Friday, July 14, 2017

Trump Jr.'s Email: Want to Talk about Treason? Okay...

American ^ | July 14, 2017 | Selwyn Duke 

The obsession with Donald Trump Jr.’s “Russian” email chain is just the latest example of what the Media/Democrat Party/Establishment Axis does best: engage in misdirection to confuse people about who America’s real enemies are.
Now, since the emails are currently Exhibit A in Trump treason allegations, let’s talk about treason. No, we don’t have to go back to when Senator Ted Kennedy secretly approached the murderous Soviets and asked for help defeating Ronald Reagan in 1984. That’s too old and too obvious. But try this on for size.
We’ve now learned that U.S. soldier Ikaika Erik Kang, just arrested for Islamic State ties, expressed allegiance to the group as early as 2011, which is a bit like a serviceman having expressed support for the Nazis during WWII. Instead of being immediately put in the stockade, however, Barack Obama’s military and FBI, the Daily Mail reports, “investigated to determine whether he posed a threat, authorities said.”
They must have still been wondering in 2013, because that’s when they gave Kang back his security clearance after having revoked it the year before.
This clearly was part of the leftist Obama mentality that sought to elevate anything contrary to Americanism. It didn’t matter that Kang had already threatened “to hurt or kill other service members back in 2011,” as the Mail relates it. It doesn’t matter that he could have been the next Major Nidal Hasan, who killed 13 at Ford Hood in 2009 after he, too, expressed jihadist sentiments but wasn’t stopped. Hey, if you want to make an omelet, you have to break a few eggs.
Some will point out that the Left’s enabling of intra-military jihad isn’t, technically speaking, treason. That’s true. Neither is what Trump Jr. did, with experts saying it wasn’t illegal.
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Democrats' Real Collusion With Russia Somehow Lost In Media's Hysterical Anti-Trump Campaign

Investor's Business Daily ^ | 7/13/2017 | Staff 

Russia Collusion: If there is bipartisan agreement on anything these days, it is that Donald Trump Jr. was foolish to have met with someone who represented herself as someone with ties to the Russian government in order to get some dirt on Hillary Clinton. But the hypocritical and selective outrage of the Democrats in attacking the younger Trump is mind-boggling.
Let's put what young Donald did into perspective: He and Trump campaign official Paul Manafort met for 20 minutes with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, who Trump thought could help his father's campaign by dishing dirt on his opponent. He got exactly nothing, except a lecture about U.S. sanctions against Russia. Nothing was exchanged, as far as anyone knows. A one-off meeting that led to nothing other than more anti-Trump Democratic hysteria.
Now, for the Democrats.
It's an unfortunate and well-documented truth that the Democratic Party and its allies have for years fallen all over themselves actually colluding not just with Russia, but with its predecessor, the Soviet Union, which truly was an Evil Empire and a sworn enemy of the U.S. They've neither acknowledged it nor appear to feel that it's in any way a problem. And now they act shocked — shocked! — a Republican dared to speak to a Russian.
To see the hypocrisy inherent in this requires just a few recent examples. These are by no means exhaustive; there are many, many more.
Hillary Clinton: President Trump's 2016 foe, Hillary Clinton, presented her Russian counterpart with a famous gag "reset button." It was supposed to represent a new era in U.S.-Russian ties.
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