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HRC Targets Little Kids With Homosexual Indoctrination

American Clarion ^ | December 31, 2014 | Gina Miller 

It’s bad enough that radical homosexualists are targeting Christian businesses, state laws protecting marriage and other “grown up” institutions, but what’s worse is that this evil movement has in its twisted cross-hairs your little children in public schools, children who are too young to be introduced to sex lessons, much less the perverse, abominable concept of homosexual behavior. Brian Camenker of MassResistance has released a report about the militant homosexual advocacy group, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), and its degenerate offensive of pro-homosexual indoctrination of school kids all across the nation.

In the report, “Major corporations funding 'gay' indoctrination in elementary schools across America. See video example,” Brian writes:

It’s every parent’s nightmare, but true: Major U.S. corporations are funding a campaign of sophisticated, psychologically intrusive “gay” indoctrination programs targeting very young children in elementary schools across America. It’s part of a very well-planned and well-funded effort to reach children as young as possible without their parents’ intervention.

The national program, called “Welcoming Schools”, skillfully works on the minds of young children in three ways:

(1) Introducing the concept of homosexuality to children.

(2) Telling them that homosexuality is normal and natural.

(3) Telling them that their parents or friends who portray homosexuality in a less than positive way are bad people – intolerant, bigoted, etc.

… Among the vehicles they use to bring this into the schools are the “anti-bullying” laws which the national LGBT movement lobbied heavily for in states across the country over the last several years. As MassResistance warned at the time these laws, which were largely written and/or influenced by LGBT groups, invariably have little to do with legitimate anti-bullying behavioral science. Instead they require schools to provide LGBT “diversity training” and mete out punishment for “anti-gay” opinions or discussion.

Not surprisingly, nothing is said to kids about the extensive medical and psychological dangers of homosexual behavior, including a range of diseases, addictions, domestic violence, and other social pathologies.

Brian’s report details the sickening fact that major corporations are donating massive amounts of money to the despicable HRC and its aggressive efforts to warp the minds of our nation’s children, as well as spread the tyrannical homosexualist program all across America. Some of the companies and brands that are bowing at the hijacked-rainbow altar of the HRC include Macy’s, Pepsico, Whirlpool, Goldman Sachs, Hershey, Microsoft, American Airlines, Apple, Morgan Stanley, Shell, CVS Health, Staples, Merck, Northrop Grumman, Coca-Cola, Google, IBM, BP, MGM Resorts, Showtime, Lexus, Citi, Dell, Symantec and many more.

To see corporate America paying tribute to the diabolical homosexualist movement is gut-wrenching. I wonder how many leaders of these companies understand that HRC perverts are targeting little kids with their evil lies that bury the truth about the dangerous, immoral homosexual lifestyle. These people are working like devils to commandeer the minds of young children in the United States, to infuse support and a positive view of homosexual behavior, to regard it as “normal.” That’s what this public school program of the HRC is all about, to capture the affinity of the next generation in order to squash moral objection to the infamous crime against nature.

From the HRC’s “Welcoming Schools: Experts in Your Area Page” is this:

Welcoming Schools staff and consultants are working all over the country to help elementary schools take a systemic approach to be inclusive of all kinds of diversity, including students with LGBT parents and students who are gender creative.

Gender creative? There is truly no end to the deceptive language these people will employ to disguise the reality of their lunacy. Nevertheless, this page illustrates the spread of the HRC’s child-targeting tentacles into every area of the nation. Their “experts” are ready to help impose poisonous “diversity” on your school district, whether you like it or not. Another page from the site proudly declares that HRC’s “Welcoming Schools” provides “professional development tools” and “lessons aligned with the Common Core State Standards.” Great.

We must remember that the very freedoms of American citizens are targets of the radical homosexualists, and specifically, Christianity and its free expression. As I have said before, the outlawing of Christianity is one of the chief goals of this movement, because Christians are among the very few who are willing to stand in moral opposition to the wicked agenda of the sodomites. Because of that pesky Constitution, they can’t yet come right out and outlaw the following of Jesus in the public square, so they are working to accomplish the same thing by using homosexual activists as tools to push for “non-discrimination” laws and to abolish the meaning of marriage. When they destroy marriage, it will ultimately become illegal to refuse to accommodate the grotesque sodomite parody of marriage in any way. Between that and “non-discrimination” laws that will make it illegal to, say, take a pass on hiring a man who insists on dressing like a woman, they will effectively outlaw any act of conscientious objection to all aspects of in-your-face sexual perversion. There goes your freedom of conscience and your freedom to live your Christianity openly.

These are serious dangers to our free Republic, and while we must resist this hell-born movement, we must also do what we can to shield our children in the public schools from the diabolical indoctrination of these agents of darkness. We can also let the corporate dupes who fund the devilry of the HRC know what we think of their complicity in pumping homosexualist poison into the minds and hearts of our nation’s kids.

Ted Cruz Is Strong for 2016

NewsMax ^ | Tuesday, 30 Dec 2014 08:30 AM | Saul Anuzis 

For 2016, Republicans are understandably worried about Hillary Clinton’s massive political machine and finding the right candidate to win the White House.
But Republicans are fortunate in the high caliber of the pool of candidates when it comes to a potential nominee. The national swelling ranks of successful governors and national leaders from various backgrounds present us with some great options.

Ted Cruz leads the best of the best. Cruz would not only make a great president but would also be the best and strongest option to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton in 2016 is the most invincible political force since Hillary Clinton in 2008, as they said then and now say again. Undoubtedly, she is, and will be, a formidable candidate whose chameleon-style campaign will be attractive to many and dangerous to our country.

Ted Cruz has the ability to build and attract a coalition that will be vibrant beyond just expanding our grass-roots conservative turnout.

Cruz is a leader who is not afraid to stand on principle, speak out for what he believes and ruffle more than a few feathers when it comes time to standing up and fighting for the future of our Republic and everything that has made America the greatest country in the history of mankind.

He’s the candidate many in the mainstream media and Washington chattering class love to hate. He is demonized by many while revered by so many more throughout the heartland of America. He speaks his mind, stands his ground and is willing to fight the fight.
Cruz is grounded by a loving family, his Christian faith, his conservative principles and a moral compass that is all too often lacking in political life.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

CO2 helps rainforests grow faster: Study shows trees absorb more greenhouse gas than expected!

Daily Mail ^ | December 30, 2014 | Richard Gray 

Full title: Carbon dioxide emissions help tropical rainforests grow faster: Study shows trees absorb more greenhouse gas than expected
Tropical forests are growing faster than scientists thought due to rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
A Nasa-led study has found that tropical forests are absorbing 1.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide every year as they photosynthesise and grow.
And this is far more than is absorbed by the vast areas of boreal forest that encircle the Arctic.
As emissions add more carbon dioxide to the atmosphere, forests worldwide are using it to grow faster.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...
"Carbon dioxide is plant food? I am shocked!" 

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You Don't Need A Weatherman To Know Which Way The Wind Blows

Students For A Democratic Society ^ | Jun 18, 1969

by Karin Asbley, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, John Jacobs, Jeff Jones, Gerry Long, Home Machtinger, Jim Mellen, Terry Robbins, Mark Rudd and Steve Tappis

I. International Revolution
The contradiction between the revolutionary peoples of Asia, Africa and Latin America and the imperialists headed by the United States is the principal contradiction in the contemporary world. The development of this contradiction is promoting the struggle of the people of the whole world against US imperialism and its lackeys.
II. What Is The Black Colony-
Not every colony of people oppressed by imperialism lies outside the boundaries of the US. Black people within North America, brought here 400 years ago as slaves and whose labor, as slaves, built this country, are an internal colony within the confines of the oppressor nation.
III. The Struggle For Socialist Self-Determination
The struggle of black people— as a colony— is for self-determination, freedom, and liberation from US imperialism.
IV. Black Liberation Means Revolution
What is the relationship of the struggle for black self-determination to the whole worldwide revolution to defeat US imperialism and internationalize its resources toward the goal of creating a classless world- No black self-determination could be won which would not result in a victory for the international revolution as a whole.
V. Anti-Imperialist Revolution And The United Front
Since the strategy for defeating imperialism in semi-feudal colonies has two stages, the new democratic stage of a united front to throw out imperialism and then the socialist stage, some people suggest two stages for the US too— one to stop imperialism, the anti-imperialist stage, and another to achieve the dictatorship of the proletariat, the socialist stage.
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Revolution Communist Party Providing Ferguson Protest Signs Across The Country

Gateway Pundit ^ | December 29, 2014 | Mara Zebest 

Many of the signs being carried by the protesters of the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” and “I Can’t Breathe” thugs are printed by RevCom (seen printed at the bottom of many of their signs). A quick investigation reveals that “RevCom” is shorthand for “Revolution Communists” with connections to Weather Underground.
How odd… almost like the connection between Obama and Bill Ayers… huh?

Right Wing News reports the following:
I wrote an article over the weekend on the agitators behind the New York protests and cop killings. Part of that article mentioned the gang which NYPD cop killer, Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, may have belonged to, the Black Guerilla Family. This gang is allied with US Leftist groups and worked as an ideological partner with Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground terrorist organization. The Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) is also directly connected to the Weather Underground and is providing protest signs across the nation. They are for revolution, not peaceful protests.
Read more here.
The Independent Sentinel also reports:
If you were watching the news broadcasts about the protests in New York City, you undoubtedly saw many people carrying signs reflecting their beliefs. But wait. The people holding those signs don’t look even barely capable of having printed the signs themselves, so you might wonder who the sponsor of the rally could be. Who furnished the signs?
Well, on the bottom of the signs is the name of the sponsor:
So, if you’re at all curious, just click right here on and see who provided those spiffy signs those idiots are holding up. It’ll only take a second.
And MORE HERE that connects Obama and De Blasio to the Revolution Communists.

Investing in the ObamaFund; Treasury rolls out a new savings plan without a Congressional vote. ^ | 12/29/14 

EXCERPT—--the WH wants you to consider a retirement plan that will invest in nothing but US government debt. Any financial professional who advised this—would be sued for malpractice. But asset allocation is merely one of the problems with the new “myRA” fund rolling out this month.
A form of Roth IRA that allows people to save after-tax dollars and watch them grow tax-free until retirement, the new myRA offers a single investment option. It’s a private version of the G Fund that is available to federal workers and has lately been delivering annual returns of about 2% on its portfolio of Treasury securities.
Readers will recall Obama’s announcement in January’s SOTU address.....said he would direct the Treasury to create this new retirement plan, which was puzzling because such plans are normally created by law, not Presidential order. Treasury is now offering the accounts and has hired Texas-based Comerica to manage them with a partner -----Fidelity National Information Services. But the executive branch received no new authority from Congress to launch the program.
Treasury is funding the program out of its "Bureau of the Fiscal Service" budget...... an assertion that existing law allows this part of the Treasury to hire financial agents as part of its mission to efficiently finance the federal government.
The subsidies are likely to be small at first, but the history of government programs is that they expand over time......if such a subsidy scheme can be enacted administratively, does anyone think this will be the last time such power is exercised? New investors should be encouraged to consider ways to build wealth beyond simply lending money to the feds. And if politicians want taxpayers to support another retirement program, they should do so through law, not White House whim.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

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