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Will the Military Answer Hillary's Call in 2016?

American Thinker ^ | March 18, 2016 | Chris J. Krisinger 

When Barack Obama kicked off his first presidential campaign in 2008 as a junior first-term senator from Illinois, it became a political imperative for the greenhorn candidate to obtain the endorsements of retired – but still influential – senior military officers to apply a veneer of credibility to his objectively thin national security credentials. Gaining those same endorsements could again be an engaging subplot to this year's election theater, particularly for the 2008 understudy, Hillary Clinton.

At a Chicago news conference in March 2008, then-senator Obama rolled out ten retired admirals and generals to counter claims by his opponent, Senator Hillary Clinton, that he had not "crossed the threshold to serve as commander in chief." During that flag-draped event, several, such as "Tony" McPeak, the former Air Force chief of staff and a four-star general, stepped forward to offer assurances that they were "comfortable with [Obama's] ability to lead the military." The event was to counter Senator Clinton's claim that she could better "answer the 3 a.m. phone call" that had entered the 2008 presidential race lexicon.

Once Obama was the Democrat nominee, with two wars raging and national security a hot-button issue, those endorsements became indispensable for the run against Republican Senator John McCain, the Navy veteran, Vietnam prisoner of war, and defense hawk. The Obama campaign would eventually exploit the names of more than 70 retired generals and admirals from all four services to burnish his national security qualifications in the eyes of American voters.

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Chelsea Clinton reveals her mom thinks it is ‘important’ to extend Obamacare to illegal aliens!

American Thinker ^ | March 18, 2016 | Thomas Lifson 

More free stuff for people who violate our immigration laws! 

Hillary Clinton and her daughter have teed up a ball for the Republican nominee, whether Trump or Cruz, to hit 400 yards down the fairway. Just over a week ago, Hillary reversed her former position and declared:

“I will not deport children,” she said after moderator Jorge Ramos pressed her multiple times on the issue. “I would not deport children. I do not want to deport family members either, Jorge.”
So any family that can ante-up plane fare for the kids and one or more parent to JFK, Miami, Los Angeles or any other international terminal, or that can sneak across the border, is here to stay, once Hillary becomes president. And in addition to all the other goodies this country bestows upon people with low incomes, now the $600k a year former NBC correspondent Chelsea Clinton has declared that Obamacare will be extended to illegals.
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Anti-Trump movement really ‘professional agitators’ (Communists) ^ | March 18, 2016 | Fossten 

Don’t be fooled” by the numerous supposed grass-roots groups plotting to protest Donald Trump across the nation, declares Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter Aaron Klein in a radio interview on Friday.

Klein says the var­i­ous sup­posed anti-Trump orga­ni­za­tions are really a “witches brew” of radical-left “pro­fes­sional agi­ta­tors” seek­ing the “down­fall of the U.S. cap­i­tal­ist sys­tem” and its replace­ment with a so-called social­ist utopia.

These are all dif­fer­ent arms of the rad­i­cal left octo­pus,” Klein told Bre­it­bart News Daily, the radio pro­gram hosted by Bre­it­bart News Exec­u­tive Chair­man Stephen K. Ban­non. Klein was refer­ring to the anti-Trump protest move­ment. “This is not about race,” added Klein. “This is not about immi­gra­tion reform. This is not even about Trump…these are fronts.”
He con­tin­ued:
It is the who’s who, the witches brew of the same rad­i­cal left groups that have mor­phed into other groups and mor­phed into other groups.  Whether it’s Black Lives Mat­ter, whether it’s, whether it’s…the alpha­bet soup of the rad­i­cal left it’s all the same…. These are pro­fes­sional agi­ta­tors.
Don’t be fooled by the hun­dreds of groups now, over a hun­dred behind this. Because it’s the rad­i­cal left. What they want is not anti-fascist, anti this, anti that. They want the down­fall of the U.S. cap­i­tal­ist sys­tem. That’s what they want. They want to bring it down.  It’s the com­mu­nist rev­o­lu­tion all over again. Except instead of Stu­dents for a Demo­c­ra­tic Soci­ety in the 60’s, it’s a coa­les­cence of the next gen­er­a­tion in Black Lives Mat­ter, Occupy and these other groups.”
On Wednes­day, Klein reported at Bre­it­bart that with lit­tle fan­fare and almost no news media atten­tion, some of the same rad­i­cal groups involved in shut­ting down Don­ald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plot­ting a mass civil dis­obe­di­ence move­ment to begin next month.
They intend to march across the East Coast in order to spark a “fire that trans­forms the polit­i­cal cli­mate in Amer­ica.”
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