Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Charlie Daniels and his Fiddle make an appearance at Karen Handel's Victory Party

The Dems went down to Georgia
They was looking for a seat to steal
They were in a bind, 'cause they were way behind
They were willing to make a deal
When they came across this young man
From the next district over
and quite the schmuck
They put him up on a hickory stump
Gave him 30 million bucks

The boy said, "My name's Jonny and it might be a sin
But I'll take your cash
And your dreams will crash
'cause there's no way in hell I'll win"

Why Your Kids Hate Capitalism

THE CRUX ^ | June 20, 2017 | Alexander Green 

From Alexander Green, Chief Investment Strategist, The Oxford Club:
Equity investors rarely stop to think about it, but the stock market is the essence of capitalism: the private ownership of the means of production. With very little money and a quick phone call – or a click of the mouse – you can own a fractional interest in any of thousands of the nation’s most profitable businesses.

The system is fair too.

You will pay (and receive) no more or less for your shares than the wealthy do. And thanks to technology and market liquidity, commissions and spreads are now negligible.
If you own Microsoft (MSFT), for instance, your investment returns in the years ahead will be identical to those of the world’s richest man, Bill Gates. (Sure, he may own a few more shares than you do. But your percentage returns will be the same.)
Given the many benefits of capitalism, I was surprised when a survey by the Institute of Politics at Harvard showed that the majority of Americans between 18 and 29 do not support the free-market system that underpins our economy.
A full one-third said they preferred socialism. The question, of course, is “why?”
I began polling friends and colleagues to get their views.
Some insisted that too many young people have not been raised to be responsible, productive adults. They were on the dole from the day they were born. Their helicopter parents did most things for them. And they grew up with a sincere belief that “everyone gets a trophy.” (For more on this subject, you might read Senator Ben Sasse’s new book The Vanishing American Adult.)
Others said their kids don’t understand that capitalism is a profit and loss system. When companies fail – as many do eventually – it causes economic disruption for employees (not to mention investors).
It’s unsettling to find yourself suddenly out of a job. We all prefer economic security to anxiety and uncertainty.
Unfortunately, that’s not how modern economies work. In our globally competitive world, most workers today will hold not just multiple positions over a lifetime, but also will work in multiple industries. And sometimes job skills don’t transfer easily.
Others said that anti-capitalist attitudes are all their kids have ever been taught. They graduated from high school without even a basic understanding of compound interest, adjustable-rate mortgages, 401(k)s or why we have a stock market.
Then they enrolled in institutes of higher learning where their professors explained that we live in an unfortunate economic system – based on greed, selfishness and exploitation – that allows a few to benefit at the expense of the many.
It’s not just the anti-business ideology that is hurting them…
The Wall Street Journal just reviewed the latest results at some of the most prestigious universities in the country and found that college kids are graduating without basic critical thinking skills. At more than half of schools, a third of seniors were unable to interpret data in a table, assess the quality of evidence in a document or make a cohesive argument. As a result, many companies today are struggling to find qualified workers.
It’s a shock to kids who spent a small fortune getting a degree in bitterness studies to find that what prospective employers really want is analytical reasoning and problem-solving skills. They don’t have them. What they do have is tens of thousands of dollars in student loans. That’s not a good way to start off in life…
Capitalism, however, is not the problem.
The free market creates jobs, lifts people out of poverty, and meets virtually all of our wants and needs. (It also creates investment opportunities inside and outside the financial markets.)
Capitalism promises that you can have anything you want if you just provide enough other people with what they want.
Unlike government, business is about freedom and individual choice, not coercion. If you don’t like a particular company or its policies, you don’t have to work for it, sell to it, buy from it or own its shares.
Businesses focused solely on short-term profits don’t last long. If you cut corners on quality, your customers will leave. If you bargain with suppliers too hard, they won’t trade with you. If you undervalue your key employees, they will take their talents elsewhere. It is in the best interests of business owners to make sure all stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers and communities – are satisfied.
Now here’s a newsflash: Businesses are run by fallible human beings.
Sometimes they make mistakes, breach contracts, use poor judgment, harm individuals or damage the environment. When they do, the transgressors should be punished.
But that doesn’t make capitalism wrong any more than democracy is wrong when a congressman is found to have stacks of $100 bills in his refrigerator.
The majority of wealthy Americans achieved their affluence not by inheritance or real estate speculation, but by owning a profitable business. Most of us don’t have the time, the investment capital or the experience necessary to found and run a successful company, but we can still own a piece of one through the stock market.
And owning a piece of a firm is a whole lot easier than running one. You don’t have to sign personal guarantees, hire or fire employees, grapple with an avalanche of federal mandates and regulations, pay lawyers and accountants, or even show up for work. How great is that?
Capitalism drives innovation. It creates prosperity. It raises our standard of living. And it improves our quality of life. If your kids don’t understand this, do them a favor.
Tell them. Good investing, Alex

Liberals Went Down to Georgia, They We’re Lookin’ for an Election to Steal…

US Defense Watch ^ | June 20, 2017 | Ray Starmann 

Liberals were in a bind, they were way behind, they were willin’ to make a deal…
The Democrats; the party of Madonna who wants to blow up the White House, the party of Ashley Judd, the nasty woman, the party of violence, the party of denial, the party of real collusion with Russia, went down like Jerry Quarry, in the Georgia Special Election tonight.
Republican candidate, Karen Handel, soundly defeated Justin Trudeau wannabe, scruff ball hipster and barista lookalike, Jon Ossoff, 52.7 to 47.3 percent.
The election results tonight are what you call in the military, a catastrophic kill. In Georgia, it’s just a good ole ass stompin’.
Mr. Ossoff was the Democrats’ Great Liberal Hope, to capture a Republican seat in a sea of steadfast, rock-ribbed Republicans in suburban Atlanta. The Democrats assumed that soccer moms, disgusted with Trump’s late night tweets, Don Draper-esque comments and populist ideals would come out in droves of SUV’s to vote for Mr. Ossoff.
As a wise old drill sergeant once told me, ‘Assumptions are the mother of all foul ups.”
While Ossoff was pushed as the cool guy on campus who would woo young voters and women, he was, at the end of the day, just another toxic liberal. He supports Obamacare, open borders, raising the minimum wage, raising taxes and continuing federal funding of Planned Parenthood.
The Democratic Party establishment and Hollywood had their eyes on Jon Ossoff from the beginning. In the most expensive congressional election in history, 50 million dollars was siphoned into Ossoff’s candidacy.
Truth be told, the Democrats could have pumped in 50 billion dollars to try and buy a congressional seat in a Southern suburb, it wouldn’t have made a difference.
Tonight’s elections in Georgia and South Carolina, where the GOP secured two victories, were a major referendum on President Trump and his policies. America spoke once again. They believe in Mr. Trump and want him to Make America Great Again. They aren’t buying the lies spit out to the American public by the masters of deceit in the liberal, mainstream media.
The Democrats have learned nothing from the 2016 election. They continue to propagate a series of lies which are supposed to explain why they went down with the ship last November. It was Russia’s fault. Trump colluded with Putin. Trump obstructed justice; yada, yada, yada.
The Democrats will simply not accept that they lost the presidential race because their candidate was a corrupt, tainted individual with ZERO messages for the millions of Americans who haven’t seen a raise in 20 years, who are working three jobs to make ends meet and who can’t afford to pay their insurance premiums.
The Democrats cannot understand that calling everyone in Middle America a deplorable is not the road to winning elections.
The Democrats haven’t figured out yet that they are a party of the bi-coastal elite and nothing more.
The election in Georgia tonight was more than just a referendum on President Trump; it was a harbinger of death for the Democrats in 2018 and perhaps 2020.
The best part for Republicans is that the Democrats have no idea why they’re losing.



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