Monday, June 5, 2017

Muslims in Michigan Busted for Welfare Fraud Against US Taxpayers!

USHerald ^ | USHerald 

Welfare abuse has been an ongoing issue that is becoming more and more serious. As of July 2014 the U.S. Department of Commerce reported that welfare is currently costing Americans $131.9 billion (not including food stamps OR unemployment). Food stamps cost roughly $46.4 million a year. How much of that is fraud is not clear, but what is obvious is that the system is broken.

Recently a Muslim food stamp crime ring was broken up in Grand Rapids, MI. Three brothers Emad Khalil Karaein, Jawad Khalil-Ahmad Karaein, and Khader Khalil Karaein have plead guilty to welfare fraud. The brothers ran the Middle Eastern Market where they not only sold food, but also ran their crime ring. They plead guilty to fraud as a way to protect two other brothers that were also suspected of being involved with the scam that cost taxpayers $736,000 from EBT and $544,000 from WIC over the course of nine years.

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The Viet Congs were Hunted with Silent Revolvers

Am Shooting Journal ^ | 6/5/2017 | J Trevithick 

The guns 'special' rounds were quiet but lacked stopping power
Since World War II, America's elite forces have used quiet firearms for missions where it pays to be silent. Sound suppressors—commonly referred known as silencers—remain in service today. What many don't know is that U.S. commandos once carried revolvers with special cartridges designed to muffle gunshots.
In the 1960s, the AAI Corporation developed the cartridges for the U.S. Army's and Navy's rifles, pistols and shotguns. The U.S. Army Special Forces and Rangers tested the unique ammunition in Vietnam.
While they offered many advantages, AAI's products failed to win any widespread acceptance in the halls of the Pentagon. The rounds were expensive and ineffective at moderate ranges.
According to a 1968 Army report on silencers, "Throughout the history of firearms, gun noise has been of considerable concern to the military." "To the enemy, gun noise reveals presence and, often, the location of the shooter, thus resulting in a counter attack."
To better understand how a suppressor works. In most modern firearms, the sound of the gunshot comes primarily from bottled-up gases escaping as the bullet leaves the barrel—like uncorking a bottle of champagne. A sound suppressor helps muffle the bang by trapping these fumes.
But even with these devices, the gunshot is never entirely undetectable.
In the early 1960s, Army weapon designers looked at alternatives that would completely eliminate the sound of the propellant exploding. They came up with the so-called "piston cartridges". Read the rest of the Silent Revolvers story here.

Finally: Time for Trump to Put Whining Democrats in Their Place

American ^ | June 4, 2017 | Rabbi Dov Fisher 

In the synagogue business, the few rabbis who are unfortunate enough to practice at one of the few undesirable congregations with grumbling and carping congregants (probably not at all different from what some similarly unfortunate pastors encounter among those outlier church flocks pocked with sociologically pathological congregants) are told that nothing puts the grumbles to an end like a successful building campaign. Just get everyone absorbed with raising funds and building something – anything: a wing, an annex, a revamp of the whole building, a re-furnishing of the sanctuary...just get them all busy on a project, building something, doing something. Keep them busy with something constructive, and they will stop grousing.
We call it the "Edifice Complex."
No fair observer can doubt that President Trump is a victim of a merciless witch hunt, with no end in sight until he is back hosting The Apprentice. Remarkably, his approval ratings remain steady around 39 percent, the same number from before "Comey" this and "Flynn" that, before head counts at inaugurations and leaked phone calls to Australian and Mexican heads of government. All the witch-hunting has solidified his base, and it has moved mild supporters into his camp. Recently, Ann Coulter titled a weekly column "Every Time I Try to Be Mad at Trump, the Media Pull Me Back."
As the president continued his travels abroad from the respective centers of the world's three most influential religions to NATO world leaders, the media followed, seeking to portray him as a rube on foreign affairs, much as they have tried to depict him on domestic matters.
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Be Thankful for What Trump Is Not

PJ Media ^ | 4 Jun, 2017 | ANDREW KLAVAN 

I sometimes wonder: How many people are really stupid enough to believe in the insane religion of the left? Outside of our idiot intellectual elite, I mean. Outside of the knuckleheads on the New York Times op-ed page, or the buffoons who give literary awards to Ta-Nehisi Coates, or the jackasses who serve as administrators of universities. I can't believe that any substantial number of regular people are as moronic as these folks, that any substantial number really believe that, say, gender is a social construct or Islam is a religion of peace or socialism improves lives or man-made climate change threatens the existence of humanity.

This week, I entertained myself for an idle hour with some leftist reactions to President Trump's withdrawal from the environmentally useless and economically harmful Paris climate accord. "A traitorous act of war against the American people," thoughtfully opined leftist billionaire Tom Steyer. "Your kids are gonna die from climate change," was the sober judgement of Vice News editor Chelsey Coombs. "The United States resigned as leader of the Free World," was the sage assessment of CNN's Fareed Zakaria..........

Which is why this au revoir to Paris is so encouraging. By withdrawing from the accord, Trump proves he is not susceptible to the influence of the usual knuckleheads. He seems deaf to the echo chamber, indifferent to media acceptance, immune to the atmosphere. In fact, some of the very things that make Trump unappealing to gentle folk like me — his belligerence, his recklessness, his bullish and even bullying insistence on his own vision — are also what sometimes lift him above the Leftist Crazy that so addles the intelligentsia.
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In Seattle, is it now taboo to be friends with a Republican?

The Seattle Times ^ | June 2, 2017 | Danny Westneat 

Can we just get along?

This question is being asked more and more, what with the bitter polarization of the nation. The answer, right now, would appear to be a resounding no.
It’s not because we can’t. We don’t want to.
I had that thought the other day when I was listening to the Seattle City Council. Many council meetings of late involve left-wingers shouting at other left-wingers for not being left-wing enough. But on this day, a new purity test of left-wingedness was revealed.
The council was debating the juvenile-justice issue. Not everyone agrees whether a new jail should be built. But everyone in the room seemed aligned that incarcerating kids is to be avoided, and that other forms of justice and rehabilitation should be pursued, except maybe in the most extreme violent cases.
One council member, Tim Burgess, tried to highlight this basic agreement by noting that “even some of our Republican friends” have been calling for seismic changes to the incarceration system. Burgess cited an article by the Seattle brothers Mike and John McKay, former U.S. attorneys and, yep, both Republicans, who excoriated their own party’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, for calling for harsher sentences even on low-level crimes.
Kshama Sawant wasn’t having any of that. She stood up and said Burgess wasn’t speaking for her with this “our Republican friends” stuff. Because, she assured the crowd, she doesn’t have any Republican friends....
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