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Romney wins all four major Iowa newspaper endorsements

Powerline ^ | 28 Oct 12 | Paul Mirengoff

Last night, I noted that the Des Moines Register endorsed Mitt Romney for president. This is the first time that paper has endorsed the Republican presidential nominee since 1972.

It turns out that the Des Moines Register is not alone among Iowa newspapers. In fact, the three other major newspapers in this battleground state also endorse Romney. They are the Cedar Rapids Gazette, the Quad City Times, and the Sioux City Journal.

The titles of the Quad City Times and Sioux City Journal endorsements might be particularly galling to diehard supporters of our once hopey-changey president: “Ready for Change” and “Mitt Romney: He’s the Change America Needs.”

New Yale Economic Model Predicts Narrow Romney Victory

Wall Street Journal ^ | Justin Lahart

An economic model aimed at predicting presidential elections suggests that Gov. Mitt Romney has a narrowly better chance than President Barack Obama of carrying the race. Yale University economist Ray Fair has analyzed economic data from every presidential election since 1916. The model he developed has, after the fact, named the winners of all but two races — the 1960 election, when Richard Nixon lost to John Kennedy, and the 1992 election, when George H.W. Bush lost to Bill Clinton. With Friday’s gross domestic product report, the three economic variables that Mr. Fair has found are best at predicting elections are now in hand. They are: –The per capita growth rate of gross domestic product in the three quarters before the elections. (Voters seem to remember recent economic history more than they do over the span of the quarter). For the first three quarters of this year, GDP per capita grew at a 1.01% annual rate. –Inflation over the course of the entire presidential term, as measured by the GDP price index. The annual rate of inflation by this measure was 1.58%. –The number of quarters during the presidential term that GDP per capita growth exceeded 3.2%. There has been only one such “good news” quarter — the fourth quarter of last year, when GDP per capita grew 3.3%. Plug those figures into Mr. Fair’s model and it shows that President Obama will receive 49% of the two-party vote. The good news for the president is that there’s enough wiggle room in the model that he could come out on top — actual vote shares are within about 2.5 percentage points of what the model predicts. Moreover several polling models currently suggest the Mr. Obama will narrowly capture the popular vote.
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Muslim Brotherhood Behind Benghazi Attack With Link To Obama!

Western Journalism ^ | October 20, 2012 | Kris Zane

the Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, was behind the attack.
We now know it was not initially an attack, but an attempted kidnapping of Ambassador Stevens to use him as a pawn to get their beloved Blind Sheik back.

What is most shocking, however, is that a source within the White House states that it was arranged as an October surprise by Barack Obama. Obama, in order to make the release of the Blind Sheik more palatable to the American people, and to boost his sagging approval ratings, arranged with the Muslim Brotherhood to kidnap Ambassador Stevens. Then, days before the election, acting the part of the hero, planned to release the Blind Sheik in exchange for Ambassador Stevens.

The plan was for security to be minimal at the consulate, protected by only Libyan security guards who would melt away into the night at the appointed time.

The plan fell apart as two former SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, fought the kidnappers, leading to a firefight and

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Romney's on a roll: Watch for a cascade of support that sweeps away the Obama regime!

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ^ | October 28, 2012 | Jack Kelly

The Navy needs more ships, Mitt Romney said in Monday's debate. It has fewer now than in 1916.
President Barack Obama pounced. "Well, governor, we also have fewer horses and bayonets, because the nature of our military's changed," he said, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "We have these things called aircraft carriers where planes land on them ... "

In the spin room, some journalists laughed and applauded. Liberals imagine themselves to be intellectually and morally superior to conservatives. They love to put them down.
But "sarcasm and condescension only work if the speaker's presumption of lofty superior knowledge is borne out by his command of actual facts," said Pastor Donald Sensing, a retired Army colonel.
Mr. Obama was wrong on both the thrust of his argument, and on the examples he used. Aircraft carriers need smaller ships to protect them, lest they be sunk. The military has many more bayonets now than in 1916. Marines think so highly of them they've designed a new one, modeled on the famous KA-BAR fighting knife. Special Forces soldiers on horseback were critical to ousting the Taliban.
The facts matter little to liberals. Their assumption of intellectual superiority isn't based on actual knowledge. Journalists declared the president the winner of the debate.
But facts and civility do matter to most Americans. A CBS panel of undecided voters in Ohio chose Mr. Romney, 6-2. A video of the dismay of CBS "This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell when this was reported is zipping across the Internet.
The Navy and shipbuilding are very important in southeast Virginia. With his wisecrack, the president may have kissed the state goodbye....
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Why Things Have Changed With Blacks and Obama After Tonight

by My Favorite Headache

I just had to come on to FR tonight and post an experience I had this evening in downtown Dallas.
There was a celebration going on with a brand new 5.5 acre park that opened today downtown and there were live bands and fireworks and families and food and drinks...a really nice cold Fall night in Dallas. I would say there was easily 35,000 if not more in attendance.

So what makes tonight so different? was the communication between black and white families that was taking place. I would hear random conversations coming and going through the night amongst the crowd and we would engage in some of them and here was the fascinating thing that I discovered...blacks have had it with Obama.

I am not talking about what the MSNBC crowd would call "Uncle Tom/Sell Out Blacks" either. I am talking the straight up $10 to $12 an hour wage earners who are not making it at all.
One by one by one by one they either said they were not going to vote because Texas is going Romney anyway and that their families in Arkansas and Louisiana felt the same way. They are not only fiscally worse since Obama took office but they felt that Obama did NOTHING to improve the image of blacks in general.
Read that again.
They felt that Obama did NOTHING to improve the image of blacks in general.
That is pretty powerful stuff.
A large number of really good and hard working folks who were extremely offended by Obama embracing gay marriage, pissing on the military (so many folks have kids in the Army, Navy, and Air Force), and that when he got to the White House he didn't come visit inner cities, that he appointed people who didn't have anything in common with where he claimed he was coming from back in 2008.
My fellow Freepers, I wish you could have seen and heard what I heard tonight with my friends and family. They are staying home. They are not voting period. They were honest that they didn't believe in Romney and said if he does prove that he can turn the economy and jobs situation around and restores our foundation in God back to this country then they will reconsider in 4 years...but as of this year? Barack ain't got their vote and he does not have the vote of their families either.
Common words heard tonight were "He don't care", "He's OK but he ain't gettin' it done", "I am working harder than I ever have and never get to go out and do anything."
The saddest thing was a family of 10..10! Mom and Dad married for 25 years they voted for Reagan, Clinton twice, Gore, Bush, and Obama. They said they have 3 kids who have moved back home now and 2 are getting divorced and they have 2 kids each and that if you asked them 5 years ago if their family and lives would be this destroyed they would never have believed it.
The grandfather/Dad said to me that he owns a lawn/landscaping business and how many people he has had to lay off because people are doing their own lawns more and more now and landscaping is becoming a luxury item even for commercial accounts.
At the end of the day he said everything comes down to the security of having a job and a pay check and his faith and his rights protected and that voting for Obama was a "gesture vote" last time and he won't do it again.
I am just dying to know how many families these stories are being played out in across the nation tonight.
I can say with confidence that Barack Obama is going to lose at least 20 to 25% of the black vote he had last time which can do nothing but put the finishing touches on his epic collapse to come.

Obama Administration Replaces Top Generals Following Benghazi Disaster

the gateway pundit ^ | October 27, 2012 | jim hoft

The latest rumor making the rounds is that Barack Obama replaced General Carter Ham at Africom after the general made a move to help the US security officials at the Benghazi consulate and annex. Ham was replaced by Gen. David Rodriquez on October 18. Tiger Droppings reported:
The information I heard today was that General [Carter] Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.
General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.
The story continues that now General Rodiguez would take General Ham’s place as the head of Africom.
Sure enough Obama nominated Gen. David Rodriguez to replace Gen. Carter Ham as commander of U.S. Africa Command.
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Independent's Day (Solid, well-written analysis of race.)

The Weekly Standard ^ | 11/5/12 | Jay Cost

With a week to go until the 2012 presidential election, Mitt Romney has a decided leg up on President Barack Obama.

The polls are clear. Since the fallout from the first debate in Denver on October 3, Romney has enjoyed a relatively durable lead over the president in the Real Clear Politics average of the national polls. While the lead is small, it has persisted over time, and, more important, history suggests that this is trouble for an incumbent. The only sitting president to mount a last-minute comeback against his challenger was Gerald Ford in 1976, and of course Ford still lost. Usually, late deciders in a presidential campaign either break for the challenger or split about evenly between the two sides.
The problem for the president is Romney’s strong and sustained lead among independent voters. Despite four years of boasting from the Democrats that they were in the process of transforming the electorate, the fact remains that voters unaffiliated with either party determine the outcome of national elections. And with these voters, Romney has a substantial lead. The most recent Rasmussen Reports poll shows Romney besting Obama by 13 points, 52 percent to 39 percent, among unaffiliated voters. Since 1972, the first year of exit polling, no candidate for president has won election while losing independents by such a wide margin.
What is driving this is, above all, Romney’s growing advantage on who can best handle the economy. The most recent ABC News/Washington Post poll gives the Republican a 9-point lead on this issue, which remains the top determinant of most vote choices. The recent Associated Press-GfK poll found Romney with a 6-point lead on the economy among likely voters, as well as an 8-point lead on who can better handle the deficit.
More broadly, it looks as though Romney has passed a threshold among voters in terms of being an acceptable alternative. According to the Real Clear Politics average of the national polls, Romney’s favorable rating is about 49 percent and his unfavorable rating is 43 percent. That compares well with Obama’s rating of about 50 percent favorable and 45 percent unfavorable. In other words, it looks as though Romney has a lead because he has convinced a plurality of Americans that he is a decent person who can handle the tough issues better than President Obama.
And what of the state polls? Romney seems to have the edge in states whose electoral votes add up to 261 (with 270 needed for a majority), while Obama has the edge in states that add up to 237. Four states remain true tossups at this writing: Iowa, Nevada, Ohio, and Wisconsin. If Romney carries the states where he has the edge—and wins either Ohio or Wisconsin—he will be elected the 45th president of the United States.
It is worth asking: How did we arrive at this point? After all, it was not long ago that pundits pronounced the Romney campaign dead and buried. All that was left was the voting, we were told. Now, Romney has a lead in the nationwide polls and the momentum in the swing states.
The announcements of Romney’s demise said a lot more about the bias of the mainstream media, as well as their ignorance of how voters make decisions, than it did about the Romney team. The reality was that this was always bound to be a close race, and even when Romney was down in the polls, he was laying the groundwork for a strong finish.
Much of an election outcome depends on forces outside anybody’s control; very little is within the power of a candidate and his campaign. Yet Romney managed to do the things he could do quite well.
He finished the GOP nomination season without dividing his party and without having to take positions on issues that would later alienate swing voters. He raised a tremendous amount of money. He picked a fantastic candidate for vice president. His convention was solid, if not spectacular. And his debate performances uniformly gave the impression that he is a decent man who is fluent on the issues and whose highest priority is exactly what the American people most want, a robust economy.
The Obama team thought it could effectively disqualify Romney from the presidency before the real campaign even began, but this was a -mistake. In truth, they committed the same error that so many in the mainstream press did: They underestimated Romney’s appeal as a candidate, which, as everybody saw in the debates, is in fact very strong.
And now the Obama campaign is in a real bind. With a week left and behind in the polls, the president must dislodge the voters’ impression that Romney is the better man to handle the big issues. Hence, Obama’s starkly negative tenor and tone over the last few days. More and more, his campaign resembles those run by losers in the modern era; there is a kind of annoyance and anger to his attacks, which so far are not resonating with average Americans. Perhaps before the campaign is over, he’ll repeat Bob Dole’s frustrated cry of “Where’s the outrage?”
The president could have done more. And if he ultimately loses, the comparison with Bill Clinton will be instructive. After his rebuff in the 1994 midterms, Clinton made a course correction that likely saved his presidency. He rightly interpreted the Democrats’ drubbing that year as a sign of public frustration with the drift of the government, and a demand for greater cooperation between the two sides. A modified direction and greater cooperation is exactly what Clinton delivered through 1995 and 1996, with the bipartisan welfare reform bill serving as capstone.
President Obama, on the other hand, basically ignored the 2010 midterm verdict. The public clearly was demanding greater comity between the two sides and a focus on solving the problems of the economy and public finances, yet Obama brokered no lasting deals with his Republican foes. Instead, he battened down the hatches, figuring that he could wait out the Tea Party storm, then castigate the GOP as a bunch of right-wing crazies who had made things worse.
That strategy seemed to be working until the debates, when Romney utterly shattered the mold Obama had cast for him. Now, the country is left with a choice: more of the same with Obama or a change with Romney. More and more, Americans are coming around to the idea that a President Romney would be a change for the better, which means that—barring some unforeseen shift in public opinion—Obama’s days in office look to be numbered.

Stand Down Obama and Biden, Stand Down!

American Thinker ^ | October 28, 2012 | Clarice Feldman

Normally, I have no difficulty writing this column. I see it as a way to provide busy readers a coherent narrative of the best of the week's most important news -- largely as reported by the alternative media and ignored by its richer, fatter and lazier media opposition.
This week is sadly different. The latest news coming out about the murder of our ambassador and three other brave Americans in Ben Ghazi is so horrifying and shocking I can take no pleasure in writing about it. It's still largely unreported by the legacy media. Fox News has been a leader and there's been some coverage at CNN by Anderson Cooper, but PBS and the alphabets have been doing their best to keep from you the incompetence, treachery and outrageous behavior of the President, Vice President, Secretaries of State and Defense.
Luckily, their "firewall" -- blaming the tragedy on a hapless producer of a video trailer, the CIA, and lower level State Department officials -- seem (as one might have predicted, and I did), to result in numerous leaks to the press, undercutting that pack of lies.
In summary fashion, here's what we learned last week:
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Breitbart ^ | 10-27-12 | Tony Lee

Barack Obama denied politics had anything to do with his administration's green-energy loans to companies like Solyndra and Abound, both of which have gone bankrupt. The President even chuckled when asked if those loans were a waste of taxpayer dollars.

Denver's News9 reporter Kyle Clark said in a Friday interview that Obama touted the "stimulus money going to Abound Solar" in a national address, but Abound Solar is "out of business and under criminal investigation" while the "jobs are gone and taxpayers are out about 60 million dollars."

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GOP fervor for Romney reaches grassroots [Mon: liberal faithful are hitting the panic button]

San Francisco Chronicle ^ | October 27, 2012 | Carla Marinucci

As they gathered excitedly before sunrise Saturday in the Pleasanton Walmart parking lot, a crowd of California Republicans marveled they'd never done anything like this before - given up their weekend to head to a neighboring state with strangers, and knock on the doors of people they don't even know.
But moved by the passions of the 2012 election, dozens of them - a recent college graduate, small-business owners, the mother of a deployed fighter pilot and a retired engineer among them - boarded a bus for a long trip to Nevada's Washoe County to do their part for Mitt Romney in a critical swing state.
"I'm so concerned for the future of my grandchildren," said Mary Doering, 62, a retired beauty consultant from Campbell with six grandchildren who wore her "O Mitt Obama" T-shirt. She has spent the past two weekends in the Silver State and plans to return next weekend.
"The economy is bad," she added. "And I'm concerned about the immoral lifestyle in this country."
Jack Watt, 52, a T-shirt manufacturer from Hayward, said the dead-heat election has finally moved him to action.
"This has gotten me out of my box," he said, shaking his head. "I've never done anything like this before ... but I feel as an American, it's a privilege to vote. You have to do your duty, and this is my duty to God and my country."
.......................As she boarded the bus in Pleasanton, Ildiko Scott of Danville - the mother of a 27-year-old fighter pilot now deployed in Afghanistan - ..........."I told my son I was going to Reno, because I can't take it anymore," she said. "He said, 'Thank you, Mom.' "
-- Coming Monday: Some of President Obama's liberal faithful are hitting the panic button.
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Col. Ken ALLARD: Obama knew about the attack, ignored three requests for help

Washington Times ^ | October 27, 2012 | Col. Ken Allard, retired Army, is a former NBC News military analyst and author of national securit

The Benghazi debacle may yet make Mitt Romney president.

Barely 10 days before the election, the persistent whiff of scandal surrounding Barack Obama exploded into the banner headlines of a cover-up – at least among certain press outlets. Everything changed Friday afternoon with the stunning revelations by Fox News that CIA operatives defending the embattled consulate in Benghazi, Libya, called three times for emergency assistance while the attack was in progress. Each time, they were shamefully turned down. One of those defenders, Navy SEAL Tyrone Woods, was apparently able to use a laser designator to pin-point the location of the mortar that eventually killed him. It would have been an easy shot for American pilots had any been ordered to respond. Another new and critical detail: An American drone was overhead transmitting live video of the battle scene below.
Only days before, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton airily dismissed new revelations of incriminating emails, also uncovered by Fox. Yet those messages provided startling proof of how Washington decision-makers – from the Pentagon to the White House Situation Room – must have known within minutes or hours that the incident in Benghazi was 9/11.2, the second successful al Qaeda attack on American soil. They also would have known that this well-coordinated assault killed the American ambassador to Libya, as well as three other Americans who fought valiantly to save him.
With all this information – from frantic messages sent by operators on the ground to highly detailed overhead battle-scene video – who invented the asinine idea that the attack was collateral damage from a flash-mob reacting to a provocative video? The record there is incriminating......
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Obama Calls Mitt Romney a BSer? Now That’s Funny! ^ | October 28, 2012 | Doug Giles

You know what’s funny? In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Obama called Mitt Romney a “bullsh*tter” … that’s what’s funny.
Now, it’s not funny in a ha-ha sense but funny in a you-gotta-be-kidding-me sense of the word. Obama accusing Romney of bunkum? Talk about the putz calling the kettle black.
Obama’s entire life and rise to power have been nothing more than a Texas-sized stockyard of ripe and foul compost. This man makes Machiavelli look lame. Hussein trades so heavily in BS that the Oxford Dictionary has now included his last name as a synonym for bollocks. I also hear OJ take notes when Obama speaks.
In addition, I’ve learned from reliable sources that a Las Vegas-based energy company is at work now trying to convert Obama’s gaseous rhetoric, his scat-laced hollow promises and his abysmal jobs record into an alternative fuel source to light up the Strip.
So exactly what is this thing called “bullsh*t” of which Obama is a ninja? Well, you can call it BS, bull crap, or the nicer sounding Latin term “stercore tauri,” or simply bull, bull roar, bull-pucky, bovine scat, horse feathers, horse hockey, poppycock, cow dung, Chris Matthews, bollocks, gobbledygook, gibberish, humbug, fisk, nonsense, evening news, tall tale, pseudo-intellectualism, propaganda, fiction, lie, bunkum, spin, or truthiness.
Whatever you want to call it, BS can be defined as communications in which reality and truthfulness aren’t nearly as vital as the ability to manipulate the audience to get it to do whatever one wants done. And here’s where Obama rocks with the tofu-brained masses.
BS is essentially all skewed, spun, knowingly dubious, carefully framed, pretentious, misleading or vacuous statements. Now, “BS” does not necessarily have to be a complete fabrication; with only basic knowledge about a topic, BS is often used to make the audience believe that one knows far more about the topic by feigning total certainty or making probable predictions. It may also merely be “filler” or nonsense that, by virtue of its style or wording, gives the impression that it actually means something:

In popular explanations of philosophy, the word “bullsh*t” is used to denote utterances and speech acts which do not add to the meaning of the set of sentences uttered, but which are added purely to persuade goobers of the validity or importance of other utterances. The accuracy of the information is irrelevant whilst “bullsh*tting.” Whether true or false, BS is the intention to distort the information or to otherwise achieve a desirable outcome, making BS a close cousin to rhetoric as Plato conceived it (paraphrased from Harry Frankfurt’s book, On Bullsh*t).
Do you need a few examples of how Obama has piled it high, wide and deep on Americans’ noggins? You do? Check out these smelly bullet points from our innovative BSer-In-Chief from a recent email I received …
Obama’s the first President to:

- Apply for college aid as a foreign student, then deny he was a foreigner.
- Have a social security number from a state he has never lived in.
- Go on 17 lavish vacations, including date nights and Wednesday evening White House parties for his friends paid for by the taxpayer.
- Preside over a cut to the credit-rating of the United States.
- Have 22 personal servants (taxpayer funded) for his wife.
- Keep a dog trainer on retainer for $102,000 a year at taxpayer expense.
- Repeat the Holy Quran and tell us the early morning call of the Azan (Islamic call to worship) is the most beautiful sound on earth.
- Violate the War Powers Act.
- Be held in contempt of court for illegally obstructing oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.
- Defy a Federal Judge’s court order to cease implementing the Health Care Reform Law.
- Require all Americans to purchase a product from a third party.
- Spend a trillion dollars on “shovel-ready” jobs when there was no such thing as “shovel-ready” jobs.
- Abrogate bankruptcy law to turn over control of companies to his union supporters.
- Bypass Congress and implement the Dream Act through executive fiat.
- Order a secret amnesty program that stopped the deportation of illegal immigrants across the U.S., including those with criminal convictions.
- Demand a company hand over $20 billion to one of his political appointees.
- Terminate America’s ability to put a man in space.
- Arbitrarily declare an existing law unconstitutional and refuse to enforce it.
- Threaten insurance companies if they publicly speak out on the reasons for their rate increases.
- Tell a major manufacturing company in which state it is allowed to locate a factory.
- File lawsuits against the states he swore an oath to protect (AZ, WI, OH, IN).
- Withdraw an existing coal permit that had been properly issued years ago.
- Fire an inspector general of AmeriCorps for catching one of his friends in a corruption case.
- Appoint 45 czars to replace elected officials in his office.
- Golf 73 separate times in his first two and a half years in office (100+ to date).
- Hide his medical, educational and travel records.
- Win a Nobel Peace Prize for doing NOTHING to earn it.
- Go on multiple global “apology tours.”
- Take a 17-day vacation.
And Romney’s a bullsh*tter? Please. Go sell crazy somewhere else. Even Letterman called him on it this week.
A juicy whopper missing from that list is how Obama loves the woman voter and yet strangely voted “present” (read against) in ‘99 for a bill that would protect sexual assault victims from having the details of their cases revealed publicly.
And lastly—and most ghastly—regarding how Obama has lied what’s left of his backside off to we the people comes the Benghazi massacre, which keeps growing grosser, more malevolent and insidious with each passing day.
For Barack to say Romney is a bullsh*tter in light of Obama’s own weapons-grade bullsh*t is, well … bullsh*t.