Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Obama sends Congress $3.77T spending plan, riles both sides

Fox ^ | April 10, 2013

President Obama found himself weathering bipartisan broadsides Wednesday as he sent Congress his 2014 budget proposal, which in its effort to please both sides of the aisle has ended up angering both.
The budget arrived on Capitol Hill Wednesday morning, delivered 65 days after the legal deadline. The $3.77 trillion spending plan, which is over 2,000 pages, tries to curb deficits by further raising taxes on top earners and reining in the growth of Social Security.
Obama called his plan "a fiscally responsible blueprint for middle class jobs and growth," during remarks he made Wednesday morning in the White House Rose Garden.
"If you're serious about deficit reduction, then there's no excuse to keep these loopholes open," he said.
He also said he's "already met Republicans more than half way."
But Republicans argue they already consented to increased taxes as part of the fiscal crisis deal and have expressed little interest in negotiating another hike. And liberal Democrats -- particularly powerful advocacy groups -- have launched a series of campaigns to oppose the changes to Social Security.
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Illegal border crossings leap ahead of immigration bill

Washington TImes ^ | 4/10/13 | Stepen Dinan

Apprehensions of illegal immigrants are up 13 percent this year, the chief of the U.S. Border Patrol told Congress on Wednesday as lawmakers continued to bash the Obama administration for failing to come up with a way of measuring how secure the borders are.
The increase in apprehensions appears to contradict the administration’s assertion that the border is more secure than ever — a claim that is critical to advocates’ hopes of passing an immigration legalization bill this year.
“We have seen an increase in attempted entries,” Border Patrol Chief Michael J. Fisher told a Senate committee, adding that part of the reason for the increase was the lure of a potential deal that would legalize most illegal immigrants now in the country.
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Margaret Thatcher: Right about nearly everything

financial Times ^ | 9/4/2013 | niall Ferguson

She was respected more abroad than at home It is still terribly hard for those who opposed her to admit it, but Margaret Thatcher was right about most things.
She was right that Britain’s trade unions had become much too powerful. She was right that nationalised industries had to be privatised. She was right that inflation has monetary causes.
She was also mostly right about foreign policy. She was right to drive the forces of Argentina’s junta out of the Falklands and she was right to exhort a “wobbly” George H.W. Bush to mete out the same treatment to Saddam Hussein’s forces in Kuwait.
Though labelled the “Iron Lady” by a Soviet magazine, her hawkishness in the cold war did not blind her to the possibilities of doing business with Mikhail Gorbachev. Like Ronald Reagan, she was quick to see the opportunity offered by his policies of glasnost and perestroika.
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New MSNBC promo: You have the right to health care, education, housing, and food at all times!

HotAir ^ | April 10, 2013 | Allahpundit

Via Newsbusters, something to tide you over on a news day that started out fast and has slowed considerably. Give Harris-Perry credit, at least, for fine-tuning her messaging. You’re not going to sell swing voters on far-left liberalism by telling them their kids don’t really belong to them, but tell them that they have a right “at all times” to things they need and you’re golden. If you polled the public on whether people should have a right to all of this, where would the numbers top out? Seventy percent? Eighty? The American public loves, loves, loves government spending, partly because they’re never asked to consider the zero-sum nature of federal expenditures in a budget that balances and partly because they still don’t fully appreciate the consequences of endless borrowing. Both parties spent years shrugging at the fallacy that current spending levels can be supported by current tax rates. Under those circumstances, why wouldn’t the average low-information think everyone should have the right to housing, food, etc? Throw in the right to phone service and personal transportation while you’re at it. Put it on our collective tab.
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Smoking Is a Preexsisting Condition

National Review Online ^ | 04/10/13 | Kevin D. Williamson

The District of Columbia’s Obamacare czars — the board that sets rules for the phony insurance marketplace, or “exchange,” that the law creates — have decided that henceforth insurers shall be forbidden by law to charge smokers higher rates than non-smokers. Smoking, as it turns out, “is a preexisting medical condition,” according to Dr. Mohammad Akhter, the chairman of the D.C. Health Exchange Board. Two liberal states, California and Connecticut, have decided likewise, while Colorado and Alaska have rejected the idea.

OMB: Obama Will Become First President to Spend $4T in One Year

CNSNews ^

OMB: Obama Will Become First President to Spend $4T in One Year April 10, 2013
In the historical tables it released along with President Barack Obama's fiscal 2014 budget proposal this morning, the White House Office of Management and Budget revealed that in fiscal 2016 it expects Obama to become the first president in the nation's history to preside over a federal government that spends more than $4 trillion in one year.
The OMB's historical tables also reveal that the White House does not expect this administration to ever run an annual deficit as low as $458.5 billion, which was the deficit the government ran in fiscal 2008, the last fiscal year completed before Obama took office.
According to OMB's tables, the federal government would spend$3.7778 trillion in fiscal 2014 under Obama's budget proposal. It would then spend $3.9801 trillion in fiscal 2015; $4.0898 trillion in fiscal 2016; and $4.2474 trillion in fiscal 2017.
Obama will leave office on Jan. 20, 2017, about four months into fiscal 2017.
In fiscal 2007, according to the OMB's tables, the federal government ran a deficit of $160.7 billion. In fiscal 2008, that climbed to $458.5 billion.
President Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, about four months into fiscal 2009. A Congress in which Obama sat had already enacted the $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program to bailout the financial industry. But, during the first month of Obama's first term, he signed an $830 billion stimulus bill.
In fiscal 2009, the government ended up running a deficit of $1.4126 trillion. In fiscal 2010, it ran a deficit of $1.2943 trillion; in fiscal 2011, it ran a deficit of $1.2995 trillion; in fiscal 2012, it ran a deficit of $1.0869 trillion; and, in fiscal 2013, OMB projects a $972.9 billion deficit.
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