Thursday, September 8, 2016

Behind scenes, NBC execs concede Matt Lauer forum performance was "disaster"!

CNN Money ^ | 9-8-2016 | Brian Stelter 

NBC News knows the "Commander-in-Chief Forum" was not Matt Lauer's finest hour.

One executive, speaking anonymously, was blunt about it: "Disaster."
The morning after Lauer's back-to-back interviews of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, several high ranking sources at the network said they hear the criticism and agree with at least some of it.
Lauer was widely criticized for failing to fact-check or follow up when Trump falsely claimed that he was opposed to the Iraq war when it started. Some viewers thought Lauer held Clinton to a higher standard than Trump. Several people who were sitting in the audience told CNN that they were frustrated too.
The ratings for Wednesday night's forum were strong, according to preliminary data. But the reviews were pitiful. So what went wrong? That's what journalists both inside and outside NBC are asking now. There is no clear answer.
Lack of preparation is one theory.
New York Times TV critic James Poniewozik wrote Thursday that Lauer seemed "unprepared on specifics of military and foreign policy: "He performed like a soldier sent on a mission without ammunition, beginning with a disorganized offensive, ending in a humiliating retreat."
But Lauer's interviewing skills are second to none. He has hosted thousands of episodes of the "Today" show.
And he had a week to prep for the forum.
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CNN's Matt Lauer gives his all for Hillary ^ | September 8, 2016 | J. Marsolo 

At the Commander in Chief Forum Wednesday night, Hillary Clinton again insisted that she did not receive any emails marked top secret, or confidential, or classified. This is in direct conflict with FBI director Comey's report that she received emails marked with a "C" for "confidential." Hillary said she respectfully disagreed with Comey, which shows that not only is Hillary corrupt and a liar, but she is also an ingrate. Comey gave her a pass, and she is using this pass to mean that she did nothing wrong.

Matt Lauer repeatedly asked Donald Trump what experience he has to be commander in chief, asking him what he has done and read. Of course, Lauer and the rest of the MSM did not ask what qualified Obama and Bill Clinton to be commander in chief. Trump answered that he has experience as a CEO in delegating power and reviewing facts to make decisions and that he has consulted with many admirals and generals. Trump tried to show Lauer a list of 88 generals and admirals who support him, but Lauer waved that off.

More importantly, Lauer did not ask Hillary how she can be commander in chief if she admitted she had a concussion that had caused her to forget security briefings. He did not ask her about her mental health, which she put at issue by using the concussion as a reason to forget briefings.

Lauer also did not ask her why she told the families of the Benghazi families that a video caused the attack there.
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James Comey Should Resign Now for the Good of the Country

PJ Media ^ | 9/8/16 | Simon 

When FBI Director James Comey first let Hilary Clinton off the legal hook, I gave him a reluctant pass. I thought his dressing down of Clinton for being extremely negligent in the handling of national security material, while not indicting her, was vaguely Solomonic, even if I wished it weren't.
Boy, was I wrong! I am frankly embarrassed.
The revelations from the FBI interview with Clinton that were shamelessly slipped under the door like a throwaway paper in a cheap motel over Labor Day weekend made me think this:
If were I an FBI agent, I would despise James Comey. He has humiliated the FBI and all its employees. The institution will never be the same, at least not for decades to come. The FBI is no longer an instrument of justice. It is the reverse. It is an obfuscater of justice and an enabler of the rich and powerful. How depressing and disgusting.God help our republic.
Exaggerated? Not in the slightest.
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Vet to Hillary: I’d be in prison for doing what you did with classified information

Hot Air ^ | September 8, 2016 | Ed Morrissey 

Fact check: Not if your name was Hillary Clinton. A veteran took the opportunity at last night’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” on MSNBC to put Hillary’s e-mail scandal and serial mishandling of classified information in its proper perspective. The veteran, who served in both the Air Force and Navy and held clearances at the highest levels, told Hillary she’s lucky she’s on stage and not on trial:

An Air Force and Navy veteran, who said he held “the top secret sensitive compartmentalized information clearance,” challenged Clinton’s actions as secretary of state live on MSNBC’s commander-in-chief forum.

“Had I communicated this information not following prescribed protocols, I would have been prosecuted and imprisoned,” said the veteran, identified by MSNBC as a Republican. “Secretary Clinton, how can you expect those such as myself who were and are trusted with America’s most sensitive information to have any confidence in your leadership as president when you clearly corrupted our national security?”

Hillary’s response was, well … not terribly responsive:

“Well I appreciate your concern and also your experience, but let me try to make the distinctions that I think are important for me to answer your question,” Clinton responded. “First, as I said to Matt, you know and I know, classified material is designated. … And what we have here is the use of an unclassified system by hundreds of people in our government to send information that was not marked, there were no headers, there was no statement top secret, secret, or confidential.”

Those are at best half-truths, and at points flat-out lies.
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Victor Davis Hanson: Trump Up, Hillary Down, Obama Out

Investors Business Daily ^ | September 8, 2016 | VICTOR DAVIS HANSON 

In most presidential elections, the two candidates spar over issues. The president campaigns for his party's nominee in hopes of continuing his legacy.
Democrats champion liberalism, Republicans conservatism. In numerous press conferences, journalists try to force newsworthy and embarrassing admissions from the two candidates.
Not this year.
Barack Obama, who less than two years ago dipped to 40% in approval rating, is nowhere to be seen. He seems to know that the more he is absent and quiet, the more the public likes the idea rather than the reality of him as president -- and his approval rating has risen to 51%.
In his self-imposed retreat, Obama makes no effort to defend the Affordable Care Act...
...Ditto the Iran deal. Obama is learning that it is better to be quiet about Iranian violations, ransom for hostages and provocations than to explain them away.
Obama months ago gave up mentioning how the crushing national debt has almost doubled...
...silent on his foreign policy...
...Hillary Clinton has kept a relatively low profile... ...on her email scandals.
Her campaign strategy is to agree to occasional one-on-one interviews with pre-selected friendly journalists,... the background is the fear that foreign hackers may have stolen her huge trove of private correspondence...
...a passive Clinton hopes that scandals now beyond her control will not evaporate her once-sizable lead before Nov. 8, a date that suddenly seems to Clinton to be too far away.
A lame-duck Obama runs out the clock, too, neither defending his old policies nor offering new ones.
All the while, a madcap Trump makes nonstop news, hoping that his self-generated publicity is more helpful than harmful.
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Denzel Washington Switches To Trump Shocks Hollywood-, Speaks Out Against Obama

USA Home News ^ | August 7, 2016 

“We need more and more jobs. Unemployment is way up here,” he said. “He’s hired more employees, more people, than anyone I know in the world.”
I believe in him first of all because he’s a businessman. I think jobs are badly needed .
Hollywood star, Denzel Washington is usually catching some heat through supporters of President Obama after calling his agenda “anti-Christian. ” Washington talked out about his own Christian beliefs during the 1999 interview. During the interview, he shared his story of how he or she uncovered religion. As the particular son of a preacher and spending a majority of his time in the church, he grew to become rebellious as a teen. After what Washington calls a personal face along with God, he came back in order to the church in his 20s. “I had this particular tremendous physical and spiritual experience. ” His devotion to his faith has shocked liberal Hollywood plus angered President Obama supporters who support his alleged “anti-Christian agenda. ” As other celebrities live a liberal and free life-style, Washington has explained that he is proud of his religion.

NYPD: Hillary Was Wearing "Invisible" Earpiece To Receive Stealth Coaching During Live NBC Town Hall

TruePundit ^ | September 7, 2016 

Hillary Clinton was sporting a mini earbud wired to receive stealth communications from her campaign handlers during Wednesday's Presidential Forum carried live on NBC, True Pundit has learned.
While Clinton was fielding questions from NBC's Matt Lauer and the public Wednesday night on live television, a quiet buzz started circulating in New York law enforcement circles about Hillary’s left ear. NYPD sources confirm Clinton was wearing an 'inductive earpiece,' the same technology employed by almost all lead Broadway actors to receive forgotten lines and stealth off-stage cues from directors. The flesh-colored earbud is easily concealed. There are no wires running directly to the ear like you see with the units employed by Secret Service protection detail personnel.
The skin-tone piece Clinton was wearing, however, was somewhat different from the standard issued stealth earpiece and is much different in appearance from a hearing aid. This unit is considered a "micro" earbud which contains all the technology but is a fraction of the size with a very high price tag. In fact, most of the units this size, approximately 3mm or comparable to a small pearl stud earring, are normally issued to law enforcement or corporate security teams, sources said. At a size that small, the earbud is designed to sit inside the opening of the ear canal, almost invisible to anyone. However, the unit does move and shift along with its wearer and at times can slightly pop out of the canal and require a quick readjustment, experts said.
Ironically, the revelation that Clinton was wearing such a unit might have only been recognized because of astute NYPD officers attached to her security detail who are accustomed to seeing the stealth apparatus at stage shows, conventions and security personnel of VIPs and international dignitaries at the United nations and elsewhere in the five boroughs. Likewise, NYPD detectives employ a parallel technology to communicate during undercover Ops.
Based on experts familiar with the technology, the stealth earpiece operates on a bandwidth from 300 Hz to 4KHz. Many such units are powered by SONY. The range of the unit can be unlimited depending on how the back end is set up. Technically, you could receive cues from 100 feet away or from someone sitting in Washington D.C. while you sat in New York City, experts said. The set up and range is flexible based on need and use. The unit does not require Bluetooth to operate via short distances but long range operations would require Bluetooth, which is easily configured.
Story is Developing. We Will update it more as we receive additional details.

Obama’s Iranian Cash Laundromat

American Thinker ^ | September 8, 2016 | Rachel Ehrenfeld 

I was wrong! In early 2013, my article “The American Babe In The Iranian Wood,” noted, “President Obama and his administration’s incomprehensible handling of Iran, as clueless, overconfident and counterproductive; not a good recipe for dealing with a sophisticated and determined adversary.”
As it turned out, and as every new expose of yet another secret deal shows, President Obama was anything but a clueless Babe. The President who initiated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, aka The Iran Deal, is a sophisticated politician who deliberately and elaborately misled the American people about his concessions to the mullahs, accommodating their nuclear agenda and giving them some $150 billions, purportedly to help strengthen their economy. All the while acknowledging that “some” of that money will pay for the regime’s military expansion and even to fund their terrorist activities. Why was the U.S. President so keen on building up his nation’s sworn enemy’s nuclear capabilities? What was his motive in empowering the mullahs and fueling Iran’s intervention in and destabilization of the Middle East and beyond?
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