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Woman Visited Every Country on Earth in Nearly 19 Months Time Span


Her eyes teared up as a North Korean soldier gripped her hand in the hardest handshake she’d ever felt. “We’re going to destroy you, America,” he said.
Over the past year and a half, American traveler Cassie DePecol has visited every country in the world, and the greetings she received weren’t always gracious. She had set out to promote peace in her own small way, by meeting people from every country in the world — and she did so at a record pace.
Traveling to all the world’s 196 sovereign nations in 18 months and 26 days, De Pecol made the trip in less than half the time it took the previous Guinness World Record holder.
She recalled telling the North Korean guard about her mission: She was there to show that, even if their governments couldn’t be friends, the two of them didn’t have to be enemies. “I just like to show that we can be friends and we can kind of coexist,” DePecol said.
DePecol, who majored in environmental studies in college, said she felt she couldn’t travel the world without having a larger purpose. She embarked on her world tour in July 2015, promoting sustainable tourism everywhere she went as an ambassador for the International Institute of Peace Through Tourism.
The nonprofit was founded in 1986, the United Nation’s “Year of Peace,” to promote cultural understanding after terrorist incidents sparked tensions between Eastern and Western countries.
Over the course of her trip, she met with mayors and ministers of tourism, presenting them with the institute’s “Declaration of Peace.” SKAL International, an association of tourism professionals with chapters all over the world, considered her a peace ambassador and helped De Pecol arrange meetings with dignitaries in more than 50 countries.
The 27-year-old spoke before more than 16,000 students
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This is a perfect example of how liberals take a problem and make it yours

Flopping Aces ^ | 02-11-17 | DrJohn 

Identity theft is a crime. A serious crime. Social Security theft is a crime. A serious crime.

Identity Theft

Identity (ID) theft is a crime where a thief steals your personal information, such as your full name or social security number, to commit fraud. The identity thief can use your information to fraudulently apply for credit, file taxes, or get medical services. These acts can damage your credit status, and cost you time and money to restore your good name. You may not know that you are the victim of ID theft until you experience a financial consequence (mystery bills, credit collections, denied loans) down the road from actions that the thief has taken with your stolen identity.
Stealing a social security number is a felony.
Guadalupe García de Rayos is a convicted felon. She is also an illegal alien. She was convicted of identity theft in 2008. She made use of a stolen social security number to gain employment in the US. Read how this was characterized by AZ Central:
Garcia de Rayos has a felony criminal impersonation conviction. The conviction stems from a 2008 work-site raid carried out by then-Maricopa County Joe Arpaio's deputies. The raid revealed Garcia de Rayos, among other unauthorized workers, had used a Social Security number belonging to someone else to illegally gain employment at Golfland Sunsplash amusement park in Mesa.
See how it was necessary to include Joe Arpaio, reviled by the left for enforcing immigration law.  Garcia de Rayos was finally deported and the MSM absolutely lost its mind over an illegally alien convicted felon being deported.
Scott Pelley:
One of the president's recent orders prioritizes the deportation of illegal immigrants who have committed crimes. Well, Carter Evans found a woman caught by this order who had been allowed to remain in Phoenix under president Obama's immigration policy.
Lester Holt:
In Arizona, an undocumented woman at the center of an immigration uproar has now been deported after 21 years living in the U.S., she was arrested yesterday and shipped back to Mexico today. Now the family she leaves behind is voicing their outrage and pointing fingers at the president.
Go to the link to read the rest of the sob story.
Identity theft is costly. Along with credit card fraud, identity theft is estimated to cost US consumers $16 billion in 2016. And it's not just the money.
It's been nearly three years since Brian Bateman's identity was stolen, and he still finds it painful to talk about.“Just the thought of doing this interview had me stressed all weekend," says Bateman, a 38-year-old teacher in Morristown, New Jersey. “I don't mind talking about it, but it's just a reminder that every time I think I'm finished dealing with this, something else happens."
Bateman's identity was stolen in 2011 as part of a large East Coast identity theft ring that has landed at least seven people in jail. The ringleaders used stolen identity attributes to open credit cards in the victims' names, then changed the victims' address information to reroute their mail and hide the evidence. Although Bateman had no money stolen, the crime's effects have lingered. “I still get collections notices," he says. “I get 1099 forms for jobs I never held."
Bateman is proof that even when there are no lasting financial effects, identity theft is far from a victimless crime. The emotional toll can be significant: between the hassle of changing bank accounts and passwords to worries of repeat crimes and lack of trust, being a fraud victim can lead to both psychological and physical distress.
Donald Trump promised to deport illegal alien criminals. The LA Times frets that felons will be considered felons for the purposes of deportation screening.
What drives some of crazy is liberal inability to accept consequences of one's actions.
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'We Were Soldiers' hero passes; the celebrated life story of a soldier, a leader, a father ^ | February 11, 2017 | Troy Turner 

Two weeks ago, a senior commander with the U.S. Army’s 1st Cavalry Division, serving in battle-hardened Afghanistan, sent a letter to Auburn, Alabama.
It was addressed to a national hero.
“You are a true legend…and continue to inspire the troops of today, all across the globe,” he wrote. “We hold one of your edicts close to our hearts – ‘No second-place trophies.’ The winning spirit is alive and well.”
A few months earlier, movie stars Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn made a special trip to Auburn for the sole purpose of seeing this same hero.
He and Gibson had met several times before and have become good friends. Gibson portrayed him in the lead role of the film, “We Were Soldiers.”
Retired Lt. Gen. Hal Moore passed away late Friday night. He would have turned 95 years old on Monday, and the Army hero known for saving most of his men and surviving a fierce standoff despite being outnumbered 10-to-1 in the first major battle of the Vietnam War proved to be a ferocious fighter to the very end.
“He had another stroke last week,” one of his children said Thursday evening. “He’s still hanging tough.”
Moore’s family already was in town this weekend to celebrate his 95th birthday with a reunion of all five children here at their Auburn home that has been in the extended family since 1950.
They held a private family celebration with birthday cake Thursday evening, with longtime family friend Mayor Bill Ham invited to join them.
Ham brought with him a framed proclamation that he presented to Moore and his children soon after the traditional singing of “Happy Birthday” and the siblings’ united effort in blowing out two candles carved into waxed infantrymen.
Ham later pondered, however, where it might hang as he surveyed the memorabilia-covered walls in Moore’s study, including another proclamation or two Ham had presented Moore in years past.
It mattered little. “Any mayor anywhere would be honored to have him as a cherished resident and cherished member of the community,” Ham said of his friend.

Trump Just Made The Biggest Sale Of Drilling Rights On Federal Land In 4 Years

The Daily Caller ^ | Feb 11, 2017 | Andrew Follett 

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) made its largest lease sale in four years, marking the start of President Donald Trump’s plans to expand drilling on federal lands.

BLM sold drilling rights on 278 parcels of public land for $129.3 million. Bids ranged from $2 per acre to $16,500 per acre. The land sold was mostly located in Wyoming — about half of which is directly controlled by the federal government.
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Donald Trump Has Caused The Left to Lose Its Mind ^ | February 11, 2017 | John Hawkins 

“You’re awake by the way. You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also, you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell. This is your life now. This is our election now. This is us. This is our country.” – Rachel Maddow’s reaction to Trump becoming President

When Barack Obama was elected, conservatives didn’t cry like the liberals you see in this HILARIOUS VIDEO. We didn’t need therapy. We didn’t start wailing that he was Hitler or demand safe spaces. Instead, we said, “That sucks. This guy is going to be terrible for the country.” By the way, we were right. He was. But still, we got up and we went to work. Then when the time came, we went to Tea Parties. We obeyed the law at those Tea Parties. We paid for our permits. We were polite to the police. We cleaned up behind ourselves. Then we organized and we took control of the House and the Senate along with the majority of state legislatures and governorships. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

What we didn’t do was put on masks and riot in D.C. because we didn’t like the candidate who was elected. What we didn’t do was tear up Berkeley because we were upset that a pro-Trump gay guy was invited to give a speech. We didn’t smash any windows at Starbucks. We didn’t squirt pepper spray in people’s faces because they wore hats we didn’t like. If we had done that, Townhall and Right Wing News wouldn’t have written columns talking up the riots like the UC Berkeley student paper did. The rationale was that having people say things students don’t like on their campus is the same as committing violence against them and therefore, their violent outbursts represented “self-defense” against fascism…or something. It’s a little hard to follow the reasoning of crazy people sometimes, but as Phil Massey said, “They're trying to fight imagined fascism with actual fascism.” 
This gets even trickier to figure out since former Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich said on TV that he heard rumors that the violent protesters were actually Breitbart plants"There’s rumors that they actually were right-wingers. They were a part of a kind of group that was organized and ready to create the kind of tumult and danger you saw that forced the police to cancel the event. So Donald Trump, when he says Berkeley doesn’t respect free speech rights, that’s a complete distortion of the truth. ...I saw these people. They all looked very– almost paramilitary. They were not from the campus. I don’t want to say factually, but I’ve heard there was some relationship here between these people and the right-wing movement that is affiliated with Breitbart News.”

You think that’s crazy? Just yesterday, liberal protesters blocked a schoolhouse door to keep Education Secretary Betsy DeVos from being able to go in. Setting aside the fact that the last time Democrats blocked people from entering schoolhouse doors in the sixties was not exactly a proud moment for them, it’s amazing to see a DNC official siding with thugs blocking the Education Secretary from entering a building.

As you can imagine, if the “responsible people” in the Democratic Party are behaving like loons, the left-wing celebrities who are not the most stable people to begin with, are really off the rails. We could do a whole article just on the celebrity comments since Trump was elected, but here’s a little smattering of their comments that should give you a good handle on the level of crazy.

“Letting trump take office means burying democracy. Letting him take it without the popular vote means burying it alive.” -- Joss Whedon

"So I’ve been shopping around for a new religion to see me through the next four years. Too many of my fellow Christians voted for selfishness and for degradation of the beautiful world God created. I guess they figured that by the time the planet was a smoky wasteland, they’d be nice and comfy in heaven, so wotthehell. Anyhow, I’m looking around for other options." -- Garrison Keillor

"I’m angry. Yes, I am outraged. Yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. But I know that this won’t change anything." -- Madonna



Oh, well, that all sounds like a perfectly sane reaction to your candidate losing an election, doesn’t it? Oh wait, it doesn’t at all. These people sound like they belong in a mental institution.

Speaking of which, officials in Seattle are cutting ties with Wells Fargo because that company is helping to finance the Trump-supported Dakota Pipeline. Using that same thinking, couldn’t conservatives stop dealing with Wells Fargo because it was helping to finance the city of Seattle? Along similar lines, liberals are boycotting companies like Neiman Marcus because they carry merchandise put out by Trump’s daughter Ivanka. Is this the new standard in America? Targeting the children of our political enemies? It has even bled down to living arrangements. Apparently, in D.C. liberals have taken to adding the equivalent of No Trump Supporters Need Apply to ads looking for roommates. Worse yet, there has been at least one case where a woman divorced her husband of 22 years because he voted for Trump. That sounds perfectly sane, doesn’t it? Of course, we also can’t forget the infamous liberal sucker punch to the face of white nationalist Richard Spencer. That was followed by liberals declaring that it was good that Spencer was punched because he’s a Nazi and, oh, by the way, everyone who disagrees with them is a Nazi. Somehow, it never seems to occur to them that it’s just as moral or immoral to punch him for his political views as it is to punch, let’s say, Elizabeth Warren or Chuck Schumer.

Even if you don’t love Trump, he does at least seem to be a few cuts above crazy people screaming about coups while they smash windows and assault random passers-by in Make America Great hats. The Left has descended so far that when you see Death to America trending on Twitter or Facebook, you have to check to see whether it's in Iran or Berkeley. If fascism, violence, hatred, crying and crazy are all liberals have to offer, they should prepare themselves for eight years of Trump.

The media has found their perfect illegal immigrant for the narrative

Hot Air ^ | 2/11/17 | Jazz Shaw 

The mainstream media is making great progress in their current campaign to repeal President Trump’s travel ban (rather than reporting on it) but the effort was in serious need of a poster child in order to be successful. Stories about criminals being deported would never produce the required amount of sympathy with the public. Now, however, they seem to have found the ideal star to play the lead in this drama. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos checks all the right boxes and is now being featured in a nearly continuous loop on cable news. (CNN)
Mexico warned its citizens living in the United States on Friday to “take precautions” and remain in contact with consular officials a day after the deportation of an undocumented mother following a routine visit with US immigration authorities.
Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos, 35, was deported Thursday after she checked in with the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement office in Phoenix, Arizona, a day earlier. The action sparked protests by supporters of Garcia de Rayos and drew praise from proponents of stricter enforcement of immigration laws.
“The case involving Mrs. Garcia de Rayos illustrates a new reality for the Mexican community living in the United States, facing the most severe implementation of immigration control measures,” Mexico’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement Friday.
Mexican consulates “have intensified their work of protecting fellow nationals, foreseeing more severe immigration measures to be implemented by the authorities of this country, and possible violations to constitutional precepts during such operations and problems with due process,” the statement said.
It’s a truly heartwarming story, isn’t it? You guys get it, right? She’s a mom. She has a daughter. She’s been in the country for 22 years trying to make a better life for her family. It’s straight out of a Hallmark movie of the week.
Of course you have to sort through a lot of the associated coverage and dig down pretty far to find the pertinent details of the story. It’s true that Garcia de Rayos is a mother and has been raising her daughter in Arizona. It is also true that she has been involved with immigration law enforcement in the past without being deported. What seems to be less frequently mentioned is that she had already been found to have falsely used someone else’s Social Security number. The entire time she has been in the country, she has been living here illegally. If you, assuming you are a legal, American born citizen, were found to be committing identity theft of this type you would quickly find yourself with an appointment to see a judge.
Now Mrs. Garcia de Rayos has been deported and is back in Mexico. Her sad story is being told on CNN and other networks complete with much wringing of hands and frightened questions about what is to become of her and her daughter. But in reality, ICE was simply doing their job. This woman had a more than two decade long career of breaking the law in a number of areas and had no right to be in the country at any time. The fact that her daughter, an American citizen by birth, was swept up in her misdeeds and now finds herself outside of the country is neither the fault of immigration enforcement nor of the White House. The fault lies with the mother who made the conscious decision to break the law and bring a child into this world under these circumstances.
It’s the same as with these other reports of “sweeping immigration raids” catching headlines. They could have just as easily said, “law enforcement enforces law.” Still, that’s not the story you’re going to be seeing on CNN nor in the pages of the Washington Post. It’s all about the horrible, uncaring nature of the new president and his hateful policies. There was a time in this country when reporting on a story about our laws being enforced would have seemed irrelevant. Sadly, it is now so remarkable as to be front page news.

Donald Trump is Not racist: There’s a Reason the Media Want You to Think He Is

IWB ^ | Mark Angelides 

For those that cry “racist!” when discussing governmental policy, they should really start looking at what the word racist actually means. It is apparent to most why many in the media would inaccurately use this word. It is powerful, divisive and has a shock value that creates in people a wish to disassociate themselves. And this is exactly why the media and the Democrats are using it so frequently.

What better way to hinder new policy than by encouraging people to stand against it on the grounds of racism.

The New York Times said it, the Hill said it and of course the Huffington post even has a list of perceived racist acts.
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"We Are A Nation of Laws", But "Sanctuary Cities" Are OK? ^ | February 11, 2017 | Helen Raleigh 

Right after the 9th Circuit Court ruled against President Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said, “We are a nation of laws, and as we have said those laws apply to everybody in our country." When he was uttering these words, he seemed to ignore the fact that right in his home state, Washington, its largest city, Seattle, is one of those "sanctuary cities" which refuses to enforce federal immigration laws. The mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, is one of the staunchest defenders of Seattle's "sanctuary city" policy, even after police charged five illegal immigrants who shot and killed Jill Marie Sundberg at a location about 150 miles east of Seattle in last December. It seems the Left only chooses to embrace the "rule of law" if the result is in their favor.

How did we as a nation end up with so many sanctuary cities? The sanctuary movement started in the 1980s when about a million Central Americans, mainly from El Salvador and Guatemala, crossed the U.S. border-seeking asylum from their repressive governments and seemingly never-ending civil wars. But the Reagan administration was supporting these governments’ (especially the governments of El Salvador and Guatemala) attempts to fight communist rebels. Therefore, the administration would only characterize Salvadorans and Guatemalans as “economic migrants, not eligible for policy asylum.” Hundreds of churches in the U.S. openly defied the U.S. government and its immigration policy by providing safe havens for Central Americans. The movement later was turned into an indictment of the Reagan administration’s Central America policy. Eventually, in 1990, Congress passed legislation allowing the president to grant Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to certain groups in need of a temporary safe haven, including explicitly designating Salvadorans for TPS.
Influenced by the sanctuary movement, San Francisco passed the “City and County of Refuge” Ordinance in 1989, which barred city money from being used to enforce immigration law. Hundreds of U.S. cities and counties have followed suit and adopted similar “sanctuary” laws or policies. While San Francisco barred city money from being used to enforce immigration law, it didn’t hesitate to use city money (really, taxpayers’ money) to shield “convicted juvenile offenders who were in the country illegally from federal authorities, either escorting them to their home countries at city expense or transporting them to group homes, often outside the city.” It's worth pointing out that San Francisco receives over $1 billion dollars from the federal government on an annual basis.

As an immigrant, I find the idea of establishing a sanctuary city that operates outside of certain laws of the land very troubling. Supporters of "Sanctuary cities" believe they are being compassionate toward immigrants. But what these supporters are doing is to cater to a small segment of the immigrant population at the expense of most law-abiding legal immigrants.

We as a nation have three times more legal immigrants than illegal immigrants. Many legal immigrants, including myself, followed the law, endured long waits and long separation from our families and made many other sacrifices to become an American. Yes, our immigration law is broken. A real relief for all immigrants would be a common sense based immigration reform. Yet, "sanctuary cities" are taking resources and people's attention away from focusing on sensible immigration reform.

Furthermore, many of us immigrants chose to leave everything and everyone we are familiar with behind to come to the U.S. because we are tired of chaos and lawlessness back in our homelands. We want to live and raise our families in a place where law and order prevail. But the idea of "sanctuary cities" sends the wrong message. When lawless behavior goes unpunished, it only encourages more lawlessness.

On May 12, 2014, 32-year-old Mesa police officer Brandon Mendoza was killed in a head-on collision with a wrong-way driver. The driver was Raul Silva Corona, an illegal alien from Chihuahua, Mexico, who in 1994 pleaded guilty to criminal conspiracy in Adams County Colorado but was not deported. Colorado is one of the handful sanctuary states and in 2013; Colorado passed a bill to allow illegal immigrants living in Colorado to get driver's licenses. Sgt. Mendoza's mom wrote a passionate letter to President Obama. She stated, "My son, Brandon Mendoza, was half Hispanic. It's not the color of skin that my son or I see, it's the person and how they conduct their lives."

On July 1, 2015, Francisco Sanchez, a 45-year-old illegal immigrant from Mexico, shot Kate Steinle as she walked on San Francisco’s Pier 14 with her father and a friend. Sanchez claimed the shooting was an accident. Whether the shooting was an accident or not, this tragedy could have been prevented had the San Francisco Sherriff's Department not released Sanchez from their custody a few months before. The Sherriff's department claimed that they merely followed San Francisco's "Sanctuary City" guideline, even though they were fully aware that Sanchez not only broke immigration law multiple times (he illegally crossed the border five times), he was also on probation in Texas at the time of shooting.

While it's important to remember that neither Raul Silva Corona nor Francisco Sanchez represent all 40 million immigrants and a few anecdotes don't epitomize a trend or evidence, more and more people feel that Sanctuary cities or communities do not promote freedom and compassion; they promote chaos. Furthermore, they help fuel distrust and resentment between immigrants and native-born Americans. "Sanctuary cities" have done a disservice to all American people, and governments at both local and federal levels are losing credibility in their ability to protect lawful residents.

Let's not forget that the entire United States is a sanctuary for people who seek a better life by working hard and abiding by the law of the land. We as a nation can only continue to play the role of a sanctuary for all who seek freedom and escape from oppression if we continue to uphold the rule of law. The left needs to stop its hypocrisy of proclaiming, "we are a nation of laws" on the one hand and choosing to follow laws selectively on the other hand. If you're truly compassionate toward immigrants' well being, please stop supporting sanctuary cities. Instead, please advocate for a common-sense immigration reform.

Cruz: Dems the Party of KKK

Truth Revolt ^ | 2/11/17 | Paul Bois 

Following Sen. Jeff Sessions' confirmation in which Democrats derided him as racist, Sen. Ted Cruz appeared on Fox News to state some truth: the "Klan was founded by a great many Democrats."

"The Democrats are the party of the Ku Klux Klan," he said on Wednesday. “You look at the most racist. You look at the Dixiecrats; they were Democrats who imposed segregation, imposed Jim Crow laws, who founded the Klan. The Klan was founded by a great many Democrats. Now, the Democrats just accuse anyone they disagree with of being a racist”

An article in Town Hall recently put this very clear historical fact into full perspective:
Indeed, the closer one looks across the arc of black history, the more ironic it seems that voters would associate civil rights with the Democratic Party. Founded as the anti-slavery party, the Republican Party was responsible for winning passage of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, the Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871, the Reconstruction Acts, and the 1866, 1875, 1957 and 1960 Civil Rights Acts. In fact, had Democrats not overturned the 1875 Civil Rights Act, the strikingly similar 1964 Civil Rights Act might never have been necessary.
Breitbart dutifully noted that "it is no coincidence that more than a hundred years of history are missing from the Democratic party’s official website."
Not that skeletons in one's closet should be the deciding factor in any argument. Every political party has them. Cruz merely points out the irony of the Democrats crying racist on their opponents when history shows they were once upon a time (and still are) harbingers of racism.

'We're going to see more': Sanctuary cities cave in face of Trump's funding threats (FINALLY)

Fox News ^ | 2.10.2017 | Elizabeth Llorente 

Several towns, cities and counties around the nation are caving to President Trump's threat to pull funding, and abandoning their "sanctuary" pledges to shield illegal immigrants from federal authorities.

Dayton, Ohio, dropped a policy that restricted the city’s cooperation with immigration officials pursuing illegal immigrants arrested for misdemeanors or felony property crimes, according to the Dayton Daily News. Police Chief Richard Biehl said federal authorities will no longer be impeded by the city when pursuing illegal immigrants being held by his department.

Other communities that have dropped policies of shielding illegal immigrant suspects from Immigration and Customs Enforcement include Miami-Dade and Dayton, are Saratoga, N.Y., Finney County, Kan., and Bedford, Penn., according to The Center for Immigration Studies, which keeps a list of sanctuary communities.
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President Trump’s First Act as Commander-in-Chief

The Coach's Team ^ | Saturday, February 11, 2017 | Jim Emerson, staff writer 

On his fifth day in the oval office, President Trump, over dinner with Secretary of Defense Mattis and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was presented with the first of many life-or-death decisions he will be required make. The mission presented to the President for his approval involved a raid on the small, heavily guarded brick home of a senior Qaeda collaborator in a mountainous village in a remote part of central Yemen.

Mr. Obama’s national security aides had reviewed the plans but Obama would not approve the mission because the Pentagon wanted to launch the attack on a moonless night and the next one would come after his term had ended. The purpose of the mission was to capture computers, cellphones and other intelligence containing apparatus from an al Qaeda camp near a mountain village.

President Trump, however, approved the mission.
The raiders consisted of commandos from the United Arab Emirates and Navy SEALS from SEAL Team 6. The operation had been planned and prepared for months. The mission was part of a long, multinational campaign to weaken the foothold of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), long considered one of the most dangerous arms of the terrorist organization.

Tragically, what should have been a well-rehearsed mission was compromised. It may have been a barking dog, or a crashed drone or radio chatter. Via area communications intercept the attackers learned that the mission was compromised, but pressed on toward their target. Military Intelligence sources confirmed that the terrorists were aware that they were the target of the early morning raid. A firefight resulted in the heavy loss of life. The SEALS and the UAE Commandos walked into an ambush.
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