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Record 95,102,000 Americans Not in Labor Force; Number Grew 18% Since Obama Took Office in 2009

Cybercast News Service ^ | January 6, 2017 | 8:49 AM EST | Susan Jones 

Barack Obama’s presidency began with a record number of Americans not in the labor force, and it's ending the same way.

The final jobs report of the Obama presidency, released Friday, shows that the number of Americans not in the labor force has increased by 14,573,000 (18.09 percent) since January 2009, when Obama took office, continuing a long-term trend that began well before Obama was sworn in.

In December, according to the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, a record 95,102,000 Americans were not in the labor force, 47,000 more than in November; and the labor force participation rate was 62.7 percent, a tenth of a point higher than in November. …
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No One Cared About Hacking until We found Out How Corrupt Liberals Are

Independent Sentinal ^ | Jan 6, 2017 | S. Noble 

US major government and military organizations are hacked all the time by endless numbers of foreign and domestic actors. Nothing was done to fix our cybersecurity. But let a privates organization like the DNC get hacked or careless John Podesta’s emails get hacked and all hell breaks loose.
John Podesta left his smart phone in a cab, he fell for a phishing incident and his password was ‘passwØrd”. Hillary put our state secrets on a personal server she kept in a bathroom. She and Huma left their phones on a bed in a hotel in China. Hillary sent her emails to all sorts of people without security clearance. Her maid printed out her classified documents.
If they were so important, why didn’t the FBI bother to collect the information, the servers, the computers, the flash drives, even the drives held by the Clinton lawyers?
We are hacked routinely by Iranians, North Koreans, Chinese, Russians, possibly ISIS, Internet joyriders, among others.
Since 2009, they have attacked the US electoral grid, Pentagon’s Joint Strike Fighter Project, NASA, the Dept. of Energy, Federal Election Commisson, US postal service, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Admin, White House, State Department, Dept of Defense, Internal Revenue Service, Office of Personnel Management.
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Obama to Free Gitmo Detainees Who Have Vowed to Behead Americans!

Breitbart ^ | 1-5-2017 | Edwin Mora 

The group being released will be drawn from those held at Guantanamo – who include an accused senior al Qaeda bomb-maker, the terror group’s top financial manager, and two intended 9/11 hijackers, who have all been held in the Cuba-based U.S. detention facility for more than a decade. Of the 59 prisoners still held at Gitmo, 22 have been cleared for release by Obama’s multi-agency parole-style board known as the Periodic Review Board (PRB) and nearly half (27) are considered “forever prisoners,” or too dangerous to release.
However, the PRB has made the decision to liberate prisoners who had already been designated too dangerous to release, which means the “forever prisoner” designation has not prevented the Obama administration from transferring out detainees
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"Some of the recommended transfers have also vowed to return to jihad if they are ever released, according to reports from US military officials. They have also threatened to assassinate the U.S. president, kill American citizens, and attack other world leaders who are allied with the West."
"However, the PRB has made the decision to liberate prisoners who had already been designated too dangerous to release, which means the “forever prisoner” designation has not prevented the Obama administration from transferring out detainees." 

Chicago Carnage: What Can Be Done? ^ | January 7, 2017 | Cal Thomas 

Chicago has come a long way from the idealized lyric "my kind of town, Chicago is," which Frank Sinatra made famous.
True, Chicago has a history of gangland murders going back to the days of Al Capone, but 2016 set a new and lamentable record. According to CNN, citing figures released by the Chicago Police Department, Chicago experienced a surge in violent crime in 2016. There were 762 murders, 3,550 shootings and 4,331 shooting victims. This in a city with strict gun laws.
In 2015, there were 480 murders in Chicago.
Most of the violence is gang-related. Fatherless kids seeking a sense of belonging and family are attracted to gangs they believe will give them both. The musical "West Side Story" contains these Stephen Sondheim lyrics, which offer a rationale for gang membership:
"When you're a Jet,
You're a Jet all the way
From your first cigarette
To your last dyin' day.
When you're a Jet,
If the spit hits the fan,
You got brothers around,
You're a family man!
You're never alone,
You're never disconnected!
You're home with your own:
When company's expected,
You're well protected!"
Except you're not well protected, as the murder rate proves.
President-elect Donald Trump has said if city officials can't deal with the violence, the federal government might have to step in. There may be a better way.
Last summer, a coalition of religious groups organized a summit of gang leaders in Los Angeles. They met at the Church of Scientology, which many regard as a cult, but it shouldn't matter if results are achieved. They appear to have succeeded, or at least begun a process that may lead to more peaceful streets.
Attendees signed a "peace banner," which declared peace between two of the most notorious gangs in the area, the Bloods and Crips. A rapper named "The Game" may have had the best line of all. He wrote: "Because the sad truth that no one wants to face is, before we can get OUR LIVES TO MATTER to anyone else ... We have to show that OUR LIVES MATTER to US!!!!"
The Los Angeles Times reported a comment by Michael "Big Mike" Cummings, a gang-intervention worker in Watts, who said he is "sick and tired of losing our babies," adding, "The only thing that needs to be divided by colors is our laundry."
This strategy might work in Chicago, too. Last month the Aurora Beacon-News reported on a former gang member, Manny Rivera. Now 34, Rivera joined a gang at age 14 shortly after meeting his father for the first time. At 22, Rivera was shot by a rival gang member and later spent more than a year in prison for stealing a car. When he got out he asked the gang leader if he could resign. That does not happen often, but in Rivera's case it did. He said the gang leader told him he could leave, but if he ever decided to come back there would be consequences.
Rivera, who met his wife when he was 16, -- she stuck with him in spite of his associates -- now pastors a church following his Christian conversion. On Dec. 31, Rivera participated in an anti-violence march in Chicago. Many marchers carried handmade wooden crosses, one for each person murdered in the city during the year. Rivera now seeks to lead others to know God and find love and acceptance in Him instead of gangs.
While the federal government cannot prefer one religion, it can encourage and provide resources to churches and religious groups who seek answers to a problem that has defied secular solutions. A changed heart almost always results in changed behavior and clearly the police, the incarceration of violent offenders and stricter gun laws are not reducing the level of violence. As Donald Trump said in appealing to African Americans voters, "What do you have to lose?" They've tried the Democrats for more than 40 years. Why not try something new?

Unable to Win Elections, Liberals Seek to Delegitimize Trump

The American Spectator ^ | January 6, 2017 | J.T. Young 

Expect liberals to continue trying to delegitimize Trump’s victory, despite repeated failure. The only thing that changes in liberals’ long-term effort is their motivation: It now switches from election strategy to survival’s necessity. Simply: If liberals cannot effectively undermine Trump’s presidency, they risk losing far more than November’s election.
The over-reported prospect of an Electoral College rebellion against Trump came and went. It became another opportunity to add insult to liberals’ injury; Clinton’s electoral vote defeat margin swelled, as she wound up suffering more “faithless electors” than Trump did. However, while this was the most focal of their efforts, it was far from the only one.
The post-election press has reverberated with liberals’ wishful thinking that by delegitimizing Trump, they can define away their own failures.
The Washington Post has served as a prime vintner of the left’s sour grapes. On December 7, it published a piece by Clinton’s former communications director that raised the racist charge once more: “I don’t know whether the Trump campaign needed to give a platform to white supremacists to win. But the campaign clearly did, and it had the effect of empowering the white-nationalist movement.”
Not content with rehashing liberals’ racist libel, the Post found room for former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta to blame defeat on the FBI and Russia a week later: “Comparing the FBI’s massive response to the overblown email scandal with the seemingly lackadaisical response to the very real Russian plot to subvert a national election shows that something is deeply broken at the FBI.”
Capping off the left’s “Trumper tantrum” was MSNBC host Chris Hayes who explained what the left has been, and intends to continue, doing: “Isn’t the answer here that sustained efforts at total delegitimization, no matter how deranged, is actually the path back to power?”
Before the election, once liberals took Trump’s candidacy seriously, there were concerted attempts to delegitimize it. Not the first, but certainly the most notable, was Clinton’s own unguarded comment about putting “half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables.” However, their delegitimizing efforts went well beyond this.
Before the election, liberals tried to attach Trump’s candidacy to the alt-right movement. Obama and a host of White House surrogates also expressly declared Trump unqualified for the presidency.
After the monumental upset, the left shifted their tactics but not their delegitimizing strategy. They labeled the Electoral College arcane and archaic, blaming it for thwarting Clinton’s popular vote lead. They also supported targeted recounts by third party candidate Jill Stein.
None of their many efforts proved to be any more successful — or any less transparent — than their “faithless elector” gambit. But still liberals have kept them coming. And they will continue to — even when there is nothing more to contest. They will, not just because liberals “cannot help themselves,” but because liberals are now desperately trying to save themselves.
Delegitimizing Trump started as an electoral strategy but has now become a survival necessity. Without reversing the political dynamics that elected Trump, liberals risk seeing these merging with even stronger congressional and state ones.
Going into 2016, liberals had cultivated the prevailing narrative that Republicans’ quest for the presidency had become hopeless. Projecting off Obama’s two consecutive victories with popular vote majorities — the first time a Democrat had done this since FDR — they claimed Republicans were now demographically and geographically blocked from winning the White House.
Now post-November, presidential politics look very different. Suddenly it is liberals and their Democratic Party vehicle that look shaky. No thanks to the Republican establishment, by blazing a geographic trail to America’s center-right majority, Trump has revealed a possibility unseen since Reagan.
Despite following Obama, Hillary Clinton discovered demography and geography were not the “Democratic automatics” liberals had claimed. Worse, if they are not, Republicans could be positioned to add the presidency to their control of Congress and state governments.
From 1932 to 1994, Republican majorities in Congress were short-lived aberrations. Since 1994, they have been the rule. From 1932-1992, Republicans won control of the House in only two Congresses and the Senate in just five. From 1994-2016, Republicans have won the House 10 times and the Senate seven times.
In state governments, Republican power is even greater. They control 33 governorships and 68 of the 99 legislative bodies. Together, these give them total control of 25 states. Democrats have functional control of just 5 states.
Despite liberals’ bravado throughout 2016, their hold on American politics was already tenuous below the presidential level. They were a congressional minority and an even heavier one at the state level. The presidency — and more specifically, Obama’s presidency — was their last and most important bastion.
Their belief was that Obama’s election was destiny — that geography and demography had bequeathed Democrats the presidency. As a result, they were complicit in Obama aggrandizing White House power like never before in peacetime.
November has refuted liberals’ belief that they were destined to control the White House. And it has turned America’s most powerful office — an office they acquiesced in Obama’s making it far more powerful — against them. More importantly, it opened a path for Republicans to further their power in the states and their alignment with America’s ideological majority to future presidential races.
Donald Trump’s impending inauguration only adds urgency to liberals’ delegitimizing efforts. Simply going from “Donald Trump” to “President Trump” will enhance his stature for millions of Americans not already in his corner, but desirous of seeing him, and the nation, succeed. Time will only magnify the effect — as will his successes in office. Further, his ability to circumvent the filter of the liberal media gives him an enormous opportunity to shape public perception.
Liberals now must act quickly and aggressively. if they are to try to stop a process over which they are already having less control. Having failed when Trump was more vulnerable to their delegitimizing efforts, liberals see their chances diminishing quickly over the short-term — and perhaps over the long-term, too. Their future certainly looks bleaker than the one they were recently predicting for Trump and Republicans.

Congress looks to start building a Mexican border wall within months!

Washington Post ^ | Jan. 5, 2017 | Mike DeBonis 

In a bid to swiftly deliver on one of President-elect Donald Trump’s chief campaign promises, congressional Republicans are exploring ways to begin funding a barrier on the U.S. southern border starting as soon as April.

Multiple lawmakers described the plans Thursday, which would use authority under a 2006 law supported by Republicans and Democrats alike to justify spending that could eventually reach into the billions of dollars.

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Obama Still Doesn’t Get America

American Thinker ^ | January 6, 2017 | James Lewis 

resident Obama came as a stranger, and is leaving as a stranger.
The Obama presidency has been different from any other administration in the last two centuries. From the start, he has gone out of his way to defy the very essence of the American Republic, our constitutional limits on the power of any single dictatorial individual.

Under Obama, the US Congress and even the Supreme Court have failed to assert their constitutional independence, presumably out of fear of this president an the accusations of racism that followed opposition to him or his policies.

According to the Supreme Court, Obamacare was a tax bill when Obamacare’s fines for not buying insurance was an issue before it, but suddenly became not a tax bill when passed by Congress, because it originated in the Senate, while tax bills must originate in the House, according to our Constitution.

Congressional Republicans curled up in fetal positions, and even the Permanent Government in DC, including the CIA, FBI, IRS and DOJ, all failed in keep their reputations for integrity. Even many states bowed down to the dictates of DC. Large corporations either outsourced to other countries or treated Washington, DC like a Third World Dictatorship.

Silicon Valley kissed the grungy ground in abject worship of Dear Leader.

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Brutal Chicago Video is No Surprise in a Climate of Racial Lies ^ | January 7, 2017 | Mark Davis 

The images of the violent abuse of a young man at the hands of vicious Chicago youth are hard for any decent person to consume, but they pose particular challenges for the left.
In their world, the only racism worthy of note is practiced by whites; the only political violence they care about is what they see (or can concoct) from a Donald Trump rally. So four black teens torturing a white special-needs kid sends them into instant short-circuit, forcing conversations they have no interest in hearing.
To their credit, some liberals have found a way to reach the only coherent conclusion—that these monsters were motivated by hatred of white people and hatred of Donald Trump. It’s not as if mind-reading is required here. The attackers did us the favor of profanely identifying their hate on Facebook Live. Sometimes evil leaves a business card, as in Dylann Roof’s self-admitted murderous grudge against blacks.
But some voices on the left have made an observation that cannot be allowed to stand. Even as they are forced to absorb a hate crime perpetrated by blacks against a white victim, with the additional layer of Trump hatred as a contributing factor, they will say something like: “It is unfathomable how people can treat someone like this; there’s no understanding such an attack.”
Are they kidding? The toxic roots of this outrageous crime are on display every day. They are found in the sick and malicious rhetoric that filled the air in reaction to the Trump campaign, that has only intensified since his victory. And it wasn’t only from liberals.
How many people on TV, in elected office, from the stages of shrill rallies, have spread the following damnable lies:
-- Donald Trump is a racist.
-- Our cops are racist.
-- Our country is racist.
Pour this poison into the heads of kids already damaged by the societal dysfunctions around them, and we might wonder why we don’t get videos like this with nauseating regularity.
The animus of the left is on constant display. Black Lives Matter tells America that waves of racist cops are out to kill our black youth. Democrat politicians have maligned Trump as a bigot for pure sport, joined by some unhinged NeverTrumpers.
Astride it all, we have had a President for eight years who has discouraged none of this, while adding his own winking double-talk that makes clear his belief that racism is still rampant in the nation that elected him twice.
So don’t let anyone get away with feigned bewilderment over how this barbaric cruelty happened. The responsibility for it is shared by anyone who has engaged in the slanders that fill the daily talking points of the left.
As the week began, we were treated to another pathetic video of Hollywood B-listers wagging fingers at Congress to stop the hateful monster we have just elected. For about five minutes, it was easy to enjoy a “there they go again” chuckle.
Now it’s not so funny. Their venom, mingled with countless voices in grotesque harmony across the platforms of media and politics, can now be seen played out in the agonizing experience of a young man subjected to barbaric cruelty, spurred by racial and political hatred.
Clumsy myths of equivalency have arisen in calls for examination of what motivated Roof to his hate crime. But I’ll examine that all day, and offer a comparison which is the foundation for our nation’s skewed racial discourse.
Anyone suggesting there was a valid basis for the malice that led to Roof’s church rampage would be chased into the deepest corners of derision. But walk around spouting about racist voters elevating a bigoted President in a prejudiced nation policed by redneck cops? You can say those things and have a TV show or a high elected office.
And as long as such lies get wide nods of approval, no one should be surprised if unbridled hooligans occasionally act on them.

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