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Iran Gloats over World Powers’ ‘Surrender’ on Nuclear Deal

INN ^ | 9/5/2015, 9:15 PM | Ari Soffer 

Iranian leaders view the nuclear deal signed by western powers as a “surrender” to Iran, and as cementing the Islamic Republic’s status as a “superpower.”
An analysis by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) has shed light on the sense of victory held by Iran’s most senior leadership, as neighboring countries prepare for a surge in terrorism sponsored by an emboldened Tehran.
Among the comments translated by MEMRI was a statement made by Iranian Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan at an armed forces general command ceremony on August 30, in which he boasted that Iran had forced the “surrender” of the world’s superpowers, led by the US.
“Today, Iran has attained such status that the superpowers have surrendered to it, because of its majesty, its steadfastness, its resistance, and its unity. Despite their great pride, the regime of the arrogance [the West, led by the U.S.] sat humbly behind the negotiating table and obeyed the rights of the Iranian nation,” he said. …
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SHOCK POLL: Trump Receives 25% of Black Vote in General Election Matchup! ^ | SEPTEMBER 6, 2015 

For all the talk about Donald Trump allegedly driving minorities away from the Republican Party, could he actually bring people in?
A SurveyUSA poll released Friday shows in a hypothetical matchup with Hillary Clinton, Trump is ahead 45% to 40%.
But digging into the racial breakdown of the respondents is revealing. For example, the poll finds 25% of black respondents say they would vote for Trump over Clinton.

How impressive is that?

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Third Year Running, Obama Cuts Military Pay From Already Threadbare Armed Forces

Examiner ^ | Sept. 1, 15 | Timothy Whiteman 

As most Americans are unaware, by federal law those serving in the nation's military are suppose to receive a yearly pay raise in accordance with a formula utilized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The House of Representatives traditionally uses whatever figure the BLS sends them to factor into any given Fiscal Year Budget to be sent to the Commander-in-Chief. But Barack Obama has again decided to use an emergency loophole in the US Code to keep the formulated pay raise from the troops.
Yet as reported by the Alabama Media Group (The Birmingham News, The Huntsville Times, the Mobile Press-Register) on Aug. 31, 2015, members of the Armed Forces will see a barely visible 1.3 percent increase in their proverbial pay envelopes starting New Year's Day. But as reported by the Heritage Foundation on Aug. 7, 2015, those in the service were initially slated to receive a 2.3 percent hike in pay.
With the Family Obama still shaking the sand out of their shoes from yet another taxpayer subsidized Cape Cod vacation, Obama used the Chief Executive's "economic emergency" provision to bypass the BLS formula, the House of Representatives, and Title 5 U.S.C., sections 5303(b) and 5304 (a) to cut military pay. Citing multiple sources here, Obama used the same excuse to slash the legally mandated pay raises from Fiscal Years 2014 and 2015.
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Grassroots Conservatives Want Congress To Secure The Border ^ | September 7, 2015 | David Bossie 

As Congress prepares to return from summer recess this week, my organization, Citizens United, conducted a poll of a cross-section of our national membership asking what issue lawmakers on Capitol Hill should focus on next. We followed that query up with a question regarding congressional term limits. The results of the poll should be both a roadmap and a warning sign for House and Senate leadership as they plot their upcoming strategies for the fall.
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Whistleblower Raises More Questions About Planned Parenthood

The Federalist ^ | 9/7/15 | Amy Otto 

Editor’s note: This article contains graphic descriptions of dissecting baby bodies.

The ninth and latest undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood’s fetal parts trafficking features Cate Dyer, the CEO of StemExpress, which until these videos began coming out bought baby parts from Planned Parenthood. Dyer worked as a “procurement technician” for another company that contracts with Planned Parenthood before jumping ship to start her own, competing fetal parts company.
Her own experience dissecting babies for StemExpress as a “procurement technician” led Holly O’Donnell, not to start her own company, but to become a whistleblower. In a recent interview with conservative podcast Splintered Caucus, O’Donnell makes it clear that “this is not political to me. This is just me telling you the truth, giving you my testimony.”
On her first day on the job with StemExpress, O’Donnell passed out when faced with her first dead baby. She says StemExpress managers probably eventually realized she wasn’t the right person for the job because she wasn’t motivated by the financial incentives that were part of her work.
Excited about an opportunity to be gainfully employed after technical training as a phlebotomist, O’Donnell took a job with StemExpress assuming she’d be drawing blood. She soon realized the job was not what she expected. While all of her coworkers were women, she found them to be “some of the coldest people I met.” Holly tried to be motivated by the thought that perhaps her work would result in a cure for AIDS, accepting that “they were doing good” since in California these fetuses would otherwise just be incinerated. Sadly, this was not to be the case.

Pushing Abortions to Get Bonuses

When asked about StemExpress’s incentive system, Holly related that she was paid $15 per hour plus mileage. The more difficult organs to procure, such as hearts and lungs, would net workers a bonus. StemExpress procurement techs were paid based on what they obtained.
Holly observed pressure on Planned Parenthood medical assistants to push abortions, and her StemExpress colleagues would see a 20-week-old dead baby and get excited about the chances of obtaining a thymus, brain, and heart all from one fetus. Holly’s coworkers would get upset when a woman who was further along changed her mind and decided to not get an abortion. Holly feels “if you showed women the aftermath of an abortion…they would change their mind.”
“A lot of them come in, and they are completely happy: ‘Oh, I’m really happy I can get this done, I’m not ready for a child. I’m a hundred percent into this,’” she continued. “And then you see them walk out of the room however long later, and you can just see this look in their eye. A part of them was just ripped from them, and they didn’t know how important it was, and now it’s gone.”

Informed Consent? Not So Much

Part of Holly’s job was to get women to consent to donate part of their abortion to research. Some women found this desirable, while others were disgusted and stormed out of the room. Holly witnessed some coworkers not obtaining pregnant women’s consent before they obtained specimens from them. She also witnessed some coworkers fudging the gestational period of fetuses to meet the day’s demand, doing things like labeling an “eight weeker” as a ten-week gestation to fit the desired request from StemExpress.
Holly also went into detail regarding how consent was executed improperly: “It happened a handful of times when someone needed something. I saw one of my coworkers drawing blood from the patients without telling them they were using it for research.” Holly even witnessed one of the head medical assistants who wasn’t trained to start IVs initiating them. “Things like that would happen all the time.”
Holly also noted in the CFMP video that “the co-workers I had, they would not consent the donors,” she said. “If there was a higher-gestation [baby] and the technicians needed it, there were times where they would just take what they wanted.”

Manipulating Women for Money

When questioned further on this topic on the podcast, she said patients’ consent for donating their babies’ bodies did not always happen after a patient had even been briefed or had decided to have an abortion. “The moment they find out [a patient is] pregnant, they say to go ask them because they might want to get an abortion. Depending on the day, depending on the scheduling, we were to ask. If it was an opportunity, we were to consent every available woman at the clinic…I’m sure quite a handful were not counseled on abortion before I was able to consent them.”
This is problematic for a few reasons. First off, leading with a donation for research conversation before a patient has confirmed she is in fact pursuing an abortion could be seen as an attempt to influence that decision by framing it in a positive light. Planned Parenthood continually says they aren’t pushing a particular procedure, although a major part of their income comes from abortions. Secondly, female patients had not been briefed on the abortion or donation procedure, which makes it hard to say they were in a position to provide consent on a form that was supposed to follow a decision and a counseling session.
Holly said her job included obtaining consent, procuring usable baby organs, and shipping the organs out. This leaves an open question regarding what costs Planned Parenthood incurred, since StemExpress employees do the labor associated with procurement. StemExpress has been caught advertising to clinics the financial benefits of working with them, even though Planned Parenthood continues to insist it does not make money from organ culling, because that’s illegal.

Graphic Descriptions of Abortion Ahead

The last straw for Holly was when she was working in Planned Parenthood’s San Jose facility. Holly had to procure a brain from an intact 20-week-old fetus. To Holly, “It wasn’t a fetus and it was a baby.” She goes into more detail in the seventh released video.
“The moment I see it, I’m just flabbergasted,” O’Donnell said. “This is the most gestated fetus and the closest thing to a baby I’ve seen. [The abortionist] has one of her instruments and she just taps the heart and it starts beating. And I’m sitting here and I’m looking at this fetus and its heart is beating, and I don’t know what to think.”
O’Donnell detailed how the abortionist performed the abortion particularly in order to “procure” the baby’s brain. O’Donnell also described how the abortionist made her harvest the baby’s brain by cutting his face open with scissors.
Holly was so devastated from her time at StemExpress that she ended up in therapy. She was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Her therapist was stunned at Holly’s story and noted that she had “never heard of a story like this.” Now we all get to hear her story. Instead of listening, some have taken to shaming Holly. She has already been the subject of a brutal attack from pro-abortion folks at RH Reality Check, who since retracted their hit piece and issued an apology.
Whatever you think regarding abortion, Holly has seen up close what so few of us have, and is resolutely pro-life. It’s worth listening to those who have been on the front lines and can recount experiences like this.
“When the debate started, I raised my hand,” O’Donnell recounted. “And I’m like, ‘I have worked in abortion clinics. I have dissected dead fetuses. I’ve interviewed hundreds of women to why they’re having an abortion, and I don’t agree with it.’”

The GOP Congress Needs To Stop Failing – Here Are 5 Ideas ^ | September 7, 2015 | Kurt Schlichter 

Hey GOP establishment, how about, for once, you cause your opponents pain instead your allies? You’ve managed to win back both houses of Congress – by which I mean we conservatives won them back for you – and since then you’ve accomplished exactly nothing. President Fail is handing the mullahs the Bomb, Obamacare remains a thing, and Planned Parenthood is still dismembering babies on our dime. The president has a bully pulpit and you’re satisfied with the legislative branch being a weenie pulpit.
But the creaky Boehner and McConnell machine can choose to succeed at something other than failure. It can use the Congress to deal some pain to the left. Sure, that will require guts and a commitment to the conservative cause, but maybe the rise of Donald Trump has scared these squishes enough to fake having them.
Here is some potential legislation that might do some good if enacted, but more importantly, will put the Democrats in both houses in unpleasant, painful positions going into an election year. Yeah, I know, the filibuster…blah blah blah. How about we opt to nuke it before The Lightbringer’s new buddies in Tehran decide to nuke Tel Aviv – and before the grassroots of your party decides to nuke you a year from November?

1. The Second Amendment Protection Act. For years, Democrats in state and local governments have infringed upon the civil rights of Americans by unjustly preventing them from exercising their right to keep and bear arms throughout our great nation as God intended. Anti-gun laws in cryptofascist states and localities have unfairly victimized far too many decent Americans. You don't stop being an American protected by the Bill of Rights simply because you set foot into the State of New York. That's why we need a law that will allow all American citizens the right to exercise their Second Amendment freedom to keep and bear arms, concealed or openly as each citizen chooses, free of the constraints imposed by gunophobic state and local governments. Yeah, there will be some whining about federalism from the Republican bow tie n’ perpetual virginity crowd, but who cares?
2. The National Voter ID and Election Integrity Act. Why can't the federal government generate a national voting ID card and distribute it free to Americans who can't manage to find their local DMV? The law, of course, will also require a photo ID for any federal election voter. A huge majority of Americans recognize that asking for ID is no infringement except upon those who want to commit fraud, or who are frankly too damn stupid to be voting anyway.
3. The Liberal Donor Class Windfall Profits Tax. It’s time that Democrats’ favored interest groups paid their fair share! After all, those tech guys in Silicon Valley didn’t build that. They got the benefit of California’s fine infrastructure, outstanding schools, and superb business environment [*Struggles to not giggle hysterically*]. How about a 50% tax on their earnings?
The same with Hollywood – it’s time for the people who support Obama with lavish fundraisers to raise some funds for working American families! Spielberg, Streisand, all you Kardashians – 50% of your earnings is a small price to pay for social justice!
Oh, and any income from lobbying after serving in any governmental position? Yep, taxed 50%. Or may 90%. For America.
4. The Use the Taxes on Drivers for Drivers Act. You know that gas tax you pay every time you fill up the tank? Much of it is passed out to leftist constituencies to pay for buses, subways and bike lanes. How about a law that forces gas taxes to be used solely for improving roads? No more subsidies to underwrite Democrat inner city bus systems and light rail boondoggles. No more pleasing rich liberals in dorky cycling shorts by forcing us normal people to pay for their stupid bike lanes.
5. The College Student Civil Rights Act. Let's make it easy to sue your university. Academia is a festering pustule on our society, and it’s time to lance the boil and drain the progressivism!
We've all seen how young men are victimized by froth-mouthed feminists eager to convict them of the crime of existing while male. We've also seen how goose-stepping administrators and commie professors seek to control the free-speech of these young
Americans. It's time to protect our students' rights by applying expanded federal civil rights protections to the students of any university that takes even a penny of government funds. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to due process – now, who could ever be against those [*snickers deviously*]? And if the student wins, he gets his attorneys fees!
There are many possible new laws that would be both great public policy and annoy our opponents. GOP congresslosers just need to locate the fortitude to pass them. Sure, Obama will veto them, but it’ll force his few remaining minions on Capitol Hill to take stands their constituents will hate.
The GOP establishment hacks will resist because they think they've gone to D.C. to govern. Well, we don't want or need governing. We want and need the destruction of the liberal edifice Barack Obama and his cronies have built.
We need to use every bit of power at our disposal against our opponents. No, it's not as much fun as guzzling free Dewar's on the tab of some K Street lobbyist, but too bad. GOP establishment, get off your sorry rears and get something done for a change.

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