of women and her participation in aiding and abetting his sexual crimes and peccadilloes.
Trump told Hillary if elected, he’d call for a special prosecutor to investigate her national security crimes and he’d personally throw her in the slammer.
Hillary was on the defense most of the night, glaring daggers back at Trump with her Caesar Romero Joker smile. After nearly 23 years of literally getting away with every crime imaginable, someone has finally called out the Clintons for what they are; criminals, predators and dark blackguards that have hijacked a political party, the White House and the country.
This election is about more than Democrats vs. Republicans, even more than about Globalism vs. Americanism; it’s about good vs. evil, the light vs. the dark, angels vs. demons.
Mr. Trump, while flawed like all men, represents the hopes and dreams and aspirations of millions and millions of Americans who have been left behind in the dust by the global elite who are destroying this nation. Have no doubt. Mr. Trump is on the side of the angels.
The Clintons are evil incarnate. There is more than ample evidence that both Bill and Hillary Clinton are more than your average liberals who want to raise taxes and confiscate your firearms.
Bill Clinton is a serial sexual predator who has been preying on women since he was Governor of Arkansas. With his undertaker charm and Boss Hogg corruption, he is the living embodiment of Elmer Gantry’s evil doppelganger.
And, Mrs. Clinton is worse than her ‘husband.’
There are more than enough stories concerning Hillary’s psychotic episodes as First Lady, as a Senator, as Secretary of State; stories about her using foul language, screaming for no reason, throwing objects, her sick rejoicing in the deaths of foreign leaders, her vicious disregard for other human beings, which is on a level that is tantamount with the behavior exhibited by sociopaths.
Her behavior could also be construed as that of someone who is either mentally ill or one who is under the influence of evil entities, or both.
I do not believe this is hyperbole. Hillary Clinton may very well be possessed.
Besides Hillary’s own dark side, she is also a puppet of the globalists. She will do and say whatever the global elite want her to do, which is the continued rape of the United States of America through open borders, wretched trade deals, outsourcing, an inundation of Muslim refugees and the invention of a New Cold War to placate neocon maniacs who also serve the globalists.
In the next month, look for the globalists to pull out all the stops to try and destroy Trump. There will be more active measures undertaken by the Clinton campaign, their minions in the media, all funded by Soros and Buffett and the bankers in their dark towers of hate and greed. There will be more claims of things Trump said and did decades ago. There will be more contrived and rigged polls, and especially by CNN. There will be more faux outrage by Wolf Blitzer, Dana Bash and the newest fallen angel, Megyn Kelly. There will be more lies and deception, for that is all they have to run with.
The globalists will attempt to steal this election and if that fails, there is no limit to what they will do to stop Trump. They will collapse Deutsche Bank, start a war with Russia or go after Trump himself. They are desperate because they know their time is running out and an awakened populace is marching against them. Freedom and goodness are lining up against evil.
Trump is the voice for the nation, a nation that is disgusted with the sickening, anti-family, anti-American, anti-God, liberal agenda: open borders and unvetted Muslim refugees and diversity to the point of death for a country; the Marxist destruction of our schools, the poisoning of our churches with their twisted doctrine, the complete and utter annihilation of the US military from the greatest fighting force on earth to nothing more than an asylum for lackeys, cultural misfits and social engineers.
Trump has started a movement that simply cannot be stopped. The globalists can’t destroy us all; although, no doubt, they will attempt to do so. We will take this country back and restore it to the rightful place it belongs as the City on the Hill no matter what we have to do. We will not allow this nation to be drawn and quartered by American traitors and foreign interests who wish to only line their pockets, while they destabilize the world and take down America as they hide out in gated communities on tropical atolls, while sycophants like House Speaker Paul Ryan are at their beck and call.
Be forewarned, Trump is only the beginning. If he is cheated out of the election, or if an uninformed populace believes the lies and ushers in a demon as President; or if God forbid, something else happens to him, the movement will continue. It will continue on Drudge, on Breitbart, on InfoWars and on a thousand and one other patriotic media outlets, large and small, known and unknown. It will continue in the towns and villages and cities of America. Trump has ignited a nation. There is nothing that will stop us.
As President Eisenhower remarked to Walter Cronkite on the 20th Anniversary of D-Day, “It’s a wonderful thing what those fellows were fighting for and sacrificing for, what they did to preserve our way of life. Not to conquer any territory, not for ambitions of our own. They did it so the world could be free. It just shows what free men will do rather than be slaves.”
This nation is at a crossroads, perhaps not seen since the Revolution itself. Will we be slaves to domestic and foreign globalists who wish to destroy our way of life, or will we choose freedom over tyranny?
This election is about Good vs. Pure Evil.
Pray for Trump.

Ryan is an IDIOT!

October 10, 2016 | Jim Robinson 

Capt'n obvious here again, but Ryan is a cowardly IDIOT and has his head up his arse!

If Hillary is allowed to win the presidency, America as a free nation is over. Amnesty and open borders will allow millions of unvetted foreigners, Muslims, drug pushers, gangsters, criminals, terrorists, etc., who will not assimilate to flood into our country to Balkanize and colonize us. And she will stack the court with God-hating, constitution-hating liberal activist judges to destroy our individual liberties. She will complete Obama's plan to transform America from a free nation to a totalitarian communist third-world hellhole.
Trump MUST win this election. Damn Ryan. This is an all hands on deck effort!!
We must all unite behind OUR candidate and fight like hell!! Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!!
If Ryan and the GOPe RINOs convince enough voters to stay home, not only does Trump lose the presidency, but we lose the House and the Senate. Hillary will have a open running field to enact her evil agenda and a God-hating, constitution-hating liberal court to uphold it.
The only solution is for all hands to fight like hell for Trump and the entire Republican ticket (though Ryan, McConnell, McCain, et al, obviously don't deserve it).
We have to vote like the very survival of our nation depends on it. Because it does.
This is a clarion call: All irredeemable deplorable hands man your battle stations!!
We have not yet begun to fight!!
For God, family, country.

"You'd be in Jail" -or- Welcome to the Banana Republic

Fred Zarguna | 2016-10-10 | Fred Zarguna 

With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy, and all of the Founders.

This morning, the liberal press is up in arms at the suggestion that Trump might appoint a special prosecutor to "look into Hillary's situation."

That's a good one.
  • If your government has an avowed policy of not making payments to terrorists but pays $100 million per hostage to the largest terrorist organization in the world
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your Treasury Department and Central Bank are simply printing money in order to prop up the regime
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your balance sheet has more debt than all of the rest of the world combined
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your courts are telling you that the plain wording of your own Constitution means exactly the opposite of its English and historical meaning
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your law enforcement officers and election officials permit widespread vote fraud, voting by non-citizens and dead people, and oppose every means of enforcing fair elections
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your military's flag officers are more interested in putting fancy ribbons on their chests than they are about its capacity to fight being destroyed
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your country's space agency is more concerned with "Muslim Outreach" and climatic interpretation than they are with actually exploring space
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your major media ignore all the scandals and illegal activities of the ruling party
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your president is more interested in inciting racial violence than he is in enforcing the law
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If half of your citizens believe that a lifetime history of sexual assault is less serious than vulgar talk
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If one of your major political parties can't bring itself to remove a leader who has suborned perjury, lied under oath, and tried to fix a federal judge
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If all of the major political parties are more interested in satisfying the demands of their wealthy contributors than they are in the people who actually vote
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If your Secretary of State can plunder her office to the tune of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars (!) to advance her personal fortune while standing in front of the entire nation, bragging straight-faced about her "life of service"
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If the head of your Department of Justice secretly meets with the man who started her career while her employees are supposedly investigating his wife, and she is not -- at the very least -- disbarred for this outrageous ethical violation
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
  • If the head of your Secret Police and his family have past and present financial connections with the subject of his investigation, and grants immunity to all of her co-conspirators without any evidentiary result, and then whines about being called the dirty cop that he is
    ... you may be living in a banana republic.
So the liberal outrage over Trump's plans to appoint a special prosecutor is -- like most liberal outrage -- very amusing to rational thinkers because our cruise ship to Banana Republic sailed a long time ago.
The real reason for the shock in the progressive media today reflects two things: the desire to blunt the absolute destruction of Hillary Clinton in last evening's debacle.
Liberals were giddy with the thought that Trump would slither off the stage as so many Republicans before him have done, and instead had to watch in horror as their hypocrite rapist-enabler candidate got the thorough whipping she's deserved her entire "public life."
And second, and far more importantly, they know full well that an investigation conducted by an impartial law enforcement agency and concluded by a legitimate trier-of-fact, rather than by a corrupt administration and its snivelling "Justice Department," would be the end of the Clinton Global Crime Family.
Everyone knows this, even the liberals. Hence their sanctimonious posturing this morning.

The moment of the night: ‘You’d be in jail.’

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/10/16 | Robert Laurie 

Smackdown: Trump showed up, kept things together, and delivered all the right punches.

Unless you’re hopelessly biased - or insane - you know Donald Trump cleaned Hillary’s clock last night. I know, there are a few polls (like a ludicrous CNN offering) that show Hillary as the victor, but any reasonable person who actually sat through the debate saw how it went down. Trump showed up, kept things together, and delivered all the right punches.

We’ll have more on the debate (and yes, “the tape”) throughout the day, but I thought I’d kick things off with the moment that will probably stand as the takeaway line of the second debate.

“Because you’d be in jail.”

Luntz on the debate: Tonight was so significant that Trump is back in the race

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/10/16 | Robert Laurie 

Turnaround, or just 'better than expected?'
I’ll have more on “the tape” later today. Until then, suffice it to say that - like pollster Frank Luntz - I spent the weekend assuming it was all over for Donald Trump. After all, he’s a candidate who was just barely holding on to his place in the polls as it was. His remarks, however much his supporters might not care about them, delivered a severe blow precisely to his weakest spot.
According to Luntz and his focus group, last night’s debate went a long way toward undoing that damage.
As he put it:

What Trump should demand for at third presidential debate

 by MagillaX

Trump is in the driver seat with the third debate since Hillary and the media will want another chance at him.

Chris Wallace is a never Trump guy and will sabotage him in the debate. Trump should demand that unless Judge Jeanine or similar is added to help moderate with Wallace the debate is cancelled. Since the moderators have been overly biased and it should be fair.

If they say no he should walk from the debate it will be a no win situation for him otherwise.

Wallace will go full out attack mode on him to make him look bad.

God Bless Donald Trump

Unknown Author

For hundreds of years, America has been prepared as a catalyst for the restoration of the kingdom of heaven on earth. To participate in this divine creative process, men and women were called upon to repent by absolute centering in the love of God.

Every individual must choose to dedicate their heart and mind to serve God or self centered gratification. We all have the corruption of human nature to clear in the fire of love, through repentance. Our Lord said we would not see him again until we say, blessed he who comes in the name of the Lord.

Donald Trump is going through this fire revealing a love for our Lord. Bless him for he comes in the name of our Lord and the fire of divine love purifies him and casts out all fear.

Panicky GOP Leaders Should Come Home after Trump Wins Debate #2 (And win He did)

PJ Media ^ | October 9, 2016 | Roger L. Simon 

I was disturbed so many Republican leaders deserted Donald Trump within hours of the publication of the now infamous 2005 video, though I wasn't surprised. Most politicians are cowards, prone to panic. But they didn't stop to think.
For one thing, Trump is running against (hello, planet Earth!) Hillary Clinton, whose husband did far worse than talk dirty. He did dirty—a lot of it, often in the Oval Office of the White House--and ended up being disbarred. And Hillary herself is known to have seriously harassed the very women who were victims of her husband's creepy misogynistic behavior. What a pair.
Furthermore, Trump was correct in the debate in calling Hillary a "criminal." She is, as the Wikileaks are in the process of making painfully clear, if anyone was so stupid or fundamentally dishonest (like the FBI and the Justice Department) not to see or admit already.
In one of this first batch of Wikileaks, Hillary goes on at length in a speech about the specifics of how meticulously careful she was about security details when in foreign countries, removing the battery from her BlackBerry before she got off a plane, etc., the very information she suddenly couldn't recall nineteen times, pretending to be a security idiot, when being interviewed by the FBI. There's so much more it's not even worth getting into at the moment because it's not the subject of this article, but, as I said, this is only the first of ten weekly tranches promised by Assange. It will go on and on past the election. Heaven help our country if she is elected.
But back to those timid (I'll try not to call them cowardly again) Republicans who bailed instantaneously the last day or so. Just who did they think Donald Trump was in the first place? St. Francis of Assisi? Everyone with an IQ in triple—make that double—digits knew who he was. But then they ran off at the first ugly video. As we all know, there will be more, especially since Trump won the second debate handily, sending the mainstream media into a case of the vapors. What if he wins the third as well? He certainly has most of the substantive arguments in his favor.

Social Media Reactions to the Sex Scandal Showdown

No doubt many of those Republican leaders are now weighing their choices. Should I go back? What if more garbage comes out? (It will, but so what?) What if I remain a Trump critic? Will he be vindictive if he wins? (Maybe not, but you certainly won't be getting any plum appointments.)
The real point here is that that pundits, politicians, and media will all agonize about what to say based on their own self-interest, often coming to the wrong conclusions. But the people are smarter. They know a crock when they see one. The public has long ago factored in The Donald's colorful past. Some care, some don't. They're more concerned about our country than the media and the politicians are, both of whom are largely concerned only with themselves.
So, as you can tell from my headline, I have a suggestion to the panicked Republicans—get it together, pull on your storied big-boy pants, and join with Donald against Hillary. The reasons are so myriad they're almost not worth mentioning, but I'll just say the Supreme Court and the economy. Not enough? I'll add rebuilding the military and health care. Still unconvinced? Want more Syrian refugees with twelve second cousins in ISIS in your hood? If that doesn't do it for you, well, good bye. But hang on tight for the Hillary administration when the rule of law disappears from America. And do your best to ignore the Wikileaks as they come out for the next ten weeks—or is it fifty? As they say, what you don't know, won't hurt you.


Canada Free Press ^ | 10/09/16 | Jeffrey A. Friedberg 

There is said to be probably only one thing standing in the way of an alleged, left-wing, Marxist, Islamist, Globalist takeover of the Former USA (FUSA)
“Do you see the story? Do you see anything? It seems to me I am trying to tell you a dream…that commingling of absurdity, surprise, and bewilderment in a tremor of struggling revolt—that notion of being captured by the incredible which is the very essence of dreams…” ― Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness
Are you scared yet?
If you maybe had your doubts about President Barack Hussein Obama importing un-vettable (according to the FBI) and possibly violent, “Syrians,” Muslim “refugees,” with possible violent Jihadists “hidden among them,” then here’s an even bigger mystery for you.

Only One Way for the FBI to Regain Its Lost Reputation

American Thinker ^ 

James Comey, the crooked political operative running the FBI for the left, has clearly lied to Congress, lied to the American people, and fixed the criminal investigative process to protect Hillary Clinton and her creepy aides from justice. 

Conservatives have gotten used to the Department of Justice under Obama as simply another organ of leftist activism.  Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch have both been abominable heads of the Department of Justice, and several federal judges have indicated as much.

Using federal agencies as tools of political oppression or leftist activism is the best case yet simply abolishing the Department of Justice completely and devolving the enforcement of all federal laws to the fifty state attorney general offices.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

BLACK VOTERS YAWNING AT HILLARY OUTREACH ^ | October 10, 2016 | Daniel Greenfield 

Hillary was carried through the primaries by black voters. They're her only hope of winning the White House. There's only one little problem for the hot sauce panderer. ..
Democrats are beginning to worry that too many African-American voters are uninspired by Clinton’s candidacy
"Hillary Clinton's campaign is in panic mode. Full panic mode," said Leslie Wimes, a South Florida-based president of the Democratic African-American Women Caucus.
"They have a big problem because they thought Obama and Michelle saying, 'Hey, go vote for Hillary' would do it. But it's not enough," Wimes said, explaining that too much of the black vote in Florida is anti-Trump, rather than pro-Clinton. "In the end, we don't vote against somebody. We vote for somebody."
And nobody is actually voting for Hillary. Hillary stimulates zero enthusiasm from her supporters. Why would African-Americans be inspired by an utterly uninspiring candidate?
Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, one of Clinton’s highest-profile black leaders in the state, acknowledged that he saw “varying levels of enthusiasm” for Clinton at a recent event.
It varies all the way from bored to disinterested.
Though he said “it’s hard to recapture that level of enthusiasm” Obama enjoyed in 2008, he’s confident young black voters will show up to the polls for Clinton.
Maybe if there were a song...
That lack of excitement worries Henry Crespo, president of the Miami-based Florida Democratic Black Caucus.
“No one is writing songs for Hillary. Obama had Hillary has nobody like that,” said Crespo.
Great. Now there just needs to be a hit song about Hillary. Should be a snap.

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