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Both Judges Who Blocked Trump’s Travel Ban Made Decision Based on Fake News

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A leaked DHS document is at the center of Trump’s travel ban controversy.

Evidence that has been central to the two Federal judges instrumental in the March 15th revocation of President Trump’s travel ban was recently found to be false. The leaked Department of Homeland Security document first came to light via the Associated Press, where it was detailed in a February 24th article and has been cited as integral to the decision making process for the judges.
The most important thing to note regarding this new information is that the judges based their ruling on false information about the actual threat and risk that refugees pose in regards to national security. To compound the problem, the leaked document mentions nothing about the potential health risk refugees pose to the general public.
A completely different report compiled by Attorney General Jeff Sessions includes information that would have been more than relevant to the two impulsive judges, Theodore Chuang, federal judge for the District of Maryland and Derrick K. Watson, federal judge for the District of Hawaii. The pair blatantly missed information on two Islamic Somali refugees who committed acts of terror back in 2016. All of the information featured in the leaked document varies dramatically from the information AG Sessions had put together.
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http://www.conservativeinfidel.com/rino-mccain/ ^ | March 27, 2017 | John Velisek USN (Ret.) 

Arizona senator John McCain has worked tirelessly to thwart President Trump and the rule of law in our country. In these past two months McCain has denigrated Trump overseas in a fashion that even surpasses the Democrats innuendo and lies about our President. Claiming that even Congress is not to be trusted in investigating the supposed Russian meddling, which has been debunked by the past administration and members of the intelligence community, he has thrown the members of the Congress under the bus.
The senator is now standing with those who would impeach President Trump or at the very least create an atmosphere of agitation and chaos to make it as difficult as possible for President Trump to govern. A vocal opponent to Candidate and then President Trump McCain has stated that “The NEW WORLD ORDER is under enormous strain” and in a struggle with radicalism. Not explaining what he thought of as radicalism, it is clear to see that populism and nationalism, both given a bad name by the media and progressive/socialists was the main focus of his rant.
Speaking overseas to bash our President is McCain’s favorite locale. Where before the waters edge was a line that politicians would not cross to speak ill of one another, McCain has taken to bashing our President at every turn while outside the country. McCain is a globalist, and has spoken of the New World Order with admiration. At the German Marshall Fund Forum in Brussels this eminent RINO spoke of not meeting with Trump since he took office. At the forum he spoke of President Trump and the government of “pissant citizens.” In order to make himself more relevant he speaks daily to the National Seurity Advisor and Defense Secretary.
His opinion of himself is that he thinks he can commandeer the National Security and Defense departments from the President, he is trying to run the defense policy for the country and ignore the President. Does making our President look small while on foreign soil do anything for the real power in the government?
At the Joint Session of Congress for Trumps speech McCain felt it was beneath him to talk to the President according to accounts in open sources. McCain also called for an independent committee to investigate the “involvement” and “collusion” of the Trump campaign with the Russians. The media has already convinced the people of this country that the leaks were from the Russians to Wikileaks without ANY proof. That Obama DNI and NSA has already said there is not evidence, and yet, John McCain in concert with the Democrats, the media and the globalists who donate to him refuse to let it go. Of course, McCain will hand pick who would be on the committee, and it would be expected that it would filled with deep state loyalists like McCain and Lindsey Graham.
No finding would be made but it would wind up bashing President Trump and whitewashing Obamas involvement. It would also keep the controversy, such as it is, ongoing.
McCain feels that a senior statesman and chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee there is nothing wrong with his meeting overseas with anyone he wants, including Al-Qaeda and ISIS who he rebranded as moderates and freedom fighters in relation to Syria. In 2011 McCain attended the US-Islamic Forum cosponsored by Qatar and the United States held for the first time in the U.S. McCain attended the forum and stated that the “Arab Spring” was a “seismic event” he was thrilled to be a part of. His part has been shown to have been in Bengahzi when 800 rifles were sent from Benghazi to Misrata. It was at this same time, on the same day that the rifles were being transported when McCain told Al-Jazeera that the Libyan rebels, an integral part of the Muslim Brotherhood were his “heroes”. A little more than a year later it was John McCain denounced Michelle Bachmann for being concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood connections of Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s closest advisor.
In Egypt McCain has fomented anger by making misleading and totally false statements. From the head of the Egyptian Judge Club to the leader of the youth movement for democracy commonly called Tamarod to the media have called for McCain and his compatriots that are part of the Muslim Brotherhood to stay out of Egyptian affairs and let the people of Egypt to decide their own fate.
Both McCain and his partner Lindsey Graham have felt the need to interfere in Egyptian politics by calling for the release of all Muslim Brotherhood prisoners. These prisoners that McCain wants released are guilty of terrorism, murdereing fellow Egyptians and cinsiracy against their government with foreign powers including the American government and John McCain. McCain called the June 30 revolution a “military coup” ignoring the millions of people in the street protesting against a Muslim Brotherhood President. Thirty million people took to the streets to oust the Muslim Brotherhood and take their country back.
McCain has also spent time with Khairat al-Shatter the deputy chief of the Muslim Brotherhood before Al-Sahtte was arrested on treason and terrorism charges.
Closer to home, It was McCain during the Hillarycare debacle that forced retired military veterans to start paying for health benefits. In 1995, Hillary Clinton was put in charge of a disastrous health care policy. The program itself was turned down by Congress, but certain parts were allowed to slip through. One part that caused great damage to veterans was the limiting of health care.
One of the lawyers that was working on this was a gentlemen by the name of Phillip Earl Jones from San Antonio. Along with his partner Sean Campbell took the case to the Federal Court. Mr. Jones also discussed the challenge of trying to revive the health care that veterans were promised with Tom Brokaw on the “Fleecing of America in January of 2001. The case (Bothard,et.al vs DOD and DOJ) was scheduled to arrive at the D.C. Court of Appeals when Mr. Jones and Campbell were approached by a few senators who wanted to discuss with them “Tricare for Life”.
“ Tricare for life” was to be a program that continued to make sure the veterans received the benefits that they deserve. In a handshake deal, the case was dismissed among all involved. What was not discussed was that to obtain “Tricare for Life” veterans were required to purchase Medicare Part B at a cost of $216.00 a month. So it still costs more money that many veterans, including myself ,can afford to pay.
It was in 1994 that Congress, with John McCain a leading proponent, established Tricare and cancelled all health care for retirees over 65, forcing them to spend money many of them do not have on Medicare
Major Commands, recruiters, Unit Commands and from the Secretary of Defense on down all made promises that they have broken to veterans that have given a major portion of their lives to the country. The promise of never having to worry about health care costs for a lifetime was a selling point for reenlistments and career choices. Today, there is a deep resentment of this government by veterans to those who have spent years lying to those who protect our country. The low wages that active duty were paid was dismissed as something they must endure to get the free health care they were promised, a promise that those who have never served broke for budget purposes without thinking of the damage done to the veterans involved.
McCain’s Reform Institute is also a question with limited answers, but accepting donations from anyone such as:
Although McCain claims to oppose abortion his institute accepts money from The Tides Foundation, a liberal organization finance by Teresa Heinz Kerry.
The Educational Foundation of America also supports abortion as well as euthanasia and assisted suicide which McCain supposedly opposes.
The Proteus Fund which opposes the nuclear repository at Yucca Mountain, supports gay marriage
The Open Society Institute funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros.
American for Gun Safety who looks to regulate guns and abolish the 2nd Amendment
Why is McCain taking money from organizations that he is supposedly so vehemently opposed to. Why does the general counsel od the Reform Institute Trevor Potter work as President and General Counsel for the Campaign Legal Center which makes him directly working for George Soros.
McCain has always told his constituents that big money was hurting politics, and then set up the Reform Institute as a back alley way to fundraise. Since 2001 McCain has been funded and associated with such people as George Soros and Teresa Heinz Kerry. McCain has used the Reform Institute to support him in furthering his agenda in global warming and “comprehensive immigration reform” in opposition to his party’s agenda.
Ariana Huffington, a far left liberal has sat on the advisory board of the Reform Institute since it was started.
John McCain has been aptly called a RINO many times, and his actions prove that he may be establishment Republican but he is no conservative. A believer in the New World Order, he has been selling conservatism down the drain since time immemorial. McCain has called for a new “Global Order of Peace” dedicated to the defense and global advancement of democratic principles. This sprung from a theory first called the “Democracy Coalition Project” started in June 2002 and run by the political left including Clinton sycophants with financing from the Open Society Institute of George Soros. Even when campaigning for President, Ariana Huffington who sits on the board of the Reform Institute set up “shadow conventions for fundraising with the financing once again through George Soros . Senator John McCain is a compromised politician whose corruption is legendary. Labeling himself as the “cleaner” and “wiser” politician who was noble enough to pass legislation that gave Soros and other progressive/socialist the opportunity to infiltrate the wishes of the American people by using vast sums of money to lie to the American people
From Vietnam to the Refugee crisis, John McCain has turned his back on the American people. Only the media can continue to save him until the American people see this man for who he is. From the radio broadcasts in Vietnam to turning his back on POW’s still in Vietnam, to lying to American veterans about healthcare, to doing his part for George Soros to turn this country into a third world hellhole of refugees John McCain is no maverick but another politician willing to say anything.

EXCLUSIVE: “AMERICA 2021” Hilarious Poem Describes What America Looks Like After 4 Years Of President Trump



Trump is off and running now, and I’m here to confirm,
There’ll be a lot of changes by the end of his first term.
Let’s put the turbulence on hold and have a little fun . . .
Here’s my look at where we’ll be in 2021.
Trump’s been re-elected with another strong campaign,
Defeating Oprah Winfrey and her running mate . . . McCain.
The wall has been completed and Obamacare is dead.
America is great again . . . just like the Donald said.
The president would not allow a migrant infestation,
So, coastal California has become a separate nation.
They opened up their borders and adopted the Quran,
Made Ashley Judd their leader . . . and they called it Libastan.
With Libastan seceding . . . and the lipstick off the pig,
Waters and Pelosi had to find another gig.
They both went into acting and received a handsome fee,
For starring in the new release of “Dumb and Dumber 3”.
The day fake news was outlawed . . . they had nothing left to say.
They doubled down on Trump and non-existent Russian spies.
Now, Chuck Todd is at McDonalds . . . in the drive-up serving fries.
And, wacky Rachel Maddow still has all the breaking news,
Like the loss of the Titanic . . . and the death of Howard Hughes.
Tonight, she has a bombshell scoop that’s sure to make her shine . . .
. . . Trump got a parking ticket back in 1989.
Hillary has settled down with roommate Cheryl Mills.
She keeps a secret server in their cell at Bedford Hills.
There’s little cause to worry on her 20-year “vacation”,
She had Slick Willy neutered prior to incarceration.
Al Gore waits for the ice to melt outside his padded room.
An inconvenient outcome for his prophecy of doom.
The world no longer buys the hoax that he has tried to sell ‘em.
The only thing that’s melting is his unused cerebellum.
For years, we’ve speculated on the mental health of Schumer.
The doctors then announced that in his butt there was a tumor.
All the surgeons gathered ‘round, and despite initial dread,
When they looked a little closer, they could see it was his head.
Fauxcahontas Warren has been banished by her tribe.
She spent her people’s wampum, and accepted heap big bribe.
They say she spoke with forked tongue, and did some crazy deeds.
She traded Massachusetts for a blanket and some beads.
The pigment-challenged Dolezal is back to being white.
Despite a valiant effort, she proved all her critics right.
Three decades in a tanning booth . . . she failed at getting blacker.
Everybody knows you don’t put chocolate on a cracker.
There’s lots of stars in Tinseltown no longer on the clock.
The earthquake they called Trump created quite an aftershock.
Then came a tsunami of depression and despair,
The kind of feeling we all get when we see Whoopi’s hair.
Entertainment’s better now that Hollywood is gone.
Billy Ray has moved away . . . likewise, his demon spawn.
Yes, Miley pledged allegiance to the U.K.’s Union Jack
But, once the British got a taste . . . they tried to give her back.
Rosie still plays Bannon for the skits on SNL.
She bears a close resemblance . . . too much time at Taco Bell.
She’s mean and unappealing, and to use a metaphor . . .
She looks like the result of cloning Slash with Michael Moore.
Yes, the snowflakes are all melting and their binkies laid to waste.
A fortune spent on therapy and loyalties misplaced.
Now the country’s being run by those that they deplore.
There may not be a snowflake left by 2024.
This poem (America 2021) is republished here with permission and attribution to author Tony Olson

About the Author: Tony Olson is an American journalist, poet and bestselling author. His book SPIN GAME: Exposing Political Lies and Tactics was an Amazon Top Ten Bestseller. Tony also authored the recent poems “Twas The Night Before Inauguration“ and “Ode To Liberal Lunacy”, both of which went viral. Tony currently lives in Boise, Idaho.

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