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Why Does NFL Order Cowboys not to Honor Slain Policemen but Allows Kaepernick to Disrespect America?

The NFL allows Kaepernick to disrespect America and say we should not “show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.” The NFL said the media support Kaepernick and his position. The same NFL denied the Cowboys the right to honor fallen policemen.
The idea was conceived by veteran tight end Jason Witten.
The "Arm in Arm" design honored the fallen officers.
Dspite that strong support from one of the league's most powerful franchises, the NFL has struck down the request for the team to wear the decal during the regular season or its four preseason games. The Dallas organization petitioned to use the decal, but it was denied.
"Everyone has to be uniform with the league and the other 31 teams," Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones told the Dallas Morning News. "We respect their decision."
What is up with Goodell and the NFL?

Comey's Corrupt and Shameful Conduct Revealed

American Thinker ^ | August 29, 2016 | Jonathan F. Keiler 

James Comey's rationale for not referring Hillary Clinton's email crimes to the Justice Department rested almost entirely on a single, quite thin, legal and ethical plank, which was that she did not act intentionally when she sent and received classified emails over her home-brew server. Though his argument for deferring prosecution was mostly specious, it did contain at least a shred of credibility in that as Comey described the situation to the American public and Congress, Hillary had no motive to intentionally put American national security at risk. However, the recent evidentiary revelation (many would say confirmation) that Hillary established the server with the deliberate intent of shielding her illicit influence-peddling for her family "Foundation" while secretary of state shows that the issue of her motivation could not be seen by any "reasonable" prosecutor as exculpatory. Comey's refusal to recommend prosecution, while knowing these facts at the time, proves he was not reasonable, and also that he is incompetent and culpable for not doing so.
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My Money Is on a Trump Victory

The National Review ^ | August 29, 2016 | Heather R. Higgins 

Trump’s voters (and many are staying mum) are well aware of his flaws and might carry him to victory anyway.
For what it is worth: Nothing is ever certain, and much could go wrong, but my money remains on a Trump victory. Why?
1) It feels a whole lot like Reagan in ’80 and Newt in ’94.
Reagan was disliked by the establishment (who liked Baker or Bush), viewed with suspicion by professional conservatives (they liked Phil Crane, not a divorced, former Democrat, big-spending governor), and regarded with condescension by the media and the Left (who saw him as stupid and as a dangerous cowboy). Those camps could not fathom the breadth and depth of his popular momentum. Ditto the GOP’s taking the House in ’94 — I was on CNN five weeks prior to that election and produced outright guffaws and rolled eyes from everyone when I said that the GOP would win not only the Senate but also the House.
The signs were all there, but because the idea seemed so preposterous, many analysts couldn’t see them. More recently, Matt Bevin was left for dead by most of the smart money in his race for Kentucky governor, and Brexit was “sure” not to pass. Trump is an extension of that zeitgeist for many — a long-awaited reclaiming of control of their lives, their country, their self-identity.
2) Who are you going to believe, polls or your lying eyes? I started asking people in the spring whom they were voting for. A surprisingly large percentage of not-supposed-to-be-a-Trump-supporter types turned out to be exactly that. That includes rich and highly educated people, women, blacks, Hispanics, and Muslims. A bunch of anecdotes, but interesting. Everyone keeps saying this election is about Trump. But I have come to believe it really is about his supporters, who to a person are deeply versed in all his flaws and faults and support him regardless. For them, this is about one or more of the following: deep antipathy for Hillary and all she represents and would do; disappointment with a broken system they feel has ignored them and in some cases harmed them for years; a desire to reclaim the country and their own lives and personhood. They genuinely love and worry about their country, and they want to feel proud again to be an American.
3) If what got incinerated was a phoenix, don’t bet against it rising. If you’ve seen someone succeed at something five or six or nine times, how smart is it to bet they won’t do it the tenth time? How many times was seemingly everyone sure that Trump was finished — only to see him come back stronger than before? Many of us missed, time and again, the meta messages Trump was sending that galvanize his support, and many miss it still.
4) Enter the stages of grief. For two-thirds of GOP voters, Trump wasn’t just another candidate — he was the one potentially viable candidate they feared. So with Trump triumphant, enter the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and, finally, acceptance – each person cycling through at his or her own pace. You can tell that many are at the nadir of depression by the way those who are the most depressed about Trump interpret him. Having a predisposition, as understandable as it might be, can hinder our understanding of what is happening. If someone starts with the assumption that Trump is ignorant, stupid, or dangerous, it rules out considering the possibility that comments such as “founders of ISIS” could simply be brilliant hyperbole. In contrast, allowing the idea that Trump is actually as smart as his overall track record, even discounted, indicates, permits the perspective that his repeated “gaffes” are a purposeful and calculated strategy to garner millions of dollars in free media, wherein his larger point gets made for him, over and over. That’s no mean feat in a media environment stacked in favor of the Left and Democrats and against conservatives and any GOP nominee.
5) It’s still summer. I have found that many folks who are normally GOP voters but who are unhappy about Trump largely fall into two camps. The first are those who object because Trump isn’t solidly, reliably conservative on their priority issues. The second are those who, at bottom, find Trump personally objectionable, as does almost everyone they know, so they feel that the prospect of supporting him would violate the way they see themselves and wish to have others think of them. These are real concerns that even many Trump supporters say they have worked through. But if people are hitting despair in August, that means they have September and October to move to acceptance. Why would they? Because Hillary’s presidency and all it implies will become so much more real.
Given the choice between someone who will get pretty much every policy decision wrong and someone who might get some of them right, more and more people who now can’t see voting for Trump will decide that on the “lesser of two evils” spectrum, they will be a Trump voter, even if they are not a Trump supporter. One cannot discount the barrage of negative ads that will come against Trump. And who knows what new revelations will shift the ground yet again? But particularly with more and more Clinton pay-to-play revelations, if by early October the social opprobrium shifts from “how could I possibly support him?” to “how could I possibly enable her?” then Republicans will win the presidency.

Teen dies 'after girlfriend's hickey formed blood clot that travelled to brain! (OUCH)

UK Mirror ^ | August 28, 2016 

A teen has reportedly died after getting a love bite from his girlfriend that caused him to have a stroke .
Julio Macias Gonzalez started having convulsions at the dinner table with his family in Mexico City after spending an evening with his girlfriend.
Paramedics were dispatched to the scene but the 17-year-old could not be saved.
It is thought that the suction of the love bite – also known as a ‘hickey’ – caused a blood clot that travelled to Julio’s brain and caused him to have a stroke.
His 24-year-old girlfriend has now disappeared and the boy’s parents are apparently now blaming her for his death.
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Democrats vote for Trump!

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There Is No Fix For Obamacare!

The Weekly Standard ^ | From the 6 Sep, 2016 issue | There Is No Fix 

With Aetna’s announcement that it is pulling out of most government-run exchanges, Obamacare's death spiral has begun to accelerate. Few but the sickest or most heavily subsidized people want anything to do with the (inaptly named) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's high-priced, high-deductible, narrow-network plans. Insurers are responding to sicker risk pools and bigger losses by raising rates, which makes the plans even less attractive to the young and healthy—which makes the risk pools sicker, which makes the rates rise further. And the spiral continues, like water circling the drain.
No less of an Obamacare cheerleader than the New York Times's Paul Krugman admits this is "genuine bad news" that shows "some real problems are cropping up." Supporter Charles Gaba calculates that the average requested premium hike in 2017 for Obamacare plans is 24 percent. McKinsey & Company, in an analysis done for the New York Times, found that about 1 in 50 Americans didn't have a choice of insurers under Obamacare last year and thereby faced a private monopoly; next year, McKinsey says, it will be 1 in 6. Pinal County, Arizona, is poised to have no Obama-care plan at all.

NBC Deletes Report Proving Trump’s Gun Violence Claims (EXCLUSIVE)

 Regated ^ | 8/28/2016 | M D Anderson 

During the live broadcast of the NBC Nightly News, the network aired a report from Morgan Radford that detailed the shooting death of Nykea Aldridge, first cousin of NBA superstar Dwyane Wade, in Chicago. Radford’s report painted a grim picture of the gun violence epidemic in the windy city.
Aldridge was shot in the head while walking her baby in a stroller after registering her children at school. Radford described the event as one that “is all too common,” adding another child to the “hundreds of children, who [have] become casualties of Chicago’s violence.” Radford also explained that nearly half of the 449 shooting victims this year in Chicago have been children, many of them “struck while doing everyday kid stuff like riding with dad on father’s day, or even drawing on the sidewalk, or holding their mother’s hand.”
Georgetown Sociology Professor Michael Eric Dyson appeared in the report explaining the reality and extent of gun violence in the Black community:
It’s a stunning, astonishing, tragic number. The fact is, this is genocide before our very eyes, and we are turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to that.
Rosemary Scheckles, an eyewitness to the shooting, also appeared on camera, and said, “It’s like it’s no end to it. It just keeps going on and on and on and on.”
This eye opening report that appeared during the live broadcast of the NBC Nightly News, somehow did not make it to the online broadcast uploaded later on NBC News’ website. Indeed, on NBC News’ website, the video titled “Nightly News Full Broadcast (August 27th)” is, in fact, not the “full broadcast.”
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Caught: DNC Packs Empty Seats with HIRED ACTORS? (youtube title/video) ^ | Jul 30, 2016 | HighImpactFlix 

Video about the possible use of seat-fillers at the 2016 Democrat Convention in Philadelphia. Normal seeming people, including a DNC delegate, talk on camera making the case that huge numbers of delegates left the convention. Empty seats were filled with paid actors. One delegate asserts that people present in the convention hall are portrayed as Bernie delegates but are again, paid actors. He notes he does not recognize these "new" people and doesn't believe they are delegates. Another man notes that the hall was extremely empty until paid actors showed up en masse and films the empty seats on his phone. Also featured is a craiglist advertisement said to be posted July 26 (during the contention) offering to hire 700 actors to fill seats - the phrasing is "...currently have a number of seats that will need to be filled as we are currently removing a number of people and will need to refill their seats..." The paid rate is $50 per night and actors are required to cheer at all times. THe link to that advertisement is :
Has there ever been this level of media support for "Potemkin" convention attendees? I am shocked that I didn't know how extreme the false portrayal was because the highly paid traitors (MSM) has been hard at work. Real media would expose this but ours is so thoroughly "in on it" so I can't see how they would ever stand by and "let" the American voters decide who wins in November. Surely the mainstream media will commit (more) crimes to ensure that their choice achieves the position of POTUS.

49ers Colin Kaepernick: 'I'll continue to sit'...don't support this team or this coward!

ESPN ^ | August 28, 2016 | Nick Wagoner 

SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick sat during the national anthem in each of the team's three preseason games and plans to continue to do so until he sees real change when it comes to racial oppression in the United States.

"Yes, I'll continue to sit," Kaepernick said. "I'm going to continue to stand with the people that are being oppressed. To me this is something that has to change. When there's significant change and I feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent, this country is representing people the way that it's supposed to, I'll stand."

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Voter turnout: Election may be in hands of few!

The Shanee News Star ^ | Aug. 28, 2016 | Vicky O. Misa 

There's an old adage that says, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink.”
As presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump spend the tail-end of their campaigns securing votes on the big day, their biggest battle may not be getting voters to stand on their side –– as much as getting voters to literally mark that ballot.
One of the most obvious determining factors to the election's outcome is whether voters bother going to the polls at all –– leaving the fate of the country in the hands of the few who do.
The Nov. 8 election could be easily marked as the most divided among Americans to date –– stirring some passionate views across the nation.
The good news –– if Americans choose to see it that way –– is that this cycle's candidates appear to be notably loved and/or hated to a large degree. The fact that the nation seems so riled up in the daily headlines could be enough to push people to action –– meaning a good turnout at the polls.
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A Brain-damaged US President with Finger on the Nuclear Button?

New Eastern Outlook, ^ | August 24, 2016 | F. William Engdahl 

Hillary Rodham Clinton seems to surround herself with more scandals than you can shake a stick at, as we said when I was growing up in Texas. We had the Mena, Arkansas scandals when her husband, Bubba, otherwise known as William Jefferson Clinton, was Attorney General and then Governor. Ambrose Evans Pritchard, the British Telegraph investigative journalist did a masterful documentation of that in his The Secret Life of Bill Clinton, when Bill was President facing impeachment in the 1990's. Then there are the Clinton Foundation scandals documented in the 2015 Peter Schweitzer book, Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign Governments and Businesses Helped Make Bill and Hillary Rich, detailing how Hillary abused her office as Secretary of State to steer huge Saudi and other "donations" to the Clinton Foundation on whose board she sat as soon as leaving office as Secretary of State. There are of course the national security e-mail server scandals which a corrupted Attorney General and a corrupt FBI director swept under the rug. This latest scandal puts all others in the background. It's her refusal to release all medical records detailing her medications and true state of health following a brain concussion in 2012. The Democratic candidate is likely medically suffering from irreversible dementia.
On August 8, a New Jersey radio host and blogger released what he claimed were leaked copies of Hillary Clinton's 2014 medical records from her doctor, Lisa Bardack M.D. of the Mt. Kisco Medical Group in upstate New York. According to the documents, Dr. Bardack wrote that Clinton had "early-onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia" following a serious brain concussion she suffered from a fall when she was Secretary of State, on December 7, 2012. After that fall, she spent six months in constant hospital care according to Bill Clinton, who told ABC News in 2014 that her injury "required six months of very serious work to get over." On February 1, 2013 Secretary of State and future Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, abruptly resigned as Secretary of State with no link to her health mentioned.
ABCNews in May, 2014 cited the following quote from her doctors, one of whom was Dr. Lisa Bardack: "In the course of a routine follow-up MRI on Sunday, the scan revealed...a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage. To help dissolve this clot, her medical team began treating the Secretary with blood thinners..." -Dr. Lisa Bardack, Mt. Kisco Medical Group, and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi, George Washington University.
According to the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, Subcortical Vascular Dementia "is a progressive disease; there is no cure." Symptoms include forgetfulness, changes in speech, an unsteady gait, clumsiness or frequent falls, changes in personality or mood. Candidate Clinton has been filmed by the media in recent weeks frequently stumbling and falling for no apparent reason. She often appears on the podium with a man whose function appears to be there in case she loses balance. The copy of Dr. Bardack's 5 February 2014 follow-up examination, if genuine, states that Mrs. Clinton reported to her that the "blacking out, uncontrollable twitching and memory loss have become worse...The patient scored significantly lower on today's test than when tested in 2013...The patient is also showing signs of having more frequent complex seizures."
The Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health, an internationally renowned center for research on Altzheimers and other brain illnesses, defines "Subcortical Vascular Dementia" as follows: Subcortical vascular dementia, also called Binswanger's disease, is caused by widespread, microscopic areas of damage to the brain resulting from the thickening and narrowing (atherosclerosis) of arteries that supply blood to the subcortical areas of the brain.
Now on August 17, the Clinton campaign headquarters released a statement purporting to be from Dr. Bardack and provided to In the statement Dr Bardack is quoted stating that the leaked health documents were not authentic, declaring they were "false, were not written by me and are not based on any medical facts."
Given the highest issues of the true health situation of a candidate quite possibly becoming the next US President, however, it is not satisfactory that the statement is released by Clinton's campaign to and is not made directly by Dr. Bardack herself to lay rumors to rest. She herself refuses to reply to press queries. So the quoted denial is not at all sufficient, given the very high stakes for the nation and world. Whatever the truth of the alleged leaked medical report of Dr. Bardack, it is a matter of undeniable record that Clinton has repeatedly been filmed during the campaign stumbling and falling. Poor balance is typically associated with strokes or head injuries. Did she suffer a stroke in December, 2012 that caused her to fall and suffer a concussion, or did the brain concussion cause the stroke? Are her frequent severe coughing attacks a result of anti-seizure medication? If so, which?
Relevant also is a report run in the online site, Infowars, by Paul Joseph Watson, reporting on information provided to his associate at the recent Republican National Convention in Cleveland by a Secret Service "whistleblower," who reportedly stated, based on direct observation of other Secret Service agents detailed to the Clinton campaign that:
"- Hillary has a very serious neurological degeneration which could be Parkinson's disease;
- Around half a million dollars has been spent to specially adapt three SUVs in which Hillary travels to provide lowered floors and disabled access to prevent Hillary from tripping.
- Hillary's staff is so intent on keeping reporters away from Clinton because she is at risk of petit mal seizures that can be triggered by camera flashes;
- Hillary has major problems with balance, difficulties with walking and keeps falling down;
- Hillary's campaign will be forced into making a big announcement soon regarding her medical condition."
That was reported at the Infowars website on 15 August. Two days later, not Dr. Bardack but the Clinton Campaign via releases a purported denial of the authenticity of the leaked health documents. Was this the major announcement expected? If so, it appears a poor job.
What then do the true records of Dr Bardack reveal? What do the medical records of Hillary Rodham Clinton when she underwent the six months of very intensive treatment reportedly in New York City's Columbia University Medical Center reveal about her condition? What, if any, medication is she on today? Is she on blood-thinners? If so, which and what doses so that competent medical experts can comment on the risks. Anti-depressant drugs? Aspirin?
A candidate for public office, especially the highest office in the nation is no longer an ordinary private person. They have a responsibility to be open about their true medical condition. So far, Hillary Clinton has refused. Not only is it irresponsible, it is alarming, truly scary. The mainstream liberal USA media is not touching the issues in any serious way. We have a right to access to a complete and unbiased analysis of her health and medical treatment. She is a candidate for US President, the one with the finger on the nuclear button. She is not running for City Council of Mt. Kisco or president of the local Parent-Teachers' Association. If her own husband states to the media in 2014 that she had "a terrible concussion that required six months of very serious work to get over," this is no minor event.
F. William Engdahl is strategic risk consultant and lecturer, he holds a degree in politics from Princeton University and is a best-selling author on oil and geopolitics, exclusively for the online magazine "New Eastern Outlook"

Breitbart/Gravis Poll Shows Majority Thinks CNN Does Not Provide Objective Reporting

Breitbart ^ | August 28,2016 | y NEIL W. MCCABE 

Half of America has lost faith in the ability of CNN to provide objective news and analysis, according to the latest national poll from Breitbart News Network and Gravis Marketing.
A whopping 50 percent answered “no” when asked if they “trust CNN to give you objective news and analysis.” Only 32 percent, less than a third of Americans, replied “yes,” while 19 percent said they were “unsure” if CNN gives objective news and analysis.
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Men Are Judged By Their Airplanes-Trump Earned His, Obama Never Earned His Or Anything Else He Uses!

Self | August 28, 2016 | Stayfree 

Donald Trump is a successful businessman who can afford a 757. Obama is a street thug who never earned an honest dime in his whole life, but flies in Air Force One because millions of air-headed youth voted him President.
Obama is a parasite who as a community organizer (whatever that is)who did nothing other than burden our system with more government handouts to blacks in Chicago so they didn't have to work. George Soros selected him to help Soros destroy our country as we have loved it for over 250 years.

EPA spills again in Colorado!

.washington examiner ^ | 8/26/16 | John Siciliano 

The Environmental Protection is admitting to a spill from a treatment plant it set up after it dumped 3 million gallons of toxic wastewater into a Colorado river last year.
The EPA said Thursday night that the spill happened on Tuesday, and officials are still attempting to determine how much and what metals were contained in the sludgy discharge,
The Navajo Nation sued the agency over the spill last week after the EPA inspector general and the Justice Department opened a criminal investigation into the incident a few days before the Aug. 5 anniversary of the 2015 spill. The Navajo argue in their lawsuit that the spill significantly harmed the tribe's primary source of revenue from crops and other agricultural products.
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This is Why Republicans Need to Stop Hating on Trump ^ | August 23, 2016 | By Raynard Jackson (NNPA News Wire Columnist) 

Any member of an organization that truly cares about the group will not hesitate to hold the leadership accountable for the group’s actions, if they deem them to be inconsistent with the mission of the group. This is because they want to see the group succeed in fulfilling its mission.
Many in the Republican Party have criticized Trump’s campaign, not because they want Trump to win, but because “they” don’t want to lose.
They don’t want to lose their “power.” They want to be re-elected to their various congressional and gubernatorial offices strictly for the sake of having power, not because they want to pursue a specific agenda.
We, the voters, have put Republicans in office, but it seems as though before their hand is removed from the Bible, they are giving President Obama everything he wants including funding for Syrian refugees, Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), amnesty for illegals, entitlements for homosexuals, increased budget deficits, etc.
So when people like me criticize our party we are told that we are “not being good Republicans.” I have no idea what that means.
If we didn’t give a damn about our party, then we would most assuredly remain silent out of a sheer sense of apathy. But, like a concerned parent, because we do care we are compelled to speak out when we see our party losing its way.
So I find it kind of frustrating when Republicans constantly criticize the candidacy of Donald Trump. The people who are most vocal in their opposition to Trump have never used this same type of energy to criticize Hillary Clinton or Barak Obama.
To have so many Republicans actively embrace Hillary Clinton is mind-blowing. Those who have accused me of being too critical of the party all of a sudden have laryngitis when it comes to those who have endorsed Clinton.
I challenge my readers to compare me with those who have endorsed Clinton and been held up as moral heroes of the party.
All of us have impeccable party credentials. We all have proven track records of being “good Republicans.” I will allow you, the reader, to figure out the only difference between them and me. This should be rather obvious and not too hard to figure out.
So, I challenge Trump, and especially his transition team, to put a simple litmus test on anyone who wants to serve on the transition committee and a future Trump administration.
Every person who wants to be on the Trump transition team should be required to publically endorse and support the Trump campaign. If they are not willing to do so, they should be barred from serving in any capacity.
The liberal media is practically throwing money at anyone who is Republican and will to talk badly about Trump. All of a sudden Black Republicans are in great demand on CNN and MSNBC, but only for those who will savagely criticize Trump and all things Republican.
The ironic thing about all these Black Republicans, who have suddenly been filled with righteous indignation over Trump, is that they have not lifted their voice one iota about the lack of Black staffers in congressional offices and throughout the Republican Party.
These Black Republicans who are bashing Trump rarely help Black college students get an internship on Capitol Hill. They have little to no relationship with the Black community. In other words, they had laryngitis during the past decades of the party simply ignoring Blacks; but Trump, who has utilized more Blacks in key positions than the sum of the sixteen candidates he beat during the primary, they want to get rid of.
One criticism I will lay on Trump is that he has hired more Black Democrats than Black Republicans and that I have a major problem with. But, again, where are these Black Republican puppets on CNN and MSNBC on issues like this?
They are getting their thirty pieces of silver and are neither concerned with the greater good of the party nor our community.
Very few of these Black Republicans even acknowledged the RNC’s move to hire Shannon Reeves as a consultant.
In the words of “Pookie an’ dem,” Shannon is a real OG (original gangsta). For the uninitiated, he is an experienced pro who knows what the hell he is doing and has street cred. Most of these jokers on TV have no idea who he is.
Reeves was the former National Director of State and Local Development for the Republican National Committee (RNC). He is a lifelong member of the Church of God In Christ (COGIC). He is the only person ever to serve simultaneously as an elected NAACP President and an elected officer of the California Republican Party.
Reeves is one of the smartest political operators in the country, bar none. He will be creating a national database of Blacks that will be used for future elections. Reeves is the gold standard by which all future hires must measure up to.
Raynard Jackson is founder and chairman of Black Americans for a Better Future (BAFBF), a federally registered 527 Super PAC established to get more Blacks involved in the Republican Party. BAFBF focuses on the Black entrepreneur. For more information about BAFBF, visit You can follow Raynard on Twitter @Raynard1223.
PHOTO CAPTION: Raynard Jackson says that the ironic thing about all these Black Republicans, who have suddenly been filled with righteous indignation over Trump, is that they have not lifted their voice one iota about the lack of Black staffers in congressional offices and throughout the Republican Party.
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Crowd at Trump Rally in Akron, Ohio is a Sea of Women, Minorities, Independents And Former Democrats

Gateway Pundit ^ | August 28, 2016 | Aleister 

This video is from just six days ago at a Trump rally in Akron, Ohio. A reporter from InfoWars wanders the crowd and asks people what their party affiliation is. She finds tons of former Democrats and many independents.
The other thing that’s remarkable about this video is the diversity of the crowd. Black people, whites, Hispanics, men, women, young and old are represented.
Isn’t it amazing how CNN and other “news” networks are unable to see this kind of diversity at Trump events?...

Democrat Senate Candidate Lies About Refugees

Polizette ^ | August 28, 2016 | Kathryn Blackhurst 

Says they’re all orphans and widows because the men are 'all dead'
Democratic Rep. Tammy Duckworth from Illinois blatantly misled attendees at a forum this week when she claimed that the United States does not accept military-aged male Syrian refugees into the country.
Duckworth, who is running against incumbent Republican Sen. Mark Kirk for his Senate seat, said Wednesday at a roundtable event with the Illinois Farm Bureau that the U.S. predominantly accepts Syrian women and children who are widows and orphans. Duckworth went on to imply there are “no men of military age” brought into the United States under the program, in remarks first reported by the Washington Examiner.
“To come to the U.S., the UN High Commission for Refugees actually selects largely families with no men of military age, and there are no men of military age in these families because the men are dead,” Duckworth said. “They’re widows and orphans. And the men of military age, according to the briefings I received, who are part of the refugees who are even selected to begin the process of coming to the U.S., are those men that are torture victims and people fleeing ISIS because they’ve been targeted, people who are, you know, who have been translators for the U.S. military, for example.”
Is that so, Duckworth?
Recent data from the Department of State shows that the U.S. has accepted more male Syrian refugees than women Syrian refugees thus far in 2016. In fact, the U.S. has accepted 4,646 male Syrians compared with the 4,333 female Syrians. Furthermore, of those males accepted into the country within the last eight months, 363 of them were between the ages of 21 and 30 and 738 of them were between 31 and 40 years old.
When Duckworth was questioned over her remarks, a spokesperson for her Senate campaign referred questions back to a November 2015 background briefing issued from the State Department claiming that the U.S. would prioritize “vulnerable” refugees when making selections.
“[A]s we set a priority of bringing the most vulnerable people, we’re going to have female-headed households with a lot of children, and we’re going to have extended families that are maybe missing the person who used to be the top breadwinner but have several generations – grandparents, a widowed mother, and children,” the briefing from the State Department read, showing an apparent discrepancy between the stated refugee policy and the actual statistics.
Duckworth’s comments on Wednesday highlighted this troubling discrepancy between political rhetoric and the actual data as the U.S. seeks to meet Obama’s goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. this year. As of the middle of August, the Obama Administration is approximately 86 percent towards completing its goal, according to a report from the Pew Research Center. Of the 8,569 Syrian refugees the U.S. has received thus far, roughly 99 percent of them are Muslims and less than 1 percent of them are Christians. In addition, as of July, the states of Michigan, California and Illinois had received the most number of Syrian refugees, according to the Wall Street Journal.
But this was not enough for Duckworth, who has also come under fire for calling for the admittance of even greater numbers of Syrian refugees – apparently 100,000 from Syria and 200,000 refugees overall, to be exact.
"I actually signed on to take more than what the president proposed. I signed on for two hundred thousand refugees," Duckworth said during a news conference in November – a position which Kirk’s campaign has highlighted and condemned.
As Duckworth and Kirk continue to duke it out in their battle for Kirk’s endangered Senate seat, the Syrian refugee question promises to continue as a headache for Duckworth as the country’s fears of increasing terror threats head towards the voting booth.

Transgenderism: The Ultimate Triumph Of Ideology Over Reality ^ | 08/28/2016 | Don Feder 

The 2009 film "The Invention of Lying" is set in a world where everyone tells the absolute truth. One day, the protagonist accidentally discovers that you can tell people something that's palpably false and, no matter how outrageous or absurd, they'll believe you, because they can't comprehend the idea of lying.
To test his new insight, he has a conversation with a couple of his buddies in a bar, with hilarious results. Protagonist (who's clearly Caucasian): "I'm black." First friend: "Great, I always wanted a black friend." Protagonist: "I'm an Eskimo." Second friend: "I didn't know they had those, black Eskimos." Protagonist; "I invented the bicycle." First friend: "If I buy one, can I get a discount?"
This is the essence of transgenderism: I am whatever I say I am and you must accept my assertion and behave accordingly, otherwise you are a bigot who is oppressing me.
Last week, a U.S. district court judge in Texas ruled that the Obama administration lacks the authority to order school districts to allow students to use the bathrooms and changing rooms that conform to their "gender identity."
The judge said the word "sex" in Title IX (which prohibits discrimination in education based on sex) refers to what's on your birth certificate, not what's in your mind.
On Friday, a district court judge in North Carolina reached the opposite conclusion – ruling that, a state law notwithstanding, students and employees at the University of North Carolina can't be stopped from restroom shopping.
Transgenderism is the ultimate triumph of ideology over reality – but only until something even loonier comes along. The creation of the transgendered, and demand for special rights for same, satisfies the ceaseless quest for new sexual minorities and furthers the goal of making ethical norms obsolete.
A report, also released last week, by two eminent social scientists (one a professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Johns Hopkins University), posted at The New Atlantis, found, "The hypothesis that gender identity is an innate, fixed property of human beings that is independent of biological sex – that a person might be 'a man trapped in a woman's body'... is not supported by scientific evidence." It also found that "only 0.6% of U.S. adults identify as a gender that does not correspond to their biological sex."
The left believes reality is flexible – that it can be twisted and bent into any shape (made to conform to the dictates of ideology) – and that, in the name of equality or compassion, others can be compelled to affirm it.
Reality tells us that a person is born a man or a woman and will remain so till their dying day, even if they have themselves surgically altered.
Gender ideology tells us that we can develop a "gender identity" different from the one we were "assigned at birth."
Reality tells us that women and girls have a right to privacy, especially in situations where they feel particularly vulnerable, like a restroom, locker room or showers.
Gender ideology tells us that the so-called right of an individual to use the restroom etc., that conforms to his or her "gender identity," takes precedence over modesty and safety.
Reality tells us that when a human sperm fertilizes a human egg, the result is a human being.
Choicers tell us that this new life is human only if the mother wishes it to be so. For many, this is true up to the moment of birth. Thus, the nature of the unborn child is based on whim – I want it to be human, so it is. I want it not to be human, so it isn't.
Reality tells us that there are demonstrable differences (psychological as well as physical) between the sexes – differences that are biologically determined.
Feminism tells us that what is scientifically verifiable can be ignored, because it offends the notion of "gender equality," and that to acknowledge, for instance, that the average woman is weaker and less coordinated than the average man – or that males lack the nurturing instinct of females – is chauvinistic and oppressive.
Reality tells us that children need mothers and fathers, that each plays a vital role. Study after study validates this, demonstrating that children do better physically, emotionally and intellectually in a two-parent home, especially when the children are with their biological parents.
Gender ideology tells us that men are unnecessary, and that one parent (almost always a woman) is just as good as two – also that same-sex couples can raise children with no ill effects.
The left's denial of reality (or insistence that individuals can create their own private reality) isn't limited to sex.
Reality tells us that if the overwhelming majority of terrorist acts are committed by adherents of one religion – and these crimes are in accord with the teachings of their faith – it's reasonable to conclude that there's something wrong with the creed and we would do well to keep our distance from it.
The left calls this Islamophobia and says we must never generalize about any religion, even in the face of overwhelming evidence, unless that religion is Christianity and the generalization is negative.
Since leftists are totalitarians at heart, they have no problem with forcing others to affirm their ideology in the name of fairness, even when it violates their conscience. Christians are compelled to participate in same-sex ceremonies (by furnishing cakes, photography or floral arrangements), literally forced to deny the tenets of their faith, and nobody blinks an eye.
The left is terribly tolerant of men who decide, deep down inside, that they're women – and are willing to reorder the universe to support this delusion – but equally intolerant those who refuse to go along with the fraud.
The classic statement of do-it-yourself reality was a phrase in Justice Anthony Kennedy's majority opinion in Planned Parenthood v. Casey (1992), where Kennedy explained, "At the heart of liberty is the right to define one's own concept of reality, of the meaning of the universe and of the mystery of human life." This lyrical nonsense was derided by Antonin Scalia as Kennedy's "sweet mystery of life" passage.
To "define one's own concept of reality"? Really? I thought reality was defined objectively. To define reality for yourself is a type of schizophrenia.
I can't wait to see where this will take us – trans-racialism? You were born a Caucasian. But deep down inside, you've always identified as an African-American. Should blacks who were born that way be forced to affirm your chosen identity?
Hillary Clinton is the queen of DIY reality. To wit: Donations totaling $156 million to the Clinton Foundation had nothing to do with 85 meetings Hillary had with donors as Secretary of State. The allegations that her husband was a sexual predator who lied under oath were part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy." Because he didn't move fast enough to disavow David Duke, Trump abets white racism.
Clinton is often portrayed as Pinocchio in a pantsuit. But it's just possible she actually believes her fantasies, based on the ideology she first embraced at Wellesley College in the 1960s.
If the former first lady said she was a black Eskimo who invented the bicycle, in her parallel dimension, it would be true.

Grand Juries and Free Government

Article V Blog ^ | August 29th 2016 | Rodney Dodsworth 

Like you, I listened slack-jawed as James Comey argued that somehow there is an unbridgeable legal divide between Hillary’s extreme recklessness and indictable gross negligence. Bravo Sierra meters pegged nationwide. Once again, a Clinton dodged earned and deserved punishment. Not only will no federal prosecutor indict Hillary, no grand jury will get to see and judge the evidence either. While good for Hillary, what of the effect on the nation?
The first clause to the Fifth Amendment of our Constitution provides that “No person shall be held to answer for a capital or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury . . . “ There are few more important protections in our republic, not only for individuals, but for the republic itself.
The essential nature of grand juries was known long before ratification of the Bill of Rights in 1791. From study of Livy’s histories of Rome, Niccolo’ Machiavelli wrote, “Those who are set up in a city as the guardians of its liberty cannot receive a more useful and necessary authority than the power to indict citizens before the people or some magistrate or council when they commit any kind of offense against free government.” Other ancestral grand juries are known in Saxon England, Magna Charta in 1215, and further adjustments that evolved into its near-present form during the 14th century.
For the Individual. If a citizen is going to be charged with a capital or infamous crime, it will be done by fellow citizens and not by kings or presidents and their lawyers for the purpose of eliminating political opposition. Unlike the smaller petit jury of twelve or so citizens who listen to both sides and determine guilt, the usual grand jury is about twice the size of petit juries and typically determines if there is enough probable cause to indict the individual and send the matter to a petit jury.
Grand juries can also serve as societal pressure relief valves that prevent lynch mobs from imposing immediate street justice. Imagine a society in which individuals do not know from one moment to the next if they will be accused and summarily punished. No society can long suffer street justice, because it generates fear, and fear seeks protection, which demands partisan divisions and factions constantly at each other’s throats.
For the Republic. Grand juries are of enormous security in a republic, when high political appointees and elected officials know that a body of citizens outside of their influence stands ready to call out their malfeasance. Fear of being subject to sanction and imprisonment is an essential safeguard to free government. Since republics are empires of laws, when the law is observed and all are equally accountable to it, free government will continue. Otherwise it will always come to ruin, because if a citizen who has rendered some distinguished services goes unindicted for crimes, he will become so insolent that greater crimes are inevitable.

Non-referral of FBI evidence on Hillary to a grand jury will be seen by future generations as another blown opportunity to stop the rot of our republic. Not only Hillary, but her underlings, those who assisted her in acquisition of materials that, in the wrong hands, threaten the security of the United States, are also above the law. In America 2016, the president, his secretaries, heads of agencies, and their immediate assistants have an immunity that, left unchecked, is certain to work enormous additional damage to free government.
Renewal or dissolution awaits the American Union. Let’s make it the former.
We are the many; our oppressors are the few. Be proactive. Be a Re-Founder. Join Convention of States.
Sign the COS Petition.

Hillary's Long,Cozy Love Affair With Racists ^ | August 29,2016 | John Perazzo 

There is something otherworldly about Hillary Clinton accusing her Republican rival of running a presidential campaign steeped in “racial resentment,” “divisive rhetoric,” and “racist comments.” Otherworldly, because these are precisely the elements that have been Hillary's stock-in-trade since the dawn of her political career. During her first presidential campaign eight years ago, Mrs. Clinton spoke at an event held by Al Sharpton's National Action Network, where she crowed about the “long and positive relationship” she had enjoyed with Sharpton and his organization.
(Excerpt) Read more at ...

In Case You Missed It...

Donald Trump proposed screening immigrants by a process he called Extreme Vetting to root out subversive people. Thank goodness it's just for immigrants. I mean to be a good American citizen, but my FBI file reveals that early in life I was radicalized by Robert E. Lee and Richard Pryor. 

Donald Trump began surging in the polls last week, resulting in media concern. The voters are tense. A new poll on Friday said three out of five Texans favor secession from the United States if Hillary gets elected president while the other two favor secession no matter who gets elected president. 

President Obama was criticized for golfing at Martha's Vineyard Thursday while foreign and domestic crises raged. However a president is always on the job. It's rumored that Obama just sent four hundred million dollars in cash in a cargo plane to Brazil to get the U.S. swimmers out of Rio. 

Olympian swimmer Ryan Lochte lied that he and three U.S. swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in a Rio gas station. They trashed a bathroom, paid a security guard for the damages, then lied to cover up the vandalism. Hillary Clinton gave the lie a six, which isn't even good enough for a Bronze. 

Rio cops moved to indict Ryan Lochte and a fellow U.S. men's swimmer for filing a false police report. It'll pass. Critics say they embarrassed the United States, but if embarrassing the United States were a federal crime, Joe Biden would be serving life in prison under the Three Strikes Law. 

Hillary Clinton vowed to be president for all the people who voted for her and against her last week. She thinks of everything. Hillary was the first First Lady ever to have an office in the East Wing while Bill Clinton's office in the East Wing will be the first one with a surveillance camera in it. 

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte tweeted a half-apology for trashing a Rio gas station with three other swimmers. He paid the security guard for the damages and made up a story about it to the cops. Ryan Lochte now claims that Colin Powell suggested he lie about being robbed at gunpoint. 

The Nixon Library in Yorba Linda disclosed plans to show an exhibit displaying the mistakes made by Richard Nixon while he was in the White House. All U.S. presidents are reflections of their times. President Nixon put a man on the moon and President Obama put a man in the women's room. 

U.S. Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte was dropped by four sponsors Monday after he drunkenly trashed a Rio gas station at six in the morning then tried to pass it off as an armed robbery. It brought our nation together. Everybody agrees that Ryan Lochte is such an idiot he should be running for president. 

The New York Post said Monday Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin edited a radical Muslim journal that opposes women's rights. Huma has enough problems with her husband's misbehavior. The other day Anthony Weiner walked into a Kinko's for the first time and asked to see their sex toys. 

Melania Trump sued the Daily Mail for saying she worked as a New York call girl while in the U.S. with an expired visa in the Nineties. This is a serious matter. It could derail Trump's campaign if he was found to have married an illegal call girl who took the job away from an American call girl. 

President Obama flew down to New Orleans Tuesday, then traveled up to Louisiana's stricken flooding zone where he consoled flood victims, called for donations and praised rescue workers. The president looked as tired as everybody he met. For the past year he's been working a ninety-hole week. 

Hillary Clinton was found Tuesday to have scheduled half of her Secretary of State telephone meetings with Clinton Foundation donors. It looks like access-buying. Hillary is so afraid the media will blow this up into a huge story that she just asked Ryan Lochte to make up another robbery. 

Donald Trump launched his minority outreach Wednesday by addressing a crowd in Jackson, Mississippi, a city that's eighty percent black. He began his speech by asking blacks and Hispanics to trust him as president. It's always a smart idea to open with a good joke to get the crowd on your side. 

Donald Trump conducted a town hall meeting in Austin Tuesday where he said he would meet with the president of Mexico if elected U.S. president. A day before, the president of Mexico said he would meet with Trump if he were elected president. It'll be just the two of them and their food tasters. 

The White House wired over one billion dollars to Iran shortly after flying them four hundred million cash on a cargo plane. This didn't go unnoticed. Three health insurance companies are thinking about taking U.S. hostages till Obama pays them a fair price for covering all these deadbeat sick people. 

-- Argus Hamilton

Donald Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort was forced to resign on Friday following news that he had pro-Russian ties. Which really upset Trump, because he insists having all his ties made in China. 

There are life-sized nude statues of Donald Trump. They showed up in cities across the country. You'd be walking in the park, and you see this statue [shows images]. Forget building the wall, Trump should just put a bunch of those things at the border 

The New York City Parks Department actually released a statement on the naked Trump statue after they took it down. This is completely real -- they said, "New York City Parks stands firmly against any unpermitted erection in city parks, no matter how small." 

A 12-year-old boy is actually running one of Trump's campaign offices in Colorado. When asked how an inexperienced child could be running things, the boy said, "Look, he's the nominee and we're stuck with him." 

After more than a year of promising mass deportations of undocumented immigrants, last night Donald Trump actually referred to them as "great people." Even Ryan Lochte was like, "Get your story straight, man!" 

Melania Trump is getting ready to sue the British newspaper the Daily Mail for writing that she once worked as an escort. Yep, Melania says she strongly denies the accusation that she has ever worked. 

Trump will be the first president to make decisions by playing "Hot or Not" with world leaders. Like, "Angela Merkel, not hot. Vladimir Putin, very hot." 

The Boston Globe just reported that according to his campaign staff, Donald Trump wouldn't take any vacations as president. I think that's because he has offended so many other countries he can't leave this one. 

-- Jimmy Fallon

A new poll released today shows Hillary Clinton is 9 points ahead of Donald Trump in New Mexico. And 100 points ahead in Old Mexico. 

Hillary Clinton held fundraisers today in Silicon Valley. Said Hillary, "It's so great to be back here in the town where I was built." 

Hillary Clinton had a phone interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper last night -- and she HAD to do it by phone, because nobody could possibly lie to that face. 

Donald Trump's running mate Mike Pence tweeted six pictures of himself stopping to get a burger in North Carolina yesterday. Chris Christie was like, "OK, now he's just rubbing it in." 

-- Seth Meyers

Donald Trump has been saying that Hillary Clinton looks unwell. Trump then admitted he thinks any woman over 35 looks like she's dying. 

This weekend, Donald Trump tried to win over black voters by asking them, "What the hell do you have to lose?" Coincidentally, that's also the way he proposed to all three of his wives. 

The Trump campaign said pollsters aren't counting people who are afraid to say they're Trump supporters. That's right, because Trump supporters are very, very shy. 

According to Hillary Clinton's newly-released medical records, she suffers from seasonal allergies. But she just takes some Benadryl and they're all deleted. 

Experts say Hillary Clinton's campaign strategy is to ignore the controversies, and just run out the clock. By the way, that also happens to be Hillary Clinton's marital strategy. 

On Saturday, Hillary Clinton will receive her first official intelligence briefing as a candidate. Officials plan to tell Hillary about threats to U.S. cybersecurity such as Russia, China, and her. 

Donald Trump's campaign is now saying he didn't change his immigration plan, he just changed the words he used to describe it. They also said Trump hasn't been married three times, he's just changed the person he calls "wife." 

-- Conan

After being criticized on the MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, Donald Trump took to Twitter to attack hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, alleging that they are having an affair. Trump tweeted, "Someday when things calm down I will tell the real story of Joe and his very insecure girlfriend Mika. Two clowns." 

Trump is reporting celebrity gossip. Like he is like half running to be "Prez" and half running to be Perez Hilton. 

Also he says "when things calm down." You're running for president; assuming you win, things are never going to calm down. Trump thinks it's going to be all right, he's like, "Now that I have taken Iran, the debt crisis and ISIS, I can really blow this Joe Scarborough thing wide open." 

In a new election bombshell, the State Department has been ordered by a federal judge to produce nearly 15,000 of Hillary Clinton's unreleased emails. I don't want to say Hillary is worried about this story blowing up, but today she asked Ryan Lochte to make up another robbery. 

Journalists have tried contacting Hillary about this damaging email development. Unfortunately, they keep getting auto-replies that say "Sorry, I am out of the Oval Office until January." 

In other Clinton news, her campaign manager, Robby Mook, said in an interview on CNN that they are having a hard time finding someone as "hateful" and "divisive" as Trump to go up against Hillary in her practice debates. It seems like it'd be easy to prep for a Trump debate -- just get a parrot and train it to say three things: "email," "wall," and "huge." 

-- James Corden

Donald Trump is accusing Hillary Clinton of being too ill, too frail to be commander in chief. Rudy Giuliani made a suggestion to go online and look up "Hillary Clinton illness" - if it's on the internet, you know it must be true. 

-- Steven Colbert

At first Donald Trump came out with guns blazing, said he's going to kick all the Mexicans out, he's going to build a wall to keep them from coming back in. Last night during a town hall on Fox News he said he could be softening, which is normal, it happens to a lot of men his age. 

He's now agreed to give immigrants a 30-minute head start before he tries to catch them with a net. 

-- Jimmy Kimmel

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