Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump's Taxes Aren't the Problem

American Thinker ^ | October 10, 2016 | William Sullivan 

Why, exactly, are Donald Trump's federal income tax returns important to anyone beyond the fact that he has broken no laws?

It's unlikely we'll ever find that Donald Trump has done something illegal with his taxes. Hillary knows that. What is being suggested is that he has done something not legally wrong, but morally wrong by exploiting "loopholes" in order to pay less to the government than he could have, or than he supposedly should have. The revelation has been that he has paid high-priced CPAs and attorneys, who helped him reduce his taxable liability to the very least he is legally required to pay.
If you happen to find such a thing offensive, please review your own tax returns. Do you write anything off when you file your taxes each year? The interest on your home? The cost of childcare? Home office expenses? Mileage on your vehicle? All of those things? Even more to the quick, do you arrange your tax return in such a way that your tax liability is even the slightest bit reduced for any reason whatsoever? Could you have paid more to the government than you were legally required to pay, and if so, are you to be criticized for not having done so?
Of course you could have paid more than you did. And of course you've nothing wrong by not doing so. Only in the unique ideological prism of the leftist political elite and the envious grumblers they carry in tow could it be assumed that you have done something wrong. What you've done is legal and, dare I say, smart.
Trump's taxes aren't the problem, and neither are yours. The real problem is the misguided, bloated, and incompetent government that collects them.
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Why Would Any Young Person Vote Democrat?

Flopping Aces ^ | 10-09-16 | Brother Bob 

Hello Young People! Apparently you are not showing sufficient enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton's coronation, so the Democrats are unleashing their secret weapon to bring your vote around - Al Gore. Younger members reading this might remember him as the old dude who made that neat sci-fi epic movie about 10 years ago. He's actually here as the ambassador on one issue that polls well among your demographic, so he occasionally emerges from his energy-guzzling mansion and flies around the world in his private jet to lecture us on the dangers of... climate change. Welcome to 2016, where the party that's supposed to represent young people has decided to treat you like you're complete idiots.
Quite a few of you became interested in politics thanks to Bernie Sanders, and his "Democratic Socialism" pitch. You might have even seen this video  "explaining" the benefits of Democratic Socialism. If that video sounded great to you, listen closer, and read here for a more in-depth analysis

Dude... I got so baked last night that Democratic Socialism started to sound good!
Unfortunately if you look at the reality of how Socialism has worked in practice, the Nordic countries aren't the shining example that you've been told that they are:
People in the Nordic countries are suffering from the ill effects of the very socialism which Bernie Sanders wants to bring to America. They know it doesn’t work, and they are working hard to achieve robust, free-market reforms.Nevertheless, there are clear lessons a huge, diverse country can learn from the recent experiences of these small, homogeneous nations. The biggest lesson might surprise Bernie Sanders — socialism doesn’t work.
A very real example that our press and people who claim to be intelligent like to ignore is Venezuela. It's literally on fire. Or perhaps you'd like to see a Progressive grocery store?
Then you got to watch the primary process where your votes were struck down by Superdelegates who were put in place to ensure that you did not make the wrong choice as determined by your superiors in the DNC. Some leaks conformed that it was worse than it appeared:
But first, Bernie supporters should note three things well about the uncool, unfair, and unconscionable sabotage they have been subjected to by Debbie Wasserman Schultz: If WikiLeaks had not tapped into and then publicized the Democratic National Committee emails, she would have gotten away with it. Wasserman Schultz is no criminal mastermind (to say the least): She is a functionary doing exactly what she knows she was expected to do, a small cog in a much larger machine. Third, her bad-faith malfeasance would have been exposed much earlier if a press that was interested in revealing the truth rather than turning a blind eye to it (because they approve of the goal) had done its job, or half its job, or maybe a tenth of its job.Bernie voters, you sad saps, you never had a chance. Now, we can reasonably suspect that the chance you didn’t have goes back eight years. We can also deduce that the Democratic Party is a top-down organization, not a grassroots organization. They claim to be, of course, but the power at the top has nothing to do with the will of the people in its base. It’s a club where only the opinions of a couple of members count.
Then over the summer we learned that your champion of the people is using his wealth to give back and help others by... buying a half million dollar vacation home. and after Hillary called you a bunch of "Basement Dwellers", Bernie had your back by... defending her. And Bernie capped it off by informing you to not even think of voting for a 3rd party - get in line, do as you're told and vote for who we tell you, child.
You've already had a taste of what life is like under the rule of today's authoritarian Radical Leftists that have taken over the Democratic Party. How did you like Michelle Obama's school lunch program?
They're the ones who support the status quo of a school system that has failed too many of you.
How about today's toxic culture on college campuses? College is supposed to be the best years of many young people's lives, and now look at their legacy.
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Mexican officials quietly helping thousands of Haitian illegal immigrants reach U.S.

The Washington Times ^ | October 10, 2016 | Stephen Dinan 

Mexican officials are quietly helping thousands of illegal immigrant Haitians make their way to the United States, according to an internal Homeland Security document that details the route taken by the migrants, the thousands of dollars paid to human smugglers along the way and the sometimes complicit role of the governments of America’s neighbors.
More than 6,000 Haitians arrived at the border in San Diego over the last year — a staggering 18-fold increase over fiscal year 2015. Some 2,600 more were waiting in northern Mexico as of last week, and 3,500 others were not far behind, waiting in Panama to make the trip north, according to the documents, obtained by Rep. Duncan Hunter, California Republican.
The migrants are paying at least $2,350 to be smuggled from South America to the doorstep of the U.S., where many present themselves at the border and many demand asylum, hoping to gain a foothold here.
“Haitians have forged a dangerous and clandestine new path to get to the United States,” says the document, which lays out in detail the route and the prices paid along the way for smugglers, bus tickets and, where they can be obtained legally, transit documents.
Their trek begins in Brazil and traces a 7,100-mile route up the west coast of South American and Central America, crossing 11 countries and taking as long as four months.
Some countries are more welcoming than others, according to the document, which was reviewed by The Washington Times. Nicaragua is listed as being particularly vigilant about deporting the Haitian migrants if they are caught — so smugglers charge $1,000 to get through that country.
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Trump or Clinton: Who will Really Fight the Status Quo?

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/10/16 | Leigh Bravo 

We, the American people must ignore the blatant distractions being used by the Clinton camp, fueled by the media, in order to push through a corrupt agenda, by politicians who have never been held accountable for their own actions
The mainstream media spent the entire weekend slamming Donald Trump for locker room comments made eleven years ago, while ignoring Hillary’s released emails exposing her dreams of completely open borders, total globalization, an economy controlled by Wall Street insiders, and single payer healthcare. Hillary made it very clear over the weekend that she feels it is appropriate for her to say anything in order to win the White House, even if it isn’t true. After all the American people are deplorable, racist, bigoted, irredeemable basement dwellers who are too stupid to understand or make decisions about their own lives.

Trump Winning Drudge Poll in Landslide… 90-10 Lead an Hour After Debate

Breitbart ^ | October 9, 2 | Patrick Howley 

Donald Trump is the clear winner in the Drudge Report debate poll.

As of 11:30 PM, an hour after the debate, Trump led with 89.76 percent of the vote compared to 10.24 percent for Hillary Clinton.

97,513 voters felt Trump won the debate against 11,120 for Clinton.

The numbers have held consistent.

As of 10:55 PM, 25 minutes after the debate’s scheduled end, Trump was winning the Drudge poll with 89.56 percent support, compared to 10.44 percent for Hillary Clinton.

The Trump campaign is excited about the way the debate went. Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway admitted that while Clinton did well in the first debate, her second performance revealed her true personality and temperament.
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Debate results in: Hillary for Hillary – Donald Trump for America

Canada Free Press ^ | 10/10/16 | Rev. Michael Bresciani 

Someone who could not guard a few classified emails does not seem a likely choice to be the guardian of America’s women and children
On October 9, 2016 Donald Trump squared off with Hillary Clinton in what can only be described as a rout. Trump made a spectacular comeback in every area of the debate starting off with a very genuine apology for what he called, “locker room talk” about women.
Because Trump dealt head on with the issue of his former conversation with Howard Stern, Hillary was cautious not to make herself look like the only person in the room willing to pick up the first stone with which to pummel Mr. Trump.

Icahn: ‘High-Level People’ Claiming ‘Outrage’ At Trump Comments Are Hypocrites

Daily Caller ^ | October 10, 2016 | Caroline May 

Billionaire Donald Trump supporter Carl Icahn says he is sticking with the Republican nominee despite the vulgar comments Trump made about women in 2005.
Icahn told CNBC on Monday that Trump’s language was unremarkable locker room banter and that some of the people who are claiming to be outraged at Trump’s comments are being hypocritical.
“Over my years I’ve listened to a lot of salacious talk in locker rooms, bachelor parties, et cetera, by a lot of high-level people, some of whom are now supposedly so outraged,” Icahn told CNBC Monday.
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Rudy Giuliani – I Could Convict Crooked Hillary on 26 Counts!

Still Report ^ | 10/10/2016 | Bill Still 

Rudy Giuliani – I Could Convict Crooked Hillary on 26 Counts
After last night’s debate, Rudy Giuliani appeared on Sean Hannity’s after-debate show. He said that Donald Trump delivered one of the biggest knockouts in presidential debate history, and that if he were the Attorney General he could prosecute Hillary Clinton on violations of 26 different criminal statutes.
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The Silent Majority: 94,184,000 Adult Americans Not Participating in the Labor Force.

My Budget 360 ^ | October, 2016 

There are roughly 74.9 million baby boomers. Then you have approximately 75.4 million Millennials. Big groups that can sway the election. But how many people are not in the labor force? You have a whopping 94.2 million adult Americans that are not in the labor force. In other words the largest voting bloc of adults is going to be a group that isn’t employed. So think about what issues are going to matter to this group. It is a given that a large part of this cohort comes from older Americans. Those that are concerned with healthcare and Social Security. But you have many in this subsection of America that would like to work but simply cannot find work. We are talking about millions here. So it will be interesting to see how this group will vote one month from now.
The not in the labor force cohort
I still find it hard to believe that so many Americans just don’t know about this giant group of people in our population. It is a hidden majority. These numbers are not some sort of fabrication but come directly from the government’s own data.
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Massive crowd greets Trump at first rally after tape, debate!

NY Post ^ | October 10, 2016 | Selena Zito 

AMBRIDGE, Penn. — There is scant evidence that Donald Trump’s Western Pennsylvania supporters have lost their gusto for the billionaire Republican presidential nominee.

At least not in suburban Pittsburgh’s Beaver County, where at a Monday rally at the Wright Field House at Ambridge High School the line to attend his rally stretched for several blocks along Duss Avenue.

Supporters of all genders, race and political persuasion were dressed in Trump shirts and Trump hats, waving signs and doubling-down on their decision to vote Trump.

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