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Woodrow Wilson and Hillary Clinton: When a President Keeps an Infirmity Hidden from the Public

American Thinker ^ | September 9, 2016 | Mike Konrad 

Joseph Patrick Tumulty is a name that every American should know; and yet so few do. He may have helped run the country for the last two years of Woodrow Wilson's Administration. This is what a Hillary Clinton presidency portends.
Joseph Tumulty was born in New Jersey in 1879. His parents were middle class ethnic Irish, and he became a lawyer, and later a state representative. However, Tumulty was an accomplished wheeler-dealer, and Woodrow Wilson called upon his services when he started his political climb from Princeton University academic to Governor of New Jersey and then President. Tumulty was Wilson's private secretary, a position that would morph in time to become the White House Chief of Staff, though in 1913, it bore a more humble title.

Wilson was a sturdy WASP, from a Southern Confederate background; yet he needed Tumulty, the ethnic Irish-American from the urban northeast to navigate his way through machine politics if he were to win a Democratic presidency.

Joseph Patrick Tumulty was secretary to President Woodrow Wilson, and no man since his time has ever held a comparable position of influence. Mr. Tumulty had no corps of "administrative assistants" such as supplied nowadays at the White House. He handled all press relations himself. He was not a member of the cabinet but had more influence than all of them combined. - Toledo Blade - 1954 (upon Tumulty's death)
As anyone knows, such a man can become a gatekeeper, and often becomes the power behind the throne.
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Team Hillary Puts Media On Notice To Not Question Her Health

Right Wing News ^ | September 8, 2016 | William Teach 

She’s working the refs, and, since most of them are in the bag for her, it’ll probably work, especially since the majority are already defending Coughing Hillary against any charges or “just wonderings” regarding her health.
(The Hill) Hillary Clinton’s campaign is working the refs hard when it comes to reports about her health.
While Clinton responded to a fit of coughing this week with humor, saying she was “allergic” to GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump, her aides and surrogates played the role of bad cop.
Campaign spokesman Nick Merrill took to task an NBC reporter who wrote about the coughing spell, posting on Twitter that the writer should “get a life.”
But, she keeps having these coughing fits. They aren’t unusual. They aren’t short.
The pushback signaled that Clinton’s campaign intends to sharply counterattack news organizations that take questions about her health seriously.
“They’re trying to work the refs a little bit as they try to push back on the mainstream media’s willingness to pick up on some of this stuff that’s usually left to the fringes,” Clinton surrogate Jim Manley explained.
So, instead of showing documents that she is healthy, and there is a good reason for the constant coughing which would send most of us running to the doctor, they’re going to attack and, most likely, attempt to destroy any who bring it up. She told the FBI 39 times that she couldn’t recall because of her concussion. She has a lot of falls. These aren’t conspiracy theories. They’re facts.
Do they show a picture of a woman in good health? One thing you can bet on, Americans love a good conspiracy, and they will be asking “if Team Hillary is pushing back hard on the allegations while refusing to debunk them with her health records, might there be something there?”
“I think the media deserves to be beat up on this because I think it’s ridiculous. I really doubt that any American really cares about this,” said Democratic strategist Brad Bannon.
“This is as trivial as you can get. The media deserves pushback for giving so much coverage to this thing,” he added.
Au contraire. Citizens very much care about this. More read news about celebrity doings than politics, and they certainly care if a candidate is portraying poor health symptoms. Americans spend a lot of time on trivial things. Trivial things that seem important to them. Perhaps they aren’t much concern to the political elites, but citizens care. They care when their favorite celebrity is exhibiting signs of physical or mental illness, even when it’s just part of their favorite TV show. And the more Team Hillary attempts to obfuscate and Blamestorm, the more the media attempts to provide shelter, the more they will focus on this issue and wonder “what’s she hiding?” That’s the nature of humanity.
The health of a candidate is important, is it not? And it is certainly legitimate to ask questions when she hasn’t released her medical records. Trump, again, should do the same. We’re electing someone to the most power position in the world, and we should know that she’s up for the job, which ages a person tremendously, and requires enormous physical and mental stamina.
Finally, let’s consider that some media will take this as a challenge to their livelihood, and say “to hell with my Clinton supporting colleagues, I’ll get the information.”

Why Was Iran Given Secret Exemptions from Key Nuclear-Deal Requirements?

AIM ^ | September 8, 2016 | Fred Fleitz 

In an important report issued yesterday, the Institute for Science and International Security, a Washington, D.C. arms-control think tank, revealed that Iran was secretly granted exemptions to the July 2015 nuclear agreement (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA) so it could meet compliance requirements for what the agreement calls “Implementation Day” – when Iran was to receive an estimated $150 billion in sanctions relief.
Not coincidentally, the same day Implementation Day was announced (January 18), U.S. officials also announced a swap of 18 Iranian prisoners held by the United States for five U.S. citizens who had been illegally held by Iran. An additional 14 Iranians were removed from an INTERPOL wanted list.
The Institute report cites an unnamed official who said that without these exemptions, some of Iran’s nuclear facilities would not have been in compliance with the JCPOA by Implementation Day.
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Prince: Trump’s Idea of Tolling Iraqi Oil to Repay Taxpayers Would Work ^ | 8 Sep 2016 

On Thursday’s Breitbart News Daily, retired Navy SEAL and former Blackwater CEO Erik Prince addressed the feasibility of Donald Trump’s “take the oil” imperative, most recently expressed during Wednesday night’s national security town hall event.
Prince noted that Iraq “sits on a sea of oil, and so there’s an enormous amount that’s in production now, around two million barrels a day.”
He declared:
You could easily double that, or triple that, so for Mr. Trump to say, “We’re going to take their oil” – certainly we’re not going to lift it out of there and take it somewhere else, but putting it into production, and putting a tolling arrangement into place, to repay the American taxpayers for their efforts to remove Saddam and to stabilize the area, is doable, and very plausible.
Prince said the Obama administration “missed the mark” when former Iraqi President Nouri al-Maliki left his post and “looted the central bank of Iraq, taking with him almost $42 billion.”
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The Obama Doctrine: ‘Surrender Without Peace’ ^ | 8 Sep 2016 | Charles Hurt 

This follows George W. Bush’s policy: “Break everything. Put on credit card.”
Everybody remembers the Monroe Doctrine, jealously defending the U.S. sphere of influence in North and South America from European meddling.
Normally, presidential foreign policy doctrines do not end in a question mark. But Bill Clinton rewrote all the rules from foreign policy to personal decency inside the Oval Office. His doctrine: “Fries come with that shake, honey?” (Note to reader: Best read aloud in a hoarse Arkansas twang.)
Ronald Reagan had a few that worked pretty well. “Peace through strength” and “Trust but verify” seemed to do a pretty good job of keeping the world on its toes and our enemies at bay.
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have not officially announced what their foreign policy doctrines would be, but isn’t it pretty well clear by now?
Riding as she does her husband’s coattails everywhere she goes, Hillary Clinton ends at least one of her doctrines with a question mark: “Cash or credit?” Her other doctrines would be more declarative. “Pay here.” That one includes a red arrow pointing to Chelsea Clinton and the Clinton Foundation.
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Hillary's Health Concerns Serious, Say Most Doctors Polled by AAPS

PRN ^ | Sept. 8, 2016 | PRN/Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) 

Concerns about Hillary Clinton's health are "serious—could be disqualifying for the position of President of the U.S.," say nearly 71% of 250 physicians responding to an informal internet survey by the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). About 20% said concerns were "likely overblown, but should be addressed as by full release of medical records." Only 2.7% responded that they were "just a political attack; I have confidence in the letter from her physician and see no cause for concern."
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Insolent veteran tells Hillary he'd 'have been prosecuted and imprisoned' if he'd done what she did!

Canada Free Press ^ | 09/08/16 | Robert Laurie 

How dare he speak this way to the queen?
Someone at NBC really dropped the ball last night. Not only did Trump fare pretty well during the MSNBC Commander-in-Chief Forum, Hillary came away looking really, really, bad. As Dan pointed out earlier, the media is freaking out - falling all over itself in an attempt to prop-up Hillary’s performance.
The size of their meltdown, as usual, is inversely proportional to how badly their preferred candidate is doing. The less successful she is, the more they lose it.
So it has to drive them nuts that the following question (asked by a Navy and Air Force veteran) has emerged as the takeaway moment from last night’s event:

Justice Dept. Granted Immunity to Specialist Who Deleted Hillary Clinton’s Emails!

New York Times ^ | Sept 8,2016 | By ADAM GOLDMAN and MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT 

A computer specialist who deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails despite orders from Congress to preserve them was given immunity by the Justice Department during its investigation into her personal email account, according to a law enforcement official and others briefed on the investigation.
Republicans have called for the department to investigate the deletions, but the immunity deal with the specialist, Paul Combetta, makes it unlikely that the request will go far. Representative Jason Chaffetz of Utah, the top Republican on the House oversight committee, asked the Justice Department on Tuesday to investigate whether Mrs. Clinton, her lawyers or the specialist obstructed justice when the emails were deleted in March 2015.
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Trump is Right: the Generals are Rubble

US Defense Watch ^ | September 8, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

During last night’s Commander in Chief Forum on the USS Intrepid, Mr. Trump told moderator Matt Lauer, in reference to the War on ISIS, “Well, the generals under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have not been successful,” Trump replied. “I think under the leadership of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the generals have been reduced to rubble. They have been reduced to a point where it’s embarrassing for our country.”
Mr. Trump is certainly correct. The generals have been reduced to rubble. Actually, they have been ground into space dust, for the value that they give to this Republic.
Under the Obama Administration, for over seven years, the military’s senior leaders, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and three and four star generals and admirals in worldwide command positions have rolled over on every single foreign policy debacle and social engineering directive emanating from the White House, the Pentagon and the State Department.
Where were the generals and indeed the admirals when Obama pulled out of Iraq in 2012, turning the country into a Pandora’s Box from hell?
Where were the generals as the President tied the military’s hands with obscene rules of engagement in Afghanistan?
Where were the generals and admirals when the disastrous Iran Deal was signed, a deal that provides Iran everything it needs to build up its military, support terrorism and pursue a nuclear weapon, while doing nothing for America?
Where were the generals and admirals while Obama and Hillary Clinton dithered as the Syrian Civil War raged and we sat on the sidelines and did nothing?
Where were the generals and admirals as ISIS formed like a malignant category five hurricane in the Middle East?
Where were the generals and admirals as CENTCOM created intelligence to placate the imaginary beliefs of the White House concerning ISIS?
Where were the generals and admirals as China constructed an artificial archipelago of military bases and airstrips in the South China Sea?
Where were the generals and admirals as the White House abandoned one of our oldest and most loyal allies, Israel?
Where were the generals and admirals as the Marines cannibalized aircraft and equipment for spare parts and the Air Force raided aircraft boneyards?
Where were the generals as the US Army was reduced to a pre-1940 size?
Where were the admirals as the US Navy grew dangerously small?
Where were the generals and admirals as Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was repealed?
Where were the generals and admirals as transgenders were authorized to serve on active duty and also authorized to receive free gender reassignment surgery?
Where were the generals as a conspiracy to graduate three women from Ranger School took place?
Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of the Navy ordered a new gender neutral lexicon for the Navy and Marine Corps?
Where were the generals as US Army ROTC cadets were ordered to parade around our nation’s campuses in women’s red high heels?
Where were the generals as US Army male soldiers were ordered to conduct physical training while wearing pregnancy simulators?
Where were the generals as the Secretary of the Army wrote, signed and distributed Breastfeeding and Lactation Support memos to worldwide Army commands?
Where were the generals when the Secretary of the Navy completely ignored the Marine Corps’ 36 million dollar study that outlined and proved in excruciating detail why women shouldn’t be assigned to combat arms units?
Where were the generals and admirals as the Secretary of Defense authorized women to serve in the combat arms and special operations?
Where were the generals and admirals when the Secretary of the Navy ordered the Marine Corps to conduct so called Unconscious Bias training, the Corps wide, Soviet style brainwashing to try and convince Marines that all genders are equal?
Where were the generals when the troops were ordered to receive sensitivity training in combat zones?
Where were the generals when the US Army conducted White Privilege Training?
Where were the generals and admirals when the DoD included online classes that portrayed the Bible and the US Constitution as sexist documents?
Where were the generals and admirals as the grand and glorious traditions of the US military were flushed down the toilet by the President?
Critics will say, what can the military’s senior leaders do? The military is subordinate to civilian leadership. Yes, that is true. Yet, not one single senior military leader has resigned in protest over Obama’s policies, or for that matter, not one single active duty senior military leader has voiced an opinion against Obama’s horrible national security decisions and destructive social engineering.
We don’t live in Idi Amin’s Uganda or North Korea under Kim Jong Nutjob. For God’s sake, even in Nazi Germany, the German General Staff argued with Hitler about strategy.
Obviously, America’s senior military leaders are lacking in intestinal fortitude and are more worried about their pensions than about the nation they took an oath to serve.
America’s senior military leaders have no more value than dime store dummies in uniforms.
Last night Mr. Trump correctly stated that he would fire many of the military’s senior leaders. In fact, Mr. Trump, if elected, must completely clean house in the US military. The top generals and admirals in the US armed forces have stood by and done nothing for over seven years as the military’s readiness, combat power, fighting spirit and morale have been thrown in a wood chipper by the President and his willing executioners in the Pentagon.

Iran May Have Received as Much as $33.6 Billion in Cash, Gold Payments From U.S.

The Washington Free Beacon ^ | 09/08/2016 | Adam Kredo

Iran may have received an additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran.
Between January 2014 and July 2015, when the Obama administration was hammering out the final details of the nuclear accord, Iran was paid $700 million every month from funds that had previously been frozen by U.S. sanctions.
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National Poll: Trump Surges Among Latinos, African-Americans!

Newsmax ^ 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some favorable ratings among both Latinos and African-American voters, according to results of the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

The poll's demographic breakdown showed that by combining voters who were "very favorable" and "somewhat favorable" to Trump, the billionaire developer got a positive rating from 35 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of African-Americans.

A Breitbart analysis of the poll notes Trump would not win with either group because 49 percent of Hispanics and 69 percent of African-Americans still have a "very unfavorable" view of him.

Hispanic support would help Trump in Florida, while African-American supporters will help him in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to Breitbart. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is equally unpopular with Hispanics, at 49 percent.
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The Baptist National Convention in Kansas City shrunk the room down because few present to see Hillary!

Baptist Convention Cuts Room Down by a Third After Nobody Shows Up to See Hillary
Gateway Pundit ^ | September 8, 2016 | Jim Hoft 

The Baptist National Convention in Kansas City shrunk the room down by a third after nobody turned out to see Hillary Clinton today.
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Huma Abedin: ‘Agent of Influence....Had Hillary Clinton’s Ear ^ | 8 Sep 2016 | John Hayward 

“Huma Abedin, the person closest to Hillary Clinton.....her father, was very much a Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer or agent.....“The Muslim Brotherhood approach is a slow, creeping infiltration and takeover, with sharia law, so having an agent of influence very sympathetic to the Muslim Brotherhood, sitting right at the ear of Hillary absolutely unacceptable,”
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Droves of African Migrants Amass at Mexican Border Waiting US Asylum Under Secret Obama Pact!

GatewayPundit ^ | September 8, 2016 10:33PM | Jim Hoft 

Herds of African immigrants are being housed in shelters in the Mexican border town of Tijuana while they await entry into the United States under what appears to be a secret accord between the Obama administration, Mexico and the Central American countries the Africans transited on their journey north. - A backlog of African migrants is overwhelming limited shelter space in Tijuana and Mexican officials blame the slow pace of U.S. immigration authorities in the San Isidro port of entry for granting only 50 asylum solicitations daily.

The African migrants’ journey begins in Brazil under a South American policy that allows the “free transit” of immigrants throughout the continent. Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama facilitate the process by transferring the concentration of foreigners towards Mexico based on an agreement that Mexico will help them gain entry into the U.S. so they can solicit asylum.

The Africans are mostly entering Mexico through the southern state of Chiapas, which borders Guatemala.
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Exclusive: Hillary Tells Yet Another Self-Aggrandizing Feminist Lie

Breitbart ^ | 8 Sep 2016 | Ann Coulter 

Hillary told another whopper today, one of her typical I am a heroic woman who has stood up to bullies my whole life lies.

Speaking to a blog called “Humans of New York” on Thursday, Hillary shared a “rare personal message” – as Politico put it. She claimed that when she took the LSAT during her senior year of college, men taking the test shouted at her, saying her admission to law school could cost them their draft deferments, forcing them to go to Vietnam, where they would die. The moral of the story was that she had to “learn as a young woman to control my emotions.” Brave Hillary!
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Diversity is Our Demise

Article V Blog ^ | September 9th 2016 | Rodney Dodsworth 

Somewhere in the 1980s, “diversity is our strength” made its debut. At the time, I gaffed it off as another Leftist idiocy that would soon fizzle out.
How wrong I was. Their mantra, which spread to the rest of government and society, goes something like this: diversity supposedly means respect for all cultures, religions, ethnic backgrounds. Since all values and moralities are equal, the multiculturalist must deny any intrinsic superiority of free societies over slave societies. Since our national strength is derived from a multitude of cultures, Leftist ideology demands not only the importation of muslims, but retention of their culture, rather than assimilation. Doesn’t “all men are created equal” demand respect for other cultures? I say no, because behind the façade of diversity, multiculturalism seeks destruction of the individual, society, and ultimately, our republic.
Now, the Left is nothing if not adept at clothing their lies with see-through garments of truth. What they regard as deep thoughts typically have no more depth than a regular feature from Mad Magazine in my youth that was called What They Say . . . What it Really Means. When progressives say they seek national strength through multiculturalism, they actually seek our national demise.
We’ve been told that diversity as a strength goes back to our founding era. See, delegates from thirteen various backgrounds respected one another, worked together and ultimately compromised enough to design a government. The garment of truth is that yes, they compromised. Yes, they dealt with diverse traditions. The falsehood is that they compromised first principles. Through various compromises, the Constitution of September 1787 was quite different from the plan submitted in May, yet delegates to the federal convention did not compromise any principles of the Declaration of Independence. The truth is that the Left must ignore how the Framers dealt with diversity.
Without threatening the tenets of the American Revolution, their plan of government dealt with diverse cultures. A nabob from Charleston was said to be no more familiar to a Puritan in Massachusetts than a Chinaman. The key was federalism, in which thirteen republics retained that which they did not relinquish to the government of their creation in the Constitution. If actual federalism existed today, we’d have more varieties of American sub-cultures across our nation. Perhaps schools in Massachusetts would promote homosexuality, while Texans would ban the practice. THAT is diversity in a republic of republics.
The Leftist screed doesn’t stop at diversity in culture. As corollary, Leftists demand diversity among races. Social justice demands a hierarchy in which particular characteristics and behaviors are associated with skin color! Are you white? You are an oppressor. Believe it . . . or else. Are you black or muslim? You are oppressed. Without citing a Second Amendment right to self-defense, the Left justifies Black Lives Matter riots as simple social justice. The oppressed are entitled to lash out at their oppressors.
Ultimately, when Leftists say we must respect other cultures in order to work together to solve our problems, they really mean the Judeo-Christian culture of the US should be minimized and eventually eradicated. Beneath every one of their demands is a singular, ultimate goal: annihilation of the nation through destruction of American civil society.
Free government, the one designed in our Constitution of 1787, is built on the foundation of a civil society. Civil Society is the condition of living together according to reason without a common superior on earth, in mutual assistance, peace, goodwill, and preservation; it is the background against which republican, free government is understood. It tells us what government is what it does by showing us what it is not and what it does not do. It makes it possible to distinguish proper forms of government from improper ones.
Absolutist rulers in any form are inconsistent with Civil Society, and can be no form of civil government at all. When cultures hostile to our traditions are purposely imported, the intent is to upset the peace, goodwill, and tranquility of the Judeo-Christian civil society. With enough tumult, political turmoil, riots, and special privileges for select groups, the Left can ultimately destroy society. Out goes the rule of law; it will be replaced with authoritarian rulers who hold on to power by playing one interest off another, by pitting various ethnic, religious, racial groups at each other’s throats.
Society predates government. Society isn’t government. Assertions from Obama notwithstanding, we do not belong to government. Society forms free government, and a functioning republican free government absolutely depends on a civil society.
The Left’s efforts are not limited to the destruction of all effective political opposition; they work to destroy civil society, and with it, our nation. When they say diversity is our strength, they mean diversity is our demise.
We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States. Sign the COS Petition.
Related post: Wading into Left-Speak: The Closing of the American Mind.
Reference: Locke, J. (2010). Two Treatises of Government, Edited by Peter Laslett. Cambridge: University Press. Page 100.

Clinton's well-earned bad press ^ 

It was easy to deduce from the whines of Hillary Clinton's supporters which candidate had underperformed worst in Wednesday night's MSNBC Commander-in-Chief veterans' forum.
Likewise, the Clinton campaign's abrupt decision Thursday to hold her first press conference in nine months (short and inadequate though it was) spoke to a mild desperation, a need to get the media covering something other than her performance the night before.
The worst moment at the forum for Clinton came when a veteran who had held a job that involved handling classified information asked a question. The man began by noting that if he had passed classified information through email, "I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned." He went on: "Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are trusted with America's most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?"
It was a loaded question, but a relevant and justified one, given the candidate's unprecedented carelessness with classified information while serving in President Obama's cabinet.
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Donald Trump Supporters Call for Boycott After Starbucks CEO Endorses Hillary Clinton

Fox News Insider ^ | sept 9 ast 

Donald Trump's supporters took to Twitter today to call for a boycott of Starbucks after CEO Howard Schultz endorsed Hillary Clinton.
Follow Ex-Democrat 4 Trump @Sidspeaks1 Sell your @Starbucks stock. Howard what's his name just endorsed Hillary. Vote #boycottstarbucks. 6:13 AM - 8 Sep 2016 71 71 Retweets 68 68 likes "Hopefully Hillary Clinton will be elected president," Schultz told CNN, calling her the "obvious" choice.
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