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Baltimore prosecutor is a HACK and a DISGRACE

The Right Scoop ^ | 5-1-2015 | The Right Scoop 

Mark Levin opened his show tonight with blistering analysis of the announced prosecutions of Baltimore police officers, saying it all amounts to mob rule. He points out that the prosecutor, who brought the charges today against the six officers involved in Freddie Gray’s arrest, based these charges on a complaint as the investigations aren’t even completed yet. Further, he said that some of these charges are utterly absurd and that this prosecution is all about politics.

Levin says this prosecutor a hack and a disgrace and calls into question whether she should even be prosecuting this case.

Listen below as he explains it all:
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Note to Obama: The world is watching you doing nothing!

Coach is Right ^ | 5/2/15 | Jim Emerson 

This week Iran’s Revolutionary Guards seized control of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo ship during its transit of the Strait of Hormuz. The MV Maersk Tigris initially ignored Iranian orders to head into its waters until the Revolutionary Guard patrol boats fired warning shots across its bow. The Iranians boarded and confiscated the ship after an Iranian court had ordered the ship to be impounded.
The MV Maersk Tigris left the Red Sea port of Jeddah bound for the United Arab Emirates before it was detoured by the Iranians. Iran claimed the ship will be impounded at the Gulf port of Bandar Abbas because of alleged unpaid debts. The debt, $3.6 million, is owed by the Maersk Line for undelivered cargo in 2005. The cargo was delivered to an Iranian company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates but was never collected. It’s a safe bet that it was disposed of by local authorities. The devil in the details the Iranians undoubtedly don’t care about is the fact that the cargo ship doesn’t belong to Maersk but to Rickmers Ship Management in Singapore.
As the Islamists were boarding the ship, the crew sent out distress calls over open channels which were heard by U.S. Central Command. The command dispatched a P-3 Orion and the destroyer USS Farragut to the last location of the MV Maersk Tigris. The United States and the Marshall Islands have a security compact in which the United States is responsible for the security and defense of the Republic and its flagged vessels. Mullah Obama would not lift a finger to prevent 4 Americans being murdered by his fellow Muslims in Benghazi. Swell chance the Marshall Islands have getting Barack to honor a security compact. (1)
The Obama administration is so desperate to have a nuclear agreement that...
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Russian Reporter Assaulted and Robbed in Baltimore (Boo-Hoo) ^ | May 1, 2015 | Humberto Fontova 

“Give it BACK! …GEEVE EET BACK!” shrieked Russian reporter Paulina Leonovich as black thugs ran off with her purse in Baltimore last week. This reporter works for Vladimir Putin’s RT (Russia Today) TV network, which specializes in featuring the “terrible oppression” of “innocent blacks in racist America.”

Am I the only person who laughed at the poor woman’s brief discomfiture? (Turns out she wasn’t hurt and the cops quickly ran down the thugs and retrieved her purse.)
“Just desserts” some might say. “Mugged by reality,” say others. But her desserts are much juster than some think.

It’s not Paulina Leonovich’s fault she was born in Putin’s Russia, the remnants of an empire founded and run for decades by thieves and murderers.And she’s probably lucky she works for that kleptocratic state’s propaganda organ.
But while watching the robbery of this proud spokesperson for the heirs to the Soviet Empire who can blame any Poles, Czechs or Lithuanians for laughing? While watching the attempted “nationalization” of this Russian crypto-communist’s property who can blame any Hungarians, Ukranians or Latvians from snickering? While watching the brief “expropriation” of property from this apparatchik for a KGB Colonel’s propaganda organ who can possibly blame any Bulgarians, Estonians or Cubans from erupting in malicious mirth?
This same RT, after all, makes a habit of belittling and scorning the victims of the Soviet Union’s historic orgy of pillaging and murder. Vladimir Putin rules the remnants of an empire founded on slave labor and stolen goods; from Ukrainian family farms to Czech steel mills to Polish textile plants.
You’d never guess it from the frequent soft-soaping of KGB colonel Putin by such “champions of private property” as Ron Paul (a favorite RT guest) but Putin’s RT media is the propaganda organ for the heirs of modern history’s biggest pack of murderers and thieves. More technically, Putin’s RT media is the proud mouthpiece for that criminal empire’s proud inheritors.
But it’s not just ex-Senator Ron Paul that basks in the good graces of Putin’s RT media. His son Rand Paul seems delighted to have the crypto-communist RT publicize and peddle his campaign trinkets, from koozies to flip-flops.
The Soviet Union got some tummy tucks and facelifts but according to such experts on the matter as ex-Soviet political prisoner Vladimir Bukovsky, the people who last ran the 1990 model still pretty much run the makeover model, mostly from behind the scenes.
In a less swinish and hypocritical world (and as again suggested by Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky) in 1991 Putin and some of his KGB colleagues would have been tried and some strung up-- same as were Nazi officials after Nuremberg. Soviet crimes against humanity, after all, far surpassed Nazi crimes, both before and during WWII.
For Putin’s RT, Cuban-Americans who oppose Castroism are mostly “terrorists!”, no better than all those “terrorist” Ukranian and Polish guerrillas who resisted the Soviet theft of their property and murder of their families.
And by the way, that noisy bunch of frijole-eating Cuban-Americans down in Miami aren’t the only Americans robbed blind by Russia TV’s begetters and allies. In fact, thousands upon thousands of U.S.-born, apple-pie-eating Americans also had their life-savings stolen by Castro’s thugs at Soviet gunpoint. Not that anyone would know this from the mainstream media but this mass robbery of U.S. property in Cuba is what prompted the so-called embargo in the first place.
“But we do business with China!” comes the knee-jerk retort from Hillary Clinton, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Chamber of Commerce and Castro agents-of-influence (but I repeat myself.) Indeed we do. And among the many reasons for this (i.e. China—unlike Cuba-- has a genuine private sector, on top of many goods Americans want and even need) –on top of this, in 1979 China settled up with the U.S. government on the property they stole from American citizens in 1949.
Have any of you knee-jerk Castro apologists bothered to research this crucial difference between China-trade and Cuba-trade? Didn’t think so. Here,
Unlike the Chinese, the Castro brothers laugh in our face every time that settlement issue for the almost $7 billion stolen from Americans at Soviet gunpoint comes up. This cackling by Castroites was especially loud recently during the Obama team’s negotiations for the “opening” with the Castro brothers’ Stalinist/kleptocratic regime.
As usual, Castro’s KGB-trained apparatchiks basically laughed in the Obama negotiator’s face the instant the issue came up. You’ll notice the difference this crass insult to Americans made-- how Obama’s plucky team of negotiators proudly stood up for the property rights of hard-working American citizens against Stalinist thieves and assassins.
On top of the mass burglary, a few American citizens who resisted Castro’s robbery were murdered by Castro’s Soviet- armed firing squads, after torture. So small wonder that when many folks with experience under communists saw Paulina Leonovich’s predicament on TV this week they snickered a Fats Domino hit: “Ain’t dat a shame…my (crocodile) tears fell like rain.”

Like a good little Communist robot, a day after being assaulted Leonovich went on RT video again. This time to excuse the attempted robbery. Her assaulters, you see, simply got a tad overzealous while demonstrating for a very worthy cause.
It’s a terrible thing to imagine for the hapless Paulina Leonovich but only if those black thugs had also gang-raped then murdered the poor woman would Putin’s media empire get a small dose of the medicine Putin and his predecessors and allies dealt out to millions upon millions of their victims. 

Hillary Alert: New Emails Mean Benghazi Isn’t Over

Fiscal Times /AP Via Yahoo ^ | May 1, 2015 | Eric Pianin 

Hillary Clinton tried to take a break from controversy this week with a speech at Columbia University in New York voicing her concern about civil unrest in Baltimore and her prescription for reforming the criminal justice system.
But for the former Secretary of State and leading Democratic presidential candidate, renewed controversy is always just around the corner.
On Thursday, House Republicans announced that their once floundering probe of Clinton’s conduct surrounding the 2012 terrorist attacks on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya just got another important boost: The State Department handed over 4,000 pages of new documents to a select House committee investigating the tragic attacks that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher J. Stevens.
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Black Culture Is Not the Problem

NY Times ^ | 5/1/2015 

IN the wake of the Michael Brown shooting and subsequent unrest in Ferguson, Mo., commentators noted the absence of black representatives among Ferguson’s elected officials and its police leadership. A Department of Justice report highlighted how Ferguson’s mostly white City Council and its courts spurred on explicitly racist policing, in part to harvest fines from black residents.

Then came Baltimore. The death of Freddie Gray, like those of Eric Garner, John Crawford III, Rekia Boyd and so many other unarmed African-Americans, at first seemed to fit the all-too-familiar template — white cops, black suspect, black corpse.
But unlike New York, Chicago and other cities with white leaders, Baltimore has a black mayor, a black police commissioner and a majority-black City Council. Yet the city still has one of the most stained records of police brutality in recent years.

In the absence of a perceptible “white power structure,” the discussion around Baltimore has quickly turned to one about the failings of black culture. This confuses even those who sympathize with black hardship. When people took to the streets and destroyed property, most observers did not see an understandable social response to apparent state inaction. They saw, in the words of Baltimore’s mayor, Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, “thugs,” or in the words of President Obama, “criminals and thugs.”
To be fair, the mayor later expressed regret, and both she and the president have tried to show empathy for the dispossessed. But they are also fighting myths about degenerate black culture. Condemning “criminals” and “thugs” seems to get them away from beliefs about broad black inferiority.
Yet when black people of influence make these arguments, it prevents us from questioning Baltimore the way we questioned Ferguson.
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About that "Civilian Security Force"

 5/1/2015, 6:56:21 PM by EBH

A chat took place on Rush Limbaugh's show today that referenced something Obama said back in 2008 and what Sharpton reiterated a few days ago.
Obama said, "We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded."
Sharpton said, “There must be national policy and national law on policing. We can’t go from state to state, we’ve got to have national law to protect people against these continued questions.”
I got to thinking about these two statements and started wondering if we're being played for fools.
Let's consider how they have been up arming police forces all over the country with military style equipment. How about all those big ammo purchases too. And most police are members of a union, so I am sure the democrats are garnering lots of loyalty with those fancy new toys they are handing out.
Now what about these 'riots?' We have Sharpton calling for federalizing the police. Obama started much of this unrest early on in his Presidency. Recall the beer garden meeting, Trayvon Martin, sending the DOJ to Ferguson, Cleveland, etc.
Is this administration playing both sides of the coin to generate a crisis big enough to call for federalizing the police force? Are we being community organized right into the "Civilian Security Force?"
We know there are community agitators being bussed into these cities...who are they and who is paying them to incite violence?
Have any of these officers been found guilty? And are we watching series of false flag events?

Krauthammer’s Take: Speed of Baltimore Charges ‘Looks Like Appeasement of the Mob’

National Review ^ | May 1, 2015 

Some people are questioning the alacrity with which Baltimore prosecutor Marilyn Mosby brought charges against the officers involved in the arrest of Freddie Gray. The problem in evaluating, says Charles Krauthammer, is that we know nothing. “We don’t know if she has the evidence because the report has been given to her confidentially,” Krauthammer said on Friday’s Special Report. “So we don’t know what happened inside the van. We don’t know what she was told happened inside the van. . . . We will know when the evidence is out, we will know at trial, we will know looking back, if this is warranted.” “But I must say,” Krauthammer continued, “that the way that she spoke at the very end, in which she essentially said to the mob, ‘I will speak on your behalf, I will bring you justice, and now you will bring peace,’ — she doesn’t speak for the mob, and her job is not to bring peace. Her job is to adjudicate these issues without consideration for what’s going to happen outside.” “It looks like appeasement of the mob,” said Krauthammer. “
We will only know when the evidence eventually comes out.”
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Police Association Has ‘Deep Concerns’ About Prosecutor’s ‘Many Conflicts of Interest’..

The Blaze ^ | 5/1/15 | Pete Kasperowicz Freddie Gray Case
The Fraternal Order of Police has suggested that Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby may not be able to run a fair, impartial investigation of the death of Freddie Gray at the hands of police, in part because of her close relationship with the Gray family’s lawyer.
Mosby on Friday announced charges against six Baltimore police officers for manslaughter, second-degree assault and misconduct related to Gray’s death. Gray suffered a fatal spinal injury while in police custody, an event that led to rioting in the city this week.
Just before Mosby announced that charges were filed, the Fraternal Order of Police’s Baltimore City Lodge asked Mosby to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Gray’s death because of her “conflicts of interest” in the case.
“While I have the utmost respect for you and your office, I have very deep concerns about the many conflicts of interest presented by your office conducting an investigation in this case,” wrote Gene Ryan, president of the Baltimore lodge.
“These conflicts include your personal and professional relationship with Gray family attorney, William Murphy, and the lead prosecutor’s connections with members of the local media,” he wrote. “Based on several nationally televised interviews, these reporters are likely to be witnesses in any potential litigation regarding this incident.” Ryan’s letter also indicated that the investigation could somehow be skewed given that Mosby’s husband, Nick, is a Baltimore City councilman.
“Most importantly, it is clear that your husband’s political future will be directly impacted, for better or worse, by the outcome of your investigation,” Ryan wrote. “In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety or a violation of the Professional Rules of Professional Responsibility, I ask that you appoint a special prosecutor to determine whether or not any charges should be filed.”
Mosby’s biography says she is the youngest chief prosecutor of “any major city in America,” and said she is a Boston native who joined the State’s Attorney Office after graduating from Boston College Law School.
While Mosby said she is charging the six officers with “homicide,” Ryan rejected that conclusion.
“As tragic as this situation is, none of the officers involved are responsible for the death of Mr. Gray,” he wrote. “To the contrary, at all times, each of the officers diligently balanced their obligations to protect Mr. Gray and discharge their duties to protect the public.”

Which party governed Baltimore for 50 years? Hint: It wasn't the GOP. This is the result!

The Atlas Society ^ | April 30, 2015 | Edward Hudgins 

Baltimore Riots As Criminal Culture Writ Large By Edward Hudgins

The rioting in Baltimore represents criminal culture writ large. It is what happens every day on a smaller scale in poor minority communities: theft, vandalism, and violence.
The flames in Baltimore hideously illuminate the fact that the culture of the welfare state creates the criminals and rioters that plague this city in my native state.
The cycle of poverty and violence
The ostensive cause of the riots was outrage at the death of Freddie Gray, a young black drug dealer with a long rap sheet, whose spine was injured when he was arrested.
Let me be clear that whatever the outcome of the investigation into this particular case, police overreaction is a real problem nationwide. And yes, most of those in Baltimore who protested excessive police force were peaceful. And also many responsible black community leaders were in the streets urging those bent on destruction to stop. Especially heartbreaking were Pastor Donte Hickman’s efforts to stop the violence as the senior and community center that his group was constructing burned to the ground. And yes, poverty and a lack of economic opportunities create frustration and a sense of impotence. And yes, the failed schools do not prepare young people for jobs. And yes, these factors contribute to inner-city crime.
The rioting was followed by anguished politicians, community leaders, and citizens coming together to declare that such violence does not represent the community and must stop now, and that the underlying causes must be dealt with.
But we see on a smaller scale such sad scenes of crime and violence all the time in Baltimore and other cities across the country. A child is killed…
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Obama administration forbids states from asking whether a voter is a citizen Blog ^ | 2015-05-01 

The Obama administration’s insistence that all states must use the same federal voter registration form effectively forbids any state from verifying – or even asking about – the citizenship status of would-be voters.
Details of a pending Supreme Court case, Kobach, et al. v. The United States Election Assistance Commission, reveal that the Obama administration considers states to be in violation of the law if they ask any information of registrants beyond what’s included on the federal form.
An amicus brief submitted April 21 by the American Civil Rights Union argues that the federal form serves as a gateway for non-citizens to register to vote, especially since the federal government doesn’t want the states supplementing the form with additional questions about registrants’ legal status.
Kansas and Arizona, while using the federal form, attempted to adopt some changes that would give those states a better understanding of the kind of people they were registering. The feds didn’t like that.
From the amicus brief:
Kansas’s and Arizona’s requested modifications to their state-specific instructions that implemented qualifications found in state law establishing who may vote in their elections. Only those applicants who present the necessary documentary proof of citizenship along with the Federal Form are registered and qualified to vote. Proof of citizenship is thus, by definition, a “qualification” for voting. Those who cannot establish they are citizens are not qualified to vote.
The States, not Congress (and certainly not the Acting Executive Director of EAC), have the sole authority to establish voter qualifications, including the power to ensure that the franchise is exercised only by citizens. [An earlier lower court’s] decision effectively reads that traditional state power out of the Constitution and hands it to an employee at the EAC, a small, federal commission that was designed primarily to assist the States in producing voter registration forms. This Court should grant the Petition in order to restore power to the States to set qualifications of voters as intended by the Framers.
The “EAC” is the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, and its mission is exactly that described in the quote above. But it’s been a great tool for the Obama administration, which has sought new limits on states’ ability to qualify voters.
“Federal law says that states must accept and use a federal form for registering voters. But the federal form doesn’t require any proof that the person submitting the form is a citizen,” PJ Media’s Joseph Vanderhulst – himself an immigrant – wrote in an April 30 piece.
“The form just asks the registrant to check a box.
“…Noncitizens are offered the voter registration forms all over the country and are filling them out, and they are being added to the rolls regardless of which box they check.”
In other words, the Obama policy is exacerbating the very problem the states are attempting, through the verification process, to solve.