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Lawyer: Bergdahl in 'Physical Danger' from Fellow Soldiers [Aw, poor baby]!

Truth Revolt ^ | 9/16/15 | Sarah Fisher 

Bowe Berdahl's defense team told a military tribunal that he has been in "physical danger" for the last year because his fellow soldiers have spoken angrily to the public about claims Bergdahl betrayed his country. Bergdahl became a Taliban prisoner under suspicious circumstances in 2009, when he left a combat outpost in Afghanistan.
Bergdahl's civilian defense lawyer Eugene Fidell said former military and intelligence officers appearing in conservative news media had vilified Bergdahl and stoked hatred over social media such as Facebook over Bergdahl’s perceived misconduct while in captivity. Fidell provided examples from the "Bergdahl is a Traitor" page.
"In short, it has been 'open season' on SGT Bergdahl," wrote Fidell, a military law veteran and past-president of the National Institute of Military Justice, who is leading the soldier's defense. "His immediate commander believes he is in physical danger, and therefore has required since last year that he be accompanied by NCOs [non-commissioned officers] whenever he leaves Fort Sam Houston."
However, Bergdahl was found on a California marijuana farm when it was raided by police back in July of this year and he was not accompanied by any soldiers protecting him.
Bergdahl faces an Article 32 hearing later this week, where officers will discuss a court-martial for desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. He could face a life sentence if convicted.
"There is increasingly strong reason to doubt whether SGT Bergdahl can receive a fair trial given the prolonged barrage of opprobrium that has been heaped on him over the last year," Fidell wrote in a memo to Army officials today.
"I share his frustration that Bergdahl is being tried in the media," Geoffrey Corn, a retired Army judge advocate at South Texas College of Law, told ABC News. "He's not the first person or defense lawyer to deal with a public reaction and perception that vilifies his client."


SIMI VALLEY, California — Most reporters continued to sit while the National Anthem played at the start of the GOP’s presidential primary debate.

Breitbart News captured a video showing most reporters and support staff sitting down, instead of standing as most Americans typically do.
Breitbart News reporters did stand as the National Anthem played through the speakers.
In the past, some journalists have been under fire for texting or working during the singing of the National Anthem, while others have stated that it is a journalist’s job to remain neutral.
For example, a journalist was singled out for texting during the National Anthem in the past at the White House Correspondents Dinner earlier this year.
“On this subject, a recent op-ed by Mark Fitzgerald of Editor & Publisher warns journalists that perception is often truth and that the penchant that journalists have for not standing proudly and patriotically during the National Anthem does not help their image any — good advice that will be roundly ignored by journalists the country over,” noted Warner Todd Hutson in 2008 on this topic.

U.S. Spends Big Bucks on Diversity Training for Fed Workers!

Judicial Watch ^ | 9/16/15 

A Judicial Watch investigation has discovered that large sums of taxpayer dollars keep pouring into a Chicago-based firm hired by the Obama administration to culturally transform government by teaching federal workers about diversity, race and gender, healthcare disparities and cultural competencies.
The firm is called Souder, Betances & Associates and in the last few years Uncle Sam has paid it millions of dollars to help strengthen the federal workplace with its brand of diversity consulting. The firm’s principal owner, Samuel Betances, is a Harvard grad who describes himself as a “biracial, bicultural and bilingual citizen of the world.” Furthermore, Betances’ biography says he’s a “great motivator who rose out of the bowels of inner city poverty, stigma of minority group status, violence, welfare and illiteracy in two languages.”
Records obtained as part of an ongoing JW investigation reveal that, in the last few months alone, Betances’ firm received $42,500 from the government to provide diversity training. This includes two Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contracts for $24,000 and $10,000 and one for $8,500 from the Department of Energy (DOE). JW has actually created a spreadsheet documenting some of Betances’ deals with the government in the last few years totaling more than half a million dollars for diversity training at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Department of Defense (DOD) and Health and Human Services (HHS), among others.
In 2012 JW launched an investigation into the administration’s arrangement with Betances after a USDA employee tipped us off about the agency’s nationwide compulsory diversity sessions. JW eventually obtained previously unseen USDA videos of outrageous diversity training sessions conducted by Betances. Highlights include Betances urging federal employees to chant “If we work for a federal agency, we’ve discriminated in the past.” He also suggests that the United States “took over what used to be Mexico” and states that schools are only interested in educating middle class children.
The feds have tried to keep this controversial diversity training away from the public. In fact, JW obtained electronic mail exchanges between Betances and a top USDA official named Vincent Loran that support this. In one email Loran promises Betances that he will keep secret a video of a training session shot on the USDA premises. This month the National Science Foundation (NSF) refused to reveal details of a Betances event at the agency’s Washington D.C. headquarters. JW learned about it after spotting a flyer advertising a September 9 Betances appearance at the NSF. After getting the runaround from a number of NSF public affairs employees, JW was able to at least confirm that Betances was conducting some sort of in-house diversity training.
An NSF spokeswoman, who apologized for the “delay in getting back to you,” told JW that the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) planned Betances’ appearance. “These are internal events for NSF staff to celebrate and learn about heritage/history months from various speakers, who are scientists, engineers or educators,” the NSF spokeswoman, Jessica Arriens, told JW. She added that ODI holds similar events throughout the year, but would not disclose how much Betances was paid for the appearance. JW has filed a Freedom of Information Act request to find out.

John Boehner May Not Be Speaker Much Longer! ^ | Robert Gehl 

The time seems to be up for John Boehner.

Breitbart is confirming that opposition to the Speaker’s re-election has now reached critical mass. Boehner can only continue as House Speaker if he gets Democrats to vote for him.
The 29th Republican Hose member announced he would not support Boehner’s reelection yesterday. That same member said there are “easily” more than 30 House members against the Speakers and possibly numbers in “the 40s or even up to 50s.” “I think the votes are there,” the unnamed congressman said.
Despite the rebellion from his Conservative members, Boehner said he’s not worried about his future. Politico is reporting his supporters think he is being “blackmailed” by conservative hard-liners into standing strong against Democrats – even supporting a government shutdown over federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
Boehner and other Republican House Leaders are holding a conference meeting Wednesday to discuss the Planned Parenthood issue. They call them “listening sessions,” but it seems they’re desperately trying to separate the outrage over Planned Parenthood from any continuing resolution to keep the government running.
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U.S. looks on warily as Russian helicopters arrive in Syria

CNN ^ | Wed September 16, 2015 | Barbara Starr 

A U.S. official told CNN Wednesday that four Russian military helicopters have arrived at the airbase in Syria that Russia is beefing up, adding to the mobility of the Russian forces there.
The four helicopters also appear in satellite images provided to CNN by AllSource Analysis. The company said they were taken Tuesday and show Bassel al-Assad International Airport in Syria with newly paved areas, tanks and other equipment.
Even as Russia moves tanks, mobile artillery and armored vehicles into Syria, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter at this point is deferring to Secretary of State John Kerry to lead U.S. discussions with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, on Russian military moves into Syria, according to the Pentagon.
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Moslems Riot in Europe! ^ | September 2015 

Occurred  Title  Link
Sep 7, 2015  Grateful Muslim refugees chant '***' and ' Allahu Akbar' in Budapest
Sep 12, 2015  Hungary deploys thousands of soldiers to border with Serbia
Sep 16, 2015  ISIS demo in Germany: Vow to fight for their Prophet
Aug 30, 2015  Muslims rampage through Paris - Civil war has started in France





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