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Hillary Clinton 'Will Hold Press Conferences' as President, Press Secretary Vows

ABC News ^ | September 2, 2016 | Liz Stark 

It’s been 272 days since Hillary Clinton’s last press conference. But Clinton’s lead press secretary, Brian Fallon, vows that if elected, “Hillary Clinton will hold press conferences.”
“But the frequency of them is something that would just play out as time went on,” he added.
On this week’s episode of the “Powerhouse Politics” podcast, Brian Fallon promised greater interaction between Clinton and the press on the campaign trail, and said that he expects the Democratic nominee to hold a press conference “soon.”
“The amount of interaction can only go up," Fallon said, noting that the traveling press will soon be flying with Clinton on her new campaign plane.
“I’m sure that will bring with it a lot of opportunities for additional access to the candidate and interactions between her and the traveling press corps that covers her every day,” Fallon told ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl and ABC News Political Director Rick Klein on the podcast....
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FBI Data Dump Shows Clinton is Criminal and Clueless!

Observer ^ | 9/2/16 | John Schindler 

... a good amount of today’s release has been redacted. The original documents were classified at the Secret/Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals level, and to make it Unclassified about a third of the text has been cut out.
But what’s there is awful enough for Team Clinton. Although the FBI’s press release is terse, the documents themselves indelibly portray the Democratic presidential nominee as dishonest, entitled, and thoroughly incompetent.
The Clinton follies continued, with Hillary’s lawerly position clear: “Clinton did not recall receiving any emails she thought should not be on an unclassified system,” the FBI recorded. She even stood her ground when asked about emails regarding drone strikes—a subject that the CIA and the Pentagon consider to be highly classified. Indeed, it’s Top Secret and part of a super-sensitive Special Access Program or SAP.
Not to Hillary. Such SAP information wound up in her “Unclassified” emails but Clinton would have none of it. As the FBI noted, “Clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification.” This would be stunning news to the thousands of American military and intelligence personnel who have to treat such Top Secret SAP information according to the strict rules and regulations that apply to anybody not named Clinton.
Here Hillary has confirmed what many have long suspected—that there’s one set of laws for Clintons and Friends, and a very different set for the rest of us.
The FBI inquiry descended into farce. The Bureau’s investigation determined that hundreds of the emails containing classified information had been sent by Hillary while she was out of the United States—including in Russia. Since these were sent on Clinton’s ubiquitous Blackberry, all of those should now be assumed to be in the hands of foreign intelligence agencies.
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Hillary Clinton’s Team Lost a Laptop Full of Her Emails in the Actual Mail

daily beast ^ | 9-2-16 | Shane Harris 

A laptop containing a copy, or “archive,” of the emails on Hillary Clinton’s private server was apparently lost—in the postal mail—according to an FBI report released Friday. Along with it, a thumb drive that also contained an archive of Clinton’s emails has been lost and is not in the FBI’s possession.
The Donald Trump campaign has already called for Clinton to be “locked up” for her carelessness handling sensitive information. The missing laptop and thumb drive raise a new possibility that Clinton’s emails could have been obtained by people for whom they weren’t intended. The FBI director has already said it’s possible Clinton’s email system could have been remotely accessed by foreign hackers.
The revelation of the two archives is contained in a detailed report about the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s private email account. The report contained new information about how the archives were handled, as well as how a private company deleted emails in its possession, at the same time that congressional investigators were demanding copies.
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Why Elites Lose at Trump’s Language Game

Foreign Policy ^ | September 2, 2016 | Elliott Prasse-Freeman 

Trump supporters aren’t brainwashed by the Republican’s candidates “illogical” lies — they're listening to a different conversation altogether.

Much has been made of Donald Trump’s use of language in the 2016 presidential campaign. A recent FP piece even uses linguistic theory to explain his rise. But the authors incorrectly diagnose the complex language play through which Trump constructs his audiences and message. That leads them to echo a refrain of liberal political commentators — namely, that Trump’s supporters blindly adhere to illogical and false conclusions about the world.
More measured linguistic analysis reveals that Trump supporters often explicitly reject the literal meanings of his speech, attending instead to what he indexes or connotes. Trump uses hyperbole, humor, hedging, and repair to take stands — both for or against certain general political programs (immigration, trade deals), but more importantly against certain kinds of scornful elite discourse that belittle those supporters. Understanding that complex conversation, rather than dismissing it out of hand, can help us not only better comprehend the Trump phenomenon but also see why the rest of the world is so flummoxed by his verbiage...
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The "Oh Sh*t" Moment: Hillary Wiped Her Server With BleachBit Despite Subpoena

zero hedge ^ | 9/2/16 | tyler durden 

The story of how Hillary's "personal" emails came to be deleted using, the now infamous, BleachBit is quite the tale. Below we attempt to piece together how the story unfolded per the recent FBI disclosures.
Here is a quick summary of the timeline of events:
February 2013 – Hillary resigns from State Department Spring 2013 – Hillary aide Monica Hanley backs up Pagliano Server to Apple MacBook and a thumb drive February 2014 – Monica Hanley attempts to upload Hillary email archives to new Platte River Networks (PRN) server but encounters technical issues Early 2014 – Monica Hanley mails Apple MacBook to Undisclosed PRN Staff Member to upload Hillary email archives to new PRN server. Undisclosed PRN Staff Member then uploads Hillary’s emails to a gmail account and then transfers them over to the new PRN server. The Undisclosed PRN Staff Member deletes most of the emails from gmail but indvertently leaves 940. Early 2014 – Monica Hanley advises Undisclosed PRN Staff Member to wipe the Apple MacBook clean after uploading Hillary’s emails to the new PRN server but he forgets to do it Early 2014 - Undisclosed PRN Staff Member mails Apple MacBook back to Clinton and it is promptly lost December 2014 – Hillary delivers 55,000 emails to State Department December 2014 / January 2015 – Heather Samuelson and Cheryl Mills request emails be deleted from their computer using BleachBit December 2014 / January 2015 – “Unknown Clinton staff member” instructs PRN to remove archives of Clinton emails from PRN server March 2, 2015 - NYT releases an article showing that Hillary used a personal email server in violation of State Department rules
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Hillary Clinton told the FBI she didn't think drone strike plans were classified

news dot vice ^ | 9-2-16 | Leopold 

Some of the classified information Hillary Clinton discussed in emails sent on her private server appears to have centered around planned drone strikes and attacks against US/NATO soldiers in Afghanistan, according to 58 pages of documents released by the FBI Friday detailing the bureau's investigation into the Democratic presidential candidate's email practices.
"After reviewing an email dated [redacted], with subject line [redacted], Clinton stated she did not remember the email specifically. Clinton stated deliberation over a future drone strike did not give her cause for concern regarding classification," the FBI's memorandum said, suggesting that Clinton's responses to specific questions she was asked during a 3-hour interview at FBI headquarters July 2 centered around classified information contained in her emails about the Obama administration's targeted killing program. "Clinton understood this type of conversation as part of the routine deliberation process ... Clinton believed the classification level of future drone strikes depended on the context."
In addition to the memo summarizing the FBI's investigation, the bureau released 11 pages of notes detailing an interview conducted with Clinton. The documents were released in response to Freedom of Information Act requests, including one filed by VICE News.
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Hillary Clinton Freezes in Fear - Secret Agents Tell Her To "Keep Talking"

YouTube Video ^ | 9/2/2016 | PoconoPundit 

Another Hillary health alert.  Surprised that I could not find this YouTube posted on FR already.  The incident occurred on August 6th. Video is 2.5 minutes long.
When she freezes, her medical agent and secret service people quickly surround her and the medical agent tells her, "Keep talking...keep taking".

So this is another reason Hillary does not want to be seen in public and doesn't want to have Trump on the stage with her during thedebates, I mean concurrent town halls.

Mexican President Speech To Trump : " Invest in the Walll : an Asset to both Countries" TRANSCRIPT ^ | Aug 31,2016 | Mex Pres Nieto Transcript 

Actual Words said by Mexican President Nieto with Donald Trump at his side:
"As to border issues, my vision is very clear. The border must be transformed into an asset for our region..
We must fast track these efforts so that the border between US and Mexico might become more efficient and safer. An important number of Americans see the border as a great problem because undocumented persons and illegal drugs cross into the US.
There is still a joint challenge, including the increasing number of non-Mexicans that cross through our country in order to reach the US, therein creating serious human crises.
However, this is a vision that is clearly incomplete of the true border issues, because it does not take into account the illegal influx of weapons and money every year. Thousands of weapons and millions of dollars come into Mexico illegally from the North strengthening drug cartels and other criminal organizations that generate violence in Mexico and that obtain profit from the sale in the United States.
This flow must be stopped.
What we need is an integral approach as to the border that might address the issue of undocumented traffic and flow of illegal drugs and cash money. Many lives may be saved on both sides of the border.
Illegal flow of weapons, drugs, cash money in both directions has multiple negative consequences on both sides of border. Our border must be viewed as a joint opportunity.
Both countries must invest more in it. More in (the wall) infrastructure, More people, More technology, in order to make it more secure." -Mexican President Nieto, Mexico City, August 31 with Donald Trump


Band Of Mothers ^ | September 1, 2016 | Beverly Perlson 

To the Never Trumpers, who are helping to elect the liar and crook, Hillary Clinton, here's a little walk down memory lane that highlights the routine deceit and disrespect toward the American people by Hillary and her Democrat cronies:
Jonathan Gruber, the democrat architect of Obamacare, one of the biggest lies ever perpetuated on the American people, truly sums up in one statement, the underlying platform of Obama, Hillary and the Democrats over the last 7 1/2 years:
Gruber: "If you had a law which said healthy people are going to pay in, it made it explicit that healthy people are going to pay in and sick people are going to get money, it would not have passed."
AND the liar Gruber really lays out what Obama and the Dems all counted on to get Obamacare to pass:
"and basically call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever but basically that was really really critical to get the thing to pass."
And Gruber is absolutely correct that healthy people are going to pay in, and pay through the nose we have with outrageous hikes in premiums! AND it's only going to get a whole lot worse if Trump is not elected President:
Hmmmm, so I guess the Never Trumpers are okay with Democrats lying to the American people because they are helping to elect one of the biggest liars of all the Democrats, Hillary Clinton, who went home and went to bed while 4 Americans fought and died in Benghazi, waiting for help to come.
So she went home and went to bed and then she lied in the presence of the coffins of these precious fallen Americans and their grieving families at Dover Air Base.
We all know now that Hillary stood in front of those coffins and she lied to those Gold Star families.
Hmmm....Are the Never Trumpers, these folks that tell us they are the true conservatives, are they not very smart, or collectively as a group, do they suffer from deafness??!!!! I am trying to understand how any true conservative could support such a vile evil woman who would go home and go to bed and let precious American Sons die and then, outright lie to their families. Lying to Gold Star families is NOT what "true conservatives" do!
Lying is a way of life for Hillary, it just never ends. Yesterday, in front of the American Legion, she had the unmitigated gall to say this:
“I will never, ever disrespect gold star families who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our nation or prisoners of war,” she promised.
Now that takes gall! She LIED to the families of the Benghazi victims and her administration told the mother of Shawn Smith she was not an immediate member of his family!!!!!! I guess disrespecting a woman and mother whose Son died in Benghazi is okay with the Never Trumpers because after all, she's just not a Muslim like Mr. Khan! Those Never Trumpers are so smart, aren't they?! They know it is so important to appease and apologize and play that game of political correctness. Why Pat Smith needs to just shut her mouth and stop complaining that her Son lost his life, why that was a long time ago anyway!
Crooked Hillary has gall, I'll give her that. And frankly, so do the Never Trumpers!
And she's lied to cover up her lies about Benghazi and now she's lying about lying about her emails.
And then she jokes about the whole lying mess she's created and let's remember, she didn't just wipe it with a cloth, her and her lying cronies wiped her whole sinister mess of emails with BLEACHBIT!
Again, I am so very grateful to Mr. Trump for helping to expose this group calling themselves Never Trumpers, who claim to be Republicans. I know of no Republicans who prefer lying over honesty.
The Never Trumpers are helping to elect Hillary Clinton, whose record shows, again and again, that she thinks nothing of lying to the American people and when she gets caught, she "BLEACHBITS" her lies away.
Just like Gruber, Hillary and the Never Trumpers must be counting on the "stupidity of the American voter." Well I'm not stupid and neither are any of the Republicans I know. I'll admit, the Never Trumpers among us had me fooled for a long time but now, well, it goes like this, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.
Mr. Trump has turned the light on and when he assumes the office of the Presidency, I look forward to seeing the Never Trumpers scurry and run like cockroaches do when darkness turns to light!
She tries hard, poor thing, but she just can't tell the truth! Go Trump!
Beverly Perlson, The Band of Mothers

Black Lives Matter livid over leaked Dem email on how to 'handle' them

American Thinker ^ | 1 Sep, 2016 | Rick Moran 

Here's a real shocker for you. Democrats take black activists for granted and look to manipulate them to keep their allegiance without showing any support for their policy positions.
The "plantation" is working fine.
Washington Times:
Black Lives Matter accused the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee of trying to placate activists after a hacker leaked on Wednesday an internal party memo advising candidates on how to handle the movement.
The Nov. 9 memo to by former DCCC staffer Troy Perry urged candidates to listen but “don’t offer support for concrete policy positions”; limit the number of activists who meet with staff; and never say “all lives matter.”
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Professors advise students to drop class if they question climate change!

The Washington Times ^ | August 31, 2016 | Valerie Richardson 

DENVER — The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is coming under fire after three professors warned their class that there would be no debate on human-caused climate change and that any students who disagree should drop the course.
The professors, who are team-teaching the fall online course Medical Humanities in the Digital Age, issued the memo after some students expressed concerns about the first online lecture on climate change, according to the College Fix, which obtained a copy of the email.
“The point of departure for this course is based on the scientific premise that human induced climate change is valid and occurring,” said the professors. “We will not, at any time, debate the science of climate change, nor will the ‘other side’ of the climate change debate be taught or discussed in this course.”
“Opening up a debate that 98% of climate scientists unequivocally agree to be a nondebate would detract from the central concerns of environment and health addressed in this course,” they added.
For those who disagree with the course’s premise, “we respectfully ask that you do not take this course, as there are options within the Humanities program for face to face this semester and online next.”
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Mexico gets more cash from its workers abroad than from oil

CNN Money ^ | September 1, 2016 | Christine Romans and Patrick Gillespie 

Mexico heavily depends on its workers living abroad to send cash back home.
Almost $25 billion flowed last year from the pockets of Mexicans living overseas, almost all of it from the U.S. That's even higher than what Mexico earns from its oil exports.
The average remittance in June was $300.08, which when multiplied by the number of Mexican workers abroad totals billions each year. Donald Trump has his eye on those billions -- earlier this year, he said the cash could pay for the wall he has proposed between the U.S.-Mexico border, even though he didn't mention that in his meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto on Wednesday....
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Charlie Daniels: Obamacare Is Going to Implode Just as It Was Meant To!

CNS News ^ | September 1, 2016 | Charlie Daniels 

It is becoming apparent that Obamacare, barring the influx of massive government cash, is going to implode, which is what it was destined to do from the get go.
Although almost nobody in the private sector even knows all the provisions in the convoluted and highly complicated legislation, and many of the members of congress who saddled us with it never even read it. The Affordable Care Act is a contradiction in terms.
First of all, it is not affordable, or at least, it soon won’t be, as major insurance carriers who signed on because they figured Obama had handed them a bonanza of millions of new subscribers are pulling out of state agencies right and left as they realize that the flower child pipedreams of our socialist-minded president could never come true.
The success of the program is predicated on the premise that millions of healthy people who rarely use the insurance would more than make up for the sick people who use it constantly.
This, of course, never materialized as the healthy people who could afford private insurance programs, for the most part, stayed with their employer-provided or personally funded programs, and the insurance companies were left holding a very heavy bag of losses numbering into the billions with no feasible end in sight.
Secondly, Obamacare was never about health care. It was designed and intended to allow the federal government to take over one sixth of the economy, eventually morphing into a single-payer system, whereby several new and bloated bureaucracies would be created and maintained on the taxpayer's dollar to administrate and enforce the program.
And when the president stood in front of the nation and intentionally lied about keeping our doctors and our private insurance coverage, it was probably the worst advertisement Obamacare could have had, as it eroded trust and magnified many apprehensions when it became clear it was not true.
America already has a single-payer system; it's called the Veterans Administration. Yes, the same one that spent one hundred million dollars on art while veterans are dying in the parking lot for lack of treatment.
It’s possible that the next president will take Obamacare and either be completely overhaul it or throw it on the scrap heap of socialism along with its other many total failures, Venezuela being the latest example.
But it’s also possible that the next president will probably just resuscitate Obamacare, and put it on life support at the cost of billions, if not trillions of tax dollars, until the day it becomes so top heavy it eventually falls on its own.
And this will happen because there is a hole in the bottom of this ship where the wealth of the nation leaks out, and when it's gone, so is socialized medicine, massive entitlement, never-ending unemployment benefits and all the other vote grabbing programs our out of control DC Circus has burdened the taxpayers with.
Let me ask you a question, and it's meant to be non-partisan because the blame I'm passing around stains both sides of the aisle and tars both parties with the same brush, some for their greed and ambition and some for their cowardice and failure to fulfill their oaths of office.
Question: after watching the IRS be used for personal vendettas, after watching the post office, with all the advantages of being a subsidized government service, fail and continue to lose ground to private carriers, after watching the VA get turned into the incompetent, unspeakable disgrace it is, and all the other bloated, redundant and unnecessary federal agencies and bureaucracies, do you feel comfortable in leaving your grandchildren a twenty trillion dollar debt?
Would you be willing to pass this nation into the hands of the children you love with an out-of-date, demoralized military, unable to meet the threats of a newly vitalized Russian military and China who could field millions of ground troops at the drop of a hat?
Are you willing to see your loved ones face a world where our politicians have turned political correctness into an art form and have become a doormat allowing free flow of aliens of every nationality – and it's happening now – to come across our border to one day reconstitute the terrorist cells who slipped across individually among the millions of Hispanics who walk across at will and hide in one of our sanctuary cities or in plain sight in some “hands-off” Muslim neighborhood?
The truth of the matter is that our government is far bigger than it needs to be, or has any business of being, with bureaucracies tripping all over each other, incapable of running a convenience store, much less the health care of a nation.
I agree that this nation should do its best to help its poorest citizens have health care, but it will never be accomplished by the federal government. The chance for personal or political gain is too great. Our politicians have proven again and again they cannot resist the temptation to attract a new voting block or stake out ground for their party.
And to politicians, to be better, everything has to be bigger, and it takes ten people to do a job one person could handle while the other nine just get in the way. They turn everything into an unaffordable, tax-hiking three-ring circus, and the more that can be accomplished in the private sector, the better off we are.
If the government really had healthcare on its mind, why not some subsidy program to help our poorer citizens obtain insurance in the private sector?
Why not provide the same thing for our long-suffering vets by allowing them to enter the private market?
How about we require American citizenship to obtain federal benefits?
How about the House and Senate be offered only the same programs the public is offered?
This would create a competitive atmosphere in the medical trade as hospitals and medical professionals would have to compete for patients who could go to any doctor, any medical facility they choose and all would be covered by private insurance policies.
When it comes to the government, folks, it’s about power and control, not public service and compassion, and anything that falls into their purview will be conducted with that in focus.
What do you think?
Pray for our troops, our police and the peace of Jerusalem.
God Bless America

Rasmussen poll: Trump leads Clinton nationally!

The Hill ^ | September 01, 2016 | Mark Hensch 

Donald Trump has jumped ahead of Hillary Clinton nationally in the race for the White House, according to a new poll.
Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, has 40 percent support to Clinton's 39 percent, according to a poll by the right-leaning Rasmussen Reports released Thursday.
Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson got 7 percent, and Green Party nominee Jill Steins got 3 percent. Last week's edition of the same poll showed Clinton, the Democratic nominee, ahead by 4 points, 42 percent to 38 percent.
Clinton's support is down 5 points from a high of 44 percent in the Rasmussen poll taken in early August, shortly after the Democratic National Convention.
Clinton has led in nearly all recent polls. But the race has tightened in recent days, according to the RealClearPolitics average of polls. Clinton still leads Trump by 4.6 points nationally, according to that average.
Rasmussen Reports conducted its poll of 1,000 likely voters via online and telephone interviews from Aug. 29 to Aug. 30. It has a margin of error of 3 percentage points.
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Why Now is the Right Time to Talk About Ethanol ^ | September 2, 2016 | Jonah Goldberg 

Since it's been seven months since the Iowa caucuses and it'll be another three-plus years until that hell is fresh again, this is the best time to talk about ethanol.
Just in case you didn't know, ethanol is very popular in Iowa and other corn states, which is why most presidential candidates swear once every four years that they love ethanol so much they'd marry a jug of it if they could. If only for a moment, loyalty to this government moonshine becomes as fraught with political symbolism as a gay wedding in which both grooms refuse to wear American flag pins while declining to stand for the national anthem in support of our troops.
Thankfully, we don't have to worry about that for a little while, so let's tell the truth: Ethanol is stupid, wasteful and bad for cars (because it's corrosive and inefficient), the economy and the environment.
The main case for biofeuels is twofold. It's supposed to be better for the environment, particularly global warming, and lessen our dependence on foreign oil. The assumption was that converting plants into fuel was "carbon neutral," and since we can do that at home, every gallon of oil we replace with corn is one less we have to buy from overseas. The fact that it also lines the pockets of agribusinesses and the politicians who love them is supposed to be a total coincidence and irrelevant to this good and noble policy.
A new study from the University of Michigan confirms what pretty much everyone knew all along. Researchers found that biofuels actually create more greenhouse gases than simply using petroleum, because plants only absorb a fraction of the carbon dioxide released by burning the fuels in the first place. Moreover, ethanol production and distribution is energy-intensive, throwing off even more greenhouse gases.
"When you look at what's actually happening on the land, you find that not enough carbon is being removed from the atmosphere to balance what's coming out of the tailpipe," University of Michigan professor John DeCicco said. "When it comes to the emissions that cause global warming, it turns out that biofuels are worse than gasoline."
A study last year by the University of Tennessee found that in the decade since the U.S. imposed the Renewable Fuel Standard -- and after $50 billion in subsidies -- corn-based ethanol "created more problems than solutions" and hampered research on other kinds of biofuels.
But even if you think, as I do, that caring for the environment means more than climate change, ethanol is a horror. Growing corn for inefficient fuel takes up farmland, raising food prices and encouraging deforestation. Science writer Matt Ridley has estimated that if all of our transport fuel came from biofuel, we would need 30 percent more land than all of the existing food-growing farmland we have today.
All of the corn we grow requires vast amounts of fertilizer, which runs into our waterways and out to the Gulf of Mexico. Every year that runoff creates a massive -- and growing -- dead zone that kills sea life in one of our most valuable fisheries. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Organization, "Habitats that would normally be teeming with life become, essentially, biological deserts." This year's dead zone will be the size of Connecticut, researchers say.
Meanwhile, in places such as Brazil, CO2-absorbing rainforests (among the biggest sources of biodiversity) are being clear-cut to make room for biofuel crops. The Nature Conservancy's Joseph Fargione estimated a few years ago that converting rainforests, peatlands, savannas or grasslands for biofuels releases 17 to 420 times more CO2 than it offsets by displacing petroleum or coal.
One hears a lot about the great jobs that ethanol creates here at home, but this is broken-window thinking. Frederic Bastiat famously explained in his essay on the broken window that it's silly to talk about the jobs created by a broken window -- you've got to hire people to replace it, right? -- unless you also take into account that the money spent on a new window could have been spent on something more productive.
Thanks to the shale oil revolution, America now has greater oil reserves than Saudi Arabia and Russia. Domestic oil production produces far more -- and far better paying -- jobs than ethanol production. Cheaper oil also cascades through the economy, creating more jobs. And we're better at producing oil in an environmentally safe way than most other countries. When we take production offline, we are in effect subsidizing foreign production.
But hey, the Iowa caucuses are important too.

A Tough but Sensible Immigration Policy

National Review ^ | September 1, 2016 

After two weeks spent waffling on immigration, and making noises on the subject largely indistinguishable from those of Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio, Donald Trump has settled on a hawkish position — and a practical one. Trump’s crowd-pleasing antics aside, in his immigration speech in Phoenix, Ariz., on Wednesday he laid out a sensible, realistic path forward on genuine immigration reform.
Trump’s plan, even in its most primitive iterations, always has been based on the entirely commonsensical principle that America’s immigration policy should serve American interests. Taking this as a starting point, Trump laid out a ten-point policy that emphasizes securing the border, enforcing immigration laws, prioritizing the removal of criminal aliens, and creating the legal and economic disincentives necessary to reduce illegal immigration in the long term.
These are the right priorities. On border security, Trump renewed his commitment to a “physical” wall on the southern border (as well as, alas, his absurd promise that Mexico would pay for it), pledged to swell the ranks of the understaffed Immigrations and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agencies, and vowed to deploy technology, such as below-ground sensors, to aid them. He also promised an end to the catch-and-release policies that have defined the Obama-era commitment (or lack thereof) to border security and to defund sanctuary cities (an initiative that would, of course, have to come out of Congress). And as Trump noted, about half of America’s illegal-immigrant population overstayed legally gotten visas, meaning that a comprehensive visa-overstay tracking system of the sort he is proposing is also crucial part of any real enforcement agenda.
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It's V-J Day, the anniversary of the date of Japan's surrender in 1945 and the end of WWII

VA Viper ^ | 09/02/2016 | HarpyGoddess 

Today is V-J Day, the anniversary of the date in 1945 of the formal Japanese surrender on the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay. For practical purposes, it ended on August 14 (August 15 in Japan, on the other side of the International Date Line), when President Truman announced the capitulation of Japan and the end of World War II in the Pacific, unleashing a paroxysm of jubilation throughout the victorious nations. The war in Europe had ended with the German surrender on May 8th, but Japan fought on in the Pacific and had only lost Okinawa, the last stepping stone toward the homeland, in mid-June, after a fanatical defense that cost enormous U.S. casualties. The invasion of Kyushu planned for October 1945 was expected to incur losses in the millions, and this factor figured significantly in the decision to use atomic bombs against Hiroshima and Nagasaki (on August 6 and 9, respectively).
The nuclear threat and the belated entry of the Soviet Union into the war against Japan (on August 9) tipped the balance between fiercely contending proponents of surrender and those in favor of continuing the war - despite an unsuccessful palace coup by the latter. And thus ended World War II after six years.
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Trump immigration speech: A president was born on Wednesday

Fox ^ | September 1, 2016 | Wayne Allyn Root 

America, we were introduced to our next president on Wednesday night. He’s not a politician. He is one of a kind. He is an American. Welcome President Donald J. Trump.
I’m a cynical Jewish Ivy Leaguer from New York. Nothing gets me too excited. I don’t believe politicians. Nor do I believe in politicians. I don’t fall for theatrical political productions. I don’t believe rhetoric or propaganda. And I’ve never teared up over a political speech in my life.
Until now. . .
Wednesday night I found myself fist-pumping. I found myself chanting along with the crowd “USA, USA, USA.” And as the procession of mothers and fathers came up to the podium to state the name of their child -- who was murdered by illegal immigrants -- and then say “I’m voting for Trump” or “Trump is our last chance to save America” I found myself tearing up. And the amazing thing is… I couldn't stop. The tears rolled down my face.
This speech in Arizona was the game-changer.
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