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Obama threatens GOP with executive orders on ‘drawer full’ of ideas!

Washington Times ^ | November 9, 2013 | By Ben Wolfgang

...“What we’ve seen over the last several years is a constant ratcheting up of partisanship that prevents us from moving forward on things that I think most people would say aren’t Democrat or Republican ideas. They’re just good, common-sense American ideas,” Mr. Obama said at a Democratic party fundraiser in Miami. “Energy independence is one of them. Making sure that we’re investing in the best schools, so that our children can compete in this new global economy; rebuilding our infrastructure, not just our energy infrastructure, but our ports and our roads and our bridges and our air traffic control systems, so that we stay on the cutting edge; making sure we’re investing in research and development..…We have a whole drawer full of good ideas. And some of them I can do on my own, administratively.”
As was the case when Mr. Obama spoke in New Orleans earlier Friday, health-care reform played a minimal role in his remarks.......
Mr. Obama also said that, because he’s run his last political campaign, he’s looking to build his legacy and leave the U.S. a better place.
“And when I’m hopefully playing with some grandkids, but not too soon, because [Mr. Obama’s daughters] Malia and Sasha are only 15 and 12, I want to know that what I did made the world a better place for them,” he said. “I want them to know that because of the decisions we made now, we’re more energy independent and that we’re improving our environment. I want them to know that not just they and their friends got a great education, but children all across America got a great education..…That’s what motivates me. That’s what gets me up every day.”
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Obamacare Website Is the Tip of the Iceberg as Uncle Sam Catches Up on Tech (Disaster Looms)

Yahoo Finance ^ | November 8, 2013 | Matt Nesto

It has been a rough month for the roll out of the so-called Obamacare website, better known as Although everyone from the administrator, to the Health and Human Services secretary, to the President of the United States has apologized for the chaos, and taken responsibility the failure, the problems still persist.
So far, no one has lost their job - or their pay - over the ordeal and a mad scramble is underway to get it fixed. But even when they do get it working, there's likely to be another digital disaster right behind it.

"The ineptitude of the government in creating (this wesbite) is truly disturbing," says Zachary Karabell, the founder of River Twice Research and head of global strategy at Envestnet. "But (the problem) is structural. It's not Democrat or Republican," he says, adding that the most public and humiliating reboot in history "is not a symbol of anything other than this is a government that didn't know how to do it."
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How Republicans can't win in 2016 ("Must nominate a conservative who can attract...voters")

The Week ^ | November 8, 2013 | Marc Ambinder

If demography is destiny, Republicans can't win the presidency by acting more like Democrats. The GOP's best shot in 2016 is not to nominate a moderate. They must nominate a conservative who can attract more conservative voters to the polls, just like President Obama built his own coalition and increased the relative electoral power of each constituent part. Not that it will be easy.
As long as the GOP nominates someone plausible, they start off with 46 percent of the vote and a large chunk of the electoral college. Getting to 270 + 1 electoral votes and then to 50 percent of the popular balloting requires trade-offs and choices.
Where Obama drew in younger voters, unmarried women, black voters, and Latinos, Republicans would be wise to focus, in the short term, on raising turnout among married women, white men over 30, and self-described evangelical Christians.
The ideal Republican strategy is not terribly convoluted. Find and nominate the most acceptable conservative. Find the swing states where demographic composition of the electorate has been volatile and where there is room among those demographic groups to grow the GOP's share. Put the two together. (I would add: If I were Machiavellian, I would urge Republicans to do everything they can to suppress the Democratic vote. I am not Machiavellian, and plenty of Republicans are already doing this.)
Of course, overall demographic trends tilt the balance away from Republicans. The uphill climb begins with an awareness that Democrats will have somewhere between 200 and 250 electoral votes banked by Election Day....
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ObamaCare promotion has now sunk to the lowest level conceivable: fake e-mail "testimonials"

ObamaCare finds its Level
American Thinker ^ | November 10, 2013 | J.R. Dunn 

ObamaCare promotion has now sunk to the lowest level conceivable: fake e-mail "testimonials" blasted out to unrelated comment threads. These are in imitation of the "sister-in-law" employment ads that have infested internet threads since the days of Hammurabi: "By gosh, my sister-in-law makes $3,587.53 a week over the internet, working only three hours a day, etc."
Here's an almost identical comment that appeared yesterday, on a thread to an article dealing with how to identify psychopaths (a topic of some interest to me, since I know about fifty of them):

Thank God for Affordable Health Care. We have been paying $1730 a month for bottom end Blue cross Blue Shield for some time now. With AHC we now can get the best care and only have to pay a little over $ 800 a month. Thank you Obama for making this happen. If you see negatives on here it is for sure they are GOP people trying to hurt Obama at our health care lose. Don't listen to them please!!!!
Note the similarities: the bogus personalization, the overwrought enthusiasm put in the most simpleminded terms, the specific, odd monetary figures added for verisimilitude. The only difference is that the "sister-in-law" emails generally don't feature a villain -- or for that matter, a savior. ("Thank you Obama...")
This is from hunger. You can't get more desperate than to resort to this type of promotion. It reeks of "scam" from the first word to the last.....
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Is there anything worse than a UN treaty? [How to spot a John McCain]

Daily Caller ^ | November 8, 2013 | Christopher Bedford

CRPD won’t establish the United States as some kind of global leader because, well, why the hell would it? The United States leads by the example she lives within her borders, as well as through the millions of dollars the USAID spends improving conditions for the disabled around the world. (That Mr. McCain thinks our leadership role is based on a U.N. convention is troubling.)
Conservatism is a nuanced philosophy, fiercely debated and rarely serving up easy answers on policy — especially foreign policy. But if we could dare offer one easy, cookie-cutter note for all Republicans to keep in mind, it’s this: If something has the phrase “United Nations convention” or “United Nations treaty” in it, vote “No.”
That is pretty much final.
And the reasons are simple: At their worst, these deals, crafted by the “global community,” seek to undermine the interests of America and her allies (see: Arms Trade Treaty); at their best, they simply force our representatives to appear before panels of “experts” in Geneva to be abused for any number of the perceived grievances ruffling our European friends’ feathers that day (see: International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination).
The latest offender is the U.N. Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD). What kind of modern monster could be against that, right?
Certainly not the GOP’s reliable internationalists, Sens. Mark Kirk, John McCain, Kelly Ayotte and John Barrasso, nor former Sen. Bob Dole, whose letter to the Senate fretted that American “leadership” on disabilities “will be imperiled without the United States’ ratification of the CRPD.”
Imperiled, we fear, if we don’t put our stamp alongside Uganda and Togo’s on that piece of paper.
So what the hell is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, and why do Sens. McCain and Robert Menendez think it “embodies ‘equality’ and ‘unalienable rights’ in the best tradition of our ideals”?
In the minds of its proponents, CRPD is a grand treaty that will help disabled Americans (including wounded veterans; enter: Mr. McCain) at home and abroad; and maintain American leadership in global access for disabled people, even spurring other countries to get their act together.
In reality, CRPD is a bunch of feel-good hogwash that will embarrass the United States without doing any of the things its proponents say it will.
CRPD won’t benefit anyone in the United States because U.S law is already at — or above — the levels of protection guaranteed in the convention. (That our country’s senators don’t know that is troubling.)
CRPD won’t benefit U.S. citizens abroad, because it only requires countries to meet the conditions for their own people within their own borders — something that is not impacted by the America’s signature, nor, per typical U.N. fashion, the slightest bit enforceable. (That leading Republicans don’t realize that is troubling.)
CRPD won’t establish the United States as some kind of global leader because, well, why the hell would it? The United States leads by the example she lives within her borders, as well as through the millions of dollars the USAID spends improving conditions for the disabled around the world. (That Mr. McCain thinks our leadership role is based on a U.N. convention is troubling.)
And the idea that America signing the CRPD will spur foreign countries to action is about as believable as the notion that the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights led Iran, Uzbekistan and similar signatories to respect those ideals. (Troubling. And stupid.)
All CRPD will do is embarrass for U.S. officials. America’s reward for signing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, for example, was being told to close Guantanamo Bay, end the death penalty and give voter rights to convicted felons. Oh, and when we declined the suggestions, we got a dressing down from countries like China. And Iran.
So when senators hold up pictures of wounded veterans and say that ratifying this scrap will lessen their challenges abroad, they’re promising something they cannot deliver. Which in most places is called lying.
And while they are quick to say that a “Yes” vote is a litmus test for whether a senator supports wounded U.S. veterans, it’s really litmus test for whether a senator is actually conservative.
“Some people ask if someone is a conservative or not,” Steven Groves, a treaty expert at the conservative Heritage Foundation, told The Daily Caller. “A good indication is if you’re in favor of global treaties and grand agreements that pretend to be the solution to a global problem, that progressives hold up as a magical solution for global problems. If you’re in favor of those, you’re probably not a conservative. If you’re going to turn over some kind of discretion to a U.N. organization or U.N.-style of organization, that’s a good indication of if you’re a conservative or not.”
A healthy republic is a difficult thing to maintain. Conservative ideas aren’t easy to translate into politics and policy. And it’s even more difficult to consistently apply conservative ideas to an ever shifting world. But this one is pretty easy: Just say no to the U.N.

A Class Act vs. A Classless Hack: Billy Graham vs. Barack Obama! ^ | November 10, 2013 | Doug Giles

What a stark contrast I beheld this week between our Lyin’ King President, Barack Obama, and our American treasure, the Reverend Billy Graham.
Watching the ninety-five-year-old Graham’s final message to America via the Fox News Channel last Thursday night hammered me in three particular ways.
First off, as a self-professed hard-ass, I must admit that I was choked up by the testimonies of transformed lives of the black gent and the suicidal female twenty-something. Matter of fact, and I hate to admit this, I even started to tear up a bit and I haven’t teared up since my dad and my dog passed.
As an increasingly jaded little monkey that I’m becoming living in the Obamaland of lies and lawyer tricks, I was struck in my soul, once again, with the ever present reality of the power of God that’s afforded to folks who take responsibility for their jacked-up lives and repent and believe.
Yep, without a shrink, minus meds and without a day in rehab (imagine that) those who watched the Graham special got to see and hear, in living color, the raw power of God afforded to two contrite people who put their hope in God. It was simple and beautiful. Remember simplicity and beauty? I know … it’s tough to harken back that far, eh?
The second thing that smacked me upside my head and left me enamored was watching Reverend Graham pull off ninety-five years on this pebble with nary a scandal. Indeed, not a live man or dead woman were ever found in his bed. Billy belted out a life of character and integrity, a character and integrity that was pretty much a given to his generation. But to ours? Eh, not so much. His example of meaning what you say and saying what you mean made me want to do the time warp again because I’m really getting sick of the mountains of stercore tauri that we have to field nowadays.
Thirdly, I was also struck that Graham’s message over the last sixty-plus-years hasn’t deviated one angstrom. He hasn’t altered the gospel’s dispatch of calling sin, sin. He hasn’t dumbed it down so that he can get Oprah’s accolades. He’s still wielding the double-edged sword of law and grace, a message that hurts and heals in one fell swoop to them that have ears to hear. Yes, it was a blessing to see that Graham hasn’t changed the message to kiss the therapeutic backside of our narcissistic, politically correct culture. Score 1000 points for Graham.
As you can tell, the Billy Graham special was like a cold class of lemonade on a hot summer’s eve to this redneck. It was especially refreshing because I had just watched Megyn Kelly rip and strip Obama and his lackeys lie and trip over their tongues trying to explain away the whopper they sold America on multiple occasions, namely, "If you like your health care plan, you'll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what."
What a shameful disgrace Obama is to humanity, true leadership and to this great country.
Finally, I’d like to address this to God on behalf of those who love God and country; that is if he’s still listening to us. Here it goes: God, if you still like us and you haven’t already thoroughly written this nation off -- for which I wouldn't blame you at all -- that said, would you please give us more leaders like Billy Graham and no mas like Barack Obama? In Jesus’ name … Amen.

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Too much of too little [Food stamps fuel poor diet, illness]

New York Times ^ | November 9, 2013 | Eli Saslow

McAllen, Tex. — They were already running late for a doctor’s appointment, but first the Salas family hurried into their kitchen for another breakfast paid for by the federal government. The 4-year-old grabbed a bag of cheddar-flavored potato chips and a granola bar. The 9-year-old filled a bowl with sugary cereal and then gulped down chocolate milk. Their mother, Blanca, arrived at the refrigerator and reached into the drawer where she stored the insulin needed to treat her diabetes. She filled a needle with fluid and injected it into her stomach with a practiced jab.
“Let’s go,” she told the children, rushing them out of the kitchen and into the car. “We can stop for snacks on our way home.”
The family checkup had been scheduled at the insistence of a school nurse, who wanted the Salas family to address two concerns: They were suffering from both a shortage of nutritious food and a diet of excess — paradoxical problems that have become increasingly interconnected in the United States, and especially in South Texas.
For almost a decade, Blanca had supported her five children by stretching $430 in monthly food stamp benefits, adding lard to thicken her refried beans and buying instant soup by the case at a nearby dollar store. She shopped for “quantity over quality,” she said, aiming to fill a grocery cart for $100 or less.
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