Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Steve Wynn: Economic recovery ‘pure fiction’!

WND - FWIW ^ | 05-06-2015 | Leo Hohmann 

One of America’s most astute businessmen, known for having expanded the Las Vegas strip of resort hotels and casinos in the 1990s, says the U.S. remains mired in an economic funk and any talk of a broad recovery is “pure fiction. A lie.”
Steve Wynn, the 73-year-old founder and CEO of Wynn Resorts, made the comments in a televised interview with Jon Ralston of PBS’ “Ralston Live.” He opened the Wynn Hotel and casino in Macao, China, in 2006, and is known as an international gaming and casino magnate.
Wynn’s Macao operation recently reported a 28 percent quarterly loss in revenue, and a 70 percent downturn in earnings. He is now building the Wynn Palace in China, which he calls “the nicest, most extravagant hotel in the world,” with 1,700 rooms and a $4 billion price tag.
He cited corruption as his primary concern in China, but in the U.S. he said the economy has never really bounced back from the 2008 financial meltdown.
“You’re not sanguine about Las Vegas, though. You’ve said the notion of a great recovery is a complete dream here in Las Vegas,” said Ralston of KNPB, a Public Broadcasting affiliate in Las Vegas.
“Well, the idea that America is in the midst of a great recovery is pure fiction. It’s a lie. It’s a jobless recovery,” Wynn said. “Because recoveries are marked by the level of real employment. And if you count the people who have left the work force, real unemployment is 15 to 20 percent.”
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Obama administration unable to combat Islamic terrorism!

The Hill ^ | May 06, 2015, 09:40 am | Ben Kamisar 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is framing the attack on a “Draw Mohammed” event in Texas as a failure by the Obama administration to protect the nation from terrorist threats.
“Once again, as with Nidal Hasan and the Tsarnaev brothers, we have radical Islamic terrorists who this Administration knew about and yet failed to connect the dots and prevent this act of terrorism,” the White House hopeful said, according to The Dallas Morning News.
He added that the shooting “underscores the need for vigilance” and the “Administration’s inability to combat radical Islamic terrorism.”
The attack at the contest held by the American Freedom Defense Initiative, a provocative group that’s been called an anti-Muslim hate organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center, ended when a police officer killed both shooters. The two men, Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, shot a school security officer in the ankle.
Simpson had previously been the target of a federal terrorism investigation over comments about traveling to Somalia to wage “jihad.” He was convicted only of making a false statement to a federal agent.
Cruz's quote mentioned Hasan and the Tsarnaevs, who were both implicated in terror attacks that they claim were motivated by Islam: Hasan’s shooting of soldiers at Fort Hood in Texas and the Tsarnaev brothers’ bombing of the Boston Marathon. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was found guilty of the bombing, and his brother, Tamerlan, died while police pursued the brothers.
Simpson and Soofi allegedly traveled from their apartment in Phoenix to carry out the Sunday night attack. The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria took credit for the attack, but there currently is no proof of a direct link. White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Tuesday intelligence officials are looking into those claims.

First Self-Driving Semi Hits American Roads!

Yahoo Auto ^ | May 6, 2015 | Justin Hyde 

Self-driving cars seem likely enough; there’s still several tech and legal hurdles to clear, not to mention the question of how much they’ll cost, but most experts inside and out of the auto industry see them as inevitable given enough time.

Now, Daimler’s Freightliner unit wants to push long-haul trucking in the same direction.

Unveiled atop the Hoover Dam, the Freightliner Inspiration Truck is the first semi granted a license in the United States for autonomous driving, for tests on Nevada highways (note the special license plate in the photos below.) Equipped with arrays of cameras and radars, along with extensive software controls, the two Inspiration Trucks built by Freightliner can steer in a lane, maintain speeds and brake without human intervention at highway speeds. It also has to know when to alert the driver to take control; that driver of course has to handle all non-highway duties as well.
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The Downward Spiral of the Black Family in America!

Self | 5/6/2015 | Conservativejoy 

As a child growing up in the fifties, I had an inside look at the day to day lives of many Black families in the small rural southern community in which I grew up.
Before I reached my second birthday, my mother passed away. My dad hired a neighbor Black lady, Ms Oates, to look after me. She and her husband owned the farm next to ours and as neighbors did in those days, we worked together each year to plant and harvest our crops.
Until the age of five, my only regular playmates were the Oates children. There were six of them, all older than I, but I tagged along and answered to my nickname, Cotton Top. I called Ms. Oates "Mama" just like they did. I attended their church almost as much as my own.
This dear lady was devoted to her family and instilled in them a love of God, a strong work ethic, and a belief in themselves that made all the difference in their lives.
I'm sure Ms. Oates, or Brownie, as she was known to her friends, imparted to me some of her political views along the way. She referred to JFK as "that fine young man" and said of LBJ, "That man got the devil in him". She proudly voted for Ronald Reagan and loved to hear him speak.
All of Ms. Brownie's children grew up to be successful. One became a doctor, two became teachers, one made a career in the military, and two became business owners.
Most recently I spoke with Ms. Brownie's granddaughter who works for the local GOP and who worked very hard to elect Tom Cotton as the new Senator from Arkansas. She is already working hard in the community on the Presidential election. Although as a Conservative, she is not in line with the majority of Blacks' political views, she says she sees some progress as people slowly wake up to needed changes.
As I see the devastated condition of the Black family in America, my heart yearns for those days when the family provided the refuge and safe environment in which to grow and realize the dream of a successful, productive life. It is not hard to trace the wrong turn that brought us to this place. It escalated with the policies of the Great Society and has been in rapid decline ever since.
How do we restore all that's been lost? Can we as a nation return to those values of God, Family, Country? Will we finally elect leaders who set that example and will lead us in humbleness before God?
I can still hear Ms. Brownie say, "Pray, Children, Pray!"

Bill Clinton on Foundation Troubles: 'I Just Work Here. I Don't Know.'

The Weekly Standard ^ | 5-6-15 | Daniel Halper 

At a Clinton Global Initiative event in Marrakesh, former President Bill Clinton was asked why he isn't defending the Clinton Foundation from increased scrutiny. "I just work here," Clinton replied. "I don't know."
The extended question to Clinton came from billionaire Mo Ibrahim who said, "I opened the newspaper and I was shocked to see these attacks on the foundation."
The billionaire continued, "I didn't see anybody from the foundation standing up and really having a go at that. I don't know what your board members--I know my daughter [a board member], she's useless. Because you should have stand up and really take issue. What is this money for? What have you done with it? And that's what people should ask."
"I just work here," Clinton responded. "I don't know."
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