Monday, August 15, 2016

Trump Leading 67% to Hillary’s 19% in National Poll of 50,000 Voters!

Constitution ^ | 8/12/2016 | Dave Jolly 

Ever since the Democratic Convention, the only poll results being reported by the liberal mainstream media show that Hillary Clinton is slowly pulling ahead of Donald Trump. Of course the same liberal mainstream media had been conducting a biased editing and reporting campaign to show Trump in a bad way and glorify Hillary.
They edited his comments about the Muslim parents of whose son was killed in action while serving in the US military. Trump stated about the mom not speaking, the liberal media intentionally edited out when Trump stated that that’s what others have written. They made it to look like those were Trump’s own words.
Now all of the controversy surrounding the way liberals have twisted Trump’s comment about people who value the Second Amendment. Hillary and even the Kennedy family have twisted it in such a way as declare Trump is inciting violence in some form. However, none of the same liberal media, nor Clinton nor the Kennedy family mention the fact that Hillary once stated that Obama could be assassinated.
The sad part is that so many people today believe everything they hear and see from the liberal mainstream media. They take the reports as gospel.
Did you know that in most of the polls, where they are reporting a Clinton lead, are conducted in such a way as to bias the outcome? Often, they only poll 100 up to 1,000 people. Not only are their sample sizes statistically small, but they often poll areas that are known to be predominately Democratic, hence, it only makes sense that Hillary is ahead.
But you probably have not heard about one poll that was recently taken where they polled 1,000 people from every state.
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Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot suspect is black!

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ^ | August 14th, 2016 | John Diedrich, Ashley Luthern, Raquel Rutledge, Maggie Angst, Annysa Johnson, Tom Kertscher, Daniel 

The Milwaukee police officer who fatally shot an armed suspect Saturday is black, Chief Edward Flynn confirmed Sunday.

"We are concerned for his safety, he has been staying with relatives out of town."

Flynn said that based on his review of the body camera video, the chain of events leading to the shooting of 23-year-old Sylville Smith took 20 to 25 seconds.

"I mean, there was virtually no time between the officer unhooking his seat belt, turning on his body camera, getting out of the car and immediately he was in a foot chase. That foot chase went maybe a few dozen feet before he encountered this individual in a fenced yard," Flynn said.

"The individual was armed. The individual did turn toward the officer with the firearm in his hand. You can't tell when the officer discharges his firearm."

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Manafort: Anti-Trump Republicans connected to Clinton!

washington examiner ^ | 8/14/16 | Gabby Morrongiello 

Donald Trump's campaign chairman accused a group of Republican national security officials on Sunday of having close ties to Hillary Clinton after they declared their party's presidential nominee "unfit" to be commander-in-chief in an open letter earlier this week.

"A lot of them have connections to the Clinton Foundation and have gotten contracts over the last several years to do work for the Clinton Foundation or some of its subsidiaries," Paul Manafort told New York-based radio host John Catsimatidis.

"So it is far from an objective group, it is far from a Republican group and it is part of the establishment that Donald Trump is running against," he claimed.

The letter, released on Monday, was signed by more than 50 former aides and cabinet members of Republican administrations, including former CIA Director Michael Hayden and former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge.

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Lying Black Folks to Death!

PJ Media ^ | August 14, 2016 | Andrew Klavan 

Leftists — aided by our corrupt news media — are past masters of replacing truth with narrative. Ninety-seven percent of scientists believe in catastrophic man-made climate change. Women are paid 77 cents on the dollar. These statements are indefensible lies, but when you have a leftist press trained in leftist universities to repeat the assertions of leftist politicians, it's easy to make these "facts" part of what ordinary people think they know.
Especially impressive is the way in which leftists manage to bake dishonesty into the language itself. Take the repellent phrase "objectifying women," which is used to support the equally repellent philosophy of feminism. The phrase essentially asserts that the normal male sex drive, with its emphasis on visual cues, is somehow in and of itself immoral, that it's wrong and unfair for guys to desire the beautiful Giselle Bundchen, say, more than the dumpy Lena Dunham. Men, simply by being as God made them, are in some sense doing wrong — and if you fight back against this calumny, you are accused of "man-splaining." Well, I intend to continue man-splaining until feminists begin to girl-understand.
When it comes to the problems of black Americans, the left outdoes itself in the art of deception. Virtually every assertion of the violent Black Lives Matter hate movement is a falsehood. Even the name of this vicious collection of groups is offensive. When challenged by those who respond with "All Lives Matter," the BLM people thug-splain that what they really meant was "Black Lives Matter too." But this assumes that white people don't know this, that blacks in this country are treated as if their lives matter less than others.
The facts tell a different story. In about 85% of crimes involving whites and blacks, blacks were the attackers, whites the victims. Racial hatred of whites is at least — at least — as virulent among blacks as racial hatred of whites is among blacks. Assertions that black people can't be racist are just more lies.

Obama Justice Department Laughed Off Armed New Black Panther Threat

And, of course, as anyone who follows the data knows, the assertions made by leftists from Barack Obama to the Justice Department on down that police harass or over-police blacks always — always — fail to take into account the massive difference in the crime rates between black and white communities. When you consider that between 1980 and 2008 the black 13% of the population committed 52% of the nation's murders, the phrase "racial profiling" is revealed to be what it always was: another leftist lie baked into the language, a nasty way of describing ordinary, heads-up police work.
In Milwaukee this weekend, blacks rioted after police shot and killed a fleeing suspect who was brandishing a stolen gun. The racist rioters targeted white people for beat-downs as if "whites," whatever that means, were to blame. In Democrat-owned-and-operated Chicago, meanwhile, 65 people were murdered in July alone. No need to ask what color the victims and killers were. Only 3.5% of Chicago murders are committed by whites, 4.6% of the victims are white, just about all the rest of the murderers and the dead are either black or, to a lesser extent, Hispanic. No riots in Chicago though. What would the rioters have said: "We demand we take responsibility for our own lives!" I don't think so.

Violence in Milwaukee: Chants of 'Black Power!' as Gas Station Burns

BLM, the reparation people, the president, the Justice Department and the press are all lying to our black citizens about the source and nature of the dangers to their lives. They tell black people things that are the opposite of what a friend tells a friend. They say, "It's not your fault." They say, "There's nothing you can do until other people stop oppressing you." They say, "Things will get better for you when your superiors fix the world."
This is crap.
A true friend to black Americans would say: "Your treatment as a race is as good as it is anywhere, and as good as it's gonna get. The past is past. It's on you to make your lives better now. Take responsibility. Join with good guys of whatever color to fight bad guys of whatever color. Then get on with making something of your lives. Because it's all on you. And anyone who tells you differently, is lying you to death."

Can We Really Believe That a Federal Prosecution of the Clinton Foundation Is Underway?

The American Thnker ^ | August 14, 2016 | Thomas Lifson 

A lot of conservative hearts were gladdened by a report from the highly credible Daily Caller News Foundation’s Jonathan Haggerty:

A joint FBI-U.S. Attorney probe of the Clinton Foundation has begun, and the federal prosecutor leading the charge has a history of taking down politicians.

Preet Bharara, dubbed “The Showman” in The New Yorker for his penchant for theatrics and wisecracks, runs the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York and has racked up an impressive number of corruption convictions — from Wall Street bankers, hedge funds, and New York organized crime to prominent politicians.
But a lot of other conservatives scoffed at the notion that the Obama Justice Department would ever take such a step. Given the track record, there is ample reason for doubt. And yet.
I wonder if James Comey is playing a long game? He knew that Loretta Lynch would never go after Hillary Clinton over her breaches of law regarding the treatment of classified information. There is just too much wiggle room. And besides, the public would not be able to see the evidence since it is classified. If you are going to go after somebody that powerful, the public needs to grasp very tangibly what the crime was.
It may well be that he saw a stronger case, much easier to prove and transparently corrupt in appearance to the public, in the Clinton Foundation maneuvers he saw from recovered emails. And then there are Wikileaks emails yet to come.
Instead of gong to Lynch, the referral to Bharara, who is known for going after influential pols of both parties, may have been very shrewd. Not a man to shut up if strings are pulled.
I am keeping my fingers crossed. And postponing a final verdict on Comey.
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Taxpayers on the Hook as Obamacare Exchanges Near the Edge of Collapse

Cybercast News Service ^ | August 12, 2016 | 4:08 PM EDT | Phil Kerpen 

The health insurance exchanges that are the beating heart of Obamacare are on the edge of collapse, with premiums rising sharply for ever narrower provider networks, non-profit health co-ops shuttering their doors, and even the biggest insurance companies heading for the exits amid mounting losses. Even the liberal Capitol Hill newspaper is warning of a possible “Obamacare meltdown” this fall.
Three states — Alaska, Alabama, and Wyoming — are already down to just a single insurance company, as are large parts of several other states, totaling at least 664 counties.
UnitedHealth is pulling out completely, Humana is pulling out of 88 percent of counties it was in, and last weak Aetna strongly suggested it will be exiting, too, unless it gets bribed to stay with a huge, annual infusion of direct corporate bailout payments from taxpayers. …
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Goodbye Europe; It was Nice Knowing You!

US Defense Watch ^ | August 14, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

Western Europe is dying right before our eyes and its demise is completely self-induced. A combination of socialism, globalism, naivete and downright stupidity has created a refugee crisis that is metastasizing into a Stage 4 cancer destroying European culture and society.
While France, Britain, Germany, Sweden, Austria and Italy are hell bent on their own destruction, Eastern Europe has stubbornly refused to open its doors to the biggest Muslim invasion of the continent since the Turks knocked at the gates of Vienna. Perhaps those in the East still fear the Ottoman Empire knocking on their southern doorstep.
Over two million refugees have stormed into Europe, making a beeline to countries like Germany and Sweden which have given a green light to the invasion of their nations. Germany has taken in a whopping 1.3 million Muslims refugees and will hit over two million by the end of the year.
With millions of Muslim refugees arriving into countries with no shared language, culture, religion and values, it was only a matter of time before chaos ensued in Western Europe.
That day has arrived.
The Europeans have imported a culture of terror into their once peaceful, beautiful, quaint and ancient continent. Not a week or several days pass now without a breaking news story of a Muslim committing an act of violence and murder. Packs of roving young Muslim men patrol the once quiet streets of Germany and Sweden like jackals, looking for blond women they can rape or molest.
In fact an epidemic of rape has infested Europe courtesy of its new Islamic guests from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. According to the Gatestone Institute:
Attacks occurred at beaches, bike trails, cemeteries, discotheques, grocery stores, music festivals, parking garages, playgrounds, schools, shopping malls, taxis, public transportation (buses, trams, intercity express trains, and subways), public parks, public squares, public swimming pools, and public restrooms. Predators are lurking everywhere; safety nowhere.”
“Dozens of women and children have been assaulted by migrants at summer festivals and public swimming pools—staples of ordinary German life.”
In July, at least 24 women were sexually assaulted at the Breminale music festival in Bremen. Women were also assaulted at outdoor festivals in Aschheim, Balve, Gerolzhofen, Grenzach-Wyhlen Heide, Loßburg, Lütjenburg, Meschede, Poing, Reutlingen, Sinsheim, Wolfhagen, and Wolfratshausen.
In July, women and children were also sexually assaulted at public swimming pools in Babenhausen, Dachau, Delbrück, Hamm, Hilchenbach, Kirchheim, Lörrach, Marklohe, Mönchengladbach, Mörfelden-Walldorf, Oberursel, Remagen, Rinteln, Schwetzingen, and Stuttgart-Vaihingen.
The rapes, the molestations, the pedophilia, the common thievery, the murders, the terror attacks are all downplayed or ignored by idiotic EU government bureaucrats who believe they can con anaesthetized populations into accepting the complete and utter devastation of their nations. Even more insane are the feminist rape victims in Sweden and Germany who don’t blame their attackers, but instead feel pity for them.
To the boneheads running Western Europe like Angela Merkel, any criticism of the lunatic immigration policies are met with ridiculous platitudes like “I didn’t say this was going to be simple; that we could just do it. But I am still convinced that we can do it. This is a historic test in a time of globalization.”
Besides detonating suicide bombs in bustling markets and raping women at any chance they can get, Europe’s new guests don’t exactly plan on assimilating into European society.
Muslims settling in Europe have brought with them some of the more charming aspects of their culture and religion: honor killings, terrorism, rape, pedophilia, Sharia Law, thievery, an intense hatred of Christianity; all the trademarks of future law abiding citizens.
Delusional Europeans think that if they expose the refugees to proper sanitation and show them the correct table manners then everything will be back to normal. The Germans can join their new countrymen for a beer and Jaegerschnitzel at the local gasthaus. Unfortunately, Mohammed, a newly arrived and unvetted refugee from Syria just shot up the local inn before his comrade in Jihad, Ali detonated a suicide bomb in the parking lot.
Muslim gratitude is a block of Semtex.
Newsflash foolish Europeans: your new guests aren’t going to assimilate; they never will. You will assimilate or you will be killed, that’s how it works with Islam.
Any common sense call to stop the flow of refugees is met with cries of racist or Nazi or any of the other sobriquets the left pins on people. The modus operandi of the left is the same in Europe as it is in America. If you oppose the globalist destruction of civilization and humanity you are a racist.
Protecting your nation from an invasion of people who have no plan to assimilate and every intention to cause you harm and destroy your country and culture is not racism.
The politically correct global elite must realize that Western Culture and Judeo-Christianity is the bright shining burst of humanity on this earth and the Islamic world is a Stone Age impediment to the progress of mankind.
While America has many problems, I cannot believe for a second that Americans would let their country be destroyed as is happening in Western Europe. Simply put, Angela Merkel would have been tarred and feathered and impeached months ago in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
Why have the Europeans let this happen? Furthermore, why do they stand by and do nothing as the bombs explode and the guns bark and the rapes and molestations continue unabated?
What do the descendants of the Vikings, the ancestors of the North Men do to protect their women in Sweden?
What do the men from Germany, a nation that produced some of the greatest armies in the history of the world do to protect their women?
How have the political elite in Western Europe been able to muscle their soft populations into accepting the inevitable fate awaiting them at the hands of the Muslim executioner?
The answer lies in Socialism, the lifeblood of Post War Europe and the death knell for a civilization. What is the result of 70 years of Socialism on Steroids: closed churches, feminized men, single women, couples without children, abortion on demand, euthanasia readily available and a significant distaste for patriotism.
Most importantly, Socialism creates dependency on government for everything in one’s life. The individual is stamped out resulting in zombie like populations who willingly surrender their firearms and their freedom, just as easily as they abandoned Christianity for their new God, the state.
Socialism is tantamount to death; the death of the family, the churches, marriage, masculinity and life itself for the individual and civilization.
Socialism is a sick, twisted ideology that promises rainbows and unicorns and delivers darkness in the end.
And, the end is near for Western Europe as we know it.
The Europeans are so far gone they don’t even realize it. For example, I received several angry letters from Swedes a week ago, instructing me not to call them Lutherans anymore, as they are now atheists. How’s the complete rejection of God in your society working out for you Sweden? Things never looked better.
The Europeans are so far gone they don’t even realize how socialism has destroyed any individualism that wasn’t drained by immigration to America. The populations of Western Europe are all too eager to bow to government authorities, even under the worst of circumstances.
The Europeans are so deluded they don’t even realize that big government, Vater Staat, Father State, that was going to take care of them from cradle to grave has become the monster octopus that is strangling them to an early death.
The Europeans have never figured out that government is inherently evil, only one flash away from tyranny and that the only true bulwark against big government is an armed population.
With a largely unarmed, robotic population awaiting the next directive from the EU, how is this nightmare in Western Europe going to play out?
It is possible that the Europeans will finally snap and deport their new guests en masse. Or, if things further unravel, a civil war could break out across the continent. But, don’t count on it. There simply is no fight left in them. As more and more Muslims seep into the continent, Western Europe will become so inundated with Muslim culture and violence that a new wave of emigration from Western Europe to America may commence.
America may in fact see millions of people from Western Europe arriving on its shores like their forefathers did in the 1800’s.
Western Europe as we knew it is done. Europeans have no one to blame but themselves.

Hezbollah Leader Echoes Trump That Obama, Clinton Founded ISIS

ABC News ^ | Aug 14, 2016 | Ben Gittleson 

The leader of Hezbollah this weekend quoted Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's accusation that President Obama and Trump's Democratic rival Hillary Clinton founded ISIS.
Hassan Nasrallah, leader of the Lebanese militant group, used Trump's claim last week that Obama and Clinton were behind the extremist group ISIS's establishment to bolster his criticism of the U.S. administration in a speech in Lebanon on Saturday, according to a transcript posted by the group's media arm.
"This is not simple speech,” Nasrallah said of Trump's remarks. “This is an American presidential candidate. This was spoken on behalf of the American Republican Party. He has data and documents.”
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LAWLESS HILLARY Recruits Illegal Aliens to Register Voters ^ | August 14, 2016 

The law means nothing to these people. Hillary Clinton announced a new program to recruit illegal aliens to register voters.
Will the media ignore this like her other scandals and crimes?
The Examiner reported:
Hillary Clinton’s campaign on Sunday announced a program to recruit undocumented “Dreamers” into a voter registration army even though they are not allowed to vote.
Celebrating the four-year anniversary of President Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, Clinton launched “Mi Sueno, Tu Voto” (My Dream, Your Vote), to rally and “secure commitments” from immigrants who can vote.
The DACA program created so-called “Dreamers,” the children of illegal immigrants who the president has offered renewable two-year work visas and deportation deferral. The goal for many in the program is amnesty.
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