Saturday, March 5, 2016

GOP strategist Castellanos: Time to rally around Trump, ‘too late to ask mommy!

The Washington Post ^ | March 2 | Tom Hamburger and Matea Gold 

Even as major Republican donors coalesced Wednesday around a last-ditch effort to halt Donald Trump's march toward the GOP presidential nomination, resignation was setting in among some onetime Trump critics.
"It is too late," Republican media strategist Alex Castellanos, who had unsuccessfully urged top GOP contributors to back an anti-Trump campaign earlier in the cycle, wrote in an email. "There is a fantasy effort to stop Trump, like a fantasy campaign to stop yesterday but it exists only as the denial stage of grief."

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Obama Says "Economy Is Pretty Darned Great"

Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 6 Mar 2016 | John Semmens 

President Obama hailed the February jobs report as evidence that "the economy is pretty darn great." The report estimated that more than 240,000 new jobs were created. Of those jobs, nearly 80% were minimum-wage.
While some critics were disappointed that such a large percentage of the jobs were at the lower end of the pay scale, the President was more upbeat. "This is precisely the sector we wanted to expand," Obama said. "The greater the number of people working for minimum wage, the greater will be the pressure on Congress to raise the minimum wage."
The President's gloating didn't stop there, though. He also tabbed the increasing ranks of low-wage workers as "a big plus for the Democratic Party. Aside from those subsisting on welfare, low-wage workers are the most reliably Democratic voters. The greater the proportion of our population that occupies these cohorts of our society, the more entrenched progressive politics and policies will become."
In related news, the President praised Obamacare as "my gift to an ailing nation" at a rally in Milwaukee this week. "Thanks to me, more people are insured than ever." Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson contested Obama's claims saying that "millions of Americans were thrown off health plans that they liked and forced into Obamacare plans that simultaneously raised premiums and reduced coverage. The President's 'gift' could be more aptly characterized as a punch to the gut funded by a raid on Americans' bank accounts."

Voters get mad at Romney, double down on Trump

The Star ^ | 3/4/2016 | Alexander Panetta 

FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—The establishment of the Republican party is playing with fire by seeking to smother Donald Trump. Because the embers of rebellion are crackling in this Florida retirement community.
Trump-supporting seniors here are unfalteringly determined to cross the street in two weeks, enter the local polling station, and vote for the swirly-haired scourge of party elites.
They exude indifference to an anybody-but-Trump strategy, articulated by Mitt Romney and proposed by the party bigshots desperate to wrest the nomination on the convention floor.
The party’s 2012 nominee proposed the following: Voters should rally behind Marco Rubio in the March 15 Florida primary; Ohioans should vote for their governor, John Kasich; and people in other states should back whoever has the best chance to win, between those two and Sen. Ted Cruz.
That kind of co-ordinated attack could deprive Trump of a 50-per-cent-plus-one delegate win at the summer convention, and make it possible to gang up and take him down on the second ballot.
So what’s the response here to Romney?
Well, it can be blunt and salty.
“He can kiss my ass,” says 89-year-old Louis Fuccillo.
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Donald Trump could beat Hillary Clinton: Bill Richardso

CNBC ^ | March 4, 2016 | Tom DiChristopher 

Democrats should not expect the path to the White House to be a cakewalk if Hillary Clinton faces Donald Trump in November, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Friday.
"We've got to be very careful because Trump has tapped into a negativity, a populism that is out there, and I think we have to work extra hard" to attract young voters and turn out the party's base, the 2008 Democratic presidential contender told CNBC's "Squawk Box."
Clinton will be a strong candidate, he said, but she will have to overcome her party's shift far left of the American electorate. Trump also brings a fair amount of Democrats into his coalition, Gregg said.
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GOP Elites Tried to Stop Reagan From Getting Nomination, Was Called The George Wallace Of GOP ^ | 3/4/16 | Ian Schwartz 

Reagan biographer Craig Shirley appeared on Morning Joe this week and discussed parallels between Ronald Reagan and Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Shirley is president of the prestigious Shirley & Banister public affairs firm.
"In the '60s and '70s he was often derided by the eastern elites, by academia, by the establishment of the Republican party. He was considered the George Wallace of the Republican party, a grade B actor with premature orange hair," Shirley said.
Shirley said in 1980 when it Reagan was gaining momentum to secure the Republican nomination, the party elders went into panic mode and sent emissaries to talk to Gerald Ford about getting into the race "just to stop Ronald Reagan from getting the nomination."
"In 1980 as he started to break loose and head towards the nomination, the party elders in a panic, you know, ring the fire alarm, break the glass and go see Gerald Ford. Dick Cheney went to see him. Henry Kissinger tried to go see him to get Ford to get back in the race just to stop Ronald Reagan from the nomination," Shirley told the Morning Joe panel.
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Establishment is panicking as their grip on power to enrich themselves slips away

The Paris Post-Intelligencer ^ | March 4, 2016 | Arthur Smith 

“Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me …. They think, deep in their hearts, that they are better than we are ….” — The Rich Boy, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

The above also can be said regarding Establishment politicians, media, academia and corrupt crony capitalists. In fact, there are alarming similarities between the cloistered Establishment apparatchiks of today and various royal courts just prior to the culmination of revolutionary backlash.
In their overweening arrogance, they enact policies that strangle the working and middle classes like a bureaucratic boa constrictor.
They fail to comprehend that “the peasantry” no longer accepts the premise that our God-given freedoms and the fruit of our labor are the Establishment’s to divvy out at their whim.
Pundits nervously assert the ascendancy of Donald Trump’s unconventional campaign has shredded the Establishment rulebook.
More accurately, Trump simply recognized the majority of Americans are mad as you-know-what and are not going to take it anymore.
After all, why should we follow Establishment rules that violate the very principles upon which our nation was founded, endanger our future and are primarily designed to enrich the elitist oligarchy at our expense?
For decades, Democrats have contemptuously treated minorities and the working class as mere slaves on the Democratic plantation.
Democrat regressives rely on class warfare and racism — envy and strife — to enrich ‘the chosen few’ even as they scatter seeds of oppression and destitution to those foolish enough to fall for the “Democrats are for the little guy” scam.
The rise of socialist Bernie Sanders and retread of Hillary Clinton serve as a flashing neon sign illuminating the current Democratic base as little more than an amalgamation of those lusting to use government force to take other people’s stuff.
Regardless of who wins the nomination, the Democratic standard bearer is an old, white, rich (from the government trough) socialist playing the class and race cards.
Likewise, Establicans regard social and fiscal conservatives as their own private cheap-labor, zombie army.
During campaign season, their ads interject “conservative” every other word; yet once they squirm under the election-day tollgate, they are back to selling their votes and their souls to the highest bidder.
Both wings of the Establicrat Party fail to realize the magnitude of their malignant malfeasance has metastasized to the extent the stench of their corruption overpowers the populace’s hear-no-evil-see-no-evil normalcy bias.
Establicrats plunder the wealth of current and future generations; set fire to our freedom to live in peace and support our families; entice swarms of illegal aliens with handouts of our tax-dollars;
Grant special “rights” exalting immorality and enshrining free-loaders while trampling our actual God-given, constitutionally-protected rights; and set us all on the Road to Serfdom.
As the Establicrat cornered rats rip asunder the fast-fading freedoms and wealth of our constitutional republic, we the people rise to say, “We are not dead, yet!”
The whites of the Establishment’s eyes are showing, and they have every reason to be afraid.
Not only are they losing control of the “redistribution” of trillions of dollars, their loss of the narrative is putting to death any delusions the masses have of “working through the system.”
The people have arrived at the Emerald City, yanked back the curtain, and found the self-declared Great and Powerful Establishment not only does not know what is best for us, but also does not even know us.
The worm has turned.
Americans are awaking to the realization that we are not genetically predisposed to heed the Siren call of the Establishment Pied Piper or join Sisyphus on his hill.
We are a people yearning to breathe free, and freedom we shall have, even if we have to wrest it from the clutches of an Establishment whose greed cannot be slaked. Inherent in the very nature of corruption is that it cannot help but fail. Institutions built upon fraudulent foundations are preordained to crumble.
Yet even as they disintegrate and decay, their detritus can serve as catalysts and nutrients for new life to spring forth — rot to roots.
Even were the Establicrats to achieve some measure of success in derailing the candidacy of Trump and other pro-America candidates, they cannot hold back the tide that is rising to sweep the Establishment out to sea.
As a wild eagle released from a trap or hostages set free from Establishment chains, we not only have no desire to return to captivity, but also are emboldened by the will to remain free.
The 2016 elections represent an indictment and repudiation of the amoral, immoral and outright evil currently ensconced in positions of power and influence.
Whether Trump is a paladin or opportunist becomes almost irrelevant with respect to the mood of an electorate crying, “Throw the bums out!”
Establishment tyrants and their crybully sycophants can attempt to portray themselves as disadvantaged “victims” all they want.
The truth is the Establishment is panicking as their grip on the power to engorge themselves on other people’s wealth and freedoms grows more tenuous with each passing day.
Mounting numbers are on to their subterfuge. The time is past when they could push-poll or spin their way out of their tangled webs of deceit.
Actions have consequences, and an enraged electorate is raising high their proverbial pitchforks.
As for we the people, 2016 is akin to awakening from the plot of a clichéd Establishment horror movie overflowing with imminently bad choices.
We no longer need to stumble into the creepy unconstitutional/immoral basement or stagger into the runaway debt/tyrannical government dark woods. But simply clambering from the Establishment pit isn’t enough.
Freedom is not for the weak of heart. We must now build upon a foundation of repentance, revival and reformation if we are to have any hope for our future.

Clinton emails continue to be non-scandal, disappointing Republicans (MSM ignorance alert)

WaPo ^ | 3/4/2016 | Paul Walman 

A former aide to Hillary Clinton has turned over to the F.B.I. computer security logs from Mrs. Clinton’s private server, records that showed no evidence of foreign hacking, according to people close to a federal investigation into Mrs. Clinton’s emails.
The security logs bolster Mrs. Clinton’s assertion that her use of a personal email account to conduct State Department business while she was the secretary of state did not put American secrets into the hands of hackers or foreign governments.
The former aide, Bryan Pagliano, began cooperating with federal agents last fall, according to interviews with a federal law enforcement official and others close to the case. Mr. Pagliano described how he set up the server in Mrs. Clinton’s home in Chappaqua, N.Y., and according to two of the people, he provided agents the security logs.
What does this tell us? Although it’s possible there will be some future discovery, it appears that whether Clinton’s emails were vulnerable to hacking or not, they weren’t actually hacked. That’s good news! The closest thing they’ve found is some attempts at phishing scams, which means that Clinton’s email is just like every other email address on earth.
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Obama Blames Republicans For Slow Economic Recovery

daily caller ^ | 3/4/16 | Connor D. Wolf 

President Barack Obama responded to reports of slow job growth Friday by blaming Republicans who have opposed parts of his economic agenda.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report found the economy added 242,000 new jobs in February. The latest number highlights a long-running trend of slow, yet positive, economic growth. Obama credits the growth to his agenda but its slowness to Republicans for their opposition to his plan.
“The plans that we have put in place to grow the economy have worked,” the president declared in the Oval Office. “They would work even faster if we did not have the kind of obstruction that we’ve seen in this town to prevent additional policies that would make a difference. And there is going to be a debate going on around the budget in the coming months.”
The president entered office in the midst of a severe economic downturn which has since been referred to as the Great Recession — a time period sparked by the subprime mortgage crisis and the financial crisis of 2007. The recovery took years to begin and has since been incredibly slow.
“Republicans in Congress are, sadly, trying to cut some of the investments that could spur additional growth,” the president continued. “They are blocking things like an increase in the minimum wage, or more robust investment in jobs training, infrastructure, education that can continue to lift up wages and incomes.”
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Rank and File Republicans Tell Party Elites: We’re Sticking With Donald Trump


From Michigan to Louisiana to California on Friday, rank-and-file Republicans expressed mystification, dismissal and contempt regarding the instructions that their party’s most high-profile leaders were urgently handing down to them: Reject and defeat Donald J. Trump.
Their angry reactions, in the 24 hours since Mitt Romney and John McCain urged millions of voters to cooperate in a grand strategy to undermine Mr. Trump’s candidacy, have captured the seemingly inexorable force of a movement that still puzzles the Republican elite and now threatens to unravel the party they hold dear.
In interviews, even lifelong Republicans who cast a ballot for Mr. Romney four years ago rebelled against his message and plan. “I personally am disgusted by it — I think it’s disgraceful,” said Lola Butler, 71, a retiree from Mandeville, La., who voted for Mr. Romney in 2012. “You’re telling me who to vote for and who not to vote for? Please.”
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Fox’s Dobbs: Romney, Paul Ryan Are Despicable ‘Twosome from Hell’ Betraying the GOP

Mediaite ^ | 3/4/2016 

Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs really lost his cool with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tonight, calling them a “twosome from hell” who are selling out their party.
He said on his FBN show tonight that Romney’s anti-Donald Trump speech and Ryan’s public comments are further proof of how they’re trying to “defend a stagnant failed status quo.”
“This time,” Dobbs declared, “they’re up against a winner and Trump is the people’s choice to this point, and the twosome from hell is about to lose another one if they have their way.”
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Mitt Speech Was Worse Than Nothing

National Review ^ | 03/03/16 | ANDREW C. MCCARTHY 

According to Romney in 2012: Donald Trump has shown an extraordinary ability to understand how our economy works and create jobs for the American people. He’s done it here in Nevada. He’s done it across the country. He understands that our economy is facing threats from abroad. He is one of the few people who stood up and said, “You know what? China has been cheating. They’ve taken jobs from Americans. They haven’t played fair. We have to have a president who will stand up to cheaters. We believe in free trade and free enterprise, but we don’t believe in allowing people to cheat, day in and day out.”
I spent my life in the private sector – not quite as successful as this guy [pointing to Trump]. Nonetheless, sufficiently successful to understand what it takes to get America to be the most attractive place in the world for innovators, entrepreneurs and business— and job creators…. So I want to say “thank you” to Donald Trump, and I look forward to seeing you out on the trail. Thank you, Donald.
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