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Congressional staffers boo Trump at unity baseball game! (so much for unity)

The Washington Times ^ | June 15, 2017 | Stephen Dinan 

So much for defanging the poisonous debate in Washington.

Dozens of congressional staffers erupted into boos, jeers and even vulgar gesticulations Thursday when President Trump appeared in a video at the Congressional Baseball Game at Nationals Park.

Mr. Trump delivered a message of unity, but some fans in the stands weren’t having any of it.

One man shouted an expletive at the video screen as Mr. Trump was telling the fans: “We are showing the world we will not be intimidated by threats.”

The episode marred what had been a night celebrating those wounded in Wednesday’s murderous attack on GOP players practicing for the game.
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How Russia Probe Exposes Loretta Lynch for Possible Wrongdoing in Clinton Email Case ^ | 15 Jun 2017 | Aaron Klein 

NEW YORK, NY — In the course of the investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, serious questions have been raised about the possibility that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch may have engaged in wrongdoing with regard to the FBI’s criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. There are three main issues surrounding Lynch’s possible misdeeds in the Clinton email probe.
One is Lynch’s infamous tarmac meeting last June at the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport in which former President Bill Clinton, the husband of the FBI’s main subject in a criminal probe — Hillary’s email case — boarded the attorney general’s plane and reportedly stayed there for about thirty minutes for a private chat.
The second concern is Lynch’s reported directive for then-FBI Director James Comey to publically refer to the FBI’s criminal investigation into Clinton’s email as a “matter” instead of an investigation or a criminal probe. The language matched the specific rhetoric used at the time by Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, which referred to the criminal investigation as a “matter.”
The third issue relates to testimony and questions surrounding reports claiming that Comey was in possession of a document purportedly indicating that Lynch would ensure the Clinton email probe didn’t go too far.
Largely unreported by the news media, these questions surrounding Lynch are so serious that, in his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee this month, Comey conceded that the appointment of a special counsel in the Clinton email case would have been appropriate due to his concerns about Lynch.
Referring to Lynch’s directive for Comey to call the criminal email probe a “matter” as well as her private tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn asked the ex-FBI chief ...
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Transgender Shower Policies and Army Male Pregnancies – Our Enemies are dying with Laughter!

US Defense Watch ^ | June 15, 2017 | Ray Starmann 

I bet you thought the social engineering music was going to stop once Mad Dog Mattis took the helm in the Pentagon.
The PC insanity marches on to a quickstep beat of craziness and destructive denial.
Tuesday this week was mandatory ‘transgender soldiers training’ in the US Army, formerly once the greatest fighting force on earth, but which is now a Bob Fosse musical with high explosives.
The military is continuing the policy signed off last year by Ash & Trash Carter which authorized transgenders, or those suffering from the MENTAL ILLNESS of gender dysphoria to serve in the armed forces of the United States of America.
As reported by Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council, the army is warning female soldiers to expect biological men in their showers. That’s just one of the mind-blowing changes the Army is bracing for on July 1st, along with “male pregnancies” and taxpayer-funded gender reassignment.
While the social engineering eats the army alive like some kind of mutated super bacteria, the army’s leaders remain as quiet as church mice. In today’s military, moral courage is as uncommon and archaic as an English longbow.
It’s yes sir, no sir, three bags full right off the top floor of the Pentagon with no chute.
As a stark example of just how far the army has deviated from its glorious war fighting traditions, a slide presentation was released yesterday detailing gender reassignment policies in the army.
After a few seconds of reading, two things are remarkably clear: one, the army’s leaders are nuts to go along with this and two, a tremendous amount of time and energy has been spent on this sheer lunacy; time and energy that could have been spent doing what the army used to do – TRAINING.
According to the army policy: Soldiers are ordered to use the billeting, bathroom, and shower facilities associated with their “gender marker.” If women express discomfort “showering with a female who has male genitalia,” it will be up to the commander to make accommodations – or not.
The army seems to have forgotten that in war zones, showers and bathrooms are the last concerns of commanders. Fighting the war is the first priority. And, most combat zones don’t have readily accessible showers, burgers and WIFI, like the army provided its soldiers during the occupation of Iraq.
The briefing, titled, ‘Policy on the Military Service of Transgender Soldiers Training Module – Tier 2: Commanders and Leaders’ is focused on maintaining readiness while transgender soldiers are in various stages of gender reassignment.
I have news for the army. Readiness departed the lean green machine a long time ago with Elvis. Right now, the army is drowning in budget cuts, lack of combat ready units, a serious deficiency of soldier skills and this latest politically correct abomination is just another nail in the army’s flag draped coffin.
The army’s job is to train to fight wars and when called upon by the commander in chief to wage war as violently and swiftly as possible, while annihilating the enemy. The army’s mission does not include catering to cultural Marxists and feminists who have hijacked the army and are holding it hostage at gunpoint.
As Tony Perkins reports, “sexual assault and rape are already sky-high in the military. Surely, the DOD’s answer isn’t throwing open the women’s showers to naked men. That’s not only dangerous, but degrading. In the real world, public indecency is a crime. No man can walk down the street and expose himself to women. But in the military, we’re going to say this is the price of “inclusivity?” It’s absurd. As the dad of three daughters, I can tell you that if this policy is implemented, I’ll be like the millions of other fathers and grandfathers who would never recommend that their daughters enter the military. And in an Army that’s shrunk to World War II levels, that’ll hurt both recruiting and retention.”
Just when you thought you’d seen it all with the army’s transgender policies, the army has yet a new policy. Of course it has nothing to do with tanks, or using a machine gun, or throwing a grenade.
The UNITED STATES ARMY, the force that beat the Redcoats, crushed the Kaiser, destroyed Nazi Germany and beat the NVA and VC in every engagement, now has a policy on male pregnancy.
Troops are told to imagine that a soldier has “complete Army gender transition from female to male as indicated in DEERS. The soldier did not have sex reassignment surgery, and recently stopped taking male hormones in order to try and start a family. Today, the soldier approached his commanding offer to discuss his newly confirmed pregnancy.”
Yes, imagine that General Patton, your men are now pregnant. Please race to Bastogne with your knocked up male troopers.
What an absolute, unmitigated farce…
While the army deals with pregnant men and men who think they’re women and women who think they’re men and soldiers who don’t know if their snake bit or powder burnt, our enemies are stacking up against us.
We currently have no coherent strategy to destroy ISIS or win the war in Afghanistan. We have enemies from North Korea to China to Iran and Russia.
And yet, with the smallest active army since 1940, with the ability to only deploy 3 BCT’s to a fight, with armor officers who can’t even qualify in a tank or run a range, with artillery officers who don’t know how to call for fire; the army, under the influence of leftist traitors, is choosing to commit suicide by allowing mentally ill personnel to serve in its ranks.
Like women in the combat arms, transgenders in the ranks do nothing to improve readiness and combat power, and in fact, they are a detriment to the fighting capability of the army and esprit de corps.
Every red cent wasted on this politically correct madness is money that could be spent on a rifle range, on a CALFEX range, on field exercises.
It was thought by many that Secretary Mattis would take a bayonet to the social engineering implemented 20 years ago by Bill Clinton and which plummeted to a new low of lunacy by Barack Hussein Obama.
But, I guess not.
As the army’s pregnant male soldiers report for duty and its mentally ill transgenders are given surgery courtesy of Uncle Sam, our enemies across the world are dying with laughter.
Meanwhile, the army should be ordering white flags. They’ll be needing them soon.

‘Disgusting:’ McDonald’s introduces ‘queer pride’ fries, Christians call for boycott

Life Site News ^ | June 15, 2017 | Fr. Mark Hodges 

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 15, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- For Queer Pride month, McDonald’s franchises in San Francisco and in the nation’s capital are issuing “Pride Fries” in rainbow-colored containers.
“The rainbow fry boxes are a fun way to show our support of the LGBTQ community, using one of McDonald’s most iconic and recognizable items,” Cathy Martin of the restaurant corporation’s “Pride Network” stated in a press release.
She added that McDonald’s is “proud to honor and celebrate the LGBTQ community, including our employees, customers and beyond – each and every day.”
McDonald's is acknowledged as a corporate leader in homosexual affirming and enabling policies. As OneNewsNow reports, “The Golden Arches is a major player and sponsor in promoting homosexual behavior across the nation.”
McDonald’s franchises in the D.C. area are also big sponsors of the homosexual group Capital Pride Alliance, which seeks to normalize homosexual practices across the country.
The fast food behemoth, which raked in $25 billion last year, supports the 2017 Capital Pride parade theme, “Lovin’ Is Lovin,” to show gay support. The theme is apparently a take-off of McDonald’s popular “I’m Lovin’ It” commercial tagline.
Not all customers are happy with the gay fries. Evangelist and online personality Joshua Feuerstein issued a call for Christians to boycott the fast food chain.
“DISGUSTING! McDonald’s released their RAINBOW FRIES today in honor of GAY PRIDE!” Feuerstein wrote to his 2 million followers.
“I’m tired of corporations trying to influence our families like this,” Feuerstein continued. “SHARE THIS and let people know to STOP EATING at McDonalds!”
“Plus, their food is crap. Really,” the evangelist added.
Feuerstein received media attention in 2015 when he exposed the hypocrisy of Cut the Cake, a Longwood, Florida bakery. He videoed his order for a sheet cake with the message, “We do not support gay marriage” on it. After the owner refused to write the message, Feuerstein used the refusal to highlight the double standard in law where numerous Christian businesses have been forced to offer services to homosexuals and violate their sincerely-held beliefs.
Feuerstein has since been the target of vitriol from gay advocates. He was even threatened with possible felony charges for requesting the cake.
A San Francisco McDonald’s spokeswoman defended the Pride Fries, saying that the corporation has “a long history of supporting diversity and inclusion of its employees.”
McDonald’s added “sexual orientation” to its anti-discrimination policy in 1999, and updated it in 2013 to include “Gender Identity and Expression.” The fast food giant began offering homosexual partner benefits identical to married spouses in 2004. McDonald’s PRIDE Network for its employees was instituted in 2005.
The pro-homosexual group Human Rights Campaign gives McDonald’s a perfect score on its corporate “Equality Index,” a measure of employer pro-homosexual policies.

This List Of Attacks Against Conservatives Is Mind Blowing

Daily Caller ^ | 6/16/17 | Dave Brooks and Benjamin Decatur 

A wave of liberal rage has marked the last 11 months since the rise and subsequent election of President Donald Trump.
Antifa protestors clad in black masks shut down college campuses, destroy property and indiscriminately attack those they disagree with, whether women or the elderly. Meanwhile, CNN fires Kathy Griffin for taking photos with a bloody replica of the president’s decapitated head.
Amid this backdrop, The Huffington Post publishes an article calling for the execution of Trump and “everyone assisting his agenda.”
Then, shots ring out as a man gorged on media hysteria attempts to slaughter Republican congressmen while they practice for a charity baseball game.
The aggression since Trump’s nomination is difficult to enumerate, but nevertheless, The Daily Caller News Foundation poured over media reports to compile a close but non-exhaustive list of violent acts against conservatives in months following the Republican National Convention.
In creating the list, TheDCNF reviewed numerous articles detailing attacks against conservatives and Trump supporters. Only incidences of violence and threats of violence where the perpetrators were clear are included in the report, excluded are events where the instigator was difficult to discern.
Attacks over time:

July 2016:
-A Hillary Clinton supporter lights a flag on fire and attacks a Trump supporter in Pittsburgh.
-Trump supporters sue San Jose after protesters jumped on cars, stole hats, fought and threw eggs at them.
August 2016:
-Anti-Trump protesters attacked Trump supporters in Minneapolis, Minn., and beat an elderly man. Protesters also attacked Trump’s motorcade.
A Tennessee man was assaulted at a garage sale for being a Trump supporter.
-A Trump supporter in New Jersey was attacked with a crowbar on the street.
September 2016:
-Protesters in El Cajon, Calif., chased and beat up a Trump supporter.
October 2016:
-A GOP office in North Carolina was firebombed and spray painted with “Nazi Republicans get out of town or else.”
November 2016:
-A high school student was attacked after she wrote that she supported Trump on social media. The perpetrator ripped her glasses off and punched her in the face.
-The president of Cornell University’s College Republicans was assaulted the night after Trump won the election.
-Students protesting Trump punched and kicked a Maryland high school student wearing a Make America Great Again hat.
-A high school student was arrested in Florida after he punched a classmate for carrying a Trump sign at school.
-A 24-year-old was reportedly attacked on a New York subway for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.
-A group of black men in Chicago attacked a white man while raging against Trump.
-High school students in Rockville, Md., physically assailed another student for supporting Trump, kicking him while he was on the ground.
-At a California high school, a student yelled to a Trump-supporting student, “You support Trump. You hate Mexicans” before beating the girl.
-An anti-bullying ambassador who supported Black Lives Matter was arrested after shoving a 65-year-old man to the ground.
-A Texas elementary school student was beaten by his classmates for voting for Trump in a mock election.
-Two men punched and kicked a Connecticut man who was standing with an American flag and a Trump sign.
-A high school student in Florida punched another student who was holding a Trump sign.
-A man was murdered in Georgia after an argument about whether Trump would deport a Hispanic man.
December 2016:
-A Trump supporter was beaten and dragged by a car.
-Trump supporters were attacked at a rally in Richmond, Va.
January 2017:
-A Trump supporter was knocked unconscious after airport protesters repeatedly beat him on the head.
-A Trump supporter was attacked after putting out a fire started by anti-Trump protesters.
-Trump supporters were beaten in Oregon.
February 2017:
-California GOP Rep. Tom McClintock had to be escorted to his car after a town hall. At least four tires were slashed outside the town hall.
-Protestors knocked a 71-year-old female staffer for California GOP Rep. Dana Rohrabacher unconscious during a protest outside the representative’s office.
Milo Yiannopoulos speech at the University of California-Berkeley was cancelled after rioters set the campus on fire and threw rocks through windows. They also attacked those who came to the event.
March 2017:
-Angry protestor at Middlebury College rushed AEI scholar and political scientist Charles Murray and professor Allison Stranger. Stranger was grabbed by the hair and shoved, sustaining injuries.
April 2017:
-A parade in Portland, Ore.,was canceled after threats of violence were made against a Republican organization.
-Protesters shut down Ann Coulter’s UC Berkeley speech over safety fears.
May 2017:
– Republican Rep. Tom Garrett’s, his family and his dog were targeted by repeated death threats.
-FBI agents arrested a person for threatening to shoot Arizona Republican Rep. Martha McSally.
-Police in Tennessee charged a woman for allegedly trying to run GOP Congressman David Kustoff off the road.
-Police in North Dakota ejected a man after he became physical with GOP Rep. Kevin Cramer at a town hall.
June 2017:
-James Hodgkinson opened fire on a congressional GOP baseball practice, injuring five, including House Majority Whip Steve Scalise.
-New York GOP Rep. Claudia Tenney received an email threat that read, “One down, 216 to go,” shortly after the shooting at the Republican congressional baseball practice.
-A man driving a white Malibu reportedly fired several shots at a man driving a truck displaying a “Make America Great Again” flag in Indiana.


Frontpagemagazine ^ | June 16, 2017 | Seth Barron 

The Left has raised America’s political temperature to the boiling point.
Democrats may be horrified by Wednesday's attempted massacre of the GOP House baseball team by an avowed progressive, but their incendiary demands for “massive resistance” since November have been an open plea for the escalation of words into violent action. The daily repetition that President Trump is an illegitimate usurper who stole the election through collusion with foreign powers has been a hypnotic incantation in search of an Oswald: a siren call for an assassin.
We don’t have to look too hard to find extremist rhetoric from influential people whose appeals for violence are only partially veiled. In March, former attorney general Loretta Lynch made a brief video in which she called for people “who see our rights being assailed, being trampled on and even being rolled back” to follow the example of freedom fighters of the past. “They’ve marched, they’ve bled and yes, some of them died. This is hard. Every good thing is. We have done this before. We can do this again.” The Senate Democrats shared Lynch’s call for street action leading to bloody sacrifice on their Facebook page.
At the Women’s March on Washington the day after Trump’s inauguration, Angela Davis’s appeal for militancy was met with cheers. “Over the next months and years we will be called upon to intensify our demands for social justice to become more militant in our defense of vulnerable populations,” announced Davis, who in 1970 bought the shotgun used two days later to murder a judge. “Those who still defend the supremacy of white male hetero-patriarchy had better watch out,” she concluded. At the same event, pop legend Madonna spoke about her fantasies of “blowing up the White House.”
Liberals frequently complain that conservatives disseminate propaganda to their secretly racist supporters via “dog whistle” tactics, which send the desired message in coded language or gestures. The same liberals have dispensed with high-frequency whistles in favor of a simpler message: “Treason!” Following the now-debunked February 14 New York Times report that Trump’s campaign had been in direct contact with Russian agents before the election, a late-night host commented, “It’s funny because it’s treason.” Comedian Rosie O’Donnell led an anti-Trump rally outside the White House, declaring, “He is going down and so will all of his administration. The charge is treason.”
Joy Behar, host of The View, has claimed that the president’s allegiance to the Kremlin is treasonous, but she is also concerned about his work on behalf of Islamic State caliph Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. “Do you think,” mused Behar, “that because he is the recruiter-in-chief, and by his words he’s getting more people to go on the side of ISIS, that he could be considered treasonous? I mean, that is against the Constitution, that is against America. That’s a treasonous act in my opinion.” Treason, of course, is a capital crime; the constant reiteration of the charge that Trump is a traitor has supplied the groundwork of justification for political violence.
Reputable figures in the media have normalized radical, violent discourse. Popular television writer/producer David Simon tweeted this week, “If Donald Trump fires Robert Mueller and is allowed to do so, pick up a goddamn brick. That's all that’s left to you.” Writing in The Nation, Natasha Lennard praised street violence as “kinetic beauty,” and Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters, exhorted, “Don’t play footsie with proto-fascism. Fucking smash it.” A protestor at a rally in New York City’s Tompkins Square Park held a sign reading, “Hug a refugee (with permission); Punch a Nazi (with precision.)”
Every policy difference, no matter how trivial, has been cast as a matter of life and death. Proposed changes in federal Medicaid reimbursement practices will consign “tens of thousands of people” to early death, according to Senator Bernie Sanders, while rolling back federal guidelines on transgender bathroom signage will cause more teenagers to kill themselves, according to ThinkProgress. Abandonment of the non-enforceable and voluntary Paris Accord on Climate Change will doom the world to “catastrophe” and imminent mass extinction, according to Jill Stein.
In the last few weeks, the violent rhetoric crossed a fever line. CNN personality Kathy Griffin posed deadpan holding a severed and bloody head resembling Donald Trump; on television the next day, she tearfully denounced the many “old white men” who have supposedly bullied her. New York’s venerable Shakespeare in the Park is currently performing a modern-dress version of Julius Caesar, in which a Trump-qua-Caesar character is murdered every night in a particularly bloody and graphic staging.
Following the shooting, liberal Twitter erupted in cynical snark. Op-ed writer Malcolm Harris wondered if the shooter could plead self-defense, in the event he had a pre-existing condition. Sonia Gupta, a Louisiana former prosecutor, counseled her followers not to be too sad about the wounding of Representative Steve Scalise, because “he’s a racist piece of shit and hateful bigot.” David Frum, though not a liberal, reminded us that “the president is the country's noisiest inciter of political violence,” though the violence he has supposedly incited appears to be mostly from the other side.
Trump’s opponents in the media, academia, and politics can pretend that their calls for radical action were meant metaphorically or in a nonviolent sense. But they are the ones who opened this box of fear, panic, and rage. Let them take responsibility for the climate that now exists.

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