Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Bringing Down the Left

American Thinker ^ | July 13, 2016 | Steve McCann 

After nearly a century, with the tacit abetting by a feckless Republican Party over the past 30 years, the Left has succeeded in breaking nearly everything in the political china shop. American society is calculatingly in shambles as race relations, ethnic assimilation and religious freedom have been the target of exploitation and condemnation. The economy is mired in a permanent state of malaise as capitalism has been attacked, relentlessly vilified and hamstrung, resulting in a declining standard of living for the vast majority of citizens. A preponderance of two generations of Americans, in an attempt to convert them into foot soldiers for the cause, have been defrauded and deluded as they know nothing of their country’s history and expect as their birthright guaranteed income and a life without adversity.
The Left, by faithfully executing the strategy as laid out by Saul Alinsky, are now the dominant political and social force in The United States. However, the one factor that none of the icons of the American Progressive movement bothered to consider was: what are they going to do with a nation the size and population of a continent, with a long history of independence and free enterprise, once they vanquished an increasingly spineless opposition? They do not know how to be or what to do as the new governing class. They are incapable of governance as they can only oppose, topple and demagogue. Thus, they are destined to fail. Unfortunately, with that failure will come additional suffering, chaos and displacement for the American people.
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Obama’s Lies About Police Violence Hurt More than They Help!

National Review ^ | July 12, 2016 | RICH LOWRY 

Instead of healing America’s racial wounds, Obama makes them worse with cowardly inaccuracies.

President Barack Obama is a lawyer, not a statistician, and it shows.
After the controversial officer-involved shootings in Baton Rouge, La., and Falcon Heights, Minn., Obama unloosed a series of statistics in his remarks in Warsaw, Poland, to show “racial disparities that exist in our criminal justice system” — in other words, racial bias by police, prosecutors, and judges.
Obama related numbers about disparate rates of police shootings, arrests, and searches, among other things, without mentioning the single most important factor to put such figures in context, which is that blacks commit criminal offenses at higher rates than whites.
No one likes to point this out, and so it usually is left out of our perpetual “national conversations” about race, even though it is highly relevant information. It opens up whoever says it to charges of racism, or at least callousness in the aftermath of questionable police shootings.
If anyone should be free to speak the truth, though, it should be President Obama, who imagines himself a coolly analytical figure on a historic mission to bind the nation’s racial wounds. Instead, he routinely gives a fundamentally distorted picture of the American criminal justice system — and police shootings — by eliding truths apparently too uncomfortable for him to say and his supporters to hear.
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Chicago’s Collapse Has Begun!

American Thinker ^ | July 13, 2016 | Michael Bargo, Jr 

The city of Detroit, now famous as an economic disaster, began its decline when it lost jobs. This was accompanied by a loss of population, a rapid rise in poverty, increasing dependence upon federal entitlement programs and an unstoppable downward economic spiral.
Puerto Rico is now undergoing an economic collapse sparked not by population loss but by excessive government spending. Chicago is in the same situation. Government overspending and over taxation comes first, population loss follows.
Chicago is technically bankrupt. Its expenditures have exceeded its receipts for about ten years. All big rust belt cities in the Midwest, East, and Northeast have been losing population since 1950. Detroit’s population has dropped from 1.85 million to 800,000.
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Two-thirds of Americans oppose government forcing transgender bathrooms!

Life Site News ^ | July 12, 2016 | Ben Johnson 

Two-thirds of Americans reject transgender "bathroom bills" like the Obama administration's controversial federal guidance forcing public schools to allow transgender students to use the intimate facilities and overnight accommodations of their preferred gender, according to a new poll released today.
WPA Opinion Research found that 66 percent of all adults – including 55 percent of Millennials – say they oppose or strongly oppose the “government forcing schools, businesses, and non-profit organizations to open the showers, changing facilities, locker rooms, and bathrooms designated for women and girls, to biological males and vice versa.”
The survey, which polled 1,012 adults, found that the opposition was strongest among Republicans: 84 percent opposed, and 75 percent “strongly disapprove” of the policy.
But 64 percent of registered independents also disapprove, 50 percent strongly.
Surprisingly, 46 percent of Democrats oppose the policy, while only 45 percent support it.
Similar numbers of men and women oppose the measure, WPA found.
The only significant difference in poll results came across generations. Baby Boomers were most likely to oppose the policy (75 percent), followed by Generation X (63 percent), then Millennials (55 percent).
Still, a majority of people in every segment interviewed say they oppose efforts to require businesses and other public accommodations to ignore biological gender in public areas where one may be exposed to nudity.
The results of the new poll confirm the results of numerous other polls across the country since the issue exploded into the public consciousness. A Rasmussen poll last month found that voters in the swing states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania oppose transgender “bathroom bills” by an average of 14 percentage points. Citizens in Utah reject transgender public accommodations laws by 17 points. A national poll in May found more Americans oppose cross-gender or unisex restroom policies, which come about when "gender identity" is added as a protected class to civil rights legislation alongside race, sex, and religion.
"President Obama has ignored the repeatedly expressed concerns of parents and school officials over the privacy and safety of students,” said Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council Action, FRC's political arm, which commissioned the poll. “In the pursuit of his radical agenda, the president has trampled upon the boundaries of his constitutional power. If the White House can dictate the policies for every school locker room, shower, and bathroom in America, what could possibly be beyond its reach?”
The WPA poll is released just as billionaire Paul Singer has made clear he will force a public showdown with GOP delegates during next week's Republican National Convention over the issue of transgender accommodations. The party's platform committee, which has met for the last two days and includes Perkins, has adopted a measure opposing the Obama administration's reinterpretation of civil rights and educational laws on restroom and shower use.



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