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Sorry, But I Do Not Concede Absolute Moral Authority to Congressman John Lewis!

American Thinker ^ | January 15, 2017 | Thomas Lifson 

The people who want to destroy the Trump presidency demand that John Lewis, be awarded absolute moral authority (shades of Cindy Sheehan) for his public denial of the legitimacy of the next commander-in-chief. At least that is the conclusion one must draw from the torrent of abuse Donald Trump has received for his tweets suggesting that Lewis should better spend his time helping his constituents.
Lewis is invariably described as a “civil rights icon,” but the man is an utter fraud. He has been coasting on his 50-year-old reputation for decades. Andrew Breitbart exposed Lewis as a liar when he claimed, falsely, to have been subjected to racial epithets by a crowd outside the Capitol. Lewis disgracefully testified against Jeff Sessions’s nomination as Attorney General, again playing the fake race card. And, for what it’s worth, he didn’t consider George W. Bush a legitimate president, either.
There is no reason to treat John Lewis with kid gloves, and Donald Trump doesn’t do so.
I would like to point out that the American public has been fed political garbage before by flawed human beings accorded national hero status. Charles Lindbergh’s status in the United States in the 1930s exceeded the heroism of Lewis. He was seen as the embodiment of the American spirit, and was almost universally loved throughout media and popular opinion.
But he also thought Chancellor Hitler should be negotiated with and visited the Nazi regime to great fanfare.
(The story doesn’t end there, and Lindbergh did see the light as events proceeded, and pricvided valuable intelligence on the Luftwaffe. But Lewis’s story does not end here, either.)
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Heads Are Finally Beginning To Roll At The Clinton Foundation!

dailycaller ^ | January 14, 2017 | by Rachel Stoltzfoos 

The Clinton Foundation announced it’s laying off 22 staffers on the Clinton Global Initiative, keeping with a plan to deal with the negative spotlight put on the organization during former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The layoffs will take effect April 15, the Clinton Foundation said in a filing with the New York Department of Labor Thursday, citing the discontinuation of the Clinton Global Initiative. The move is part of a plan put in motion ahead of the presidential election in order to offset a storm of criticism regarding pay-to-play allegations during Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state.
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It’s time to face facts: Obama’s presidency was a failure!

New York Post ^ | January 14, 2017 | 2:06pm | Kyle Smith 

The closing arguments for the Obama years are arriving, and they aren’t helping the outgoing president. A case in point is a new book published this week, one that acknowledges “Obama’s supporters have experienced [his presidency] as a continuous disappointment.”

Those supporters, and others, must have noticed that “for most of Obama’s term, wage gains were largely confined to the rich.” Or that “The administration’s planning in Libya clearly failed” or “It is certain that the actual outcome [of Obama’s Syria policy] was disastrous.”

Even many of President Obama’s proudest achievements look about as enduring as April snow: “If there was a single aspect of Obama’s legacy most vulnerable to reversal, it was his achievements on climate change,” the book says, and “Obama’s regulatory offensive is, of course, vulnerable to reversal by Donald Trump or the Supreme Court, since it rested upon executive action.” The longest chapter is titled “The Inevitability of Disappointment.”
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Trump’s surprise VA pick known as turnaround artist

The Hill ^ | January 14, 2017 | Rebecca Kheel 

President-elect Donald Trump surprised many when he chose one of President Obama’s appointees to run the Department of Veterans Affairs after pledging to overhaul the department during the campaign.
But the nominee, current under secretary of health David Shulkin, has a long history in the private sector turning around struggling hospitals.
Veterans groups called the choice a pleasant surprise, as they say Shulkin has overseen a turnaround in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and resisted calls for privatizing the federal system.
“While our membership has been clear in its preference to have a veteran leading the VA, I am heartened by the fact that Dr. Shulkin seems to legitimately ‘get it,’ ” AMVETS Executive Director Joe Chenelly said in a statement this week. “Even as the undersecretary for VHA, Dr. Shulkin has continued to personally see patients in an admirable effort to stay in touch with veterans and caregivers.”
As under secretary of health, Shulkin is the chief executive of the VHA and oversees 1,700 care sites serving 8.76 million veterans annually.
As VA secretary, he would be responsible for the entire $177 billion agency, from health care to benefits delivery and other support programs.
Shulkin would be the first VA secretary who is not a veteran, but he has military roots. Both his grandfathers served in World War I, and one became chief pharmacist at the VA in Madison, Wis. His father was an Army psychiatrist, and he was born on an Army base in Illinois.
Shulkin, 57, an internist, got his medical degree from Medical College of Pennsylvania in 1986.
In the private sector, he’s been credited with a $1.3 billion financial turnaround of Beth Israel Medical Center in New York when he was president and chief executive officer from 2005 to 2009. A year before he left, the hospital had a $20 million surplus, according to Crain's New York Business.
In 2010, he became president of Morristown Medical Center, an acute-care hospital in New Jersey. During his tenure there, the hospital was named the safest hospital in New Jersey by Consumer Reports and selected by Fortune magazine as one of the best places to work in America.
Then in 2014, the VA wait-time scandal broke. A whistleblower alleged that veterans had died while waiting for care at Phoenix, Ariz., VA hospitals, and in the ensuing investigation, it was revealed a number of hospitals around the country were falsifying data to make it appear veterans were being seen in a timely manner.
The under secretary of health at the time, Robert Petzel, resigned because of the scandal, and the VA formed a commission to search for his replacement.
The commission, which included veterans groups, VA officials, retired officers and others, recommended Shulkin, and Obama nominated him in March 2015.
Shulkin accepted Obama’s nomination, leaving behind his $1.3 million job at Morristown to take the $170,000 VA job out of what he says was a sense of duty.
"It was clear that VA was in need of reform, and when the president asked for help, I could not say no," Shulkin told the Philadelphia Inquirer this past May. "First, I felt I could help, and my private sector experience was relevant. Second, that this was my chance to give back to those that had stepped up to serve our country."
During his confirmation hearing in May 2015, Shulkin said the VA needs to change.
“The VA needs more doctors, more nurses and greater efficiency from its current systems,” he said. “The status quo is simply unacceptable.”
As under secretary of health, Shulkin has advocated for greater integration of private-sector providers with the VA, though he hasn’t supported plans blasted by many veterans organizations as privatization.
“I believe that addressing veterans’ needs requires a new model of care: rather than remaining primarily a direct care provider, the VA should become an integrated payer and provider,” Shulkin wrote March in an article for the New England Journal of Medicine. “This new vision would compel the VA to strengthen its current components that are uniquely positioned to meet veterans’ needs, while working with the private sector to address critical access issues.”
As under secretary of health, Shulkin has touted that the number of veterans waiting longer than a month for urgent care has dropped from 57,000 to 600 since he took office.
“If you have an urgent care problem, your wait should be zero,” he told USA Today in December.
In June, Modern Healthcare placed Shulkin at No. 12 on its list of “50 Most Influential Physician Executives and Leaders of 2016.” The publication cited Shulkin’s work to improve access and customer service and highlighted his plans for the “Annie App” that will text appointment reminders and messages asking how veterans are feeling.
But critics say problems persist at the VA. Wait times are still too high and few people have been fired for the scandals, they say.
Trump has been among the critics, saying during the campaign that the VA is a "disaster" and is “the most corrupt agency in the United States.”
But he expressed confidence this week that Shulkin can turn it around.
"I think you’ll be very impressed with the job he does," Trump said at the press conference where he announced his pick. "We think this selection will be something that will, with time, with time, straighten it out and straighten it out for good. Because our veterans have been treated very unfairly."
Concerned Veterans for America (CVA), a conservative advocacy group that has been highly critical of the VA and whose former president was in the running to be Trump’s VA secretary, said it’s hard to tell if the lack of progress is Shulkin’s fault or the fault of those above him.
“It’s clear that while he has been running the Veterans Health Administration, there have been continued problems,” said Dan Caldwell, policy director at CVA. “What’s unclear is how much is a result of his leadership as opposed to the policies he’s forced to implement.”
CVA is neither opposing nor supporting Shulkin, Caldwell said, as it waits to hear what he says during his confirmation hearing.
Other veterans groups, though, are enthusiastic about the pick, with many highlighting that he has been hands-on in treating veterans at VA centers.
“All veterans ought to applaud Mr. Trump’s decision,” John Rowan, national president of Vietnam Veterans of America, said in a statement this week.
“He has been relentless in his pursuit of improving medical care for veterans, working to increase timely access, all the while holding managers and other VA staff accountable. He continues to lead by example, practicing medicine and seeing patients on an ongoing basis, not only in Washington but also in New York City.”

"They Are The Opposition Party" - Trump May Evict Press From The White House

Zero Hedge ^ | 1-15-2017 | Tyler Durden 

The simmering cold, if heating up with every passing day, war between Trump and the press may be about to turn conventional, with the occasional chance of an ICBM.
Just days after calling out CNN fake news during his first press conference of 2017, Esquire reports that according to three senior officials on the transition team, the incoming Trump administration is "seriously considering" a plan to evict the press corps from the White House.
If the plan goes through, one of the officials said, the media will be removed from the cozy confines of the White House press room, where it has worked for several decades. Members of the press will be relocated to the White House Conference Center—near Lafayette Square—or to a space in the Old Executive Office Building, next door to the White House.
Trump's press secretary tried to cast the possible relocation of the press corps as a matter, in part, of logistics. "There's been so much interest in covering a President Donald Trump," he said. "A question is: Is a room that has forty-nine seats adequate? When we had that press conference the other day, we had thousands of requests, and we capped it at four hundred. Is there an opportunity to potentially allow more members of the media to be part of this? That's something we're discussing."
He added that "There has been no decision," yet but acknowledged that "there has been some discussion about how to do it."
Other Trump staffers, however, explain that it's not business, it's personal. "They are the opposition party," a senior official was quoted by Esquire. "I want 'em out of the building. We are taking back the press room."
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Proteins that reprogram cells can turn back mice’s aging clock!

Science News ^ | December 15, 2016 | Tina Hesman Saey 

Treatment increased life spans of prematurely aging rodents
Magazine issue: Vol. 191, No. 1, January 21, 2017, p. 6
Four proteins that can transform adult cells into embryonic-like ones can also turn back the aging clock, a new study in mice suggests.
Partial reprogramming of cells within prematurely aging mice’s bodies extended the rodents’ average life span from 18 weeks to 24 weeks, researchers report December 15 in Cell. Normal mice saw benefits, too: Muscles and pancreas cells healed better in middle-aged mice that got rejuvenation treatments than in mice that did not. The experiment could be evidence that epigenetic marks — chemical tags on DNA and proteins that change with age, experience, disease and environmental exposures — are a driving factor of aging. Some marks accumulate with age while others are lost.
“It’s an inspiring paper,” says Jan van Deursen, a biologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., who studies diseases of aging. He gives the paper an “A” for sparking imagination, but lower marks for practical applications to human aging because it would involve gene therapy and could be risky. “It’s all cool, but I don’t see that it could ever be applied in medicine,” he says. “We could be terribly wrong. Hopefully we are.” Researchers reset the mice’s aging clock by genetically engineering the animals to make four proteins when the rodents were treated with the antibiotic doxycycline. Those four proteins — Oct4, Sox2, Klf4 and c-Myc — are known as “Yamanaka factors” after Shinya Yamanaka. The Nobel Prize-winning scientist demonstrated in 2006 that the proteins could turn an adult cell into an embryonic-like cell known as an induced pluripotent stem cell, or iPS cell (SN: 11/3/12, p. 13; SN: 7/14/07, p. 29).
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Let’s Get Real on Ethics for the Trump Administration

Townhall ^ | January 15, 2017 | Bruce Bialosky 

A wise soul who dabbles within the political arena advised me during a recent lunch that I should explore the idea of whether the Democrats are really interested in prosperity. I told him that the last eight years were prima facia evidence that they are not. If you are following the confirmation process for Trump appointees, you would have further evidence they have no clue.
[snip]Before anyone goes off the deep end, no one is suggesting we allow rampant corruption in government. We certainly do not want to be running a banana republic. But it depends on how you frame “corruption.” One way is a purchasing agent gets kickbacks from government suppliers. Another way is someone makes a decision over their area of purview and then goes to work for a company they oversee. A third way is too much government and crony capitalism happening.,P.
Corruption happens when employees are not properly supervised or rotated in their responsibilities. Does anyone believe that is going on in our union-run federal government?
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The Blessed Return of the Alpha Male

The Coach's Team ^ | 1/15/17 | Suzanne Eovaldi 

Thank heaven for the return of the Alpha Male. What a relief! I'm so sick and tired of the feminization of our country that I must take a moment here to tell you of my thoughts. Watching President Elect Donald Trump in calm, non-shouting modulation handle the very hot mess of his first news conference made me wonder how the women I've known over the years, myself included, would have handled that wood chopper. He knew beforehand he would be in for it and he did his homework. He had his background preps well reviewed, had his support documentation (incidentally in the presence of his very competent female tax attorney) took to his new podium and made it his own.
The abject abomination of the "dossier" event was about the worst case of journalism fail I have ever witnessed. Mr. Trump was the epitome of America's Alpha Male, now thankfully returned to his rightful place of leadership in America. Early one morning I began to think back about how my male students vs. my female students handled confrontations. Many years ago, one of my beginning composition students was fulfilling his English composition requirement before applying for admission to the University of Illinois' prestigious Engineering School. He very much needed an A from me to complete his transcripts.
Then came the Thanksgiving Holiday break when I always graded my final essays and research papers. My pre engineering student had turned in very heavy pagination full of numbers, formulas, math fright equations that he had to know I would be in over my head trying to grade. I set his paper aside and finished my large stack. Then, after rereading his paper one more time, I decided form here carried over substance simply because a pre-engineering student needed to...
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In denial to the bitter end

Flopping Aces ^ | 01-15-17 | DrJohn 

He came in in denial, and he goes out in denial.
Poor barack obama is a failure at the one thing he wanted more than anything else- to turn this country into a progressive socialist utopia in which everyone has an equal outcome despite their lack of contributions or effort. In other words, everyone would be equally miserable. But it wasn't his fault that he failed at this- nothing is ever his fault. The fault instead belongs to Rush Limbaugh.
In tonight’s NBC Dateline special, as President Obama tonight discussed his frustrations with Republicans for not being more willing to work with him over the past eight years, he once again invoked Rush Limbaugh and Fox News to discuss that very issue.Because while on the one hand there was a “tactical” decision not to work with him, Obama told Lester Holt, there was also a pressure they had to deal with:
“The ability of Republican leaders to rile up their base, helped along by folks like Rush Limbaugh and some commentators on Fox News, I think created an environment in which Republican voters would punish Republicans for cooperating with me.”
The thing is, obama's idea of "cooperating" was a simple one- do exactly as he demands. He did signal it essentially from day one: "I won." But obama never came to grips with a simple reality- he was elected President, not King. obama's fellow democrats were emboldened by the new King's attitude and dismissive of their colleagues:
But perhaps taking a cue from Obama’s “I won” line when Democrats were asked if they were concerned about Republicans blocking the package, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid had a swift one-word answer: “No.”
obama's idea of cooperation was to completely ignore the opinions of the opposition:
“We expressed our concerns about some of the spending that’s being proposed in the House bill,” House Minority Leader John Boehner said after meeting with Obama.“How can you spend hundreds of millions of dollars on contraceptives?” Boehner asked. “How does that stimulate the economy?”
Right then and there it was easy to see that the stimulus was going to fix nothing. It was, however, the beginning of the Social Justice Warrior Presidency. All other concerns- national security, the debt, the economy- all were framed around and be subjugated to the SJW theme that would be the obama presidency.
Rush Limbaugh and Fox News weren't the fawning sycophants that rest of the media became and obama resented it.
nyt Capture
Not only did obama treat Fox News like the "enemies" he saw in his fellow Americans, he sought to try to censor the press:
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Dems, not Jeff Sessions, have the real race problem!

The Hill ^ | 13 Jan, 2017 | Armstrong Williams 

Armstrong Williams op-ed: Dems, not Jeff Sessions, have the real race problem © Getty It is an unfortunate truth that Democrats are not the examples of diversity and inclusion as much as they claim.

They portray themselves as the righteous warriors of truth and conviction, and they actually believe this “truth” to be self-evident. But we must all ask ourselves, particularly as they take the moral high ground while launching a thousand ships of claims of racism against Senator Jeff Sessions, are they truly demi-gods of morality or just puppeteers attempting to pull all of our string?
It's the latter, and I draw this conclusion based on the lack of diversity on their One hundred member United State Senate staffs.
A frustrated and highly disappointed Democratic Senate staffer, who spoke to the New York Daily News recently, stated:
"They are all so phony" ... "Every time I hear any of the Democratic senators, including my own boss, talk about diversity, I cringe, because it's all one big lie. That they've been allowed to enjoy this reputation as a party that values diversity, while doing next to nothing of substance to align their actions with their words, is expert-level deception."
My fellow Americans, a dirty little secret kept in the United States Senate is our high and mighty liberal Senators have serious racial issues of their own.
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Trump’s Celebrity-Free Inauguration Is Great for America!

National Review ^ | 01/14/2017 | Charlie Peters 

As a Briton born after 1953, I have yet to witness a royal coronation at Westminster Abbey. However, every four years our American cousins treat us to a spectacular, regal, and full-blown monarchical affair as the president of the United States takes his inauguration oath. With parades, concerts, and lavish luncheons, the inauguration has become an event fit for a king, not the president of a republic.

Top Democrat Keith Ellison Says Trump Brought “White Supremacy Back to White House”

Gateway Pundit ^ | 1-14-2017 | JIm Hoft 

Democrats are gathering this weekend in Phoenix, Arizona for a regional forum before the party elects a new chairperson in February.

During his speech on Friday night Ellison said Trump brought “white supremacy back to the White House.” And this far left anti-Israel politician is the leading candidate to replace scandal-plagued Donna Brazile as party chair in February.

Why Trump’s Inauguration Day will be better without celebs

New York Post ^ | 2017-01-14 | Salena Zito and Dana Schuster 

There will be no Beyoncé wiggling on stage. Bruce Springsteen, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Elton John aren’t going to be there either. In fact, pretty much every A-lister from the Hollywood and entertainment world has decided to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. And whether or not Trump himself is wrestling with that public rejection, the people who voted for him are not.

The “blue-collar billionaire” will have a day that’s more befitting of the working-class base that put him in the White House: one without fanfare or celebrities or fancy couture (although his wife, Melania, will most certainly be dressed to the nines). Call it the People’s Inauguration, one that celebrates the ordinary American, and that suits his fans just fine.

“They could have zero entertainment at the inauguration, and I really don’t think for one minute that it would matter,” said Leslie Rossi, of Youngstown, Pa., a state that shocked the nation when it switched from blue to red on Election Day.

Rossi, a 46-year-old mother of eight, and her husband, Michael, 51, were so confident Trump was going to win that they booked their rooms in DC last July. The Rossi family own a mechanical testing and research company in Westmoreland County that employs about 200 people. They also own the legendary “Trump House,” a nearly 100-year-old building painted entirely red, white and blue that’s guarded by a 14-foot steel cutout of Trump’s likeness.
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Human Rights Watch Labels U.S. a 'Human Rights Abuser' Because of Trump

PJ Media ^ | 14 Jan, 2017 | Rick Moran 

Human Rights Watch has taken Trump derangement syndrome to new heights with the release of its annual report that lists the United States of America as a human rights abuser on par with China, Egypt, and Syria.
Their reason? Donald Trump's rhetoric during the recent presidential campaign.
Trump has yet to take office and the Soros-funded HRW is already condemning the U.S. for policies that have yet to be enacted.
The Daily Caller:
As The New York Times notes, the designation of the U.S. as a major human rights abuser marks a first for HRW in the 27 years it has released its annual survey. “The rise of populism poses a dangerous threat to human rights,” Roth said in a video introduction of the report.
“Trump gained power in the United States, various politicians are seeking power in Europe through making appeals to racism, xenophobia, nativism and misogyny,” he continued.
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California's bullet train hurtling toward multibillion-dollar overrun, federal report warns

Los Angeles Times ^ | January 13, 2017 | By Ralph Vartabedian 

California’s bullet train could cost taxpayers 50% more than estimated — as much as $3.6 billion more. And that’s just for the first 118 miles through the Central Valley, which was supposed to be the easiest part of the route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
A confidential Federal Railroad Administration risk analysis, obtained by The Times, projects that building bridges, viaducts, trenches and track from Merced to Shafter, just north of Bakersfield, could cost $9.5 billion to $10 billion, compared with the original budget of $6.4 billion.
The federal document outlines far-reaching management problems: significant delays in environmental planning, lags in processing invoices for federal grants and continuing failures to acquire needed property.
The California High-Speed Rail Authority originally anticipated completing the Central Valley track by this year, but the federal risk analysis estimates that that won’t happen until 2024, placing the project seven years behind schedule.
The report, the most critical official assessment of the project to surface so far, is labeled a “confidential-draft deliberative document for internal use only” and was presented by senior Federal Railroad Administration executives to California rail authority board Chairman Dan Richard and Chief Executive Jeff Morales on Dec. 1 in Washington. . .
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Let's Examine The Ramifications If Obama Pardons Hillary and/or the Clinton Foundatation

Self | January 14, 2017 | Stayfree 

We all know that Hillary has violated numerous federal statutes in her email operation and we also know that the Clintons have used the Clinton Foundation (and possibility other Clinton family foundations)in "pay for play" activities whereby shady characters, foreign governments, etc. have contributed millions of dollars in return for favors...the Clintons have amassed billions of dollars in graft and corruption.

It is highly likely that the Clintons and their foundation will receive a pardon from Obama once they agree upon a price for the bribe.

Latinos set to toast tequila to Trump

The Hill ^ | January 13, 2017 | Hector Barreto 

Next week, a group of patriots, who happen to be Hispanic, will gather to celebrate the inauguration of President-elect Donald J. Trump.
It will be the kind of moment that runs counter to the narratives of the political and the media elite, but to those of us in the room, our celebration makes perfect sense.
If news of our inauguration party surprises you, recall that 29 percent of the Hispanic vote went to Trump. Remember, too, that Latinos are feeling the sharp pain of economic adversity that Trump has convincingly promised to change. Remember also that one of the great economic beacons of hope for Hispanic Americans is small-business ownership, which is in precipitous decline in this country. Most traditional politicians have done nothing but pay lip service to small-business growth for a generation or more.
Finally, recall that Hispanic parents, like all American parents, want to be empowered to make the choice of sending their children to the best schools possible....
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Why do the losers keep trying to tell the winners how to run the country? Please explain...

15 January 2017 | Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin 

Would someone please help me understand why the losers keep trying to tell the winners how to run things? I didn't think life ran that way. If a man applies for the job and he is one of three applicants and does NOT get the job, he does not have the authority to ask for anything to be done from that position. If two military units go to battle, the losers do not tell the winners how they want to be treated.
If two football teams play a game and one side wins, the losers do not have the authority to ask the winning team to apologize or step down. If two horses race and one wins and the other loses, the 2nd place horse does not get to demand to stand in the winner's circle. Losing means you lose and are at the mercy, so to speak, of the winner, not the other way around.
We all need to get behind Trump and MAKE IT KNOWN that there are no apologies (ever) for winning and doing things the way Trump is going to decide to do them because WE VOTED FOR HIM and we don't want CAIR, John Lewis, Nancy Pelosi, England, Iran, Rosie O'Donnell, John McCain and hundreds of other butt-hurt folks trying to tell him or us what to do.
We didn't tell Obama what to do. We made it clear we were unhappy with what he did, but no one told him he had to do what WE wanted or we would riot or resort to violence. This is all crazy. You dissenting folk better get one thing through your heads BEFORE it is too late:
Do NOT start something you can NOT finish.

Chaffetz: Clinton email probe to continue 'full throttle'

The Washington Examiner ^ | Jan. 9, 2017 | Joel Gehrke 

Hillary Clinton's defeat in the 2016 presidential election won't halt House Republicans' probe of her private email server, an investigation that could bring "a lot of other characters" into congressional crosshairs, according to the top GOP investigator.
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ConocoPhillips: Big New Oil Discovery In Alaska Could Produce 100,000 Barrels Per Day!

Seeking Alpha ^ | January 14, 2017 | Michael Fitzsimmons 

Yesterday ConocoPhillips' (NYSE:COP) Alaskan unit announced a big discovery in Alaska. The Willow discovery lies in the COP's Greater Mooses Tooth ("GMT") unit and consists of two wells which encountered 72 feet and 42 feet of net pay. 3-D seismic appraisal work will start this month, however initial estimates indicate the discovery could contain a recoverable oil potential of 300 million barrels of oil. As a result, Willow could produce up to 100,000 bpd of oil and first oil could come by 2023.
ConocoPhillips has a 78% working interest in the play while Anadarko Petroleum (NYSE:APC) holds a 22% interest....
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