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‘I Didn’t Join to Be Sacrificed’: US Troop Deaths in Afghanistan Skyrocket Under Obama! ^ | February 14, 2014 | Leah Barkoukis

U.S. military deaths in Afghanistan have skyrocketed under President Obama. Since 2009, 73 percent of all U.S. deaths in the country have taken place, amounting to 27.1 fatalities per month, on average. Billy and Karen Vaughn, Gold Star parents of Special Operations Chief (SEAL) Aaron Vaughn who was killed in action in 2011, are speaking out about why.
U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan are now forced to fight a two-fronted war. Before each deployment, these soldiers understand fully that day after day they will do battle against relentless terrorists with shifting loyalties and unspeakable hatred. But what none of them could have foreseen was the killing field that would open from their rear: the Continental United States. Our government’s incessant tightening of already restrictive ROE (Rules of Engagement), compounded by the failed COIN (Counterinsurgency) strategy—also known as “winning hearts and minds”—has made an otherwise primitive enemy formidable. Our best and brightest come home in body bags as politicians and lawyers dine over white linen tablecloths; writing, modifying, and re-modifying these lethal rules. Rules that favor the enemy rather than the American soldier. Rules so absurd they’re difficult to believe until you hear the same stories over and again from those returning from battle.

Rep. Louie Gohmert has spoken out about the current ROE and COIN, which are so restrictive he doesn’t see the “merit in the potential further sacrifice and loss of American lives in Afghanistan.” This sentiment is echoed by some members of the military as well. The Vaughns continue (emphasis mine):
“In a delicate discussion with an Army Ranger who recently left the military, we heard the following: “I had to get out. I have a family who needs me. I didn’t join to be sacrificed. I joined to fight.”” Under the current ROE, U.S. troops cannot fire without first confirming that a Taliban fighter is armed, even if they are sure the target is the enemy. And if they violate these rules, troops fear being court martialed, imprisoned, or kicked out of the service all together. “The last thing a warfighter should ever be forced to experience is unnecessary fear,” the Vaughns write. “Fear creates hesitation. Hesitation creates flag-draped caskets. Flag-draped caskets create fatherless children, widowed wives, and childless parents. Our heroes deserve the right to fight with swift hands, clear minds, and confident hearts.” Retired U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Jerry R. Curry sums it up best: “To the American people an American military life is worth far more than the life of an Afghan soldier or civilian. For the current occupants of the White House and the Administration’s staff it seems to be just the opposite.”  photo troopdeaths2_zps21243f5e.png

Time for another Democratic shellacking by GOP

Washington Times ^ | February 13, 2014 | Donald Lambro

Joblessness and Obamacare set the stage for GOP election wins
Suddenly, with two roll-call votes, the messy, multi-issue battles of the 2014 elections have been refocused on two central issues that will put the GOP back in charge of Congress. The budget and debt-limit fights have been set aside for the time being, with the swift votes this week for a debt-limit extension and the earlier passage of a budget to keep the government running for the rest of this year. This means that the midterm election battles for the rest of this year will be turned into a clear referendum on the voters’ two foremost concerns: a weak, jobless economy and the increasingly unpopular, dictatorial Obamacare law. Democrats, who rarely if ever talk about either of these issues, were hoping and praying that this year’s elections would remain muddy enough for them to save a number of their House and Senate seats from GOP takeovers. However, House Republicans couldn’t agree on any subset of demands they hoped to extract from Senate Democrats in the debt-limit bill, forcing House Speaker John A. Boehner to offer a “clean” bill and end the issue for the year. It quickly passed the Senate. Now the focus returns full-bore to two major issues on which President Obama and the Democats are weakest among the general electorate. The early signs suggest they will get creamed on both in the fall, as the economy plunges into another slump, and Obamacare lurches from one debacle after another. If anyone thinks for a moment that the White House is not worried about the political fallout of all of this, consider what the president did Tuesday. He abruptly handed midsized-business employers a politically driven reprieve from his health care law.

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Where Is the Red Line of Impeachment?

American Thinker ^ | February 15, 2014 | Cindy Simpson

In the business world, a diligent board of directors would have long ago fired CEO Obama. Sometimes it takes only a year of less than expected earnings to result in the termination of a corporate CEO. A couple of underperforming years and a few reasons more, and a CEO would have his bags packed and stowed underneath his buck-stopping desk. A long list of problems -- especially one suggesting even a hint of fraud -- that fails to generate a satisfactory board response would stir shareholders and lenders to demand the resignation of not only the CEO and other key employees, but also its directors. For without remediation, the company's stock prices would tumble as shareholders divest and banks pull the plug. Our government's CEO is Barack Obama, its board of directors is Congress, its workforce consists of a growing multitude of Big Government bureaucracies, and its bank is the unaccountable monopoly of the Federal Reserve. Anymore, hardly anyone with any power in that vast organization seems to represent the interests of We the People (the shareholders). The Democrat-media complex can ridicule political opposition as "fringe" or "extremist," but the ominous ticking of the 17-trillion-dollar debt clock is becoming harder to ignore. The growing debt transforms our shares from an asset into a liability that gravely impacts our national security. Our future generations will no longer expect the reward of dividends in their pursuit of happiness. Instead, and not by choice, they inherit more than their fair share of risk -- the labor of digging out of this financial mess, the difficult task of restoring real freedom and liberty, and the rebuilding of our national status and defenses abroad. Not only has the financial value of our shares turned upside-down, but the attached voting value has become diluted...

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