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Hillary Clinton's Transparent Lies: ^ | September 30, 2015 | Jacob Sullum 

In a "Meet the Press" interview on Sunday, Hillary Clinton said she has tried to "be as transparent as possible" in response to questions about her use of a private email server as secretary of state. A timeline of her efforts so far suggests she needs to try a little harder.
March 3: The New York Times reports that Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, used a private server for all of her electronic correspondence as secretary of state, thereby evading automatic archiving. A spokesman for Clinton says she complied with "the letter and spirit of the rules" governing State Department communications.
March 8: A spokesman for Bill Clinton says he has used email only twice in his life, both times when he was president.
March 10: Clinton reports that she erased about 32,000 email messages she deemed private, including ''personal communications from my husband and me,'' and gave the State Department about 30,000 work-related messages. She says she ''fully complied with every rule,'' "went above and beyond what I was requested to do" and "did not email any classified material to anyone."
March 31: CNN reports that Clinton, who said she used a private email address because ''I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal emails instead of two," carried two devices, a BlackBerry and an iPad, that she used for email as secretary of state.
April 21: Clinton mentions that she has since started carrying two additional devices, an iPhone and a mini iPad.
July 7: "I've never had a subpoena" seeking email messages, Clinton tells CNN's Brianna Keilar.
July 8: Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, releases a copy of a March 4 congressional subpoena seeking relevant Clinton email messages.
July 24: The inspectors general of the State Department and the intelligence community report that Clinton's email included classified material that never should have been stored on a private server.
August 18: Pressed by Fox News correspondent Ed Henry about whether she had "wiped" her email server, Clinton replies, "What? With a cloth or something?"
August 20: A federal judge hearing a Freedom of Information Act case concerning Clinton's email says, "We wouldn't be here if the employee had followed government policy."
August 26: Clinton concedes that using a private email server "clearly wasn't the best choice," adding, "I take responsibility for that decision." Revising her earlier claim about sensitive material in her email, she says she is confident an FBI investigation will show that "I never sent, nor received, any email that was marked classified."
September 4: Asked whether she owes Americans an apology for the email controversy, Clinton tells NBC News, "I am sorry that this has been confusing to people and has raised a lot of questions."
September 7: Clinton tells the Associated Press there is no reason for her to apologize about her private email address because "what I did was allowed."
September 8: Clinton finally uses the m-word to describe her private email server, telling ABC News, "That was a mistake. I'm sorry about that. I take responsibility."
September 25: The State Department says it has email correspondence between Clinton at her private address and David Petraeus, then commander of the U.S. Central Command, beginning January 10, 2009, more than two months before Clinton says she started using that address.
September 27: Asked about the discrepancy on "Meet the Press," Clinton has no explanation. "There was a transition period," she says. "You know, I wasn't that focused on my email."
During that same interview, Clinton blamed the email controversy on a "drip, drip, drip" of "charges and claims" from Republicans. "There's only so much that I can control," she said. There's a lesson that Clinton, whose controlling tendencies gave birth to this story and kept it alive, really should take to heart.

"Black People" Panel Features No Black People!

The Social Memo ^ | 9/30/15 | Aurelius 

A "multicultural creative career fair" aimed at encouraging the hiring of African Americans featured a panel at their event that had no black people in it.
The fair, called "Here are all the black people," is a one-day event that "provides multicultural students, recent graduates, and creative professionals who are interested in exploring careers in advertising and design the opportunity to showcase their talent to top agencies in the industry."
A panel during the fair, however, featured precisely no black people, leading to this ironic photo:

Another angle of the panel was re-tweeted by The One's twitter account:

"Here are all the black people" was put together by the One Club, a non-profit that states they are "the world's foremost non-profit organization for the recognition and promotion of excellence in advertising."
According to the One Club, they present "Here Are All The Black People" "as a forum for the next generation of diverse creative professionals to showcase their creativity. These students, recent graduates, and transitioning professionals, travel in force to this event demonstrating their desire to gain entry into our industry. Courageously, they present fresh ideas to the best agencies and creative leaders in the industry."

Congressman Asks for Documents to Find Out Whether Women Got Special Treatment at Ranger School

People Magazine ^ | September 22, 2015 | Susan Keating 

A congressman who is a combat veteran and Ranger graduate has asked the Pentagon's top Army leader to produce documents related to the performance of the females who began Ranger School at Fort Benning, Georgia earlier this year, PEOPLE has learned.
In a letter obtained exclusively by PEOPLE, Rep. Steve Russell, R-Okla., gave outgoing Army Secretary John McHugh until September 25 to produce documents revealing the women's test scores, evaluations, injuries, pre-training and more. The letter was delivered to McHugh's Pentagon office on September 15.
"The training of our combat warriors is paramount to our national defense," Russell wrote to McHugh. "In order to ensure that the Army retains its ability to defend the nation, we must ensure that our readiness is not sacrificed."
The congressman is concerned because "sources at Fort Benning are coming forward to say the Army lied about women in Ranger School, that the women got special treatment and played by different rules," according to a Capitol Hill source with knowledge of why the letter was crafted. "These folks say one thing, the Army says another. Congress needs to know the truth, and Russell reached out to find it."(continued)
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The fundamental reason why Cruz is the best choice!

Peter O'Donnell 

What is the fundamental reason to select Senator Ted Cruz over a field of other candidates for the Republican presidential candidate?
The answer lies in the constitution -- not in some part of the document, but in the IMPORTANCE of the document.
Senator Cruz has established that he understands this fundamental fact, and relies on it more than any other candidate. And he has the experience and educational background to make that understanding more effectual.
Why is the Constitution so particularly important in this presidential election? Was it not always equally important?
It is more important because America, like many western nations, has had an undeclared social(ist) revolution in recent years, and the Constitution has been shoved aside, either ignored or abrogated by actions of that revolutionary government.
The revolution has a deep foundation, it is sustained by academic and media elites, and most of the Democratic Party. Substantial parts of the Republican Party, while perhaps not as actively revolutionary, have chosen to look away and pretend this has not taken place. Some might say they have aided and abetted the revolution.
A second American revolution is a big deal no matter how you view it, and so to pretend it has not taken place is the ultimate act of denial. It is a big deal because it affects every important area of everday life, from security issues to taxation to the economy, foreign relations (again related to security) and the place of special interest groups in a larger society.
The first revolution had only one special interest group, that being the people of the (then) Thirteen Colonies. We, the people, fought that revolution.
This second revolution is a victory of a coalition of minorities against a placid and ambivalent majority, half of whom are so shamed by guilt trips that they refuse to take any stand whatsoever.
Yet the Constitution remains intact and the only effective foundation for resistance. Some speak of the need of a second American revolution, by which they mean a revolution against the progressives. However, that would be more of a counter-revolution, a restoration of constitutional principles.
The most significant constitutional principle that requires restoration is the separation of powers. In close second place would be the first (and second) amendments. Of equal significance perhaps is a restoration of the balance of powers between branches of government.
The Constitution also requires that the president be entirely loyal to the nation and not be the servant of some foreign power (or religion). Legitimate doubt now exists about whether this current administration is at least in the spiritual sense in violation of that essential principle.
Now the common law is also an extension of any free country's constitution, properly applied, and common law demands that a nation have clear borders, citizenship and military checks and balances. Can anyone truthfully say that America has any of those now?
I believe that America can count on Senator Cruz to restore the legal foundation of at least the executive branch of government, and to have a positive influence on other actors. Perhaps other candidates would be good in these areas too. It is not a case that only one man has any clue about the importance of these principles, perhaps half a dozen are appropriately concerned and able to act. But in each case, they fall short of the high standard set by Senator Cruz.
Foreign policy, relations with Russia and the Islamic world, also require a person of the highest integrity, resolve and vision. There are various sources of wise counsel in those fields, and Senator Cruz will need all of them in the mess left behind by the Obama years.
And if another candidate is to win, then I hope and pray that they will at least have the close co-operation and participation of Senator Cruz to assist them. Perhaps it would be just as effective to have a Trump-Cruz administration, one is challenged to imagine a Vice President Trump, but when given this high level of concern about the future of the nation (and the free world in general), one cannot think of a valid reason to set aside the best available candidate. We made that mistake in 2008, let's not make it again in 2016.
Cruz to victory.

Look at what we learn from Planned Parenthood when they’re under oath

Catholic Vote ^ | September 30, 2015 | Rob Corzine 

It took testifying under oath to get Cecile Richards (CEO of Planned Parenthood) to tell the truth about what Planned Parenthood does.
— She confessed that abortion does not account for “3 percent of their business” as previously regurgitated, but in fact a full 86 percent of their non-tax funded revenue.
— Planned Parenthood raked in 127 million dollars “in excess of revenue”. She personally got a $240,000 raise two years ago bringing her yearly “compensation” up to over half a million dollars. So much for being a non-profit.
— She admitted that none of the 600+ PP-clinics conduct mammograms. None. And then she LIED by saying, “We do not have mammogram machines at our health centers. And we’ve never stated that we did.” Um, yes… yes, you have stated that you did.
— She said she’d never heard of a case of a baby born alive from a failed abortion attempt…. except that Gianna Jessen just testified about how she was born alive in a Planned Parenthood clinic after her mother’s failed abortion.
In related news, two forensic analysts (one hired by PP and an independent analyst) reported that NONE of the videos were edited, except to take out irrelevant info (like bathroom breaks).

Under pressure: McConnell pushed to resign as Senate Majority Leader

The Washington Times ^ | 9-27-2015 | Ralph Z. Hallow 

With John Boehner now departing as House speaker, an influential Republican Party official is now seeking the ouster of another GOP leader who has frustrated conservatives: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“McConnell needs to resign!!” Louisiana GOP Chairman Roger Villere wrote in a Facebook posting.

Mr. Villere isn’t just any Republican. He’s the longest-serving state GOP chairman in the nation, with 12 years on the job, and is the vice chairman of the Republican National Committee, the GOP’s national governing body. He also serves on the RNC’s executive committee that makes decisions alongside Chairman Reince Priebus.


Mr. Villere did say what specifically about Mr. McConnell makes his state’s rank-and-file GOP voters so dyspeptic that they want him out as leader — his failure to challenge executive overreach by President Obama or fight to repeal Obamacare and other unpopular measures.

“Mr. McConnell could have suspended consideration of confirmations for all presidential appointees, except for those who are essential to national security, until the president rescinded his unconstitutional executive action on amnesty,” Mr. Villere said.

“This would have been a constitutionally appropriate response to the overreach of the executive branch,” he said. “It would have transformed the political environment, greatly encouraged Republican donors and grass-roots activists, and positioned us to refuse to confirm replacements for any Supreme Court openings that might occur during the remainder of the Obama administration.”.........
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Massachusetts woman charged with almost $4 million in food stamp fraud

Canada Free Press ^ | 09/30/15 | Robert Laurie 

It's only 'millions.' No biggie, right?
Progressives will tell you that food stamp fraud is basically a problem that doesn’t exist. At best they’ll admit that, perhaps, there are a few instances where a store sells something to a customer that shouldn’t be covered by the SNAP program - but they’ll claim those minor transgressions are extremely isolated cases. They’ll regale you with tales of the hard-working poor who hold down two jobs and receive welfare just to make ends meet.
They usually blame the plight of the less fortunate on capitalism and, if they’re feeling really saucy, they might throw in buzzwords like “one perenters” or “banksters.”

Young: ‘Thirders’ have taken over GOP!

The Austin American-Statesman ^ | September 30, 2015 | John Young 

A lot of Republicans are hoping Donald Trump will go away, and here’s why he won’t: The Thirders aren’t going away, either.
Understand, the Thirders aren’t a lot of us — just a third — but being the life force of the Republican Party, they are enough to run it. That’s a takeaway from the announced retirement of Speaker John Boehner. He is conceding the House to the forces of GOP wackery.
We used to know the Thirders as Birthers, but we’ve come to see that they have, um, diversified.
The term “Thirders” is my own. It came from polls that show a solid core of right-wingers resistant to any factual assault — polls consistently showing that one-third of Americans don’t believe President Obama was born here, and polls showing that about a third of Americans believe him to be a Muslim.
Anything they can believe about the man, the Thirders will rationalize. Did you hear about the poll showing that one-third of Louisiana Republicans blamed Obama for the poor federal response to Hurricane Katrina — three years before he became president? Did you hear that three years into implementation, a sizable portion of Republicans still believes “death panels” are built into the Affordable Care Act?
Did you hear that Obama will abolish the 22nd Amendment to make himself president for life? I hear this from Thirders who believe it. It would be a trick, considering what it takes to amend the Constitution, but Thirders know Obama is planning it.
It should be no surprise that Donald Trump, the Thirder with the most hair and most money, is leading in the race for the GOP presidential nomination.
It should be no surprise that Ben Carson also is doing well among the Thirders, and Ted Cruz still thinks he can secure their heart.
George Will is not a Thirder. He writes that, with his anti-immigrant appeals, Trump wishes to “turn America into a police state in order to facilitate ethnic cleansing.” Yikes.
Charles Krauthammer is not a Thirder. He calls Carson’s assertion that a Muslim should not be president not only contrary to the First Amendment but “morally outrageous.”
All of this is to point out the mathematical truth that these candidates’ popularity is based on the heartbeat of a fringe of America’s fringe.
Let’s do the Thirder math: If we assume, as polls show, that Republicans and those who lean that way are about 45 percent of voters — and if Trump and Carson are supported by roughly 20 percent of them apiece (new CNN poll) — that means that they are supported by 9 percent apiece of all of us. If 11 percent of Republicans fall for Carly Fiorina’s increasingly fact-challenged claims, that’s about 5 percent of us. If Cruz is supported by 5 percent of Republicans, that represents 2.25 percent of us.
Is Marco Rubio a Thirder? He made quite a play the other day. He implied that women get abortions for a piece of the profit alleged to Planned Parenthood from the sale of fetal tissue. That claim — illegal profiteering — is one that rafts of investigations and investigators have failed to prove.
Let’s say such irresponsible claims are a reason why Rubio now has 11 percent support among Republicans, having gained Thirder street cred. That’s, once again, 5 percent of us.
Add the cumulative support of Trump, Carson, Fiorina, Rubio and Cruz, and you’ve got — what did I say? — just about one third of Americans, spectacularly resistant to anything approaching reality, and ready to vote that way.

Taking on Trump: The elite media Are now trying to decipher the Donald!

Fox News ^ | September 30, 2015 | Howard Kurtz 

After a long summer of denial and disparagement, even the most elite precincts of the media establishment are trying to come to grips with Donald Trump.
First it was the cable news networks, which instantly realized that Trump was good box office, followed by the network morning shows. Then some of the columnists who had dismissed him as a sideshow began to grapple with his rising poll numbers, even those who continued to hammer him.
That was followed by a series of faulty predictions that Trump was about to implode because of this or that corrosive comment, to the point that some talking heads simply announced that they were getting out of the forecasting business.
Trump even scored a “60 Minutes” profile on Sunday for the season opener--drawing 15 million viewers--and later declared that CBS anchor Scott Pelley had been fair to him.
Now some other upscale outlets, rather late to the party, are joining in the dark arts of psychoanalysis: What makes Donald Trump tick, and how has he managed to completely upend the rituals and decorum of a presidential campaign and play by his own set of rules?
What does it say about the electorate that he has struck such a deep chord—and, I would add, what does it say about the media and political insiders who suddenly seemed so clueless?
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The stages

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This is why!

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ALERT: Planned Parenthood President Admits that 86% of Revenue Comes from Abortions! ^ | September 29, 2015 7:23 pm | John S. Roberts

Earlier today, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards (who earns $520,000 annually as head of the abortion giant) was grilled by Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) about the organization’s practices, and verbally admitted that she supports abortion by GENDER AND RACE.
Gee, wasn’t that founder Margaret Sanger’s intention in the first place?
Richards also let it be known that 86% of Planned Butcherhood’s earnings comes from abortions.
And some wonder why conservatives don’t support funneling $500 million yearly to the murderous enterprise?
From Twitchy: "There was just a great moment at the House hearing gong on right now where Cecile Richards was forced to admit under questioning from Rep. Cynthia Lummins (R, WY) that although abortions only account for 3% of Planned Parenthood’s total procedures, abortions account for 86% of Planned Parenthood’s revenues."
TWEET: Amy Curtis @modernc omments: "Abortions 86% of revenue, 3% of services. Lummins asks @CecileRichards to explain this disparity." 11:00 AM - 29 Sep 2015
86% !?! We need to 86 this vile outlet, asap!
…and then there’s this…
TWEET: Right to Life of MI @Right_to_Life: "Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards admits Planned Parenthood doesn't provide mammograms." 11:06 AM - 29 Sep 2015
So, let’s get this straight.
Planned Parenthood receives more than 3/4 of its money from killing the unborn, and they have zero mammogram machines on site.
I thought PP’s were in business to help women? Turns out – as we’ve all known for a long time – Planned Parenthood is in the business of destroying the lives of the most innocent, just like The View co-host Whoopi Goldberg told us last week.
MSNBC, ABC, CBS, HLN, and every other major network jumped on this news right away, and in a poll I’ve just conducted in my head, 99% of Democrats have now decided to support the defunding of the nation’s largest abortion provider.
A guy can dream.
Anyone who supports Planned Parenthood – or campaigns on how much they love the services the company provides to women – needs to get bent.

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