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CNN Analyst: Has Anyone Else Noticed That Democrats Aren't Offering Any Solutions on Healthcare? ^ | March 15, 2017 | Guy Benson 
Posted on 3/15/2017, 2:53:22 PM by Kaslin

While Republicans fight internally about their bill to repeal and replace Obamacare, Democrats are heckling from the sidelines -- ridiculing the GOP's disunity, and making apocalyptic claims about what the Republican plan might do.  What they're not doing is offering any constructive ideas on how to alleviate the widespread and worsening pain inflicted upon American consumers by the failed, partisan healthcare scheme they lied about and rammed through during President Obama's first term.  As we've noted before, Democrats don't have any good answers for Obamacare's millions of victims, who substantially outnumber the success stories they're so eagerly showcasing these days.  Incidentally, President Trump was smart to invite real people who've been hurt by the failing law to the White House for a listening session; Republicans would be wise to keep these people front and center throughout this debate.  But Democrats have no good answers because there are none. They passed a bad law that isn't working, and the "fixes" they occasionally mutter about are politically unviable, stale and recycled -- or they double down with even heavier-handed government coercion and intervention.  Democrats' dearth of meaningful ideas in the face of the terrible mess for which they're exclusively responsible has gone mostly unnoticed in the press coverage of the current fight.  But not entirely unnoticed.  Here are two CNN personalities making an obvious point that should be a bigger element of the story:
Quite right.  I understand the politics of Democrats lining up against the reconciliation bill.  But if a version of it eventually passes, as we raised earlier, would every Senate Democrat continue to stand in the way of important fixes to the healthcare market that can't be tacked onto filibuster-proof budgetary legislation?  That's unclear.  I'll leave you with Bernie Sanders (ahem, Captain "Fair Share") going full demagogue about how the GOP plan would kill a bunch of people by upending much of Obamacare:
Except the data demonstrates that Obamacare isn't saving lives in the aggregate.  US mortality rates stopped improving after the law's passage (faring worse in states that expanded Medicaid), and in 2015, US life expectancy actually dropped for the first time in decades.  Obamacare was hardly a silver bullet.  And now seems like as good a time as any to once again repeat a crucial truth in this whole debate: Coverage is not the same thing as access to care.

Denial aint a river for liberals, its more of an oceanic world

mainestategop ^ | Brian Ball 

The left and its allies the main stream corporate media have denied till their throats were hoarse that Europe in particular countries like Sweden have a growing crime problem thanks to Muslim immigrants. Despite years and years of no-go zones, riots, demonstrations, chants of allah-akhbar in the streets of Malmo and Stockholm, speeches by clerics and refugees advocating violence and abuse towards women and non-muslims ad nauseum, the far left wont own up.

In Europe the problem is much worse... Leftist governments have banned news outlets from reporting rapes and murders, police are forbidden from mentioning ethnicity and religious orientation on reports, criticism of Islam or mentioning its darker aspects are criminalized as "hate speech," and when someone has the guts to call out the Muslim refugees for their violent BS, they respond back with their violent BS.

So when President Donald Trump decided to stand up and call out The Muslims of Sweden and other places for their atrocities and point out how dangerous Europe has become thanks to the influx of Muslims from Africa and the Middle east, it came as no surprise to us that the liberals would scream bloody mayhem. Despite being fact checked, despite showing the statistics that show that Europe is a dangerous hell hole thanks to Islam.

And the Muslims? They objected to President Trump's remarks of that Islam is violent by being violent, launching riots all throughout Sweden and other countries in Europe.

As usual, the leftist media wont report it and wont tell us who's causing it. If they are telling us about it, they say its somehow Trump's fault that Muslims are being violent because he said in Florida that Islam is well... violent.

All the leftists and their bloodthirsty muslim allies have done is convince us once more how great it is that Donald Trump is our president. America made the right choice.

Liberals, Stop Making Fun of Kellyanne Conway: It's For Your Own Good!

Paste Magazine ^ | | March 15, 2017 | 10:30am | By Roger Sollenberger 

After being benched for a few weeks, Kellyanne Conway returned to the Sunday show circuit, and man can she deliver the goods. The meme of the week, which I hope will be dead by the time this runs, is #Kellyanne’sMicrowave, a pull-her-pigtails tribute to Conway’s latest defense of bewildering remarks from the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
But I’d like to remind you that Ms. Conway isn’t stupid. At times she can even be profound. It’s easy to make fun of her. In fact, it’s much easier to make fun of her than it is to try to understand her. When I realized that, I stopped making fun of her.
Kellyanne Conway is a skeleton key to Trumpspeak. Listen to her. Take her literally even as she literally changes the subject. Because it makes sense. Really. That microwave remark, when you really listen, wasn’t totally crazy. Neither was “alternative facts.” We turn off part of our brains when we make fun of Kellyanne Conway, and when we do that, I don’t know if you can see it, but we look like the fools. We’re repeating the mistakes of the election: we’re not listening.
Should we be? Honestly, I’m not sure. But I do know Kellyanne Conway, and Trump representatives generally, are putting on a master class in deconstructionist thought, and we’re unwittingly helping them out. She’s warning us: this isn’t a joke.
No? Let’s break it down.
Mr. Trump’s Microwave Might Have Been Spying On Him
If you’re fortunate enough not to know what I was talking about earlier, in an interview this weekend, Conway defended Mr. Trump’s tweets that “Obama had [his] ‘wires tapped’” and his phones tapped in Trump Tower, high crimes Mr. Trump has failed to provide evidence of. When asked whether Mr. Trump had evidence, Conway sidestepped the question: “What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other. . .You can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets. . .any number of ways.” She added you could also surveil people with “microwaves that turn into cameras. . .We know this is a fact of modern life.”
Microwaves don’t turn into cameras, Kellyanne! What is this, CNN or the Jetsons?
The line of attack on Conway was that, in referring to a bunch of gadgets that can be used to spy, she was insinuating there was an even wider surveillance program on Trump Tower. But she didn’t say these gadgets were spying on him.
We know what she meant: It didn’t have to be phones. A lot of connected devices can be hacked and turned into surveillance tools. In making a joke, we’re being dumb enough, or pretending to be dumb enough, to not get what she’s really saying. We’re doing exactly what she does in our own small way: Making it up. Creating something that isn’t there.
Who can blame her, too? It wasn’t a fair question. I mean that: Her boss, the most powerful man in the world, is a complete maniac who leveled charges of treason against his predecessor without any evidence or basic understanding of what he was talking about. Conway’s options here are: a) Mr. Trump made it all up, or b) Mr. Trump has evidence, which would mean he revealed (on Twitter) new evidence in an ongoing criminal investigation (his own). That’s obstruction of justice, an impeachable offense. If Conway answers the question, she’s betraying him either way.
The truth of course, is that Conway didn’t answer the question. She took the part of the question designed specifically to nail her to the wall (“phone taps”) and used it to start a new line of attack. She made a subtle, lightning-quick shift and pretended the question was about technology generally. A dodge, but it worked: Conway steered the larger conversation off of a pure focus on Trump and undermined the credibility of the U.S. intelligence community that’s conducting the investigation into Trump. Which is exactly the conversation Mr. Trump wants us to have.
Not fooled? Check out the news. You’d be hard pressed to find a piece of reporting on this stupid microwave thing without also reading about WikiLeaks and the CIA’s leaked hacking tools, which have nothing at all to do with Trump’s claims. They’re totally unrelated. The only thing linking them is Kellyanne Conway. I hate to mention the leak here, but that’s the point. Here’s The Los Angeles Times, and here’s The Washington Post. Here’s Vice making the odd choice not to mention the leaks in the article but tagging them anyway. Even Snopes, the fact-checker, which people now call “liberal propaganda,” felt the need to discuss the leaks. Only a few pieces of reportage I found managed to dodge Conway’s trap entirely: this one in The New York Times and this one from CNN.
This is a lesson in Trumpspeak: change the subject, attack, and when asked to explain yourself, just deconstruct. After all, as the deconstructionists showed us, nothing makes sense when you break it down to all its definitions. There aren’t any objective definitions.
Alternative Facts
There are too many examples to list of this same tactic. “Go buy Ivanka’s stuff,” she famously said after Nordstrom’s pulled Ivanka’s brand from its shelves and Mr. Trump attacked the company on Twitter. The White House, of course, forgave her and said her remarks were “inadvertent.” Perhaps they meant “an advertisement.” She literally said, “I’m going to give it a free commercial.”
The real problem isn’t what she literally said though. It’s a White House culture that doesn’t know or doesn’t realize that what comes out of it is consequential. A White House that pretended not to care about a blatant ethics violation, even if what she said truly was inadvertent and said in jest, which I do believe it was. It was wrong and careless—and it did in fact boost Ivanka’s sales—but there are more important concerns here than pitching a fit about a single—comparatively petty—ethics violation, or even a disturbing culture of ethics violations. No: this is a White House that refuses to admit error. A White House that refuses to adapt.
This is the philosophy of the disenfranchised, no matter the irony of it coming from some of the most powerful people in the world. This is the Trump narrative, and they’re not going to let go. Conway isn’t saying what Trump supporters already believe, she’s speaking how they genuinely feel. There are other “facts” in the world—the fact of their lives, for instance. A story of a human being is more important than bickering over facts. There are millions of these “alternative facts” out there. They feel Conway speaks to them, and they’re happy to use her talking points, no matter how illogical they are. Trump supporters are so deeply and personally invested in their Trump support that anyone who tells them they are wrong is insulting them. This is what they’ve believed the whole time: you’re not listening.
And the more we shore up our world, the more they shore up their alternative world. It will soon be impossible to agree with each other. Wake up: it already is. Now think about when the results of the next election come in. This cycle, left unchecked, will destroy democracy. It’s their fault, but it’s your fault too.
So don’t turn off your brain and take potshots at Kellyanne Conway. Listen to her. But don’t listen to what she says: listen, as she would say, to what’s in her heart. She’s warning us: the truth is relative, even if it’s not. You don’t even need someone to believe it. You just need them to choose it. That’s no joke.

Obama and Hillary In Violation Of The National Defense Authorization Act.

IWB ^ | Pamela Williams 

I will prove to you that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton violated The National Defense Authorization Act while President and Secretary of State. 

It is the elephant in the room, and it is time it is talked about by the American people. As an American citizen and as a reader of this post, please commit to viewing the video below and reading the materials. I am asking you after doing so, please answer the question: Could a citizen’s arrest be made of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama? If the answer is “no”, please state your reasoning behind that answer.
Further remember this…one of the last actions Obama sneaked in before he left the Presidency?
Outrage broke out this week over the revelation that Obama arranged to ship the mullahs piles of cash, worth $400 million and converted into foreign denominations, reportedly in an unmarked cargo plane. The hotly debated question was whether the payment, which the administration attributes to a 37-year-old arms deal, was actually a ransom paid for the release of American hostages Tehran had abducted. To summarize, the anti-terrorism sanctions are still in effect, a fact the administration has touted many times. Obama conceded at his press conference both that these sanctions are still in effect and that they applied directly to his $400 million pay-out to our terrorist enemies. But here’s the president’s problem: While he is correct that the sanctions barred him from sending Iran a check or wire transfer, that is not all they forbid — not by a long shot. They also make it illegal to do what he did.
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Pelosi asks for ObamaCare success stories – Backfires INSTANTLY

The Political Insider ^ | March 15, 2017 | Matt Palumbo 

Lawyers are known never to ask a question they don’t already know the answer to – and politicians should do the same if they want to spare themselves some embarrassment. Nancy Pelosi didn’t get that memo.
Despite all the ObamaCare horror stories we’ve heard since the day it took effect, whether it be people losing coverage, paying higher premiums, or seeing their deductibles skyrocket, Pelosi apparently was under the impression that once they passed the bill, people were happy to find out what was in it. They weren’t – which she learned when she tweeted out a request for people to tell their ObamaCare success stories, hoping she could use them as ammunition as ObamaCare’s repeal looms.

The responses were nothing short of hilarious (not for the commentators – but in how it destroyed the narrative Pelosi wanted to push).

And these are hardly just anecdotes – it’s the majority of people’s experiences. The law is unpopular for a reason.
As HotAir reported back in September:
Currently, 29% of Americans say Obamacare has hurt them and their family, up from 26% in May, and the highest Gallup has measured to date. Meanwhile, the percentage who say the ACA has helped their family dropped from 22% to 18%. The bulk of Americans, 51%, continue to say the law has “had no effect.” As more provisions of the law have taken effect over the years, the “no effect” percentage has dropped from the first reading of 70%, in early 2012.
So, vastly more report being hurt by the law than helped. That was clearly reflected in response to Pelosi’s tweet, and it’s not hard to see why. While Barack Obama promised that his healthcare reform plan would reduce costs by $2,500 for the average family, they’re increasedby more than that!
Obamacare Success Stories
What leg have they left to stand on when it comes to defending ObamaCare when it didn’t do anything that it promised to do? That it insured millions of people who will lose insurance if the law is repealed? The overwhelming majority gained insurance through Medicaid, not through private insurance. According to the Daily Wire, “just over 14 million people gained coverage from the end of 2013 to the end of 2015. Of those 14 million, 11.8 million gained their insurance through Medicaid and 2.2 million through private coverage.”
In other words, it’s Medicaid they should be defending, not ObamaCare, if they’re worried about people losing coverage. As for those insured through private coverage, what’s the surprise there? That millions would sign up for insurance when the government made it illegal not to? Duh.

Seething U.S. Journalists Angered About Taking Commercial Flights To Cover Tillerson in Asia…

The Conservative Treehouse ^ | March 15, 2017 | Sundance 

A Reuters filing en route to Asia showcases the bitterness, anger and seething rage of U.S. journalists who have been forced to fly First-Class Commercial to cover Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s Asia trip.
State Department correspondents are used to the exclusive wide-body private charters of the U.S. federal government’s airline fleet. Previous heads of the Department of State have flown aboard Air Force 3. Normally a Boeing 757. At the very worst Air Force 3 would be a C17 Globemaster.
However, T-Rex is taking a smaller jet to Asia and only one journalist accompanies him. To make matters exponentially worse, T-Rex did not select a journalist from the corporate stable of the refined and pedigreed media elites. We can only imagine how Andrea Mitchell must be seething at having to take simple first-class commercial flight accommodations with ordinary people. The scope of the almost unimaginable horror she has to face will soon pour from her pursed and vengeful lips. We can predict a retaliatory report soon from the wrath of the ignored elitist within NBC. This shall be, as they say, epic.
Secretary Tillerson has rebuked customs and norms. The traveling correspondents will have to pass through customs and passport checks as if they are ordinary travelers. There is a very real possibility no-one will recognize them or care diligently for their very individual and specific needs.
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Trump to State Dept.: Let's cut funding of the UN by 50 percent

Canada Free Press ^ | 03/15/17 | Dan Calabrese 

Halfway there....

It’s not a gigantic line item in the federal budget, but don’t get caught up in the Washington way of thinking: A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money! It’s $10 billion.

That’s lots and lots and lots of real money. And while cutting half of it might only be a blip on the radar screen as far as the overall federal budget is concerned, it’s would represent around 10 percent of the UN’s budget if Trump and Tillerson really do eliminate it.

Trump Was Right – Another Gitmo Prisoner Returns to Life of Terrorism

thegatewaypundit ^ | Jim Hoft 

Last week President Trump tweeted out that 122 vicious Gitmo prisoners released by Obama have returned to the battlefield.

122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 7, 2017
The liberal mainstream media immediately began their attacks on the current president because the 122 number includes terrorists released during the Obama and Bush years.
So there is no proof that 122 Gitmo prisoners released by Obama have returned to a life of terror – yet.
But the total number of Gitmo prisoners who returned to terror is at least 196 – so far.
This week The Office of Foreign Assets control announced that another former Gitmo terrorist has returned to terror.
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Texas prosecutor backs up Trump claim of noncitizens voting at polls

The Washington Times ^ | March 14, 2017 | Alex Swoyer 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton supports President Trump’s claim that noncitizens are voting in U.S. elections, saying prosecutors in his own state have won convictions for voter fraud.

“I know it’s an issue because I deal with it,” Mr. Paxton told The Washington Times. “We just got a conviction on an illegal that voted in an election.”

Putting a number on how many illegal votes were cast is difficult, however, because local election officials aren’t looking for that kind of fraud.

“They’re complicit in allowing it to happen,” he said. “I guarantee it is happening — whatever people say.”

Mr. Trump has said millions of illegal votes were cast in the presidential election, distorting the national vote tally in favor of his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, and has called for an investigation into the matter. In November, Mr. Trump said he would have won the national vote “if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Another American City Destroyed by the Democrats!

Frontpage ^ | March 15, 2017 | John Perazzo 

American politics is dominated by an enduring myth,” writes author Peter Collier—the myth “that Democrats are the party of the common man, the voiceless, the powerless, the poor. That if you care about what happens to the least among us, you will cast your vote in the Democratic column.”

But as Collier also points out, the vast majority of America's voiceless, powerless, and impoverished people are concentrated in cities that have been run exclusively by Democrats for decades—even generations—without interruption. These are cities where stratospheric rates of crime, poverty, unemployment, out-of-wedlock births, homes without fathers and failed school systems have become a way of life—along with oppressive and confiscatory taxes whose only discernible achievement is to keep the leaky ship of city government afloat for as long as possible before it is inevitably capsized by economic and social calamity.
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Obama Vs. Trump: Ex-President Returns to Radical Community Organizing to Save His Tattered Legacy

Breitbart ^ | March 14, 2017 | Aaron Klein 

As President Donald Trump plans a slew of policies that could dismantle key parts of Barack Obama’s presidential legacy, the former president seems to be returning to his roots as a Saul Alinsky-style radical community organizer.

This time Obama and his associates’ objective is to stop Trump’s domestic and foreign policy agendas on virtually all fronts – immigration reform, border security, the roll back of the controversial Obamacare system and more. According to some accounts, Obama and his associates may be seeking no less than Trump’s impeachment.

The strategies for disruption seem to include everything from nonprofit front-group activism and the filing of legal motions to support for protest movements targeting Trump and top administration officials.
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Hope Returns After 8 Years of 'Hope-n-Change' Ends

Investor's Business Daily ^ | 03/15/2017 | Staff 

Economy: We've been cataloging the sharp upturn in optimism since Donald Trump won the November election, and the Business Roundtable has just added a new one to the pile. Not that you'd know about from the endless media dirge.

The Business Roundtable survey of 141 CEOs — of some of the largest companies in the country — not only found these chief executives more optimistic, but made clear why: Trump's victory in November and the promise of relief from the anti-business agenda of the Obama years.

"I think it's fair to say that CEOs see the business environment as improving with the president's focus on jobs and growth," the Business Roundtable's Joshua Bolten said on releasing the new data. "The Trump administration has started off very aggressively and very positively."
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Hope Returns After 8 Years of 'Hope-n-Change' Ends

Investor's Business Daily ^ | 03/15/2017 | Staff 

Economy: We've been cataloging the sharp upturn in optimism since Donald Trump won the November election, and the Business Roundtable has just added a new one to the pile. Not that you'd know about from the endless media dirge.

The Business Roundtable survey of 141 CEOs — of some of the largest companies in the country — not only found these chief executives more optimistic, but made clear why: Trump's victory in November and the promise of relief from the anti-business agenda of the Obama years.
"I think it's fair to say that CEOs see the business environment as improving with the president's focus on jobs and growth," the Business Roundtable's Joshua Bolten said on releasing the new data. "The Trump administration has started off very aggressively and very positively."
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