Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Drain the Intelligence Swamp!

American Thinker ^ | December 14th, 2016 | G. Murphy Donovan 

Of all the things that 16 intelligence agencies do, threat analysis is probably the shabbiest product. Indeed, intelligence “analysis” is a deductive, not an inductive process. Analysis seldom begins with a blank slate. The drill begins with existing policy and all the embedded assumptions that politics brings to the table. To be a successful intelligence or national security analyst today, two assumptions are etched in stone.
Russians are bad. Muslims are good.
Simplistic as it sounds, any analysis that contradicts these team Obama bedrock policy maxims today is a dead letter.
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Left to bury the hatchet—in America's back…

Canada Free Press ^ | 12/14/16 | Joanna Rosamond 

Their joke about “peaceful transition“ is going down like a lead balloon
The departing government has announced “peaceful transition” but it looks like members of Obama's administration are digging holes in “common ground”, shrouded by smoke from the American flag burnt by their not so "patriots first" camp.

Democrats were big on diagnosing soldiers and Veterans with PTSD and yanking weapons from the most deserving hands; it's only fair to say that right now the left seems to suffer from some kind of Post Obama Stress Disorder. Should we consider that, according to their own prescription “persistent disorientation and anger” make them “potentially dangerous” candidates for deweaponization?

DC Public Schools Spokeswoman Wants To ‘Get Rid Of’ All White Men

The Daily Caller News Foundation ^ | December 14, 2016 | Blake Neff 

A spokeswoman for Washington, D.C.’s public school system tweeted Tuesday about her desire to “abolish” all white men.

The declaration by Hilary Tone, who works a day job as communications director for D.C. Public Schools, was prompted by president-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Rick Perry to lead the Department of Energy. Pointing towards Perry’s stated desire to abolish the department he’s been tapped to lead, Tone quipped that she would personally like to lead (and presumably also eliminate) the “Department of White Men.”
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Hilary Tone:

Obama - Threatens Trump In Violation Of Lease On D.C. Hotel Unless He Divests All Ownership

Zero Hedge ^ | 12-14-2016 | Tyler Durden 

President-elect Trump has until inauguration day to divest himself of all ownership interest (not just management) of the Trump International Hotel in Washington D.C. or he will be in violation of his lease, according to the agency in charge of government buildings. The lease, according to a letter from four Democrats, forbids elected officials from being party to the deal or receiving any of its benefits, making the hotel the most visible potential conflicts of interest for Trump.

As Bloomberg reports, an official of the General Services Administration, which leases government buildings, told the staffs of the four lawmakers that Trump will be in violation of the lease unless he divests, according to a letter written by the Democrats.
"Mr. Trump will be in breach of the lease agreement the moment he takes office on January 20, 2017, unless he fully divests himself of all financial interests in the lease for the Washington D.C. hotel," according to the letter from Representatives Elijah Cummings, Peter DeFazio, Gerald Connolly, and André Carson, who had requested details of the deal.
The 60-year lease for the Old Post Office Pavilion, a U.S. government-owned building on Pennsylvania Avenue just blocks from the White House, forbids elected officials from being party to the deal or receiving any of its benefits. It has become one of the most visible potential conflicts of interest for Trump, whose international real estate and branding business presents unprecedented circumstances in which a president may remain involved in the private sector.
On Dec. 8, the deputy commissioner of GSA, from which Trump Old Post Office LLC leases the historic Old Post Office Pavilion, told the lawmakers’ representatives "that Mr. Trump must divest himself not only of managerial control, but of all ownership interest as well
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‘We Are Going to Say Merry Christmas Again’!

Breitbart ^ | 13 Dec 2016 | Jeff Poor 

“So when I started 18 months ago, I told my first crowd in Wisconsin that we are going to come back here someday and we are going to say merry Christmas again,” Trump said. “Merry Christmas — so, merry Christmas everyone. Happy New Year, but Merry Christmas. And I am here today for one main reason: to say thank you to the people of Wisconsin.”
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Make American Great Again "Final Battle from Movie Battleship" as Inspiration theme!

Inspiring Vanity - You're Welcome | 12/13/2016 | Vendome 

So, I am watching events of the last week with Trump winning again and again, as well putting together a pretty amazing cabinet.

Then I read some whiny artivle about BIG guns surrounding Trump Tower and my thoughts raced to the movie “Battleship”.

The last Epic 5 minutes with music and visuals of the Old Men of America enlisting their help to the new young Men and leaders and uniting in a common mission of defeating the enemy. In this case, some undocumented aliens from outerspace.

This is Winning at it's finest and Trump just continues to win and so does America.

It isn't a new Morning in America again, It's Trump message “I'm With You!!! Let's win and I will lead that charge! Follow Me!!!”

So, Make America Great Again and let's leave it all on the floor as Free Men, our attitude is Fervency and we work with zeal, expecting extraordinary results.

Hold that dream close to your heart and your minds eye. It is that reason you are working.

“Never give up on your dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway, so spend your time in pursuit of who you want to be and how you will feel when you arrive”

And now for a few quick videos to inspire you - - Turn up the Volume!!

Click on the Pics

Best 3 Minutes leading up to Final Battle AC/DC Thunderstruck!

Boom!!! - - -Shaka Laka — — — BOOM!!!

Trump-Haters and Chocolate-Covered Raisins

American Thinker ^ | December 14, 2016 | Robert Oscar Lopez 

Travel back in time to October 18, 1994 – when the twenty-somethings of 2016 were newborns, toddlers, or making their way through nursery school. An episode of Frasier aired that will prove useful in analyzing the liberal reaction to Trump's election.
The episode is mostly about the demolition of Martin Crane's favorite bar, Duke's, but it includes a side scene involving the silky-voiced Roz and the cerebral Frasier. Frasier finds Roz in the hallway of the radio station, screaming at a vending machine. Apparently, Roz has just finished a dieting cycle and now wants to indulge in some very fattening chocolate, but the vending machine doesn't seem to be working.
The goal of Roz's diet was to make her "calmer and healthier," but in front of her baffled boss, Frasier, Roz starts beating and kicking the vending machine. The only thing she can get from it is a bag of chocolate-covered raisins.
Roz wanted chocolate and assumed, during her seven days of dieting to make herself calm and healthy, that the vending machine would work the way she expected it to work. Upon the conclusion of her fasting cycle, she thought she could put her usual change inside the machine, and out would pop something to meet her urge. Instead, she got raisins, something she can't stand, covered with chocolate (what she likes), meaning that she must either eat the raisins, letting them ruin the chocolate, or lick the chocolate off each one individually, something she finds degrading.
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