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Ted Cruz is part of a dying breed of social conservatives

Digital Journal ^ | May 24, 2015 | Alex Allen 

Many Americans are taking on more liberal views but Ted Cruz is sticking with his social conservatism. But will his grassroots bible belt base be enough to get him elected in 2016?

The 2016 presidential primary season is shaping up to be very interesting. And although some Democrats such as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have already announced their candidacies, all eyes have undoubtedly been on the GOP field, which seems to be growing every day.
The GOP has been struggling in recent years, with Americans becoming increasingly more liberal, especially when it comes to social issues like the war on drugs and gay marriage. Even many conservatives have been taking more libertarian stances on these sorts of issues, as was demonstrated by the massive support for marijuana legalization in polls that were taken at this year's Conservative Political Action Conference. (CPAC) Because of this change of heart in American politics, many traditional conservative candidates are losing a lot of support. Rand Paul, who is the son of the purist libertarian Ron Paul and somewhat of a libertarian-leaning conservative himself, has been leading in many of the primary polls, including the CPAC straw poll, which he won. That's why, if the GOP hopes to win the White House in 2016, Ted Cruz is not the answer.
Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, announced back in March that he would be seeking the GOP's nomination for president. Since then, he has been a subject of controversy in the media. Most recently, he has been taking some heat for his comments on gay rights. When asked about his thoughts on the issue, Cruz responded by avoiding the actual question and making some comments about ISIS.
"ISIS is executing homosexuals - you want to talk about gay rights?" he said after a reporter asked him whether or not he had a "personal animosity against gay Americans." He went on to say, "This week was a very bad week for gay rights because the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical, theocratic Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children and that murder homosexuals."
It's this kind of response that causes Cruz and the GOP to lose support among the more libertarian minded and this certainly isn't the first time he has avoided a question or flip-flopped. On the issue of marijuana legalization, Cruz seems to have several different opinions that conflict with one another. On one hand, he has made comments about marijuana legalization being a state's right, which is something that social liberals and constitutionalists can easily get on board with. On the other hand, he has also criticized the Obama administration for not enforcing the federal marijuana laws.
While there are still a lot of traditional social conservatives in the United States, the number is quickly going down. Ted Cruz is part of a dying breed, which is why if he becomes the 2016 Republican presidential candidate, we'll most likely see another Democrat elected. Americans are ready for a new narrative and the GOP has to deliver if it hopes to succeed in the coming years.

Joe Galloway Speech at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association 2011 Convention

Joe Galloway Speech at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association 2011 Convention
"Thanks to all of you for giving me the honor of speaking to you. I have got to tell you that looking out across this assemblage I must confess: I haven't seen this many bad boys collected in one location since the last time I visited Leavenworth Prison.
When I first learned that I would be doing this gig I asked an aviator buddy of mine what else I needed to know......and he said, well, most of you would be bringing your wives along.......that half of you were so deaf that you couldn't hear a word of what I was saying.....the other half would be so drunk you couldn't understand what I was saying..... so I might just as well talk to the ladies......
I have waited years to be able to share this story with so august a group of aviator veterans as this: A few years ago I was at a large official dinner and I was seated next to a nice lady who was the wife of a two-star general. I knew the lady had two college-age daughters and I also knew that one of them had been dating a Cavalry I thought to make some polite conversation and I offered her my condolences at her daughter's choice of companionship. "Oh No!" the general's wife said. "He is a fine young man. Nothing wrong with him......and at least he isn't a xzxzxxzx aviator!"
I just wanted you to know that your successors in the business continue to win friends and influence people in high places. Before I go along any further in this thing I need to ask you some questions: --Is there anyone here who flew with the 1st Cavalry Division? The 229th? The 227th? How about the old 119th out of Holloway? Any Marine pilots who flew them old CH-34 Shuddering xxxxhouses??? Now I know I am among close friends......I know that old Ray Burns from Ganado, Texas, is here.....and I have got to tell you a story about me and Ray that goes back to October of 1965. Plei Me SF Camp was under siege by a regiment of North Vietnamese regulars. I was trying to get in a fool......but after an A1E and a B57 Canberra and one Huey had been shot down they declared it a No-Fly Zone. So I was stomping up and down the flight line at Holloway cussing......when I ran across Ray. He asked what the problem was and I told him. He allowed as how he had been wanting to get a look at that situation and would give me a ride......
I still have a picture I shot out the open door of Ray's Huey. We are doing a kind of corkscrew descent and the triangular berms and wire of the camp below fill that doorway.....along with the puffs of smoke from the impacting mortar rounds inside the camp. .....I can scare myself bad just looking at that photo.
Well old Ray drops on in and I jump out....and the Yards boil out of the trenches and toss a bunch of wounded in the door and Ray is pulling pitch.....grinning......and giving me the bird. When the noise is gone this sergeant major runs up: Sir, I don't know who you are but Major Beckwith wants to see you right away. I ask which one is the major and I am informed he is the very big guy over there jumping up and down on his hat. I go over slowly. The dialogue goes something like this: Who the hell are you? A reporter. Son, I need everything in the world from food and ammo to reinforcements.....and I wouldn't mind a bottle of Jim Beam.......but what I do not need is a xxxx reporter.
And what has the Army in its wisdom delivered to me? Well....I got news for ain't a reporter no more; you are my new corner machine gunner." Ray.....I want to thank you for that ride.......wasn't for you and Chuck Oualline I wouldn't have had half as much fun in Vietnam. .....every story anyone has about Vietnam starts and ends with a guys were simply fantastic. Thank you all. Thank you for every thing....large and small.
Now I guess I got to get down to business. All of you know that I have spent most of the last forty years hanging out with the Infantry.....a choice some folks view as perverse if not totally insane. But there was always method in my madness: With the Infantry things happen close enough that I can see what's happening.....and slowly enough most times that even I can understand what I'm seeing. There's just this one little downside to my long experience with the Infantry:
During that time I have personally been bombed.....rocketed.....strafed..... and napalmed by the U.S. Air Force.....U.S. Navy......U.S. Marines.....and U.S. Army well as by the air forces of South Vietnam.....Laos......Sri Lanka......India......and Pakistan. Now I don't consider myself an inconsiderable target.....and wasn't even back when I could fit comfortably behind a palm tree......but here I am....running my mouth.....nothing hurt beyond my dignity. Don't get me wrong; I don't hold any grudges against those gallant winged warriors. But ever since the first time they attacked me and missed.....I have never ever used the words "surgical bombing strike" in any story I ever wrote.
I had the chance to say some good things about all of you at the Memorial Service at The Wall on Sunday. I meant every word of that..... and more. You chopper guys were our heroes in Vietnam. You were our rides....but you were much much more than that. We were always either cussing you for hauling our butts into deep kimchi.....or ready to kiss you for hauling us out of it. I have a feeling that without you and your birds that would have been a much shorter and far more brutish war.
You were our heroes, though, first last and always. You saved us from having to walk to work every day. You brought in our food and ammo and water.....and sometimes even a marmite can full of hot chow. To this day I think the finest meal I ever ate was a canteen cup full of hot split pea soup that a Huey delivered to a hilltop in the dry paddies of the Bong Son Plain in January of 1966. For a moment there I thought if the Army could get a hot meal out to an Infantry company on patrol maybe.....just maybe.....we could win the damn war. Oh well.
I think often of all that you did for us.....all that you meant to us: You came for our wounded. You came to get our dead brothers. You came....when the fight was give us a ride home from hell. There isn't a former Grunt alive who doesn't freeze for a moment and feel the hair rise on the back of his neck when he hears the whup whup whup of those helicopter blades.
What I want to say now is just between us.....because America still doesn't get it.....still doesn't know the truth, and the truth is: You are the cream of the crop of our generation.....the best and finest of an entire generation of Americans. You are the ones who answered when you were called to serve.....You are the ones who fought bravely and endured a terrible war in a terrible place. You are the ones for whom the words duty. .honor. country have real meaning because you have lived those words and the meaning behind those words.
You are my brothers in arms....and I am not ashamed to say that I love you, would not trade one of you for a whole trainload of instant Canadians.....or a whole boatload of Rhodes Scholars bound for England......or a whole campus full of guys who turned up for their draft physicals wearing panty hose. On behalf of a country that too easily forgets the true cost of war.....and who pays that price....I say Thank you for your service! On behalf of the people of our country who didn't have good sense enough to separate the war they hated from the young warriors they sent to fight that war.....I say we are sorry. We owe you all a very large apology.....and a debt of gratitude that we can never adequately repay.
For myself and all my buddies in the Infantry I say: Thanks for all the rides in and out....especially the rides out. It is great to see you all gathered here for this reunion. A friend of mine, Mike Norman, a former Marine grunt....wrote a wonderful book called "These Good Men" about his quest to find and reunite with all the survivors of his platoon from Vietnam. He thought long and deep about why we gather as we have done this evening and he explained it thusly:
I now know why men who have been to war yearn to reunite. Not to tell stories or look at old pictures. Not to laugh or weep. Comrades gather because they long to be with the men who once acted their who suffered and sacrificed.....who were stripped raw......right down to their humanity. I did not pick these men. They were delivered by fate and the military. But I know them in a way I know no other men. I have never given anyone such trust. They were willing to guard something more precious than my life. They would have carried my reputation.....the memory of me. It was part of the bargain we all made.....the reason we were so willing to die for one another.
As long as I have memory I will think of them all.....every day. I am sure that when I leave this last thought will be of my family and my comrades.......such good men. I'm going to shut up now and let us all get down to the real business of drinking and war stories.
Thank you. I salute you. I remember you. I will teach my sons the stories and legends about you. And I will warn my daughters never ever to go out with aviators......

Good evening. God bless..."

Will anyone step up to challenge Hillary?

Washington Examiner ^ | May 24, 2015 | Hugh Hewitt 

... Clinton ought to be disqualified from being commander in chief. How could anyone so reckless be trusted to care for and protect the lives and families of America's men and women in uniform?
That's a hard thing to write, but it is true. She cannot be trusted. She has proven that. Whatever commitments she makes — look at her commitments to President Obama regarding the Clinton Foundation — she breaks when they become inconvenient. Not even burdensome. Simply inconvenient.
But disqualified does not mean beatable. To beat her requires either a Democrat with guts or a Republican nominee with both brains and guts. We will see about the latter, but what about the former?
No, not Elizabeth Warren. She is a paper mache punching bag, unelectable outside of Massachusetts and the far Left's dreams.
Not Bernie Sanders. Not Jim Webb.

In Case You Missed It

Vice President Joe Biden said that investing in the nation's highways and bridges is a "national security" issue. Even better idea: keep terrorists out of the country so they don't drive on them. 

A new report shows that there won't be a single conservative commencement speaker at any of America's top 10 colleges. Meanwhile, the liberal speakers will all be pontificating about the virtue of diversity. 

Hillary Clinton has hired a full-time "rapid response" research group dedicated to defending her from attacks on her record. Wish she'd protected the Libyan consulate that zealously. 

Russia's foreign minister Sergei Lavrov gave John Kerry two baskets of potatoes and tomatoes. I expect they'll argue about pronunciation and then call the whole thing off. 

France is considering a new law that gives its government sweeping new powers to spy on its citizens. That's just crazy. Don't they have executive orders over there? 

-- Fred Thompson

Homeland Security warned Sunday that ISIS is attracting hundreds of U.S. recruits to the Middle East to fight for them. The terrorist army has its standards. ISIS leaders announced on their website Thursday that they refuse to try to recruit any members of the New England Patriots, citing core values. 

The White House scolded Tom Brady to be mindful that he's a role model Wednesday. This came from the press secretary. President Obama was smoking on the balcony, Joe Biden was in the White House pool swimming naked and the Secret Service agents were strapped in bed being detoxed by their hookers. 

Mitt Romney got into the boxing ring with former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield Friday in Salt Lake City to raise money to provide eye care for the poor. Mitt's motivation was pretty obvious. Just once in his career, Mitt Romney wanted to hear a crowd encouraging him to run. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned that Israel can't abide any deal between President Obama and Iran that leaves Iran with nukes. There's not a lot of mutual trust. Back when Barack Obama was a community organizer in Chicago he once hosted a Passover Seder at Der Wienerschnitzel. 

Al Sharpton met with local leaders in Baltimore Thursday to discuss ways to improve relations between police and the community. Nothing gets past this guy. Last week, a Republican admitted on Fox News that he'd had his teeth whitened, and Al Sharpton accused him of mouth gentrification. 

ABC News George Stephanopoulos apologized for donating seventy-five thousand dollars to the Clinton Foundation. It's not just him. Brian Williams told Letterman he remembers back during the Lewinsky scandal when he was decorated by the Secret Service for taking a dish for the president. 

George Stephanopoulos apologized for not disclosing he gave seventy-five grand to the Clinton Foundation before he interviewed the author of Clinton Cash. The confession has consequences. By not denying all wrongdoing after he got caught red-handed, George has to give up his Super Bowl ring. 

Waco police arrested dozens of biker gang members Sunday after two rival gangs shot it out in a crowded Texas restaurant, killing nine. None of the dozens of bystanders were even grazed. It didn't take Democrats ten minutes to cite marksmanship as another sign of white privilege in America. 

GOP candidate Marco Rubio was asked by Chris Wallace Sunday if he knew ten years ago what we know now, would he have invaded Iraq. It's a silly question but it reveals the candidate's thought process. Hillary Clinton was asked the same question and she replied she would have invested in Apple. 

Hillary Clinton enjoyed herself with a roundtable of voters in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Tuesday. With cameras rolling, she heard from young Democrats who blasted Republicans as the party of the old and the rich. It prompted Hillary to jot down a note reminding herself to lie about her age and income. 

Chicago's Nation of Islam marked the ninetieth anniversary of the birth of black liberation hero Malcolm X. It's an awkward day for white people. Michael Moore walked outside wearing a Malcolm X t-shirt and a helicopter almost landed on him, while Joe Biden offered a toast to Malcolm the Tenth. 

Senator Lindsay Graham discussed his compelling life story Friday when he confirmed that he will run for president. Let's just say he's off to a quiet start. Word of Lindsay Graham's candidacy appeared so far back in the newspaper that the actual announcement was made by Dennis the Menace. 

President Obama was asked by the Atlantic Thursday after the fall of Ramadi if the U.S. is losing to ISIS. He insisted that we're defeating the enemy. Ever since Obama withdrew all the tanks, artillery and attack helicopters, the level of greenhouse gases over Iraq is lower than it's been in twenty-five years. 

-- Argus Hamilton

Bernie Sanders made around $2,000 last year for two speeches and a TV appearance, compared to the $25 million the Clintons made. Making him the first person in history to run for president just because he really needs the money. 

-- Jimmy Fallon

I was surprised to hear this. Hillary Clintons Super PAC has reportedly been struggling to raise money. Its gotten so bad, they may have to start reaching out to Americans. 

-- Seth Meyers

A lot of people think I'm retiring, but I've been telling a fib. I've been forced to leave this job because I gave $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation. 

-- Letterman

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