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Trump’s African-American Reframing (Dilbert!)

Scott Adams' Blog ^ | 9/26/16 | Scott Adams 

Do you remember last week (or so) when Trump was saying that things are worse for African-Americans in 2016 than at any time in their history?
You probably laughed because it was such a ridiculous thing to say. And perhaps you wondered what kind of person says something that is so clearly false. The answer is a Master Persuader. That’s who.
The recent headlines about police shootings, and Colin Kaepernick’s protests in particular, had focused the nation’s attention on the PROBLEMS that still need to be solved for African-Americans to fully enjoy the American experience. When you focus on something, it seems more important than it would otherwise seem. That’s how brains are wired. And the nation was focusing on something that had the potential to erupt into a race war.
So Trump flipped the frame. He said life in the big cities is worse-than-ever for African-Americans, thereby forcing his opponents and the fact-checkers to explain in detail how much better things have gotten since slavery. And the civil rights movement. And on and on. That changes your perspective. Now you see 2016 as the best year – probably ever – for African-Americans, albeit with plenty of work left to do. And that’s the sort of reframing that diffuses racial tension. I think it helped.
But it gets better.
Trump’s absurd claim that things are worse-than-ever isn’t true in a factual sense. But it is emotionally compatible with the feelings of African-Americans who feel victimized by police and the system in general. This is one of those cases where being totally wrong is the most sensible approach. Emotions matter in the real world because they drive behavior. Facts, not so much.
Trump doesn’t ignore facts because he is dumb. He does it because facts don’t matter. Every trained persuader knows that.
In the 2D world, where people think that facts and reason matter, Trump’s claim that life is worse than ever for African-Americans is an absurd lie. But in the third-dimension of persuasion – where Trump operates – it was brilliant.
In case you are wondering, this is a known persuasion technique. You agree with someone harder than they agree with themselves, and it forces them to argue against their own point. Trump did that in part to dilute racial tensions (that he partly caused) and also to put himself in emotional harmony with the African-American community. Persuasion-wise, and strategy-wise, what Trump did was a base-clearing home run…that you thought was a dumb mistake.
As I said last year, Trump is changing more than politics. He is changing how you understand reality itself.

Refugee students sue for their place in public education (Won't get jobs)

Philadelphia Inquirer ^ | 09/26/2016 | Michael Matza 

From flashpoints around the world - wars in Africa and the Middle East, terrorism in Asia, gang violence in Central America - tens of millions of migrants have run for their lives in just the past few years, creating crises of epic scale for many destination nations.

A small fraction, about 85,000 annually, find a haven in the United States as refugees. Last year, 2,645 were resettled in Pennsylvania, including 510 in Philadelphia. New Jersey became home to 314, 91 of whom moved to the Camden area.

Overall, 40 percent of recent refugees are minors.
--SNIP-- Issa tried to enroll in McCaskey. District personnel, she testified, told her she was "too old" and "under-credited" to earn a diploma before aging-out at 21.

"Get a job," she said administrators advised her.
"Why would I want a job if I don't have an education?" s
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Trump Camp Launches Ad Mocking Hillary Clinton for Asking Why She Isn’t 50 Points Ahead (Excellent)

Breitbart ^ | 26 Sep16 | Alex Swoyer 

Donald Trump’s campaign released a new web ad mocking his rival Hillary Clinton for asking why she isn’t 50 points ahead. The ad is titled, “Do You Really Need to Ask?”

“Hillary Clinton is becoming more and more frustrated with how out of touch she is with the American people,” Trump’s senior communications advisor Jason Miller stated in a campaign press release announcing the web ad.

Miller continued:
... Expect to see more aggressive outbursts from the Clinton camp as she realizes her email scandal, horrific record and disdain for the American people block her from being coronated as she originally intended.

Ad link:

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ISIS Sex Slaves Auctioned Off in Saudi Arabia – Hillary’s Top Donor Country

The Gateway Pundit ^ | Sep 26th, 2016 | Jim Hoft 

According to eyewitness reports ISIS sex slaves are reportedly being sold in Saudi Arabia. Jihad Watch reported:
It isn’t news that the Islamic State has long been abusing and trafficking sex slaves – especially Yazidi girls – but it has been now discovered that the sex slaves of IS are being “sold in horrifying auctions to UK ally Saudi Arabia.”
An eyewitness reported:
Dozens of women were being held in a large room, and it was not only Iraqis and Syrians trading women but also Saudis and Westerners, whose actual nationality was not clear.
Western women have also been reported to be among the victims in keeping with the Islamic State’s practice of enslaving kafir women:
The Islamic State’s human trafficking operation includes enslaving women who they consider to be ‘kafir’, non-Muslim people like Yazidis and Christians, before selling them for money. The depraved thugs are also involved in the radicalisation of young women all over the world and try to tempt them to come to their caliphate with false promises of wealth, marriage and forgiveness of sin.
The misdeeds and human rights violations by Saudi Arabia are astonishing,
hillary saudi king
The Saudi deputy crown prince told reporters in June the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has funded 20% of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Analysis: Donald Trump Would Win Election Today Based on Current Polling

Breitbart ^ | SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 | by MATTHEW BOYLE 

NEW YORK CITY, New York — As the first presidential debate looms later Monday evening just an hour from here on Long Island at Hofstra University, a Breitbart News analysis of current polling in the presidential election shows that Donald J. Trump—the Republican nominee for president—would win the election if it were held Monday and the polls are correct.
It takes 270 electoral votes to win the election. With the exception of two states—Maine and Nebraska—the winner of a state wins that state’s electoral votes on Election Day in the general election.
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No matter how Trump does tonight, the story will be something 'controversial' he says!

Canada Free Press ^ | 09/26/16 | Dan Calabrese 

The lead is already written!

I am not looking forward to tonight’s debate. (In fact, I’m going to the Tiger game. Trump can take care of Hillary while we take care of the Indians.) And one of the reasons I’m not looking forward to it is that it won’t really be a debate.

Presidential debates are not serious discussions of issues, problems, solutions and decisions presidents might have to make. They should be. But they’re not. At their best, they are glorified joint press conferences in which the entire discussion is driven by randomly selected questions chosen by a media moderator - often questions that have a great deal more to do with the horse race dynamics of the race than they have to do with the job of the presidency.

Two great signs

Charlie Daniels: What In the Hell Has Happened to Our Country? ^ | 9/26/2016 | Charlie Daniels 

A recent poll discovered that 44 percent of the population in this country no longer take pride in being Americans. 44 percent of the people living in the nation with more opportunity, more security, the land of overnight millionaires, the place where even the biggest dreams can come true, have decided that America is not still the greatest nation the world has ever known, but a place to be ashamed of, guilty of nation building, fighting ignoble wars and suppressing minorities.
What has led us to this sorry state of affairs?
How can people who have been blessed just to be born and have citizenship in this nation possibly not feel pride in the fact?
Where has a country that once instilled such feelings of intense pride and devoted patriotism have gone so wrong?
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Why the First Presidential Debate May Decide the Election ^ | 09/26/16 | MICHAEL Shannon 

Even without the cough–heard–round–the–world
With apologies to George Ramos, this year the first presidential debate is the Big Enchilada. Independent voters will finally be tuning in to see both candidates boca–y–boca. This cumulative first impression will probably decide the election.

And what will Independents be concerned about? Many are participating in betting pools based on the exact time Hillary will cough, with over–unders on duration and intensity.

Not since Ronald Reagan’s second debate with Walter Mondale has candidate health been a primary topic. That was in 1984 and health was a byproduct of the first debate after Reagan appeared to be a quart low on formaldehyde. His answers were sometimes confused and the Gipper looked old.

If Sheriff Joe Gives an SJW a Cookie ^ | September 26, 2016 | Arthur Schaper 

South Bay California politics is heating up.
I’m not talking about San Jose.
I’m talking about Torrance, my home, the Balanced City.
Our state assembly seat is California’s balance of power, where Democrats are desperate to re-seize the supermajority in Sacramento.
But we’re not going to take the left-wing Democrats’ abuse us anymore.
Conservatives in blue states have to step up, and we California conservatives follow the Trump Model. We can’t take anything for granted, and we do not play nice!
If there is anyone who embodies this new “Get Tough” approach, its’ Sheriff Joe Arpaio.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe does not play--period.
He loves this country, and his prisoners under guard better start loving it, too. No matter what the crime, a prisoner in the United States is a prince compared to convicts around the world. They don’t get to grieve. They need to rehabilitate themselves and get back to obeying the rule of law.
In Maricopa County, prison is not Club Med.
Prisoners don’t get special rights. They declare the Pledge of Allegiance. They sing the Star Spangled Banner. They don’t get easy treatment for roughly abusing and disobeying the law. They act up? They get pink underwater. They won’t respect authority? They can get by on bread and water.
The professional class of Social (IN)Justice Warriors who defend these criminals—trial lawyers looking for an easy payout—have lobbied, lawyered, and lobbed every lawsuit they can to take down the Sheriff. But the people of Arizona love him, and they expect him to bounce back stronger than ever this election season.
Sheriff Joe makes border security paramount. He doesn’t tolerate the drug problems eating up this country. Despite what many of said (or rather denounced) about Arpaio, he has no qualms about working with Mexico to secure their borders and destroy the cartels.
There’re more about Arpaio which have promoted him as a force to be reckoned with this election season.
Unlike many Republicans (including myself), Arpaio endorsed Donald Trump early. Unlike the other Republican Presidential contenders, Trump still shows his love and appreciation to the family. He is down-to-earth, ready to keep strong connections, and unafraid to state the obvious.
He wants a wall, and he wants Mexico to pay for it to. If the Mexicans won’t pony up, then the United States will stop sending federal aid to the Latin American nation. How about using American tax dollars to help Americans for a change?
Now, all of this is inside information of a sort, and I am no Arizona resident (love the Republican trifecta, but can’t take the heat).
So, how do I know Joe?
Because I met him at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall right on the border of my hometown and the 110 freeway!
George Park, one of the founders of a new group called the California Impact Republicans, invited me to meet the legendary sheriff.
How could I refuse?
The whole affair was a secret meeting initially. A local realtor with a heart for this country (and the rule of law) wanted to sponsor the event in his office. Then the rabid, anti-Social Justice Warriors found out about it, and sent notices throughout Los Angeles County. They were prepared to raise the loudest ruckus they could.
“Arrest Arpaio! Lock up Sheriff Joe!”
The CA Impact Team decided to move the Arpaio Event to the tucked-away VFA Hall.
They laid out an incredible, edible banquet, including a cake from the world famous Torrance Bakery, which touted an impressive image of our featured guest, Sheriff Joe. An array of cookies graced the table, with Sheriff Joe’s gruff visage one the icing!
All of us were hoping for a quiet event, but somehow La Raza activists found the new location!
Quite a scene transpired: SJWs shouting and yelling—I never heard the word “racist” repeated (and depleted of meaning) so many times in one hour. Red shirts with La Raza and other socialist markings blanketed the heedless, angry group.
Particularly, this assembled group did not a crowd create, nor amass. Twenty people showed up, including the regressive President of the Torrance Democratic Club Jimmy Gow (who shut out constituents from meeting with our former Congressman Henry “RatFace” Waxman—but that’s another story for another day).
The protestors got violent, and took one Republican’s phone away. Another one pushed a gentleman, and hit me, too. Another Razisto blared his stereo into my ears while I was recording the event.
Some of Impact Republican members had hoped to avoid the press, but the press of social justice insipid stupidity rendered all of that a moot point.
One young black lady kept calling me a “Dummy,” then shouted that black people are allowed to be segregationist. What? And I am the racist? For Sheriff Joe, all this protesting just encourages him to stand out as the strong and capable law and order leader much needed in this country.
Insider, he recount the background on his life, his role in the District Attorney’s office as well as several law enforcement positions. He’s now 84 years old, but he’s full of energy, just like our presidential nominee.Then he learned about the SJWs screaming outside.
“Only twenty?” he asked. “I used to bring out as many as three hundred. Now, they don’t come out anymore!
La pièce de résistance?
How about I go out there and give them a cookie?”
We all cheered. One of Sheriff Joe’s staffers accompanied him, and so did I!
What a sad uproar those angry, left-wing protesters devolved into.
A gentle old man who demands the best for all Americans wanted to give the rabid, Black Lives (Don’t) Matter crowd a cookie!
They cursed at Sheriff Joe, but don’t worry—we are exposing to the world the SJWs' campy hateful can--and it isn’t working anymore!
The meeting was a real blast! California Impact Republicans are making an impact and I was there to meet Sheriff Joe!
And I got a cookie, too!

We’re Laughing at the Self-Destruction of the Media Gatekeepers ^ | Sept. 26,2016 | Kurt Schlichter 

The media meltdown we are gobbling popcorn to right now is the result of two key phenomena – we normals have grown tired of the media elite’s lies, and today’s technology allows us to ignore the people who would presume to tell us what we can and cannot know. As the walls collapse around the few remaining information gates and we barbarians bypass them, gatekeeper gigs are becoming as rare as jobs for millennials with masters degrees in Feminist Interpretive Dance.
Now you media creeps are finding yourself ignored and irrelevant as America proceeds to do whatever the hell it pleases whether you like it or not. We don’t need you; we can and will get our information by ourselves. How I yearn to fill a hot tub with the salty, sweet tears of a thousand so-called journalists who decided to put their money down on progressive ideology instead on objectivity and public service. You just crapped out.
That’s what you get when you always bet on hack.
Let’s savor their pain. Imagine yourself coming out of some university where you were reliably liberal and sucked-up to your pinko professors. You nodded eagerly whenever anyone said “global warming,” and you shook your head in horror whenever someone said “Men can’t have babies.” You got a job at some prominent newspaper or mainstream network, dutifully parroting the party line with perfect precision, awaiting the day when you would finally reach a level of power where you could not merely lie about and distort the news, but to actually control the news.
Then, just when you thought you were going to become a Lord of the Fourth Estate, you idiots completely overplayed your hand right when technology gave people an alternative to your old school media monopoly. You pushed us past the point of toleration just as the web created other places for us to go. And now, look at you. You’re nothing. Just a bunch of pompous, boring, nobodies without reputations, without respect, without futures.
We’re laughing at you.
Then Donald Trump comes along and outrages you, but not for what he says or does. Hell, you haven’t seen so many eyeballs turned your way since that unpleasantness with the pumpkin-infused craft ale and trans lifestyle editor at last year’s winter solstice office party. No, Trump outrages you because he thinks you’re a clod and a joke and he mocks you, and no matter what you say, no matter what you do, no matter how much futile fussiness you manage to muster in that concave chest of yours, you can’t dent his popularity.
You’ve dumped everything you have on Donald Trump and he’s still tied with your ancient, crusty crone candidate Hillary. And you realize that you don’t have the power you were promised. You don’t have the influence you sought. You have nothing.
No one cares anymore.
No one listens to you anymore.
We’re laughing at you.
So of course you double down. Now, back in the day, long ago, before I could ignore you by going on Twitter and getting my news unfiltered, you had some pretensions of being worthy of respect. You were journalists, the guardians of public integrity, afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted. Except you sold out, and now you comfort the comfortable – “Gosh, Ms. Clinton, your energy and robust health are an inspiration to women everywhere. Does your courage make it hard to be the example of feminine perfection you indisputably are, except to racists?”
And you afflict the afflicted, bullying and slandering good people whose unforgiveable sins include believing in God, loving our country, and not having wasted $400,000 of Daddy’s hedge fund loot partying at some Ivy League resort with thousands of other layabout parasites who despise the better men who built the country your presence degrades.
You’ve tossed away your pretense of objectivity because Donald Trump is different. Yeah, now it’s hard to be objective, because you really, really, really want Youthfulia McVigor to be president, so you openly dispensed with objectivity. Apparently, objectivity was only a thing when it is easy, when you didn’t actually have to risk your preferred outcome by giving the complete and balanced story without putting your puny thumb on the scale.
Yeah, you’ve moved beyond the “he said/she said” model which tragically prevented you from overtly packing the story with your preferences and prejudices – oh, we know you always slipped in your biases, but now you don’t even pretend. You’re all in, charter members of the Democrats’ Team Take-A-Memo.
If you ever had a shred of credibility, it’s long gone, like your monopoly on the free flow of information. Technology made you superfluous. Hey, I’m right here in my pad writing a column just like you, with three key differences: I’m not pretending to be unbiased, I don’t have to wear pants, and this time next year I’m not going to be looking for a new job at some place where the term “Frappuccino®” is a thing.
Gatekeepers are falling everywhere, not just in the news game. Look at publishing. My last book was traditional. I had to get someone’s approval to put it out, then I had to wait for the publisher to publish it. But I put out my new book People’s Republic this week and within 72 hours it was in the Amazon Top 500 and ahead of a whole bunch of traditionally published books. Keep manning those gates, chumps – we’re going around the collapsing walls that you once used to control the narrative.
We don’t need you.
We don’t want you.
And we’re laughing at you.

Obama’s refugee screening default

American Thinker ^ | September 26, 2016 | Rachel Ehrenfeld 

One hot-button issue in the first Presidential debate will be the Syrian and other refugees that are allowed into the country.
The vetting process of asylum seekers for resettlement in the United States usually takes between 18 to 24 months. But to meet President Obama’s goal of bringing in “at least 10,000” more Syrian refugees by the end of 2016, the process was cut to 3 months. And on August 29, White House spokesman Josh Earnest announced, “this goal that was met a month ahead of schedule.”
"to justify her position, Clinton and her supporters are telling the American people that there is no proven link between immigration and terrorism. To the contrary, they argue, “migrants from terrorist-prone states moving to another country are an important vehicle through which terrorism does diffuse.” On top of this, they claim, “immigrant inflows per se actually lead to a lower level of terrorist attacks.”
One important caveat to these claims is that the much-cited report looked at migration trends between 1970 and 2000, before the al Qaeda attacks on the U.S. In addition to killing thousands of innocent civilians on U.S. soil, they showed the U.S. is vulnerable. This was used to propagate radical Islamic ideologies under the guise of “Political Islam” (an oxymoron) among Muslim communities everywhere. Imams and Muslim organizations, mostly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, have launched propaganda to stop assimilation into Western societies and to assert their social/political and economic presence by demanding the imposition of Islamic law (sharia), as well as by adopting newly made-up symbolic traditions, such as the hijab (headscarf) for women.
In addition, Muslims were called to advance their efforts in proselytizing Westerners to Islam (Dawah). The purpose of these efforts is to weaken host-countries’ Western values from within, and abuse democratic political systems to gain power until one day, host country into “an Islamic democracy.” Jihad/terrorism is encouraged to reinforce fear and quiescence among the infidels. Pres. Obama and his hopeful successor, Hillary Clinton, are bringing in and proposing a dramatic increase of thousands of poorly vetted refugees, for resettlement in the U.S."
It is clear that Clinton is working with the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate the government, promote terrorism and destroy America from within.

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Robert Gates disarmed America, dares to attack Trump?

WND ^ | Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady 

President Obama held Gates over from the Bush era probably to tout his bipartisan credentials. Gates was listed as a Republican. He is as much a Republican as is Colin Powell – or as Obama is bipartisan. Obama knew Gates would be a willing ally in fundamentally transforming the military (as part of transforming America) from the ass-kicking outfit he inherited to the girly men can kickers it has become. Obama promised to disarm America to a level acceptable to Islam! He did, and Gates was a willing ally.
Gates immediately fell in line with Obama’s anti-military, anti-American, pro-Muslim programs. He also shared Obama’s disdain for Israel. Islam became a protected species, and any language indicating the contrary was purged from military documents. An unidentified enemy is safe from defeat.
Gates, in the WSJ column, accused Trump of having a plan to purge our military leadership, calling it an “unprecedented and unconscionable threat.” What Trump said pales to what Gates did. Gates’ purging of the military was unprecedented in my time. His predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, was a man’s man, a fighter pilot, an athlete, an exceptional businessman with vast experience in elected office as well as the Pentagon – a tough act to follow, especially for someone fresh out of a university lounge.
Taking his cues from Obama, Gates almost immediately tackled the readiness of the Navy by putting females on submarines. Never mind that there is no privacy on a submarine. He then moved to quad sexualize the military (LGBT). Never mind that study after study, and more than 200 years of experience, have proven that open and active homosexuals would clearly harm military readiness – not to mention the impact on military schools, communities and chapels.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Behind the Clinton Immunity Deals

American Thinker ^ | September 26, 2016 | Jonathan F. Keiler 

We now know that the Justice Department granted immunity to at least five of Hillary Clinton's close aides during the FBI's investigation of her email scam. However, it's hard to understand, in light of the ultimate disposition of the case, why Justice gave these people immunity.

Representative Jason Chaffetz, whose committee has the herculean task of cleaning the Augean Clinton State Department stables, revealed the previously unpublicized immunity deals. He was quoted as saying of them, "[N]o wonder they couldn't prosecute a case" referring to the FBI and Justice Department.

In fact, in normal circumstances, Chaffetz is exactly wrong. Immunity deals are granted precisely to prosecute a case and, in the absence of utter corruption, would never be issued unless prosecutors had other more valuable targets they intended to put away in return for letting some of the smaller fry go. That this did not happen in the Clinton email case is another factor that makes the decision so utterly fraught.
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Book claims to reveal 'the worst president in history'

AOL News ^ | September 25, 2016 | AOL.COM EDITORS 

As the United States gears up to choose the 45th U.S. president, a new book claims the worst president to serve in American history was Barack Obama.
Authors Matt Margolis and Mark Noonan claim to present 200 reasons why Obama is the worst commander in chief in history, offering readers a way to "easily find all the information that was ignored by the media and that Barack Obama would like you to forget."
A few questions the book is said to answer are: "The Worst President in History" are Did Barack Obama really save this country from another Great Depression? Did he really improve our country's image around the world, or unite America? What about the new era of post-partisanship and government transparency? Did he really expand health coverage while lowering costs and cutting taxes?
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Another UN speech attacking the US, from Obama

Canada Free Press ^ | 09/26/16 | Rolf Yungclas 

America can never expect more freedom and opportunity and a government that serves its citizenry if we give up our sovereignty to some greater global power
The United Nations has always been a forum for speeches by American-hating nations. This year one of those berating America was the President of the United States. Yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has only good things to say about “the United States of America, the most powerful and the most generous nation on earth.”
Under the guise of “investing in our people” our President went on and on, blaming “soulless” capitalism for the world’s problems and Americans’ efforts to stop voter fraud and establish voter integrity as being “a patchwork of laws that makes it harder to vote.”
At a time when radical Islamist terrorism continues to kill innocent Americans domestically, and ISIS regime of brutality and terror is spread over large sectors of the Middle East, Mr. Obama presented it as simply a problem of “endangering open societies:

8 killed, 43 wounded in Chicago weekend shootings (black on black is OK?)

ABC News Chicago ^ | September 26, 2016 

Eight people were killed and at least 43 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday evening and Monday morning, including a west suburban man fatally shot on a sidewalk near Millennium Park.
The downtown killing happened about 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Monroe Street in the Loop, where 54-year-old Peter Fabbri was walking with two other people when he got into an argument with another male, who pulled out a gun and shot him in the head, according to Chicago police. The shooter took off on a bicycle but was arrested nearby, police said. Detectives were still questioning him Sunday.
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How Trump can secure victory tonight

US Defense Watch ^ | September 26, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

Tomorrow night’s debate might be one of the most watched events in US television history, in competition with the Who Shot JR? cliffhanger and the last episode of MASH.
The stakes are high and nothing less than the White House. Failure tomorrow night for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton may signal the beginning of a permanent downward trend in their campaigns.
Hillary Clinton will walk on stage in the attack mode and with all the charm of a pit bull locked in a broom closet. Hillary’s soft side is a bed of nails. She’ll attempt to be tough and focused, but come across as she usually does, like the boss at work everyone despises.
She has no record to stand on. She did nothing as a Senator and her accomplishments as Secretary of State include jettisoning the Middle East into absolute chaos, while setting the precedent for the Iran Deal and the laughable Russian Reset.
Because she has no record to defend, she’ll focus on attacking Trump’s character. She’ll claim Trump doesn’t have the temperament for the job. She’ll say Trump hangs out with the Alt Right, Drudge and Alex Jones. She’ll try and paint Trump as a veritable new fuehrer, the racist leader in command of the basket of deplorables.
Trump must parry her by sidestepping away from the La Brea Tar Pits she’ll try and lure him into.
He must remain calm and channel his inner Dalai Lama; breathe deep, smile and speak softly, while walloping the wicked witch with a big stick of facts and more facts.
Trump can hit her on any number of subjects where she and the Democrats are vulnerable; from the wretched economy to ISIS, immigration, her email scandal and the reverse Robin Hood Clinton Foundation.
Hillary must hope for a Trumpian faux pas of atomic proportions. No matter how many times Kelly Anne Conway has undoubtedly told him, he could always say something completely non PC that would be loved by his always faithful locker room crowd of meat eaters, but despised by those sensitive swing voters, the college educated females.
With Hillary, it’s open season on any possible number of health issues which may explode underneath her at any moment. She could trip, stumble, bob, weave, faint, do a bobble head or give us that lovable Jaws smile. She will have no backup Secret Service agent with a kind word and a diazepam injector to rescue her from the crowd and Trump. She will have no step stool to sit on. She will be alone and standing and that 90 minutes out on the stage will seem like a lifetime to her.
Trump looks strong going into the arena at Hofstra tomorrow night. But, anything can happen and will. Let us hope the gods are smiling on Mr. Trump.

FBI Used Agents As Pawns To Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton Foundation From Prosecutions

True Pundit ^ | 9/26/2016 

In mid-summer a wave of panic and despair began to wash over key rank-and-file FBI agents who were doggedly working the Hillary Clinton investigations. Agents reluctantly pondered a potential, brutal reality that was creeping into the fabric of the high-profile case. What if their collective work wasn’t meant to bring this case to a grand jury for indictments and justice? What if they themselves, FBI agents sworn to uphold the law, were being used as intelligence pawns by superiors and higher powers to actually shield Clinton and her inner circle from ever seeing a pair of handcuffs and a jail cell?
“I got a pit in my stomach,” a FBI insider said. “That empty, sinking feeling you get in your gut. I thought we may have unknowingly been parties to this entire mess. It’s a blow to the ego. We’re supposed to see these things coming.”
Agents, along with the country, had just absorbed the troubling optics of Attorney General Loretta Lynch meeting privately with the husband of the investigation’s primary target on a jet tarmac just days earlier. And then hours after that debacle, the FBI announced Hillary would venture to its headquarters, in a matter of hours, to finally answer the bureau’s lingering questions about how she handled classified and top secret emails as secretary of state.
We say Clinton investigations, plural, because there were really two parallel inquiries that unfolded during the year-long FBI probe. There was the public email and home server investigation but agents were also building a pay-for-play criminal case involving Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. And that case was growing serious wings.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

The Myth of Hillary’s Ground Game

Edward Klein ^ | 9/20/2016 | Ed Klein 

My new book, Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, is hot off the press just as Donald Trump is surging in the polls. Faced with this terrifying prospect, Democrats try to console themselves with the mantra that Hillary has a better ground game—polling data and grassroots organization—than Donald.
But ED KLEIN CONFIDENTIAL recently discovered that this mantra is a myth.
We spoke to an election expert who has visited many of Hillary’s campaign offices, where he interviewed staffers and found that the Clinton operation is “chaotic.”
“There are too many people giving orders and a lot of the effort is at cross purposes,” the expert told us. “Hillary often goes around [campaign manager Robby] Mook and other top people and starts an operation on her own. Chelsea interferes regularly, giving orders, even firing people. Huma [Abedin] also deliberately interferes with the operation.
“Bill and his people pay no attention to Brooklyn [campaign headquarters], write their own speeches, schedule travel completely without regard to the campaign organization,” the expert continued. “Bill contradicts his wife and says things that can’t be undone. Like his saying on the Charlie Rose show that she ‘frequently’ faints.
“With so many people working at such cross purpose there are often fights, loud shouting matches, with someone storming out and leaving those remaining to try to figure out what that person was working on. There have even been fist fights, and I understand that law suits have been threatened, if not yet actually filed.
“The other problem is that a lot of the interns are really Bernie [Sanders] supporters, and are only working for Hillary because she is not Donald Trump. Naturally, they watch the polls constantly, and what they see they don’t like.”
The inside story of Hillary’s campaign can be found in my new book, Guilty as Sin, which will be published October 4 and is available for pre-order on and

Gowdy: State Dept. 'Aided and Abetted' Clinton Email Cover-Up

Newsmax ^ | 25 Sep 2016 | Sandy Fitzgerald 

There was a cover-up when it came to Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and the State Department "aided and abetted that cover-up," Rep. Trey Gowdy, who chairs the House's Select Committee on Benghazi, said Sunday.
Gowdy said that arrangement went on to allow Clinton to keep her emails for two more years after she left office.
"She had this arrangement for the entire time she was secretary of state, then she kept them for two years," the Tennessee Republican lawmaker told Fox News' Bret Baier. "It was only because the State Department would not go away, and that's when it gets interesting."
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

'Bernie' Clinton's Massive Tax Hike Is Based On Greed And Envy

Investors Business Daily ^ | 9/23/2016 | Steve Moore 

A selfish and excessive desire for more of something (as money) than is needed. ‎ A continual lust for more.
A feeling of resentful longing aroused by someone else's possessions or qualities or wealth.
Someone might want to tell Hillary Clinton that greed and envy are two of the seven deadly sins. She's guilty of both.
Her revised tax plan‎ would raise the estate tax to as high as 65% -- up from 40% today. She would also apply the hated death tax to as many as twice the number of estates.
It's one of her dumbest ideas yet — which is saying a lot...
...Hillary isn't far from that — the government eventually owns … everything.
This is a big issue because over the next 25 years or so, tens of trillions of dollars of assets will be transferred from aging baby boomers to their kids and grandkids. The left wants to get its greedy hands on that treasure chest... ...‎They are the real robber barons who worship money above all else.
If Hillary were to win and adopt this death-tax policy, the small business model in America would largely disappear. Why build a legacy if you cannot pass it on? Donald Trump should say that it is a human right in America that you are allowed to leave your worldly possessions to your children.
Trump would eliminate the death tax. He understands that the proper role of government is to facilitate wealth creation, not to destroy it.
Hillary's campaign justified this new confiscation tax by saying that only a few hundred people every year would pay it... ...two-thirds of voters favor eliminating the tax, not doubling down on it.
Moore is an economist with Freedom Works and a senior economic consultant with the Trump campaign.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

Minnesota Muslim Mall Stabber's Family Praises Him For Having "Achieved A Lot ^ | September 26, 2016 | Daniel Greenfield 

Stabbing 8 people. Quite the achievement.

The media, which never misses a chance to whitewash a Muslim terrorist, rushed out with the Muslim Minnesotta mall family's supposed condolences.
Adan's family, in a statement through their attorney early this week, asked the community not to "rush to judgment or conclusions."
They expressed sympathy to the victims and said they're cooperating with the investigation.
"Our family loves St. Cloud and this State and we are [an] integral part of the fabric of this society," the statement said. "Therefore, we urge citizens of St. Cloud and of this State to stay united and let the law enforcement agencies gather the facts and do their job."
Sounds a lot like Obama. Of course this is a culture where such things should be taken with a grain of salt. And this statement is closer to the truth.
A family statement Friday described Adan as “a bright and hardworking young man” who “achieved a lot during his short life.” The family again expressed condolences to the wounded, none of whom had injuries that were life-threatening.
Family members have said they don’t know what might have motivated Adan. Their statement demanded a “transparent and full” investigation.
He certainly achieved a lot. Stabbing Americans is the Islamic dream.

Leaked FBI Data Reveal 7,700 Terrorist Encounters in USA in One Year; Border States Most Targeted ^ | September 26, 2016 | Brandon Darby 

Leaked documents with sensitive FBI data exclusively obtained by Breitbart Texas reveal that 7,712 terrorist encounters occurred within the United States in one year and that many of those encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border. The incidents are characterized as “Known or Suspected Terrorist Encounters.” Some of the encounters occurred near the U.S.-Mexico border at ports-of-entry and some occurred in between, indicating that persons known or reasonably suspected of being terrorists attempted to sneak into the U.S. across the border. In all, the encounters occurred in higher numbers in border states.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

In Case You Missed It:

The New York Post says New York state assemblyman Bill Nojay won his primary election last Tuesday even though the guy had been dead four days. He won because his name remained on the ballot after he'd died. It gave Democrats hope that Hillary Clinton could win this thing either way. 

Colin Powell was revealed in hacked e-mails Tuesday to have ripped Hillary, Trump and Dick Cheney. He calls Hillary greedy, Trump a disgrace and Cheney insane. He also once called Saddam Hussein the possessor of weapons of mass destruction, but nobody bats a thousand in the big leagues. 

Donald Trump allowed Jimmy Fallon to mess up his hair on the Tonight Show Thursday. He seems relaxed and he's going with the flow. Donald Trump dropped his claim that President Obama was born in Kenya and he's now focused on promoting the theory that Hillary Clinton is legally dead. 

Hillary Clinton tried to rebound from a very tough week Thursday by reopening her campaign in North Carolina. Her comeback was buoyed that very day when her face appeared on the October cover of Women's Health magazine. It got Hillary a nomination for the Nobel Prize for Misdirection. 

New York City's Guggenheim Museum unveiled an eighteen-carat gold toilet Thursday which will be installed in a unisex bathroom on the first floor of the museum for anyone to use. What a generous gift. The solid gold toilet is on loan to the museum from Donald Trump's backup airplane. 

The Las Vegas Sun ran a poll Thursday saying that Donald Trump has surged into a tie with Hillary Clinton in Nevada. It's demoralizing to many. Just when Nevada thinks it owns the title of the place where Americans make the poorest choices of their lives, along comes Hillary or Trump. 

Homeland Security admitted Monday that thousands of immigrants from dangerous countries in the terror zone were granted U.S. citizenship due to fingerprinting errors. You can't make it up. The election is becoming a battle between a Basket of Deplorables and a Boatload of Deportables. 

New Jersey police arrested New York and New Jersey bomber suspect Ahmad Khan Ramani after a shootout with police Monday. Twenty-eight people were injured by the blasts. Officials were grateful there weren't any more because the medical staff at Chelsea Clinton's apartment was already stretched thin. 

ISIS celebrated the New York and New Jersey bombings committed by Ahmad Khan Ramani before his capture Sunday. The bombing suspect is a twenty-eight-year-old Muslim who recently returned from a trip to his native Afghanistan. The Obama administration is still looking for a motive. 

New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Ramani was caught by New Jersey cops Monday for setting off the two bombs in New Jersey and Manhattan. The administration refused to link him to ISIS. The good news is, he's got a pair of tickets to the sold-out Cat Stevens concert if anybody wants them. 

President Obama cited the Obama Doctrine as his legacy at the U.N. Tuesday. It says if a man wears a dress and calls himself a woman, we have to believe him and let him use the ladies room. But if he bombs New York in the name of Allah and ISIS takes credit for it, we musn't jump to conclusions. 

The Hollywood Reporter said Monday's debate between Trump and Hillary may break the TV record of a hundred twenty million viewers. It was set by the bombing of Baghdad on the first night of the Persian Gulf War a quarter century ago. We hope the election turns out better than THAT did. 

Hillary Clinton flew to Philadelphia Monday to give a speech to the college students at Temple University's student union. She admitted that she has some work to do to be more successful in connecting with young voters. She began by explaining that her cough is caused by dirty bong water. 

Hillary Clinton spoke to college students at Temple University Monday and needed help climbing the stairs to leave after her speech. Thank goodness she didn't pass out while she was onstage. Any woman who passes out at Bill Cosby's alma mater just adds to his legal headaches. 

New York's disgraced Anthony Weiner was busted sexting with a fifteen-year-old girl. This'll help him when he runs for Congress again. He can do his door-to-door campaigning at the same time he is required by law to go to each house in the neighborhood to let them know he is in the area. 

Hillary Clinton diagnosed Donald Trump as paranoid for ever doubting that President Obama was born in the U.S. We're all a little bit paranoid. The other day, I thought that someone was talking about me because my ears were burning, but then I realized was talking on a Samsung phone. 

Donald Trump took questions from the crowd at his Cleveland rally Wednesday where he said he thinks that police powers to Stop-and-Frisk can help put an end to black-on-black crime. This is big news. Donald Trump is finally reaching out to black voters, but it's to check them for weapons. 

Charlotte, North Carolina, erupted in race riots over a black cop shooting and killing a black suspect. The TV cameras did show one scene of human brotherhood. They showed a black guy and a white guy and a Hispanic guy running down a street, and they were carrying a TV set together. 

Donald Trump addressed a massive rally in Ohio Wednesday and he kept them entertained for over an hour. He's figured out that politics has become fully wed to pop culture. Donald Trump opened his speech by blaming Barack Obama's weak domestic policy for Brad and Angelina's divorce. 

Lester Holt said the debate will center around America's direction, achieving prosperity and U.S. security. Then Lester heard from NBC ad sales. Now Holt says the debate will center around sex with beauty pageant contestants, unfaithful spouses, crooked real estate deals and lying to Congress. 

-- Argus Hamilton

Hillary Clinton is here and today is my birthday! Later we're going to bring out a cake and let Hillary cough out the candles. 

Last week Trump revealed his child care proposals, including a plan to guarantee six weeks of paid maternity leave. Mothers will get six weeks off, as long as their babies can produce their long-form birth certificates. 

It was announced that you'll be able to watch next week's debate on Twitter. So, finally a way to see Trump say something really crazy on Twitter. 

I saw that on Monday Donald Trump met with the Egyptian president in New York City while he's in town for the U.N. General assembly. Trump said he's always felt connected to Egypt, mostly because Trump University was a huge pyramid scheme. 

Singer Marilyn Manson recently said he doesn't plan on voting, because he doesn't like Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. That story, again -- the 2016 election: Too scary for Marilyn Manson. 

-- Jimmy Fallon

Donald Trump held a press conference Friday where he announced that he believes President Obama was born in the U.S. Said Trump, "I hope that settles the issue. That Muslim was born here." 

Donald Trump accused media outlets this morning of deliberately editing his words to make him come across in a bad light. Also making Trump come across in a bad light - light. 

President Obama's half-brother, who lives in Kenya, told reporters this week that he will be voting for Donald Trump in the country's mock U.S. election. Oh, that's got to sting for Trump -- an Obama wants to vote for him, but it's the one with the Kenyan birth certificate. 

Donald Trump said at a campaign rally yesterday that he would put Syrian refugees in safe zones, and make Middle Eastern countries pay for them, adding, "There's nothing like doing things with other people's money." "You said it, baby," said Melania. 

Tomorrow is the first day of fall. I am so excited to watch Donald Trump change colors. 

A new poll has found that almost 70 percent of voters say they have concerns about Donald Trump's rhetoric. And the other 30 percent said [shows photo of Trump's sons], "Which one's Rhetoric?" 

-- Seth Meyers

It's come out that Hillary Clinton is having a hard time connecting with millennial voters. So now she's saying that last week's coughing spell was actually due to a massive bong hit. 

Today, Donald Trump told an African-American audience, "Black churches are the conscience of our country." In response, the crowd said, "Yes, that's why we're not voting for you." 

Donald Trump falsely claimed that NBC News anchor Lester Holt is a Democrat, when he's actually a registered Republican. In other words, Trump just alienated the one black guy who might have voted for him 

Fox News has forbidden Sean Hannity from appearing in any more campaign ads for Donald Trump. Fox said, "We want to appear neutral while covering the race between Mr. Trump and that Sickly Lying Witch." 

-- Conan

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