Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Robert Mueller’s big catch was low-level, unpaid intern!

NY Post ^ | October 30, 2017 | Paul Sperry 

While the Russia-obsessed media self-combust, the biggest takeaway isn’t “Russia collusion,” but the revelation, buried in footnotes, that the FBI has had in its possession “high-level” Trump campaign ­e-mails since last year — and yet all investigators could get out of them is a false-statement guilty charge against a young, unpaid campaign aide.
From e-mail exchanges among “high-ranking campaign officials” examined by investigators — including Paul Manafort — there apparently has emerged no evidence of collusion or espionage by the campaign.
We can glean this from the just-unsealed indictment of George Papadopoulos, who volunteered to work on the Trump campaign’s foreign policy advisory council, which met just one time.
In the 14-page document, Robert Mueller’s prosecutors maintain that Papadopoulos, a twentysomething think-tank nerd who jumped ship from the Ben Carson campaign, met with individuals posing as Russian officials who promised dirt on Hillary Clinton.
There was nothing illegal about what Papadopoulos did. The only crime alleged in the indictment is that he lied to federal agents when they asked him about the contacts last January.
It is fairly plain from the indictment that the young campaign volunteer was trying to impress higher-ups in the campaign, perhaps with a White House assignment in mind, but was played for a sucker by con artists who approached him masquerading as Russian honchos tied to Vladimir Putin. (The contact portrayed as “Putin’s niece,” for example, turned out to be nothing of the kind.)
The initial Russia offer by Papadopoulos went nowhere, as other members of the foreign policy team rejected the suggestion, according to a Washington Post story published in August (yes, this is old news, new media huffing-and-puffing notwithstanding). But Papadopoulos persisted, e-mailing then-campaign manager Lewandowski in April 2016 that “Putin wants to host the Trump team when the time is right.”
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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Hillary, Your Party—Not the GOP—Is Imploding. Here’s Why!
Townhall.com ^ | October 29, 2017 | Arthur Schaper 

In a stunning turn of doubled-down delusion, Hillary Clinton, the twice-failed presidential candidate; the non-entity US Senator from New York; the failed First Lady whose health care proposal gave Republicans consummate control over Congress for the first time in 40 years; this Hillary Clinton said: “The Republican Party is imploding.”
Really. (Stop laughing).
Seriously, the GOP is going through Grand Old Growing pains, as President Trump made the signature issue, illegal immigration, a national concern for all, taking it out of the media spin which framed the issue as merely narrow-minded fearmongering of radical right-wing extremists. Big Business, Cheap Labor Republicans are getting the shaft, and a new generation of America First conservatives will be taking their place. Orrin Hatch has intimated he will retire, for example, and Dean Heller won’t be far behind. Not imploding, the Republicans are redefining themselves as the party for American citizens.
In contrast, the Marxist Left has taken over the Democratic Party, with an obsession toward phasing out national differences and ushering in a globalist, communistic society where everyone is "equal”. Democrats are also obsessed with race and divisive identity politics. These stark movements toward the Left are sowing the seeds of self-dissolution within the Democratic Party. Furthermore, the DNC is  pushing harder than before for amnesty and mass migration. Ultimately, they want third-world dependents to become Democratic voters, who will demand more socialism and welfare, all while undermining this great country.

Ironically, this agenda is crushing the Democratic Party’s future. Voters reject mass migration and amnesty. They bear the costs of illegal immigration, which are overrunning every public sector in the country. Taxpayers won’t tolerate funding lawbreakers while their needs as overburdened citizens remain ignored.
One liberal-leaning Republican, Andrew Sullivan, has noticed this problem among left-of-center political parties. As a liberal-leaning political advocate, he wants a more robust center-left opposition to stop the conservative Trump onslaught overtaking the Republican Party. In his cold analysis of the Democratic Party’s singular failing on immigration—The Issue That Could Lose the Next Election for Democrats—he ruefully contends that the center-left will be left behind for the long-term because of their ongoing radical views on immigration. In striking fashion, he debunks Hillary Clinton’s hilarious assertion about the Republican Party.
First, Sullivan recognizes that popular outrage against illegal immigration and mass migration have galvanized populist conservative movements around the world. No surprise there: the average citizen will not tolerate their rights, sovereignty, and resources getting robbed by globalist interests who want wealth at everyone else’s expense. Sullivan tries to offer a defense for the center-left, whom he hopes to help change: “You would think that parties of the center-left would grapple with this existential threat to their political viability. And some have.”
Actually, they haven’t. Many center-left parties around the world have lost record numbers of seats and power in state and national legislatures. They have failed to bridge the divide between pragmatic policies and their radical bases. Many of their grassroots have even moved into the Green Party or other left-wing coalitions, while working-class “Labourites” (aka Reagan Democrats) have joined center-right coalitions, since conservatives champion national identity and individual economic self-interest. The global left’s implosion describes the United States’ Democratic Party (not the GOP). The Pelosi-Schumer-Perez DNC has not shifted to the changing consensus against illegal immigration.

Sullivan’s pro-left analysis contends that Obama tried to achieve immigration reform, bridging the Radical Left grassroots (amnesty) with the Democratic Political class (enforcement). LIE. Obama was no pragmatist on immigration. He falsely claimed higher deportations because he mislabeled illegals turned away at the border as deportations. He then bypassed Congress twice with executive amnesty orders. Obama laid the foundation for the Democratic Party’s radical stance on immigration, as opposed to trying to stop it.
Sullivan slams these stances from the Democratic Party’s regarding immigration:
1. They criticize enforcement of our immigration laws. They patently refuse to recognize illegal immigration as a problem. US Senator Dianne Feinstein threw a fit about ICE detaining a child following a surgery. Where was she when Kate Steinle was murdered?
2. Democrats treat illegal alien parents like heroes and victims, but ignore veterans and vulnerable American populations like America’s homeless and the mentally ill. President Trump is addressing the opioid crisis, one exacerbated by—you guessed it, illegal immigration, specifically through drug trafficking. Where was Obama? Where are the Democrats on this pandemic?

3.  Democrats treat illegal children with special privilege. The Democratic candidate for Governor of New Jersey declared on live television that illegal youth are as American as his own children. No. They. Are. Not. What about our kids? What about Drew Rosenberg, a California college student viciously murdered by an illegal?
4. The Democratic Party has doubled down so much on amnesty and non-enforcement, no one believes their lip-service to border security. Government’s main responsibility is to protect our rights, including life, viz. securing the citizenry from all threats, both foreign and domestic.
5. Sullivan’s last indictment against the Democratic Party is searing: "[They view] any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens [as] somehow racist.”

Really. It’s offensive, stupid, and just plain false. Sullivan even mocks his liberal friends for defining borders as “racist.” While the DNC is descending into self-parody, registered Democratic voters (many of whom are immigrants) have stopped sanctuary state proposals in blue states like Delaware and Maryland.
Their next votes may fall to Republican candidates!
Supposedly, the Democratic Party believes in expanding the power of the demos, does it not? However, how do they plan on carrying out that basic mission if they undermine the very power of the people, i.e. the voter franchise, which requires a nation defined by laws, borders, and a common defense. What's next, will the Democratic Party denounce being American as racist, too?
This is how far left the Democratic Party has become, and if they don't get with the program and remember that they are a political party operating within the United States, their implosion will be immediate and irreversible.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Sebastian Gorka suggests Hillary Clinton should be tried for treason, executed over Uranium One deal

Washington Times ^ | 27 Oct 17 | Andrew Blake 

Hillary Clinton deserves being tried for treason and potentially executed, according to Sebastian Gorka, President Trump’s former deputy assistant.
Mr. Gorka made the comment during an interview Thursday evening with Fox News anchor Sean Hannity as the two discussed Mrs. Clinton’s role authorizing the sale of Canadian mining firm Uranium One to Russian state-owned nuclear company Rosatom while serving as the Obama administration’s secretary of state.
“The Russians infiltrated our national security to corner the uranium market and they succeeded, and they knew all the crimes that were committed,” Mr. Hannity said during the broadcast.
“If this had happened in the 1950s, there would be people up on treason charges right now. The Rosenbergs, OK? This is equivalent to what the Rosenbergs did and those people got the chair. Think about it. Giving away nuclear capability to our enemies, that’s what we’re talking about,” Mr. Gorka responded.
Married couple Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of espionage in 1951 for giving nuclear secrets to the Soviet Union and were executed by electric chair two years later.
(Excerpt) Read more at washingtontimes.com ...



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In Case You Missed It Dept.

Hillary Clinton continued guesting on late-night talk shows Thursday, complaining about how she lost the presidential election last year. Americans should work out a deal. The North can have Hillary and the South can have the statues, and this way everyone has a Lost Cause they can celebrate.

Antenna TV reports a surge in the number of TV viewers for the Tonight Show starring Johnny Carson re-runs. It's no secret why. The University of California just advised students that if they will watch Jimmy Kimmel all week, that's five hours of lectures they may apply to their college credits.

President Trump said Thursday he is honored by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's statement of support but Rex didn't deny NBC's claim he called Trump a moron. Last year Trump made six hundred million dollars while getting elected president. I'll trade him my IQ for his stupidity any day.

Hillary Clinton continued plugging her book What Happened on the three major network late-night talk shows last week. She's still furious she lost to Trump. No one wants to say Hillary seems a little overwrought, but she arrived at the Jimmy Fallon show on Wednesday in a slow white Bronco.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced Thursday he's rolling back Obama-era workplace special protections for trans-genders. Ordering these protections was the last president's claim to history. President Nixon put a man on the moon, and President Obama put one in the women's room.

Hollywood movie studio chief Harvey Weinstein went on leave Friday amid a torrent of sexual harassment claims reported against him. That night, Harvey walked into the bar at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills and he asked the waitress for the usual. So she brought him a restraining order.

President Trump had to deal with Hurricane Nate, which hit the Deep South Saturday. That's four hurricanes and a mass shooting in one month. However the biggest disaster of the Trump Administration is the number of really funny late-night comedians we've lost to political commentary.

Senate Democrats and anti-gun advocates debated furiously with NRA spokespeople and GOP lawmakers on cable news all weekend over anti-gun legislation. Their premise is, if we make guns illegal, nobody will get shot anymore. That's how we stopped everybody from doing drugs.

Peyton Manning's statue was unveiled at the Indianapolis Colts stadium Sunday. His family is from Mississippi, he was raised in Louisiana and starred at Tennessee. It's only a matter of time before statue protestors arrive and claim that Peyton Manning's offensive linemen were de facto slaves.

Jerry Jones announced Sunday any Dallas Cowboys player who doesn't stand for the National Anthem will be benched. It's spreading. While in line at the grocery store this morning, I dropped to one knee to tie my shoelace and everyone else in line dropped to one knee and locked arms with me.

The Drudge Report posted a poll showing that Oprah Winfrey would be a strong candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination. She'd be fun. If Oprah were president, the U.S. would lose money, then gain money, then lose money, then gain back the money and finally blame it all on bread.

Hillary Clinton waited five days after the Weinstein scandal broke before saying she's shocked and disgusted by the news of Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct. She did NOT volunteer to give back his huge donation to the Clinton Foundation. Hillary said she was shocked, not electrocuted.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced that NFL players should stand for the National Anthem Tuesday. The whole rebellion is backfiring. L.A. cop cars just replaced their sirens with the National Anthem, so that when fleeing suspects hear it, they'll drop to one knee and be easier to catch.

The NFL Players Union vowed to sue to keep players from being benched for kneeling during the Anthem. What a mess. We live in a country where taking a knee can get you benched by the Dallas Cowboys, Holy Communion in the Episcopal Church, or the female lead in a Weinstein movie.

Daily Variety says the movie industry is counting on Justice League of America and Star Wars: the Last Jedi to join Stephen King's movie It in saving the year's box office. Also the Porn Hub Studio is releasing the long-awaited sequel to Debbie Does Dallas. It's called Harvey Does Hollywood.

Lindsay Lohan was the only actress in Hollywood who was willing to publicly sympathize with disgraced sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein Wednesday. Their deal was a little different. Lindsay agreed to watch Harvey in the shower but she turned down the movie role for a gram of coke instead.

-- Argus Hamilton

Another big story is this Harvey Weinstein scandal. Today, some very serious allegations came out about his sexual misconduct. You can tell they're bad, cuz Anthony Weiner just unfriended him.

-- Jimmy Fallon

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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Think You Know How Slanted the Media Is? Read This

Townhall.com ^ | October 15, 2017 | Bruce Bialosky 

Every Republican and/or Conservative can spend hours pontificating about how the Mainstream Media (MSM) does not come close to presenting the facts fairly; it is grossly biased. That has grown exponentially since Donald Trump became president. Read this and you will not doubt the veracity of this scenario.

This tale started when Jane Eisner, editor-in-chief of the Forward (“News that matters to American Jews”), sent out an email asking for help. The Forward was founded in 1897 (formerly known as The Jewish Daily Forward). She expressed her concern as to what her publication “had done to contribute to the coarsening of our public discourse and the fracturing of civic comity.” She asked for help by “sending your thoughts.”
As a leader in the Jewish Community who has spent more than 25 years trying to enlighten what I believe are misguided Jews, I saw this as an opportunity. I wrote her to comply with her request. I started by saying “Relentlessly and viciously attacking Republicans and a sitting president, your publication has added to the coarseness of the public discourse. As a fellow journalist, I can tell you among the center/right of center, your relentless attacks on Republicans and the President makes you irrelevant. Not creditable. Dismissed out of hand.” I added some other comments, then ended with “You said you wanted feedback, well there you have it. Maybe if you had more voices like mine or Dennis Prager's you would seem a little more balanced.”
A couple of days later Ms. Eisner responded “Thank you for writing. I am interested in publishing more voices like yours. Would you like to pitch some ideas to [our opinion editor]?” I thanked her and obliged.
I thought this was a great opportunity. Certainly, I would be lambasted or ridiculed by most of the readers, but I can handle that.That comes with the territory of being a Jewish Republican. That is old hat to me. The thought is if we don’t express differing views in their venues, they will never experience anything other than the echo chamber of thoughts they read every day. I was truly excited. This is a well-read publication by the active Jewish community.
I corresponded with the opinion editor and we agreed I would write a column on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). The Forward had published typically pro-DACA columns highlighted by a Columbia University professor viciously attacking President Trump for everything except beating babies. It was a perfect issue to start with defining a difference.
I went to work. This column had to be above reproach. I knew I would be attacked. Even though I was well versed on the subject, I read everything I could, particularly the statements by the Jewish leaders. I also knew I had to kill them with kindness; no sarcastic comments (I do that sometimes) and virtually no negative terminology. There was no endorsement of President Trump nor a statement against DACA – just a rationale for taking a legal path if you want DACA to exist and supporting immigration reform.
Most of the people who read my weekly column are familiar with my style and thankfully many of you have grown to appreciate what I write each week. The idea was to make the Forward readers like what I am communicating even if they do not agree with everything I write.
I submitted the column and then waited for the editor’s response. She initially said she liked it and would get back to me. When she responded it was nothing short of stunning. A Jew had not seen this much red since Moses parted the Red Sea. She had rewritten my entire column. It did not resemble my column in fact or tone. For example, she had completely cut a brilliant quote from Andrew McCarthy about how inappropriate and wrong Obama’s comment on Trump’s action had been. Gone.
I let her know what she had done to my column was wrong and unacceptable. Her response was if I did not like it we could kill the column. She stated that the changes were for language flow and fact-checking. When I asked what facts were in question because I had everything sourced, her response was: “Ok, so just kill it?”
Not to leave something like this alone, I called her and as you can guess that went well. She made some comment that led me to remind her I have been writing columns longer than she has been alive and had never had a column completely altered like this. After some more back and forth in which she made clear she was pro-DACA (I couldn’t tell from her butchering of my column), I told her that she was not abiding by Ms. Eisner’s desire to have different voices in the Forward.
That is when she objected and told me “I have run three right-wing columnists recently. I ran Ben Shapiro; you agree he is right-wing.” When Ben ran the column on the Daily Wire it was titled Everybody’s Lying About Charlottesville. The title of the column she ran of Ben’s was Trump Isn't the Only One Lying About What Happened in Charlottesville. No wonder they ran the column. They will always run a column by the other side when they can use it to advance their own arguments. Then they will brand the writer a “high-minded” individual until they go back to deriding him.
I had high hopes for writing for the Forward. I would get their readers out of their echo chamber. Maybe even some would like what I was writing and read my columns in Townhall.com or elsewhere. The liberal press doesn’t really want its readers to consume divergent opinions because they might wise up to how they have been misled. But we must try because otherwise those poor people will live with their misguided thoughts for the rest of their lives. That is a fate worse than death.
Next week read the column that the Forward would not run.

Hillary claims there’s a “sexual assaulter” in the White House — INSTANTLY regrets it

Allen B. West ^ | 10/14/2017 | Matt Palumbo 

After waiting a week to address the sexual assault allegations against Democrat mega-donor Harvey Weinstein, Hillary Clinton decided to politicize the explosive allegations.
How, you might wonder? Given that Hillary spoke highly of the man, took millions of dollars fron him, and was pictured with him on countless occasions, you’d think it would be hard for her to spin the controversy. But don’t underestimate how creative a woman who has blamed a total of ten million different causes on her presidential defeat (OK – I’m exaggerating, but not much), and still can’t figure out “what happened.”
Rather than do anything meaningful with the money that she’s received from Weinstein over the years, she said on CNN that “I give 10 percent of my income to charity every year, this will be part of that.” She actually is telling the truth, by the way, but there’s a catch. Her 2015 tax returns did show that she and Bill donated 9.8 percent of their income to charity, nearly all of which was to the Clinton Foundation, which is a pretty smart way to reduce your taxable income by simply moving it from one pocket to another.
And then, making things political, she said in a separate interview with the BBC that “This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment [or] politics. After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office. There has to be a recognition that we must stand against the kind of action that is so sexist and misogynistic.”
That’s rich, given who her husband is, and former Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski was quick to fire back against the remark.
(Excerpt) Read more at allenwest.com ...

Trump doesn’t owe Obama anything!

NY Post ^ | October 14, 2017 | Michael Goodwin 

Not much is happening in Washington these days. Just more of the same as President Trump continues to change or scrap the policies of the previous president and the media responds by insisting each time that the sky is falling.
It’s nine months into the administration, and there is no rest for the hair-on-fire coverage. Whether it’s Trump’s move to make changes to NAFTA, decertify the Iran deal, eliminate some ObamaCare rules or cut taxes, each is greeted with a collective howl of outrage.
Every report is a parade of horrors that celebrates critics as truth-telling prophets. All the code words about cruelty to the poor and benefits for the rich are trotted out, capped with warnings about race and gender impacts.
The hyperbolic language is designed to stoke partisan fear and rally the resistance. “Sabotage” is how The New York Times editorial page described the president’s changes to ObamaCare (paywall), and it accused Trump of intentionally harming millions of people. Imagine that.
And so it goes, day after day, issue after issue. Stripped of policy fig leaves, the media reaction amounts to, “You can’t do that! That’s not how Barack Obama did it!”
See, the newcomer isn’t welcome to the neighborhood. The White House and the presidency still belong to Obama. And whatever Obama did was right, so any changes are wrong.
Never mind that unemployment is at a 17-year low and the stock market is at historic highs, or that it’s boom times for consumer and business sentiment. The economic recovery is going global, but Trump, we are assured, deserves zero credit.
The knee-jerk anti-Trump coverage shows that the media didn’t learn anything from its biased performance during the 2016 campaign. It’s still shilling for Democrats, with the left’s political talking points echoed in headlines, articles and broadcasts.
(Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com ...

Saturday, October 14, 2017

JW Forces FBI to Admit to New Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Docs

Judicial Watch ^ | October 13, 2017 | Tom Fitton 

FBI Finds 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents 
A Spy Ring in the U.S. House of Representatives? 
Sanctuary Cities Released Illegals with Assault, Drug, and Weapon Charges

FBI Finds 30 Pages of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meeting Documents

Who is running the store at the FBI!?
First the FBI told us it had no documents related to the infamous tarmac meeting between former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former President Bill Clinton.
But now the FBI just told us that the FBI located 30 pages of documents related to the June 27, 2016, meeting, and it proposes that it produce non-exempt material no later than November 30, 2017.
This is in response to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit ( Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of Justice (No. 1:16-cv-02046)) filed after the Justice Department failed to comply with a July 7, 2016, FOIA request seeking the following:
  • All FD-302 forms prepared pursuant to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s investigation of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server during her tenure.
  • All records of communications between any agent, employee, or representative of the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding, concerning, or related to the aforementioned investigation. This request includes, but is not limited to, any related communications with any official, employee, or representative of the Department of Justice, the Executive Office of the President, the Democratic National Committee, and/or the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.
  • All records related to the meeting between Attorney General Lynch and former President Bill Clinton on June 27, 2016.
The FBI originally informed us that it didn’t locate any records related to the tarmac meeting. However, in a related case , the Justice Department located emails in which Justice Department officials wrote that they had communicated with the FBI. As a result, by letter dated August 10, 2017, the FBI told us: “Upon further review, we subsequently determined potentially responsive documents may exist. As a result, your [FOIA] request has been reopened …”
Well, well.
(Surprisingly, the Trump Justice Department refuses to disclose the talking points developed by the Obama Justice Department to help it respond to press inquiries about the controversial June 27, 2016, tarmac meeting between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.)
On June 27, 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately with former President Bill Clinton on board a parked private plane at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona. The meeting occurred during the then-ongoing investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server, and mere hours before the Benghazi report was released publicly involving both Mrs. Clinton and the Obama administration. We filed a request on June 30 that the U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General investigate that meeting.
The FBI is out of control. It is stunning that the FBI “found” these Clinton-Lynch tarmac records only after we caught the agency hiding them in another lawsuit. We will continue to press for answers about the FBI’s document games in court. In the meantime, the FBI should stop the stonewall and release these new records immediately.
This case has also forced the FBI to release to the public the FBI’s Clinton investigative file, although more than half of the records remain withheld. The FBI has also told us that it anticipates completing the processing of these materials by July 2018.
There is significant controversy about whether the FBI and Obama Justice Department investigation gave Clinton and other witnesses and potential targets preferential treatment.
The Obama administration extended numerous immunity agreements, including: Clinton’s former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills; John Bentel, former director of the State Department’s Office of Information Resources Management; Heather Samuelson, Clinton’s executive assistant; Brian Pagliano, an IT employee at the State Department who serviced the Clinton non-government server; and an employee at Platt River Networks, the company that maintained it. It is not clear whether Hillary Clinton received some type of immunity.
In 2015, a political action committee run by McAuliffe, a close friend and political supporter of Bill and Hillary Clinton, donated nearly $500,000 to Jill McCabe, wife of McCabe, who was then running for the Virginia State Senate. Also, the Virginia Democratic Party, over which McAuliffe had significant influence, donated an additional $207,788 to the Jill McCabe campaign. In July 2015, Andrew McCabe was in charge of the FBI’s Washington, DC, field office, which provided personnel resources to the Clinton email probe. Judicial Watch has several lawsuits about this McCabe/FBI/Clinton scandal.
We’ll be sure to report back to you when we get the new documents.

A Spy Ring in the U.S. House of Representatives?


Moscow on the Hudson – The Left’s Infiltration of West Point

US Defense Watch ^ | October 13, 2017 | Ray Starmann 

The United States Military Academy is being infiltrated and attacked by radical leftists, feminists and Islamists who are on a mission to transform West Point into a bastion of anti-American doctrine, feminist theology and Islamo-Marxist operations, just as they transformed the US Army into a leftist freak show in the last two decades.

The Long Gray Line is quickly becoming nothing more than an undisciplined, insubordinate mass of brainwashed, entitled social justice warriors more focused on the LGBT agenda and diversity than they are about putting cold steel down range.
After a summer of endless Navy misadventures and collisions at sea, that made McHale’s Navy look like a highly skilled U-Boot Wolf Pack, the focus switched to another service decimated by the Kenyan Commander in Chief, the US Army.
Over two weeks ago, the story of US Army Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone crackled through the media like a three alarm conflagration. Rapone, a former enlisted man was kicked out of the 75th Ranger Regiment, but then managed to finagle an appointment to West Point and subsequently graduate from the Academy, before being assigned to the 10th Mountain Division as a platoon leader. Rapone is a devout communist, a supporter of Antifa, a Che Guevara acolyte, who has called for violence and the sabotage of the US military on various online platforms, while referring to the Secretary of Defense as a vile f**k.
It was also learned that Rapone’s instructors and other cadre and administrators at West Point knew about Rapone’s devotion to a political ideology responsible for the deaths of 100 million souls in the 20th Century.
Yet, nothing was done to Rapone. In fact, his actions were defended by his Islamist professor, Rasheed Hoseini, a former professor, Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Sean Cleveland, who now teaches at the Citadel and several students; one, a female artillery officer stationed at Fort Carson who essentially said Rapone’s Marxist-Leninism was known to everyone, no big deal and old vets needed to just shut up and let the army’s SJW’s win the day.
Nothing to see here America. Move on…
Apparently, Comrade Lieutenant Rapone is under investigation by the US Army. He will receive the due process his communist heroes would never have provided him.
Rapone’s story was just the frosting on the cake according to Lieutenant-Colonel (Ret.) Robert Heffington, a 1997 graduate of West Point, and a former instructor there from 2006-2009 and 2013-2017, who had a run in with an extremely insubordinate Cadet Rapone in 2015 and who reported his conduct and communist ideology to West Point administrators who did nothing in response.
Colonel Heffington penned an open letter this week concerning the many problems pervading the whole institution, from general apathy, to coddling of cadets, to leftist indoctrination.
Heffington highlights some main points:
“First and foremost, standards at West Point are nonexistent. They exist on paper, but nowhere else. The senior administration at West Point inexplicably refuses to enforce West Point’s publicly touted high standards on cadets, and, having picked up on this, cadets refuse to enforce standards on each other. The Superintendent refuses to enforce admissions standards or the cadet Honor Code, the Dean refuses to enforce academic standards, and the Commandant refuses to enforce standards of conduct and discipline.”
“The cadet honor code has become a laughingstock. Cadets know they will not be separated for violating it, and thus they do so on a daily basis. Moreover, since they refuse to enforce standards on each other and police their own ranks, cadets will rarely find a cadet at an honor hearing despite overwhelming evidence that a violation has occurred. This in tum has caused the staff and faculty to give up even reporting honor incidents. To make matters worse, the senior leadership at West Point actively discourages staff and faculty from reporting honor violations.”
“Academic standards are also nonexistent. I believe this trend started approximately ten years ago, and it has continued to get worse. West Point has stated standards for academic expectations and performance, but they are ignored. Cadets routinely fail multiple classes and they are not separated at the end-of-semester Academic Boards. Their professors recommend “Definitely Separate,” but those recommendations are totally disregarded.”
“The plebe American History course has been revamped to focus completely on race and on the narrative that America is founded solely on a history of racial oppression. Cadets derisively call it the “I Hate America Course.” Simultaneously, the plebe International History course now focuses on gender to the exclusion of many other important themes. On the other hand, an entire semester of military history was recently deleted from the curriculum (at West Point!).”
“Conduct and disciplinary standards are in perhaps the worst shape of all. Cadets are jaded, cynical, arrogant, and entitled. They routinely talk back to and snap at their instructors (military and civilian alike), challenge authority, and openly refuse to follow regulations. They are allowed to wear civilian clothes in almost any arena outside the classroom, and they flaunt that privilege. Some arrive to class unshaven, in need of haircuts, and with uniforms that look so ridiculously bad that, at times, I could not believe I was even looking at a West Point cadet. However, if a staff or faculty member attempts to correct the cadet in question, that staff/faculty member is sure to be reprimanded for “harassing cadets.”
“This brings me to the case of now-2LT Spenser Rapone. It is not at all surprising that the Academy turned a blind eye to his behavior and to his very public hatred of West Point, the Army, and this nation. I knew at the time I wrote that sworn statement in 2015 that he would go on to graduate.”
Rapone was allowed to graduate because the left-leaning administrators didn’t want to do anything to him. Just as nothing was done about the 16 African-American female cadets last year who decided to pose for a picture in uniform, while giving the black power salute. The female cadets were supposedly protesting how oppressed they are while attending the equivalent of an Ivy League college for free. Imagine all those racist, white nationalist men oppressing African-American female cadets by opening doors to a wonderful future for them.
The curriculum calls for hating America, why wouldn’t the cadets also exhibit behavior hating the nation they serve as well?
The women should have been charged with conduct unbecoming, but the whole subject was swept under the same rug with Rapone’s Leninist behavior. After all, the women represented the Marxist, Black Lives Matter values of some professors.
Radical Islamist professors, communist cadets, professors who see nothing wrong with a cadet being a communist, cadets who idolize Black Lives Matter, apathetic, gutless administrators, cowardly instructors: West Point should heretofore be referred to as Moscow on the Hudson.
Goodbye Ike, hello Markus Wolf.
West Point no longer resembles West Point anymore, but rather some Santa Monica day school, concerned about nurturing children, where the teachers are all season ticket holders to the Bill Maher Show and card-carrying members of the Democratic Socialists of America.
Duty, Honor and Country are anachronistic terms to the left. To the left, American values, American honor, American exceptionalism and American culture must be destroyed and replaced by some vile vestige of rotting Orwellian globalism.
Sadly, West Point is indicative of the whole US military, which in 2017 is stocked with feminists, leftists and social justice warriors. Anyone who doesn’t support gays and transgenders on active duty and women in the Green Berets is looked upon as some type of Neanderthal.
What’s happening at West Point is what’s happening to the army and every other service. The left is using the military as a vehicle for pushing their warped ethics and values.
Leftist radicals are putting the country in peril. It’s time for a purge in the military to begin before the inevitable takes place, the inevitable defined as the US military getting its ass kicked in the air, on land and on the high seas.
West Point must return to its old standards and it must have instructors and a curriculum which glorify the US military and America, not spit on it. The army and the US military as a whole must begin to RIF the perfumed princes, the SJW’s, the feminists, the radicals and anyone else who doesn’t understand what the mission of the US Army and the military is – to kill people and break things and to do it violently and swiftly.

Happy Armed Forces Day!

townhall.com ^   | 5/19/2018 | Tim Meads  America has been honoring members of the military currently serving by celebrating this holiday ...