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Basement Dwellers: Clinton Attacks Millennial Bernie Backers in Leaked Audio

PJ Media ^ | October 1, 2016 | Tyler O'Neil 

Hillary Clinton mocked supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders in a February fundraiser, calling them "children of the Great Recession" who are "living in their parents' basement," according to audio released this week by The Washington Free Beacon. In that fundraiser, she also described Sanders' ideas as "indefensible," and mocked the socialism of Scandinavian countries like Denmark.
When asked if Sanders could win a general election, Clinton described his chances as "very low," and went on to explain why.

His ideas are indefensible, the amount of taxes that would be raised on middle-class families is quite significant. He says we need to be a lot like Scandinavia. OK. Denmark, the top tax rate for middle-class families is 55 percent with a 25 percent vealue-added tax on top of that.
Clinton explained that if Republicans were to show Sanders' socialist ideas in a TV ad, they would destroy him. Now, those very ideas are part of the official Democratic Party platform, due to lobbying from Sanders and his supporters at the Democratic National Convention in July.

There Is No Bigger Threat to Millennials Than Liberalism

The former secretary of State did not just mock Sanders' ideas, however — she also attacked his supporters. As reported by Politico, she described them as basement dwellers who support socialism, but "don't know what that means."

There is a strain of, on the one hand, the kind of populist, nationalist, xenophobic, discriminatory kind of approach that we hear too much of from the Republican candidates. And on the other side, there's just a deep desire to believe that we can have free college, free healthcare, that what we've done hasn't gone far enough, and that we just need to, you know, go as far as, you know, Scandinavia, whatever that means, and half the people don't know what that means, but it's something that they deeply feel.
Clinton added that she did not want to be a "wet blanket on idealism," but she then attacked supporters of Sanders as political newbies unable to understand why the economy has fallen short of their expectations.
"Some are new to politics completely. They're children of the Great Recession. And they are living in their parents' basement," she declared. "They feel they got their education and the jobs that are available to them are not at all what they envisioned for themselves. And they don't see much of a future."
The former secretary of State went further to Clinton-splain the Sandersnistas: "If you're feeling like you're consigned to, you know, being a barista, or you know, some other job that doesn't pay a lot, and doesn't have some other ladder of opportunity attached to it, then the idea that maybe, just maybe, you could be part of a political revolution is pretty appealing."
Next Page: Why this audio leak comes at a particularly bad time for Clinton.
The leak sent #basementdwellers trending on Twitter. Users compared her attack on millennials to the infamous description of half of Trump supporters as fitting in "a basket of deplorables."

Some attacked her as "trashing" Americans.

Others wondered if the comment would make it into the second presidential debate.

Then there's the irony of her insisting the economy is doing well, while saying millennials live in their parents' basements.

The audio leaked at a particularly inopportune moment for Clinton, who has sent Sanders out to recruit millennial voters, who have been falling away from her campaign in recent weeks. A bevy of think-pieces shortly before the debate warned millennials that if they back Johnson or Stein in November, Trump will win.
A post-debate poll showed Clinton leading Trump (and Johnson) among millennials by wide margins, but the former secretary of State's attacks on young people as basement dwellers and recession kids who just want a little "revolution" might make her youth outreach that much more difficult. Millennials still have over a month to decide whether or not to favor the woman who attacked Sanders' ideas as "indefensible" before adopting them herself.

Venezuelan Socialist President Nicolás Maduro Endorses Bernie Sanders

It's time for Trump!

The Baltimore Sun ^ | 10/1/2016 | Cal Thomas 

Now that all of my inside-the-beltway, elitist, morally superior friends and colleagues have weighed in with their self-righteous denunciations of Donald Trump, it's my turn.
After initially opposing his candidacy for president, I have come around to another point of view.
The election of Hillary Clinton will perpetuate and probably worsen everything many people hate about our bloated and dysfunctional government, collectively and derisively known as "Washington." The election of Donald Trump will offer an opportunity -- perhaps the last for decades -- to "fire" or at least isolate the elites, returning the country to its constitutional boundaries.
All analogies break down at some point, but let's engage in a theological stretch. When Jesus overturned the money changer's tables in the Temple, he said that instead of a house of prayer, the elites of his day had turned the Temple into "a den of thieves."
That increasingly applies to Washington. If Hillary Clinton wins in November, government will grow bigger and more expensive with all of her "investment" ideas, many of which have been tried before and failed. Remember the "stimulus," which was targeted at infrastructure? Remember "shovel-ready jobs," which were neither?
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Dem Conn. State Rep Arrested For Allegedly Voting 19 Times!

Fox ^ | September 30, 2014 | Thomas Lifson 

Democrats and the dominant media assure us that vote fraud doesn’t exist, so we certainly don’t need voter ID, and in fact it would be racist to demand as much proof of identity as is necessary to board an airplane or buy a drink. Nevertheless, a Democrat state representative in Connecticut was arrested for allegedly voting 19 times.
State Rep. Christina “Tita” Ayala, D-Bridgeport, was arrested Friday on 19 voting fraud charges.
Ayala, 31, is accused of voting in local and state elections in districts she did not live,
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Defiant (Muslim) Lovejoy grocer’s bail set at $2 million for food stamp fraud

buffalo news ^ | August 24, 2016 | Melinda Miller 

The alleged food stamp fraud amounted to less than $4,000 and the burglary involved a vacant apartment with no threats to human life. But when it came time for Erie County Judge David Foley to set bail at a Lovejoy store owner’s arraignment Tuesday, he looked at the bigger picture.
It’s going to take $2 million to get Ahmed Alshami out of jail.
In setting the high amount, Foley noted that Alshami, 37, arrested Friday on four nonviolent felony charges, has 10 previous arrests – including two felonies.
The defendant also has a history of not showing up for court appearances – or for disciplinary hearings at City Hall regarding his family’s operating license for the IGA Community Express Mart, at Ludington and Davey streets. He most recently missed a Council hearing on Aug. 15.
Assistant District Attorney Gary M. Ertel asked the judge to consider Alshami a flight risk and have him held without bail, noting that after the defendant missed a recent appearance in Buffalo City Court, he allegedly said “he was too busy to bother coming that day.”
“He has shown a wanton disregard for the justice system,” Ertel argued.
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From ‘Hope and Change’ to ‘America Divided’ ^ | October 1, 2016 | Christian Toto 

Remember when celebrities gathered en masse to convince us Barack Obama was our country's savior?
They opened up their wallets, and their homes, to fundraise for him. They sang his praises in every format feasible. They took time out of their packed schedules to campaign for him. They starred in PSAs imploring us how he needed our vote.
Their praise was over the top … and unconditional.

“He speaks to Asian Americans because he’s lived amongst us in Asia and in Hawaii. But even if he hadn’t, he would still be the most inspiring candidate I’ve ever seen.” – Kelly Hu of “X-Men” fame
“You can divide history. BB Before Barack. AB After Barack.” – director Spike Lee
“I think that what he stands for, what he has proven that he can stand for, what he has shown was worth me going out on a limb for – and I haven’t done it in the past because I haven’t felt that anybody, I didn’t know anybody well enough to be able to say, I believe in this person.” – Oprah Winfrey
“It’s like when you go to get a drink you get a Coke because you don’t know any better … Well, if you take orange juice and mix it with a little seltzer you get then same effect and it’s good for you. And that’s Obama — he’s good for this country, they just may not know it yet.” – actress Alfre Woodard
“He has the integrity and the inspiration to unify us as did FDR and Harry Truman and John F. Kennedy—and even Ronald Reagan—when they ran for the job.” – actor Tom Hanks
“I’ll do whatever he says to do … I’ll collect paper cups off the ground to make his pathway clear.” – actress Halle Berry
That was then. Now, EPIX is set to debut a new docu-series in the eighth year of Obama’s presidency.
The title? America Divided.
A sizzle reel for the series, by executive producer Normal Lear, feels like something out of a horror franchise.

“America is in crisis,” the narrator warns. “Our democracy threatened.”
“Our society … frayed. Our economy … split.”
“We inherited a promise of justice, democracy, equality under the law. But we live in an America divided.”
And who can lead us to a better, more united America? The same celebrity class that insisted Obama would make the nation a much better place. Rosario Dawson, Amy Poehler, Common and Peter Sarsgaard are among the stars playing journalists hoping to find some answers.
They may lack any formal training in investigative reportage, but they really, really care.
So what happened? How did the Age of Obama yield America Divided?
That’s fodder for a documentary still to come.
America Divided is broken up into eight segments which will run up until Election Day:

“The System” – Policing and Mass Incarceration: Oscar-winning hip-hop artist Common returns to his hometown of Chicago — ground zero for disparities in the criminal justice system.
“Something in the Water” – The Flint Water Crisis: Actress Rosario Dawson travels to Flint, Michigan to investigate the man-made disaster behind the city’s water crisis.
“Out of Reach” – The Lives of Undocumented Immigrants: Emmy – and Golden Globe-winning actress America Ferrera travels to Texas, where migrants who have entered the country illegally are the focus of hostility, and where even U.S,-born children are denied basic rights. Note: Ferrera recently made headlines for an op-ed in which she declared she wanted to snuggle with Hillary Clinton and binge-watch TV together.
“Democracy For Sale” – Money in Politics & Voting Rights: Actor and comedian Zach Galifianakis investigates the political landscape in his home state of North Carolina and considers how it’s emblematic of the country’s deepening political divide during the 2016 campaign. Note: The actor just released a video featuring a candidate, Hillary Clinton, who got slammed by the liberal Huffington Post for her hypocrisy on this issue.
“A House Divided” – The Struggle for Housing in New York City: Legendary TV producer Norman Lear investigates gentrification and displacement in a city of people with no homes and homes with no people. He then he goes undercover to expose racial discrimination in housing.
“Home Economics” – Domestic Workers: Golden Globe-winning comedic actress and producer Amy Poehler reports on the complex challenges faced by domestic workers who maintain an intimate relationship with the families that employ them while also struggling for better conditions. Note: Amy Poehler was part of the celebrity contingent utilized by Obama to pitch his cratering health care reform.
“The Epidemic” – Addiction and Deindustrialization: Actor and activist Peter Sarsgaard explores the addiction crisis ravaging a heartland beset by unemployment and the shuttering of America’s factories.
“Class Divide” – The Battle to Fix Inequality in Education: “Grey’s Anatomy” star and former teacher Jesse Williams goes back to the classroom, studies the battle to fix inequality in education and learns of a daunting school-to-prison pipeline.
Part 1 of America Divided debuts at 9 p.m. EST Sept. 30 on EPIX.

Hillary's biggest lie? (she's a lesbian)

WND ^ | Larry Klayman 

In the course of representing Gennifer and Dolly in particular, two women Bill (Gennifer calls him “Bill”) and Billy (Dolly calls him “Billy”) had been having affairs with for years at the same time, they both told me that Hillary couldn’t have cared less. Indeed, according to both Gennifer and Dolly, both of whom asked Bill/Billy why he would cheat on Hillary, the future president told them that this was because Hillary is “gay.”
Then later, while I was the founder and head of Judicial Watch acting as counsel in a myriad of lawsuits to seek redress for the 40-plus scandals committed by the Bonnie and Clyde of American politics, a respected and famous left-wing investigative journalist named Seymour “Sy” Hersh sought me out to gather information for one of his new books. He wanted to obtain “inside information” about the burgeoning China-gate scandal. At Judicial Watch, we had uncovered that Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was, at Hillary’s direction, literally selling seats for $100,000 a pop on government trade missions to China and elsewhere, among other illegal deeds, to line the coffers of the Clinton-Gore 1996 re-election campaign and to finance the future Clinton Library, which was eventually to be built in Little Rock, Arkansas. Clinton and Gore, along with Hillary, also sold national security secrets to the Chinese, no small traitorous feat!
As Sy Hersh sat down with me in our small conference room at Judicial Watch, having first shaken my hand, with a wry smile he opened the conversation not only by thanking me for meeting with him (as he knew me to be a staunch conservative/libertarian), but by revealing something he must have thought I did not already know: “Hillary is gay, you know, and all the left knows this.”
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In Hacked Fundraiser Recording, Hillary Mocks Bernie Supporters "Living In Their Parents’ Basement"

ZeroHedge ^ | 9/30/2016 | Tyler Durden 

But the punchline was what Hillary, who has been scrambling to secure the much-needed Millennial vote in recent weeks, truly thought about about the millions of young people whose vote she is trying to win: a diatribe of mockery, in which she describes the concept of a political revolution as a "false promise" which has attracted all these disillusioned and disheartened young people "living in their parents' basement." Does Hillary have anything to offer them? No, but she desperately needs their vote, even if behind the scenes at generously paid private functions, she mocks them in front of all those present.
We should all be really understanding of that and should try to do the best we can not to be, you know, a wet blanket on idealism. We want people to be idealistic. We want them to set big goals... But those of us who understand this, who've worked in it know that it's a false promise. But I don't think you tell idealistic people, particularly young people that they've bought into a false promise.
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Archdiocese provokes Mexican ‘discrimination’ police by stating ‘people aren’t born homosexual’ !

Life Site News ^ | 9/30/16 | Matthew Cullinan Hoffman 

The Archdiocese of Mexico has kindled the ire of the country’s “discrimination” police after publishing an interview with psychologist Richard Cohen, who recounts his conversion from homosexuality to heterosexuality as well as his subsequent career as a therapist for those suffering from same-sex attraction.
In an article entitled “People aren’t born homosexual,” the archdiocesan weekly newspaper Desde la fe (From the Faith) writes that homosexuality is “reversible” and quotes Cohen stating that his own homosexuality was caused by the disordered relationships he experienced with his parents and siblings.
“There was a lack of unity with my father and an excessive attachment with my mother; there was physical abuse on the part of my older brother and sexual abuse by my uncle, but among the most important things was that I had a hypersensitive temperament,” Cohen told Desde la fe.
“If there were anything genetic or biological in homosexuality, it would be hypersensitivity; hypersensitive boys and girls can easily be injured,” Cohen told the newspaper. “Boys are often injured by the aloofness of their fathers and girls by that of their mothers. It might be a true distancing or by way of a false interpretation, but this perception is transformed into their reality, and it is highly probable that they will seek that unrequited love in the arms of a person of the same sex.”
However, Cohen began to develop a sense of masculine identity and opposite-sex attraction after receiving the acceptance and affirmation of heterosexual male friends. “I then felt a calling from God to get a master’s degree in psychology and to help others to overcome same-sex attraction,” he told Desde la fe. The newspaper notes that Cohen claims to have helped thousands of homosexuals abandon the lifestyle and to have trained trained thousands of therapists to do the same for their patients.
The article, which contradicts fundamental precepts of homosexual ideology, drew the attention of Mexico City’s ultra-leftist Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (COPRED), which sent a warning letter to the editorial board of Desde la fe, which “reminded ... Desde la fe of the obligation of the authorities to guarantee to all persons the enjoyment of fundamental rights without any discrimination,” and warned the president of the board, Fr. Hugo Valdemar, “in a not very conciliatory tone, the intention of COPRED to censure and sanction any opinion that might create a climate of intolerance, defamation, and homophobia against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans community of the nation’s capital,” according to the newspaper.
Fr. Valdemar has responded to the letter by accusing COPRED of “mutilating” the text of the article in quoting it selectively and notes that the homosexualist Yogyakarta Principles, which COPRED cited in its letter, have no juridical status and are not binding on Mexico in any treaty.
The Yogyakarta Principles “do not have an international consensus, nor is part of political or juridical agreements, and lacks legitimacy in that it undermines democratic structures by way of a divisive influence that favors ideologies over systems of particular law,” Valdemar wrote in an open letter published on the newspaper’s website.
So far, no response from COPRED has been announced.
COPRED’s threatening letter is the second time that Catholic clergy have come under fire from Mexico’s anti-discrimination authorities in recent months.
As LifeSiteNews reported earlier, the bishop of Cuernavaca, Ramón Castro, has been placed under investigation by COPRED’s national counterpart, the National Council for the Prevention of Discrimination, at the behest of a homosexual group for repeatedly opposing the gay agenda in the state of Morelos.
“If I go to prison, no problem, I’ll do the work of evangelization there,” Castro told his flock during a sermon at the cathedral in mid-August.

Donald Trump Demands President Obama Not Pardon Hillary Clinton! ^ | 30 Sep 2016 | Alex Swoyer 

During his campaign rally in Michigan on Friday, Donald Trump demanded that President Obama not pardon Hillary Clinton.

“So here’s my question for Hillary Clinton: can you promise that not one of the five people who were granted criminal immunity will ever be allowed to serve in a Clinton Administration?” Trump stated while speaking to thousands in Novi, Michigan.

“And here is the demand I am making today to President Obama: will you pledge, here and now, not to issue a pardon to Hillary Clinton and her co-conspirators for their many crimes against our country and society itself?”
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Texas officially withdraws from refugee resettlement program!


(Texas Tribune) -- Texas has officially withdrawn from the nation’s refugee resettlement program, Gov. Greg Abbott's office said Friday. But that won't stop the federal government from continuing to help refugees relocate here.

Citing security concerns, Abbott's office said Texas will no longer participate in the federal program, which helps thousands of refugees from around the world resettle in the state. State officials threatened last week to withdraw from the resettlement program if the feds did not “unconditionally approve” its amended state plan to only accept refugees who “are fully vetted and do not present a security threat” — part of Texas’ efforts to keep Syrian refugees out of the state.
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Testosterone linked to Clinton voters, says to Fort Myers doctor's ad

ABC7 ^ | Sep 29, 2016 | unattributed 

A Fort Myers doctor says if you are a man thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton, you may need to have your testosterone checked.
It's a controversial commercial hitting Southwest Florida airwaves.

The doctor says it's a humorous way to promote his business and also join the political discussion, but some radio listeners aren't laughing.
“Most are not aware of the effect low T can have on your mental state. For instance your ability to focus and think clearly," he said.

Dr. Dareld Morris of Morris Medical and Weight Loss Center in Fort Myers is issuing a warning to all men regarding their testosterone levels.

"As a community service, for any guys out there that are thinking of voting for Hillary, I want to offer you a free testosterone test. Let’s see if we can help," Dr. Morris says in his ad.
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Secret Service agents: Hillary is a nightmare to work with [Reminder from 2015]

NY Post ^ | 10/2/15 | Deroy Murdock 

“Good morning, ma’am,” a member of the uniformed Secret Service once greeted Hillary Clinton.
“F— off,” she replied.
That exchange is one among many that active and retired Secret Service agents shared with Ronald Kessler...
...“When in public, Hillary smiles and acts graciously,” Kessler explains. “As soon as the cameras are gone, her angry personality, nastiness, and imperiousness become evident.”
He adds: “Hillary Clinton can make Richard Nixon look like Mahatma Gandhi.”
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So Long, Hillary! Donald Trump Praised For ‘Acts Of Kindness’ At Ohio Rally

Radar Online ^ | September 30, 2016 | Staff 

There is only one candidate who can make America great again — and it’s Donald Trump! The presidential candidate was praised during a rally at the New Spirit Revival Center in Ohio for his selfless and caring personality despite opponent Hillary Clinton‘s accusations.
During the rally, supporter Michael Cohen expressed his disappointment over Trump being branded as a “racist,” “sexist” and more.
“As a son of a Holocaust survivor, it’s morally wrong to sit back and do nothing when someone who you know is being so viciously attacked day in and day out,” he told the crowd. “Not only is Donald Trump not a racist, he believes all people are part of one race, the human race!”
The backlash against Trump encouraged Cohen to start a national coalition of minorities for his good friend. The coalition has “grown to over 700,000 people from every single race, religious creed and color.”
Cohen then began to describe Trump as “generous,” “compassionate,” “humble” and “honest.”
“Everyday Mr. Trump quietly and without seeking recognition does something to help others,” Cohen said. “I can go on for hours telling story after story of acts of kindness and care.”
The supporter then explained how only Trump could live up to his mantra, “make America great again.”
“Make America great again for all people regardless of color, ethnicity or religion because the issues that plague one group plague us all,” he said. “He’s not doing this for the fame, money or power. He’s doing it because he can no longer sit back and watch as America loses its place in the world. America must become strong and great again because a strong America means a strong world and a weak America will continue to allow chaos, terrorism and despair to rain.”
He ended his speech by telling supporters that Trump is the only candidate who “will do as he promises!”

Clock Ticking: Panicked Left Hopes ‘SNL’ Can Take Down Trump (Alec Baldwin as Trump entire season)!

Breitbart's Big Hollywood ^ | 30 Sep 2016 | by DANIEL NUSSBAUM 

With just 39 days to go in the 2016 presidential race, there is seemingly little that cable news networks and pro-Democrat media “watchdogs” can do to stop the momentum of Donald Trump’s campaign. Media outlets and “fact checkers” have pored over every nook and cranny of Trump’s businesses and campaign since last July; they’ve waited with bated breath for Trump to say something unforgivable at a rally or a fundraiser.
But seemingly none of it has worked. While the race remains nail-bitingly close in several battleground states, Friday’s Los Angeles Times tracking poll has Trump up six points on Clinton nationally, well outside the poll’s margin of error.
Fast forward to Wednesday, when Saturday Night Live announced that frequent guest-host Alec Baldwin, fresh off of a stint hosting ABC’s reboot of Match Game, would play the role of Trump throughout the entirety of the show’s upcoming 42nd season.
Baldwin — who has guested on the program a record 16 times — is no stranger to the show’s political sketches. He appeared in a 2008 skit alongside Tina Fey, who played former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in perhaps the show’s most influential depiction of a politician ever.
In fact, it was Fey herself who suggested Baldwin for the Trump role to SNL producer Lorne Michaels earlier this summer, Michaels told the Hollywood Reporter in an interview this week.
“We were talking about who should do it,” Michaels told THR. “And [Fey] said, ‘Well, the person that should really play it is Alec.’ And I went, ‘Yeah!’
NBC released a teaser trailer for its October 1 season premiere along with the announcement of Baldwin’s casting on Wednesday. The promo hypes a matchup between Baldwin’s Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Clinton in what will almost surely be a send-up of Monday night’s presidential debate.
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Virginia Young Democrat Caught Registering Dead WWII Veteran to Vote!

Free Beacon ^ 

A Virginia Young Democrat working for a Democrat-aligned voter registration group got caught filing applications on behalf of dead people when he filed an application for a deceased World War II veteran who was known by a local clerk.

Andrew Spieles, a James Madison University student working for HarrisonburgVotes, confessed earlier this month that he submitted 19 applications for deceased individuals, according to a report in the local Daily News-Record.
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Sucker Punch On Main Street - Disturbing Facts About The Fed's Phony Housing "Recovery"

Zero Hedge ^ | 28 September 2016 | Tyler Durden /Lee Adler 

Whether you think there has been a housing “recovery” or not is a matter of perspective. Sales are indeed up 117% since the 2010 low, but that low was literally the worst level in the history of this data (since 1963) as a percentage of population growth. It was the Great Depression of Housing, the only possible result of the greatest housing bubble since the 1920s, if not in history. While sales have rebounded since that low, the current sales rate has barely recovered to the levels seen at the recession lows of 1991 and 1982. This rebound is little more than a dead cat bounce after 6 years of recovery, and now it may be faltering.
Mainstream economists give the Fed credit for stimulating this “recovery.” But, in fact the Fed has created a Catch 22 with no way out. The only thing the Fed has stimulated is house price inflation while destroying interest income on savings for millions of ordinary Americans, especially former middle class retirees. With mortgage rates pushed down to all time lows, house prices have consequently inflated at a rate that offsets the buyer’s savings in the interest component of the mortgage. Meanwhile American savers have lost not only massive purchasing power, but also have been forced to consume principal. The Fed has not stimulated sales but it has succeeded in transferring wealth away from those who can least afford it to those who least deserve it.
During and after the 2007-2010 crash, homeownership fell due to the massive increase in foreclosures. The foreclosure crisis began to recede in 2012. Since then the drop in the homeownership rate has not been because of people losing their homes, it has been because fewer people can afford to purchase, even in spite of the world’s central banks subsidizing buyers with absurdly low interest rates. As we’ve shown, the subsidy is self defeating. It does not benefit buyers.
Meanwhile, the only US regions that have seen any rebound at all in new home sales have been the West and Southwest. The Northeast and the Midwest remain absolutely dead in the water. In the Northeast, sales are down 60% relative to the 1991 recession low. Let that sink in for a moment–not versus the bubble peak, but since the low of a recession 25 years ago, when the US population was 25% less than today. Sales in the Midwest are down 12.5% since the 1991 low.

FBI Director Admits Classified Information Was On Cheryl Mills’ Computer ^ | Sept 29, 2016 | Staff 

FBI Director James Comey admitted in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee that they found "some" classified emails on the computers of longtime Hillary Clinton confidante Cheryl Mills and another top aide. Both aides, however, were given immunity in the case, which conveniently protects them from being prosecuted from anything found on their computers.

When asked if these classified emails constituted a crime, Comey first dodged the question asking “if what was a crime,” and then offered a somewhat roundabout response: “you’d have to know what were the circumstances... [and] the intention around it.”

But House Republicans charge that it’s a cover up. Mills, they believe, is the lawyer who oversaw the scrubbing of Mrs. Clinton’s email archive.
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