Saturday, July 30, 2016

Valerie Jarrett was our First Female President

American Thinker ^ | 7/30/16 | Daniel John Sobieski 

Hillary Clinton has become the first female nominated for President of the United States but, should she win the election, she will not be the first female to occupy and control the Oval Office (insert Monica Lewinsky joke here). That honor arguably goes to Valerie Jarrett, currently Senior Adviser to [Hussein].
....Not only did Valerie Jarrett become a mentor to the young Barack Obama, she soon became what Investor’s Business Daily called Obama’s Rasputin, someone who had more security than our personnel did in Benghazi...
....She arguably has more influence over Obama than anyone with the possible exception of Michelle Obama...
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Amendment 69: ColoradoCare mimics existing single-payer disasters

The Complete Colorado Page Two ^ | 29 July, 2016 | Sally C. Pipes 

The good people of Colorado must be smoking something these days.
That’s the only explanation for the decision by 156,000 of the state’s more than 3 million registered voters to endorse a November ballot initiative that would create a statewide single-payer health care system.
Patients in single-payer systems elsewhere must withstand low-quality care and long wait times. To fund all that failure, they pay sky-high taxes. If Colorado’s voters approve this single-payer measure at the polls this fall, they’ll experience these realities firsthand.
Single-payer systems control costs by using government power to ration care.
In Canada, where I grew up, patients have to wait four-and-a-half months, on average, to receive treatment from a specialist after getting a referral from a primary-care doctor. Many who want – or need – the most cutting-edge technology and procedures come to the United States and pay out of pocket rather than suffer in line.
In Britain’s single-payer system, one in five cancer patients has to wait more than two months to start treatment. Delays even plague ambulance and emergency room services. Recently, junior doctors fed up with low pay went on strike, which may have contributed to at least one death.
Socialized medicine has failed in the United States, too. Just look at the Veterans Health Administration. Patients have died waiting for appointments. And the brilliant bureaucrats behind the VA’s new hospital in Aurora have exceeded their budget by more than 400 percent.
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Hillary Must Come Clean about Huma Abedin ^ | July 1, 2016 | Joseph Klein 

Saudi Arabia’s Islamic Affairs Department website contained a passage extolling jihad: "The Muslims are required to raise the banner of Jihad in order to make the Word of Allah supreme in this world…” (As published by The Middle East Media Research Institute)

The Saudi government and some of its influential radical Islamic citizens and groups are pursuing the export of jihad in two ways. The first is through what has been referred to as “civilization jihad.” Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars in funding Sunni mosques, madrasas, and Sunni cultural centers all over the world, which spread the Saudis’ radical Islamic Wahhabi ideology.

However, Saudi Arabia’s jihad also includes the support of terrorism. A cable released by WikiLeaks under then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s name stated: "Donors in Saudi Arabia constitute the most significant source of funding to Sunni terrorist groups worldwide."
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