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After Handing out Bonuses, Home Depot Co-Founder Scorches Dems: 'You Don't Have Any Brains'

Independent Journal Review ^ | 1/28/18 | Virginia Kruta 

In the wake of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, a number of businesses and corporations have responded by passing their savings on to their customers and employees.

Utility companies have cut rates for thousands of customers, while major corporations have announced wage increases and cash bonuses.

Home Depot was just one of many companies that chose to reward employees with bonuses — and co-founder Bernie Marcus spoke with Fox News host Neil Cavuto about the Democrats who said the bonuses and pay raises amount to “crumbs”:
“[That] is the most incredible thing I've ever heard. I really actually laughed out loud. You want to talk about somebody who is off the charts and doesn't understand reality. ... It's [Sen. Chuck] Schumer and [Rep. Nancy] Pelosi.”
Claiming that $1,000 is “more than meaningful” to the average American, Marcus clapped back at Democrats who continue to say it isn't enough:
“Corporations are not gonna open 14 buildings overnight! Come on, gimme a break! You gotta use your brains. I mean, Democrats, use your stupid brains! You don't have any brains.”
Cavuto added an important point directed at those criticizing businesses for “not doing enough” to pass their tax savings on to their employees: Those corporations are under no obligation to pass anything on to their employees and customers, and many have chosen to do so anyway.

You can watch the segment below, via Fox News.

Two DACA recipients arrested on suspicion of human smuggling

San Diego Tribune ^ 

A man who was in the United States under the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrivals program, and another man whose DACA protections had expired, were arrested on suspicion of human smuggling in two separate incidents last week, federal officials said Monday.

The DACA program gave unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the U.S. as children two-year renewable permits protecting them from deportation and allowing them to work.
In September, President Donald Trump announced the program would end in March 2018.
The first instance happened on Wednesday near Torrey Pines State Beach.
Border agents were sent to the area after a resident spotted what appeared to be a smuggling incident, federal officials said. Further investigation led agents to a vehicle suspected of being involved, which they pulled over on Interstate 5 near Dairy Mart Road about 12:10 p.m.
Three men were inside: the driver, a 20-year-old DACA recipient whose status had expired, and two Mexican nationals, ages 21 and 22, suspected of being in the country illegally.
Federal officials said the driver and his cousin, the 22-year-old passenger, told agents they had been involved in human smuggling in the area. The driver is currently in federal custody.
The second incident happened on Thursday about 8 a.m. Border Patrol agents in East County had just arrested two people on suspicion of being in the country illegally when they spotted two suspicious vehicles on Buckman Springs Road in Campo.
The agents followed one of the vehicles — a blue Honda sedan — and conducted an immigration inspection at a nearby checkpoint.
The driver — a 22-year-old Mexican national who lived in Riverside County as a DACA recipient — ultimately told agents that he and another driver were scouting the area to aid a group of smugglers, federal officials said.
The agents also learned the man had committed other acts of human smuggling, according to federal officials. The suspect, who was not identified, is in Department of Homeland Security custody awaiting removal proceedings. Agents later arrested another man, a 25-year-old United States citizen, who was also suspected in the smuggling scheme.

Why aren't the Democrats horrified by the corruption at the FBI and DOJ?

American Thinker ^ | January 29, 2018 | Patricia McCarthy 

It is becoming clearer by the day, after over a year of investigations, that the Obama administration did indeed weaponize the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA, the ATF, the IRS and the NSA. Over those eight years, each of the above agencies was transformed into an arm of the Democratic Party tasked with crippling the opposition and abrogating the Constitution.
The public has seen only a fraction of the material that, according to those who have seen it, proves higher-ups at the DOJ and FBI colluded to clear Hillary Clinton of any responsibility for her many crimes. These operatives knew she had ignored all the rules regarding classified material by having her own private server. They likely all knew the Clinton Foundation was nothing but a pay-to-play outfit to enrich the Clintons (only 6% of its funds went to charity). And this bunch still thought she was qualified to be President, this woman with a forty-year history of lying, cheating and scheming!
Are there no essential values among these persons privileged to wield power over the rest of us?
What is so distressing is that no elected Democrat, not one, has expressed shock or concern that these agencies have been so corrupted. Given what we know so far, every member of Congress and every member of the press should be equally horrified. This level of criminality should offend everyone, every citizen and every elected official. But to the left, it's just another dust-up created by those rascally Republicans. Use our law enforcement agencies to destroy a campaign and/or to bring about the impeachment of a President? "So what" seems to be the attitude on the left. The Constitution be damned.
Among these culprits, who include Obama, Hillary Clinton ...
(Excerpt) Read more at americanthinker.com ...

Democrats holding DACA 'dreamers' hostage

American Thinker ^ | 1/30/18 | Bob Weir 

Democrats are holding hostage 2 million illegal immigrants they pretend to champion. Illegal immigration continues to be a major problem for our country. The most recent challenge comes from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) issue. First, we were told there were 800,000 people covered by that description. Now, President Trump has offered Democrats a deal that more than doubles the number of people who could take advantage of a pathway to citizenship. In other words, in addition to the approximately 800k “dreamers” who have applied for DACA protection since 2012, one million more illegal immigrants could take advantage of the Trump proposal.

It means a major concession on the part of the President. In exchange for his generosity he’s requesting money to build the wall and an end to chain migration. But it seems that’s not enough for the extremist base of the Democratic Party, because they’d rather keep 2 million people in limbo in order to have the issue to use against Republicans in the 2018 elections. This whole idea of making Americans feel guilty about sending people back to their respective countries if they are here illegally is just a red herring to distract from the fact that Democrats are losing votes across the country, hence, they feel the need to import new voters. Inflammatory rhetoric from Nancy Pelosi about Trump wanting “to make America white again” is just about as low as a politician can stoop in an attempt to divide our country.
(Excerpt) Read more at americanthinker.com ...

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Monday, January 29, 2018

Barack Obama – Leader Of The Deep State Coup

Flopping Aces ^ | 01-29-18 | Daniel John Sobieski 

In any criminal investigation where the suspect is not immediately known, the first question usually asked is who would have the most to gain? As we follow the bread crumbs of the text messages of Peter Strzok and Lisa Page and await release of the House Intelligence Committee’s memo regarding the collusion between the DNC, the Hillary Clinton campaign, the DOJ and FBI to interfere with the 2016, ensure the election of Hillary and the defeat or impeachment of Donald Trump, the answer to that question is clear, one Barack Hussein Obama.
Can it be believed that as key players in the Obama administration like Strzok and Page, as well as FBI Director James Comey, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, number 4 at Justice Bruce Ohr, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and many others were liked in a vast criminal conspiracy to keep Hillary Clinton out of prison, and Donald Trump out of the White House, Barack Obama was blissfully unaware of all this? Rather, it can be plausibly argued that he was orchestrating it.
Perhaps not directly or by explicit orders but rather by discussing the threat to his legacy Trump represented with his progressive minions and then simply saying, as crime bosses throughout history have done, “You know what needs to be done. Do it.”
This scandal did not occur in a vacuum no more than did the weaponizing of the IRS to target the Tea Party and other conservative groups before Obama’s 2012 reelection campaign occur in a vacuum. The agencies under Obama’s control have been politicized before and used to intimidate and destroy his political opponents
Last September, I argued that Comey had the fix in for Hillary and we now know that he began writing his exoneration memo significantly before interviewing Hillary and other key witnesses, The exoneration memo underwent key edits in which Strzok, who interviewed Hillary and those witnesses, some who were granted immunity, was involved. But now, as the layers of this rotting onion are peeled away, it has become clearer that Comey did not act on his own initiative. This fish is also rotting from the head.
Back in April, 2016, President Obama gave an interview in which he seemed to have foreknowledge that Hillary Clinton would be exonerated for her “carelessness” and did not “intentionally” mishandle classified emails, words that Comey would use just a few months later:
President Obama said Sunday that Hillary Clinton showed “carelessness” by using a private email server, but he also strongly defended his former secretary of state, saying she did not endanger national security, while also vowing that an ongoing FBI investigation into the matter will not be tainted by politics.In an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Mr. Obama seemed to prejudge the outcome of the ongoing inquiry into Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal, and he disputed the notion that any of the emails contained classified information of true importance.
“She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy,” he said. “What I also know is that there’s classified and then there’s classified. There’s stuff that is really top secret top secret, and then there’s stuff that is being presented to the president, the secretary of state, you may not want going out over the wire.”…
“I continue to believe she has not jeopardized America’s national security,” the president said. “There’s a carelessness in terms of managing emails that she has owned and she recognizes. But I also think it is important to keep this in perspective.”
Carelessness and lack of intent were key parts of Comey’s shape-shifting memo. And we now see how Obama’s pledge that politics would not taint the investigation was a bald-faced lie. This confidence in her exoneration was shared by Mrs. Clinton, who also seemed to have foreknowledge that the fix was in:
(Excerpt) Read more at floppingaces.net ...

If Pelosi Brings Illegals to SOTU, Trump Should Bring ICE Agents

Townhall ^ | 01/29/2018 | Todd Starnes 

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and a number of other Democrats plan to fill the House gallery with illegal aliens when President Trump delivers his first State of the Union address.
ABC News reports at least 24 House Democrats plan to bring illegals — the so-called “Dreamers” — to watch the Tuesday night speech from the House gallery.
The illegal aliens will be sitting in seats that in previous years were meant for brave military heroes, law-abiding taxpayers and America’s best and brightest.
The sad truth is that Democrats would rather align themselves with foreign invaders who violated our national sovereignty, thumbed their nose at the rule of law, and pillaged and plundered taxpayer-funded resources.
And now, Pelosi has decided to turn the U.S. Capitol into a sanctuary – a safe space – for people who are living in our nation illegally.
In response, President Trump should fill the remainder of the House gallery with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.
Imagine the message he could send to the world if he directed ICE agents to arrest every illegal alien in the House chamber – live on national television.
Just last week, an angry horde of illegals stormed the office of Senator Thom Tillis (R-NC).
(Excerpt) Read more at townhall.com ...





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School Teacher Tells Students Veterans Are The 'Lowest Of The Low'

BlueLivesMatter ^ | 28 January 2018 | OfficerBlue 

The negro high school teacher and city councilman called military service members the "lowest of the low."

Pico Rivera, CA - El Rancho High School teacher Gregory Salcido, who is also a city councilman, was recorded by a student while going on an anti-military rant.

Kimberlie Flauto posted a video of the incident to Facebook on Friday, with the following message:
Help me make this go viral. My friends son was sporting his marine sweater while this liberal douche teacher rants about the military. The school is called El rancho high school in the city of pico rivera california. The teacher's name is MR. Salcido.
Here are the el rancho unified school district board members emails...
Superintendent Karling Aguilera-Fort
The video is difficult to hear at times, but in the video, Salcido can be heard saying, "Think about the people you know who are over there. Your freakin' stupid Uncle Louie or whatever. They're dumbsh***s. They're not high-level bankers. They're not academic people. They're not intellectual people. They're the freakin' lowest of the low."
He went on about how the United States doesn't have a good military because it can't beat "people in robes" or the Vietnamese who were "throwing rice at us," and the only reason we won World War 2 was because we had a bomb.
The student who recorded the video wished to remain anonymous, but said that he made the recording during a Jan. 19 history class taught by Salcido.
The student told The OC Register that his father and two uncles are Marine veterans who fought in Afghanistan, Desert Storm, and Vietnam.
(Excerpt) Read more at themaven.net ...

‘I’m All For It’: DACA Immigrants Suddenly Changing Their Tune On Trump And The Border Wall

Western Journalism ^ | Jan 27, 2018 | Chris White 

Many of the so-called Dreamers worried about their immigration status are starting to reconsider their opposition to a possible wall at the U.S.-Mexico border, according to a report Friday from the San Francisco Chronicle.
President Donald Trump’s wall at the border wouldn’t be so bad, some groups are now saying, so long as it means citizenship for the nearly 700,000 people brought into the country through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.
“If building a wall leads us to having citizenship, then I’m all for it,” Ana Rodriguez, who works at a daycare center in California, told reporters at the Chronicle. “The U.S. is what I know and that’s where I want to live my life — I want to be a part of it in full.”
Rodriguez and others like her are arguing about accepting a trade-off — giving Trump his wall in exchange for retaining DACA. The Trump administration proposed a bill earlier this month offering citizenship to 1.8 million illegal immigrants in exchange for $25 billion for a border wall.
Activist organizations have also noted that DACA recipients are making recalculations about their opposition. Marissa Montes, co-director of the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic in Los Angeles, noticed in recent weeks that they are sounding more and more likely to back a wall in exchange for citizenship.
“It’s coming from a point of exhaustion — they’ve tried everything,” Montes told reporters. “Their instinct is survival and as human beings, how much longer can they endure this? They’re ping-ponging back and forth.”


Recent polling shows Hispanics are evenly split on whether to combine a DACA deal to the building of a wall — 42 percent of Hispanics oppose it and 42 percent support it, according to the Quinnipiac poll conducted Jan. 18.
(Excerpt) Read more at westernjournal.com ...

Friday, January 19, 2018

Sushi lover’s stomach-churning discovery: a 5-foot tapeworm living inside him!

KFOR ^ | 18 Jan 2018 

(Terry Bradshaw told you it was "BAIT")

A California man is likely altering his regular sushi habit after discovering a tapeworm that may have entered his body through the raw salmon he loves so much...

...The man thought he was dying, Banh said, “Oh my goodness my guts are coming out of me,” and started pulling at the worm. Once the tapeworm moved in his hand, Banh said, instead of just being horrified, the man was also relieved to know that it wasn’t his own entrails.

(Excerpt) Read more at kfor.com ...

California AG: "We will prosecute" employers who violate sanctuary laws!

WGMD ^ | 1/19/18 | Bradford Betz 

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra warned employers Thursday of legal repercussions if they assist federal immigration officials in an impending crackdown in the sanctuary state, The Sacramento Bee reported.

Under a new state law – the Immigration Worker Protection Act – employers and businesses could face fines of up to $10,000 if they provide employee information to U.S. Immigration Customs, Becerra said.
If employers “start giving up information about their employees or access to their employees in ways that contradict our new California laws, they subject themselves to actions by my office. We will prosecute those who violate the law,” he said at a news conference.
The law prevents workers of any immigration status from being detained at workplaces. Among other stipulations, federal officials must obtain a warrant before searching a worksite and employers are required to notify their workers before a federal audit of employee records.
Becerra said the Department of Justice and the Labor Commission’s office – which hold exclusive authority over enforcement – will give “guidance” to public and private employers on their responsibilities under the new law.
The warning comes amid rumors of mass sweeps that will target illegal immigrants in Northern California. Under California’s sanctuary laws, local police are restricted from cooperating with federal immigration authorities.
Upon hearing the rumors, local jurisdictions in Northern California said they hadn’t been notified by federal officials of any impending raids.
ICE’s acting director, Thomas Homan told Fox News earlier this month, “If the politicians in California don’t want to protect their communities, then ICE will.”

Hannity tells Mueller: 'Your witch hunt is now over'

The Hill ^ | 1/18/18 | John Bowden 

Fox News host Sean Hannity declared that the "witch hunt" against President Trump headed up by special counsel Robert Mueller is "over" in the wake of a memo circulating among lawmakers that reportedly details surveillance abuses by the U.S. government.

In the monologue of his show Thursday night, Hannity said that news of the memo, which has not yet been released publicly, was a major obstacle for Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
"I have a message tonight for the special counsel, Robert Mueller," Hannity said, opening his show. "Your witch hunt is now over. Time to close the doors."
Hannity said Thursday that Fox News' sources point to the alleged abuses committed under the controversial FISA program are "far bigger" than Watergate, the scandal that brought down former President Richard Nixon.
"Our sources are telling us that the abuse of power is far bigger than Watergate," Hannity said. "Remember, Watergate was a third-rate break-in. What we're talking about tonight is the systematic abuse of power, the weaponizing of those powerful tools of intelligence and the shredding of our Fourth Amendment constitutional rights."
Hannity and other Trump supporters have long argued that the Obama administration used FISA warrants to spy on the Trump transition team and the Trump campaign, charges former members of the Obama administration have vehemently denied.
"This is far worse than Watergate. This is an abuse of surveillance and intelligence to win an election. It is a massive abuse of power, and it was all done by just a few people who think and thought they knew better than you about who should be the president of the United States," Hannity said. "It is the biggest national scandal by far in our lifetime."
"The special counsel, Robert Mueller, and his band of Democratic witch hunters never should have been appointed and they need to be disbanded immediately."
Several GOP lawmakers told Fox News earlier Thursday afternoon that the alleged abuses detailed in the four-page memo are "shocking."
“It's troubling. It is shocking,” Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.) told Fox News. “Part of me wishes that I didn't read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much.”

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Happy Armed Forces Day!

townhall.com ^   | 5/19/2018 | Tim Meads  America has been honoring members of the military currently serving by celebrating this holiday ...