Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Wendy Davis’s Media Meltdown

National Review ^ | 02/04/2014 | John Fund

It’s been a rocky rollout for the Wendy Davis campaign in Texas. She announced for governor four months ago on the strength of the massive public attention paid to her 13-hour filibuster of a bill limiting abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. But since then her media operation has been so rocky, seasoned Texas journalists are mocking it. David Mann, editor of the liberal Texas Observer, wrote a blunt article calling her campaign a “media fail”: “The Wendy Davis operation is about the worst at media relations that I’ve ever seen. Her team’s mismanagement of the press is damaging her candidacy.” Mann recounts several not-ready-for-prime-time moments, from sending reporters to an incorrect location for a media event to “refusing to confirm basic campaign scheduling details” out of suspicion of the media. Noting Davis’s media problems began as soon as she announced in October he, links to a November column by Sandra Sanchez, opinion editor of the Monitor, the leading newspaper in South Texas. Sanchez openly admits she wants “to believe that Davis could win and be our next governor” but concludes that isn’t likely to happen if the “missteps, gaffes and goofs” she witnessed during a Davis appearance in Pharr, Texas, continue. Sanchez wrote: “It was embarrassing to watch as a campaign staffer prematurely announced Davis’ arrival and urged everyone to stand up and chant, which they did for several minutes until it was obvious that Davis wasn’t there. ‘I thought she was here,’ a worker mused into the microphone to the quizzical and confused glances from the crowd of 60 or so.” Sanchez herself tried to ask a question about Davis’ recent response to an abortion question but “before (Davis) could articulate, her new press aide Rebecca Acuña jumped in and said ‘that comment was taken out of context.’” Acuña then called Sanchez late that night requesting she change a headline on the Monitor’s website. Every campaign has a shakedown phase, but Mann notes that Davis’s problems have been ongoing. In January, after serious questions were raised by the Dallas Morning News about Davis’s account of her life, there was little substantive comment from the Davis campaign for eleven days. Then reporters were invited to a dinner sponsored by the Travis County Democratic Party where Davis was going to explain herself. But when reporters arrived at the dinner, an event they had received a media advisory for, “they were turned away.” Only the Dallas Morning News reporter was allowed in. Other reporters were directed to a live-stream link of the speech on the Internet. “This is not unlike someone sending you an invitation that says you’re invited to a party, but, hey, you can watch it on Skype,” Mann wrote. Democrats have reason to worry they have a candidate who is untested and mercurial. Frances Martel of Breitbart News has documented Davis’s history of “fluid political allegiances” in her career, which include having contributed to George W. Bush’s presidential campaign, voting in Republican primaries as late as 2006, and last month declaring herself in favor of expanding gun rights despite an “F” rating from the NRA during her years in the Texas state senate. Davis’s response to charges of opportunism has been to view them “as a compliment” because people don’t “necessarily know what my ideology might be because I wasn’t driven by that.” There apparently is so much about Wendy Davis we don’t know. And if she keeps her current media team she will have a difficult time explaining her sides of the story.

Colonoscopies to be replaced by camera that comes in a PILL

The Daily Mail ^ | 2-4-14 | Daily Mail Reporter

There are few medical procedures feared more than a colonoscopy. But what if there was another way to screen patients for colon cancer that's much less intrusive?
  Now there is: The PillCam, an ingestible camera that takes high-speed photographs as it works its way through the digestive system and helps doctors spot polyps and other early signs of colon cancer was just cleared by the Food and Drug Administration. The device is designed for patients who have had trouble with the cringe-inducing colonoscopy procedure, which involves probing the large intestine with a tiny camera embedded in a four-foot long, flexible tube.
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Overselling Of Global Warming May Lead To A Dark Age?

Forbes ^ | February 3, 2014 | Patrick Michaels

Will the overselling of climate change lead to a new scientific dark age? That’s the question being posed in the latest issue of an Australian literary journal, Quadrant, by Garth Paltridge, one of the world’s most respected atmospheric scientists.
Paltridge was a Chief Research Scientist with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO). The latter is Australia’s equivalent of the National Science Foundation, our massive Federal Laboratory network, and all the governmental agency science branches rolled into one. Paltridge lays out the well-known uncertainties in climate forecasting. These include our inability to properly simulate clouds that are anything like what we see in the real world, the embarrassing lack of average surface warming now in its 17th year, and the fumbling (and contradictory) attempts to explain it away. While the politically correct name for the last 17 years is “the pause,” it’s much more like the P-wave, which reflects the crustal slippage that occurs before the shaking (and tsunami, if beneath the sea) of a catastrophic earthquake. Humans can’t feel them, but many animals can, which is why birds alight shortly before all hell breaks loose.

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The Bible Is Loud & Clear, Homosexuality Is An Abomination To God!

TRC Magazine Facebook Page ^ | 2/4/2014 | Chuck Ness
Like a precariously balanced house of cards, the fight against same sex marriage has been getting defeated in state after state. However, it is not because the voters have had a change of heart, it's because too many judges are inventing new constitutional rights our founding fathers never intended to exist. All the while inventing illogical reasons why some constitutional rights do not exist as specified in the the bill of rights.
Now that the Democrats in the US Senate have unilaterally ended the opposition's ability to stop judicial appointments they disagree with, Obama will have free reign to appoint all the pro-homosexual judges his evil little heart desires. On January 6, 2014 Obama nominated 49 judges that await approval from the Senate. Or should I say the approval of the Democrat party, because the Republicans will have no say so in their appointments.. Looking at Obama's past appointments and his many statements on same sex marriage, you can be assured of how each and every nominee will rule on homosexual matters. In a sane world, politicians would look the polls that show Americans are overwhelmingly opposed to same sex marriage and make sure that the judges they appoint would reflect public opinion. Unfortunately, that has not been the case. Every week we hear of another state having laws the voters passed, overturned by the judges sworn to uphold the constitution. We live in a Judgeocracy, where judges rule by fiat to force it upon our society their will. As a logical Christian, I look at the many prophecies God has given us throughout the Scriptures, and I can see the writing on the wall. In the near future we will be living in a society that not only allows same-sex marriage but also accepts it as

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Healthcare.gov Contractor (and Close Russian Ally) Belarus Built Malware RIGHT INTO Obamacare Code!

Reaganite Republican ^ | 04 February 2014 | Reaganite Republican

Remember when John McAfee warned us in November that anybody who signed up to the Obamacare site might have their bank account cleaned-out by hackers? The eccentric genius and former fugitive called the government website 'a hacker's wet dream', adding that there were 'NO safeguards' that would stop someone from starting a fake Obamacare website 'for a couple hundred dollars' that could 'empty your bank account' in hours.

McAfee added unambiguously that 'It's going to happen, and it's going to happen soon... nothing in the Obamacare system safeguards against this.'

And I thought he was just trying to sell us software...

Not only does it turn out the computer security pioneer was right, but the vulnerabilities he found so glaring cannot be simply chalked-up to the incompetence of Michelle Obama's college buddy that Barry handed the $678M no-bid contract to.

Rather, subcontractors from a land almost entirely hostile to the interests of the United States were given important work on the healthcare.gov website and other Obamacare records programs- specifically Belarus, a landlocked Soviet time-capsule known as 'Europe's last dictatorship', and who's intelligence organization is still called the KGB .

There, software firms in the country's government-controlled 'High Technology Park' clearly made the most of the opportunity, inserting malicious code into the healthcare.gov site that creates secret 'back doors' that can be utilized for cyber attacks and/or wholesale identity theft (among other tricks)... not to mention access to millions of Americans' bank accounts and highly-personal health information.

But even if the Kremlin is not involved/benefiting from the intentional security breaches the Belarussians hid in the healthcare.gov code -which is doubtful- you've still got plenty to worry about from the White Russians themselves... they're expert computer hackers, and shameless theives.

Last November (2013), a 'huge hole' in the internet was exploited by forces unknown- who diverted massive amounts of traffic (from US government and corporate offices +others) through -you guessed it- Belarus. The operation also hijacked data via Iceland, and was described as 'a vulnerability so severe that it could allow intelligence agencies, corporate spies or criminals to intercept massive amounts of data, or even tamper with it on the fly'.

Back in February 2012, five Belorussians were busted for taking $1.8M from 20,000 people across the globe- with 80% of the victims residing in the
United States...