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Flash poll: GOP voters sticking with Trump ^ | 10/9/2016 | Thomas Lifson 

Despite hurricane-force media hype that Donald Trump’s locker room talk over a decade ago precludes him from the presidency, the GOP base is ignoring its leadership and standing by Donald Trump. A poll by Politico shows:
A wave of Republican officials abandoned Donald Trump on Saturday, but, at least for now, rank-and-file Republicans are standing by the party's presidential candidate, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll conducted immediately after audio was unearthed Friday that had the GOP nominee crudely bragging about groping women and trying to lure a married woman into an affair.
Overall, fewer than four-in-10 voters -- 39 percent -- think Trump should end his presidential campaign, while only slightly more voters, 45 percent, think he should not drop out.
But voters are largely viewing Trump's comments through their own partisan lens: 70 percent of Democrats say Trump should end his campaign, but just 12 percent of Republicans -- and 13 percent of female Republicans -- agree.
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A Real Life "House of Cards" - The Most Striking WikiLeaks Revelations From The "Podesta Files" ^ | 8 October 2016 | Tyler Durden 

They say that "life imitates art"...or is it the other way around...the lines are getting so blurred. In any event, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight some of the most startling discoveries we found so far in Doug Stamper's...sorry, John Podesta's emails. You have to admit there are some similarities there and they even have the same position...hopefully the Clinton Foundation is receiving royalties from HBO...
Yesterday we pointed out the many amazing one-liners offered up by Hillary as she was out collecting millions of dollars for her "Wall Street speeches." Here is an expanded sample:
Hillary Clinton: “I'm kind of far removed” from the struggles of the middle class “because the life I've lived and the economic, you know, fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy.” ... [Hillary Clinton Remarks at Goldman-Black Rock, 2/4/14]
Hillary Clinton said there was “a bias against people who have led successful and/or complicated lives,” citing the need to divese of assets, positions, and stocks. ... [Goldman Sachs Builders And Innovators Summit, 10/29/13]
Hillary Clinton Noted President Clinton had spoken at the same Goldman Summit last Year, And Blankfein joked “He increased our budget.” ... [Goldman Sachs Builders And Innovators Summit, 10/29/13]
Hillary Clinton Said when She Got To State, Employees “Were not mostly permitted to have handheld devices.” ... [Clinton Speech For General Electric’s Global Leadership Meeting – Boca Raton, FL, 1/6/14]
Clinton Joked it’s “Risky” for her to speak to a group committed to futures markets given her past Whitewater Scandal. ... [Remarks to CME Group, 11/18/13]
Hillary Clinton said Jordan was threatened because “They can’t possibly vet all those refugees so they don’t know if, you know, jihadists are coming in along with legitimate refugees.” ... [Jewish United Fund Of Metropolitan Chicago Vanguard Luncheon, 10/28/13]
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Republicans Eating Their Own – Well, there they go again!

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/08/16 | Chip McLean 

Hillary Clinton is probably the single most corrupt politician to ever be nominated by a major party for president.

The GOP has an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

In a race where a Republican presidential candidate has generated more excitement than any since Ronald Reagan, the establishment GOP has from the get-go tried to sabotage that candidate.
From the usual cabal of neocon pundits (Bill Kristol, etc), to Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz delaying their endorsements of Donald Trump it would seem that the entire establishment has been doing everything they can to prevent the choice of the grass roots, middle class and independents from becoming the next president. And that’s not counting the opposition from the Democrat establishment and their minions in the mainstream press.

SHOCKING VIDEO RECOVERED=> Bill Clinton Grabs Stewardess P*ssy

Gateway Pundit ^ | 10/8/2016 | Jim Hoft 

A Flash From the Past— Here’s video (at link) posted earlier this week and on The Donald Reddit on Tuesday.

Bill Clinton puts his hand between the legs of a flight attendant during his campaign.

Bill thought the cameras had stopped rolling.
Bill was grabbing stewardess p*ssy.
This was on a plane during the Clinton-Gore campaign.

Here’s another photo of the grope. bill-grope Bill Clinton pulled it back quickly when he spotted the camera… you can see his eyes looking up.
This was posted earlier this week. It makes sense to repost it today after the audio from yesterday. Donald Trump talked smack about grabbing p*ssy. Groper Bill Clinton grabbed it.
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Feds Thinking About Killing 31,000 Mining Jobs To Protect A Chicken

The Daily Caller News ^ | 10/08/2016 | Andrew Follett 

A new report has government officials considering setting 10 million acres of across six states in the American west off limits to mining and development to protect the chicken-like Greater Sage Grouse, which is not an endangered species.
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) report found that much of the Sage Grouse’s habitat sits on top of extremely valuable deposits of minerals including gold, copper, lithium, silver, uranium and many others. The USGS report means that the government’s most restrictive grouse protection plan could kill even more than 31,000 jobs and lead to more than $5.6 billion in reduced annual economic output
Federal agencies have already frozen new mining claims across the 10 million acres while they do another environmental impact study.
The Sage Grouse is not listed as endangered or threatened under the Endangered Species Act. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has said the grouse doesn’t need federal protections under the Act for at least the next 4 years. Research from the Western Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies published in 2015 found that the species’ population had increased by 63 percent over the last two years to a total breeding population of 424,645.
America has 83,000 fewer coal jobs and 400 coal mines than it did when Barack Obama was elected in 2008, showing that the president has followed through on his pledge to “bankrupt” the coal industry
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Hillary Clinton’s Wall Street Speeches Have Leaked. No Wonder She Didn’t Want Them to Get Out.

Slate's Moneybox ^ | October 7, 2016 | Jordan Weissmann 

Throughout the Democratic presidential primary, Sen. Bernie Sanders challenged Hillary Clinton to release excerpts of the paid, private speeches she delivered to Wall Street audiences following her time as secretary of state. She refused—which occasionally made things pretty awkward, since her resistance suggested the remarks could contain something explosive.
Now excerpts of the speech transcripts appear to be out. On Friday evening, WikiLeaks released a trove of hacked emails belonging to Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta. These include a long missive from the candidate's research director, Tony Carrk, in which he flags portions of Clinton's remarks that could potentially trip up the campaign. “There is a lot of policy positions that we should give an extra scrub with Policy,” Carrk wrote to his colleagues.*
BuzzFeed reporter Ruby Cramer dug up the email, and Clinton's team declined to confirm to her whether the passages are authentic, adding that the Obama administration has “removed any reasonable doubt that the Kremlin has weaponized WikiLeaks to meddle in our election and benefit Donald Trump’s candidacy.” Assuming the excerpts are the real deal, however, it seems fairly obvious why Clinton would not want them to see the light of day in the primary—when she was trying to prove her progressive bona fides and was fighting the perception that she'd be soft on banks—or even the general election. In the excerpts, Clinton presents herself as a finance-friendly moderate who is willing to criticize the industry but who also believes it took an excessive amount of heat for the financial crisis. She also suggests politicians need to hide their true policy positions from the public—not great for a candidate voters already tend to distrust—and that her long-term “dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders,” which Donald Trump is sure to pounce on....
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“Trump Tape” Comments On Women Will Not Affect His Campaign

Regated ^ | October 7, 2016 | Victor Smith 

Washington Post published a tape that had sound bites of Donald Trump speaking about his history with women that they claimed were edited.
Trump Tape is a joke, a major issue with it is that nobody cares! More people are interested in the recently leaked Hillary Clinton emails that show her calling blacks and minorities “bucket of losers” as well as the now blatant collusion to take down Bernie Sanders.
People have known Donald Trump is a ladies man, this is nothing new. It’s obvious the media has a vendetta against Trump. The issue with this is that it will backfire completely.
The next debate is on Sunday, at that time Donald Trump will get asked about this issue. It’ll then be reminded to the public that Hillary’s husband had been impeached for rape and sexual assault. Everybody knows how men operate, we are born to reproduce and we find women attractive. As long as it’s consensual, there is no problem. That’s something where Hillary and Bill will lose.
Hillary Clinton claims she’s a feminist, she has no problem shaming rape victims and staying married to a rapist though. People aren’t as blind as it may seem, the media’s approvals are at an all time low. The country doesn’t trust our media, a story like this will never gain traction with voters.


 by cradle of freedom

It is either Trump or the nasties. Nasty people like the Clintons. See
More nasty people like the people who were responsible for these:
The assassination of JFK, 1963.
The assassination of Robert Kennedy, 1968.
The assassination of Martin Luther King, 1968.
Two attempted assassinations on Gerald Ford in the seventies.
The attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan in 1981.
That makes three assassinations and three assassination attempts in eighteen years--six incidents in eighteen years.
Maybe 2016 isn't the first time that our elections were rigged.
This year it is Donald Trump that is standing between us and THEM!

ABC Censors 'Embarrassing' Leaks of Hillary Clinton Speeches! ^ | October 8, 2016 | Matthew Balan 

ABC's morning and evening newscasts, as of Saturday morning, have yet to report on the Friday release of purported excerpts from some of Hillary Clinton's speeches to corporate audiences. The same programs on Friday evening and Saturday morning hyped the vulgar Donald Trump audio from 2005. By contrast, Friday's CBS Evening News mentioned how the website Wikileaks "published...some embarrassing excerpts from her [Clinton's] paid Wall Street speeches." Saturday's Today on NBC and CBS This Morning Saturday also aired full reports on the potentially-problematic revelations for the Democratic nominee," as the latter program put it. [video below]

Friday's CBS Evening News wasted little time before airing two back-to-back segments lasting four minutes and nine seconds on the latest Trump controversy, despite the state of emergency in the Southeast due to Hurricane Matthew. The program didn't mention the Clinton speech excerpts until the end of correspondent Margaret Brennan's report on the Obama administration's condemnation of the Russian government over their suspected hacking of political institutions in the U.S.:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Tonight, Wikileaks published what it claims are 2,000 e-mails from Clinton's campaign chair; and they include some embarrassing excerpts from her paid Wall Street speeches...the Kremlin denied any role in the hack — calling the accusations 'nonsense.'
ABC Censors 'Embarrassing' Leaks of Hillary Clinton Speeches

The following morning, NBC arrived on the Clinton story with a two minute and 13 second report from correspondent Kasie Hunt on Today. Hunt noted that "these documents do give a glimpse of a Hillary Clinton that's different in private than in public. She even went so far as to say as much." She also pointed out that "on the issue of trade...she actually went so far as to say she would call for an open border policy — quote, 'My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders' — potentially causing her some trouble."

Despite these details, the NBC journalist soon contended that "there are no major bombshells in these documents, if they are authentic, that really stands up to magnitude of that story about Donald Trump," and underlined that "many Democrats I've talked to in the last 12 hours, privately saying they think this race might already be over.
On CBS This Morning Saturday, correspondent Paula Reid gave a minute and 22 second report on the Wikileaks release. Reid detailed how "the portions released Friday point to why Clinton has refused to make them public. In a speech to Goldman/Blackrock in early 2014, Clinton recalled a middle-class upbringing, but admits she's far removed from that now, 'because the life I've lived and the economic fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy.' A year before, she told the National Multi-Housing Council that 'politics is like sausage being made. It's unsavory. You need both a public and a private position.'"

The transcripts from Kasie Hunt's report on NBC's Today and Paula Reid's report on CBS This Morning Saturday — both of which aired on October 8, 2016:

07:10 am EDT
NBC — Today

STEPHANIE RUHLE: Hard to believe that's not all that happened in politics yesterday — at about the same time that Donald Trump tape was made public, Wikileaks released more e-mails that they claim are from Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta's personal e-mail account. The e-mails appear to reveal contents of Clinton's private Wall Street speeches. Many people wanted to know what was in those.

Well, NBC's Kasie Hunt is in St. Louis, the site of tomorrow night's big debate, with more on that. Kasie, good morning.

KASIE HUNT: Steph, good morning — just so much news all at once here. We're finally getting a glimpse into those speeches that you mentioned that Clinton gave to Wall Street and other private groups that Bernie Sanders demanded she release during the primaries. She never did.

Now, we should say these are from Wikileaks. We haven't confirmed the authenticity of them; and the campaign hasn't either. John Podesta Tweeting, 'I'm not happy about being hacked by the Russians in their quest to throw the election to Donald Trump.' But these documents do give a glimpse of a Hillary Clinton that's different in private than in public. She even went so far as to say as much — saying that politicians need to have one public position and one private position, as they try to get things done in Washington.

And, of course, on the issue of trade that was so important to Sanders, she actually went so far as to say she would call for an open border policy — quote, 'My dream is a hemispheric common market, with open trade and open borders' — potentially causing her some trouble.

Now, the Clinton campaign out with a statement — again, focused on the Russians — saying, quote, 'The U.S. government removed any reasonable doubt that the Kremlin has weaponized Wikileaks to meddle in our election and benefit Donald Trump's candidacy.' He says that they're 'not going to confirm the authenticity of stolen documents released by Julian Assange, who has made no secret of his desire to damage Hillary Clinton.'

But, at the same time here, there are no major bombshells in these documents, if they are authentic, that really stands up to magnitude of that story about Donald Trump; and many Democrats I've talked to in the last 12 hours, privately saying they think this race might already be over. Steph?

RUHLE: Oof. All right. Kasie Hunt in St. Louis, I'll see you there tomorrow.

09:04 am EDT
CBS This Morning Saturday

ANTHONY MASON: As the Trump video leak swirled, Hillary Clinton faced a campaign controversy of her own Friday. Wikileaks released what it says are e-mails from her campaign chairman. They contain some potentially-problematic revelations for the Democratic nominee.

CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid is in our Washington bureau with more on that. Paula, good morning.

PAULA REID: Good morning. Wikileaks has released a batch of more than 2,000 hacked e-mails from the account of Hillary Clinton's campaign chairman, John Podesta. The e-mails include excerpts from Clinton's private Wall Street speeches. Clinton has, of course, repeatedly been asked to release transcripts of those speeches; but said she won't until the other candidates are held to the same standard.

The portions released Friday point to why Clinton has refused to make them public. In a speech to Goldman/Blackrock in early 2014, Clinton recalled a middle-class upbringing, but admits she's far removed from that now, 'because the life I've lived and the economic fortunes that my husband and I now enjoy.' A year before, she told the National Multi-Housing Council that 'politics is like sausage being made. It's unsavory. You need both a public and a private position.'

Trump has previously said he doesn't care about the transcripts. That being said, tomorrow's debate is a town hall style, so the audience or the moderators are bound to ask about this; and if they don't, Trump is likely going to find a way to bring it up.

DANA JACOBSON: Paula Reid in our Washington bureau, thank you.

Washington GOP chair: Trump's lewd remarks 'were made when he was a Democrat'

Oregonian ^ | October 7, 2016, updated October 8, 201610/08/2016 | Elliot Njus 

Washington state's GOP chair responded to Donald Trump's sexually aggressive remarks about pursuing and groping women by pointing out they "were made when he was a Democrat."

Trump has changed his political affiliations several times over the years. The fact-checking website PolitiFact reported Trump was, in fact, registered as a Democrat from August 2001 until September 2009.
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