Thursday, March 3, 2016

Chicago on track for deadliest year in nearly 2 decades! ^ | March 02, 2016 | Matt Finn 

The city of Chicago is witnessing its deadliest start to a year in nearly two decades -- 102 people have been killed and 475 people were shot in the city since January 1st.
The official police homicide count sits at 97, which includes only murders as opposed to what police consider justified homicides such as self-defense. 2016 is the most violent start to a year in the city since 1997, the Chicago Tribune reported.
"The level of violence is unacceptable and CPD continues to aggressively target those responsible, especially in neighborhoods where gang activity is most active," CPD spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi wrote in an email.
Police blame some of the surge in violence on gang conflicts and retaliatory crimes, many of which officers now say begin on social media before spilling out onto the streets.
A recent study by the University of Chicago Crime Lab concludes that combining the high level of gun carrying in Chicago with impulsive behavior and drug use has also contributed to the extreme bloodshed. Last year over 7,000 guns were recovered from the streets of Chicago--more than New York and Los Angeles combined--according to police.
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Mittens: GOP Establishment Chooses Mount Romney as Hill to Die on

Breitbart ^ | March 3, 2016 | Stephen K. Bannon and Rebecca Mansour 

After President Jeb, President Walker, President Christie, President Kasich, President Ryan, and President Rubio, the Republican establishment is now turning once again to the Adlai Stevenson of the GOP – Willard Mitt Romney.
Perhaps nothing is more symptomatic of the GOP establishment’s death drive than their continued embrace of the presidential aspirations of a man who shrank the party in 2012.
But then, these are the same Republican elites who are determined to grant amnesty to 40 million future Democrats. So, obviously party expansion and broad national victories are not their priorities. How else do you explain their bizarre desire to board the S.S. Mittanic one more time?
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Mexico says won't pay for Trump's 'terrible' border wall ^ | 2016 | Reuters 

Trump, the New York billionaire developer and former reality television star, sparked outrage in Mexico when he vowed to force Latin America's second largest economy to pay for a wall along the southern U.S. border to stem the flow of illegal immigration and drugs.

In a televised interview late on Wednesday, Finance Minister Luis Videgaray categorically rejected the proposal.
"Under no circumstance will Mexico pay for the wall that Mr. Trump is proposing," he said. "Building a wall between Mexico and the United States is a terrible idea. It is an idea based on ignorance and has no foundation in the reality of North American integration."
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Hillary Clinton is winning votes with vile race games ^ | 2/3/16 | By Betsy McCaughey 

Hillary Clinton is sweeping the Democratic primaries across the South by capturing nearly all the black vote — a staggering 86 percent in South Carolina. But she’s doing it with poisonous lies designed to stoke racial resentment.
Clinton routinely tells blacks they are the victims of “systemic racism” and scolds whites for not demonstrating more “humility.” She falsely claims discrimination is causing the higher poverty and incarceration rates among blacks.
There isn’t a shred of evidence to back up her claims — yet she gets a pass from the media.
Let’s separate facts from her racially inflammatory fictions.
On the campaign trail, she complains “race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in America and who gets left behind,” noting black families have “just a tiny fraction” of the wealth of white families.
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Trump's Running a General Election Campaign He's Been Planning for Years

Rush ^ | March 2, 2016 | Rush Limbaugh 


RUSH: Last night and Trump's press conference. Once again he comes up with Planned Parenthood. He gets a question about Planned Parenthood, and he's not wavering from this. And people are misunderstanding what's happening. In the South Carolina debate I was taken aback when I saw Trump go on and on about Planned Parenthood. That was the debate where he accused Bush of knowing in advance of 9/11, knowing that there were no weapons of mass destruction, I mean, all this stuff that left-wingers say, the radical left wingers say, Trump's out there saying it, and then I realized what's going on, it's an open primary, Democrats can cross over and vote.

But actually it's even more than that. There are two stories here today. One of them is in The Politico: "The Media's Trump Reckoning: 'Everyone was Wrong'"

And this story was a review of a number of bold-name, very well-known Drive-By Media reporters and analysts having to eat crow. It goes back and cites all of these different people who said Trump was a one-month wonder, a two-week wonder, he's not gonna last, he's gonna implode, Trump's gonna blow it, Trump's this, he's not gonna be a factor.

This story goes back, talks to many of those people and asks them what did they do wrong. And they all admit they got it wrong, and The Politico concludes everybody was wrong. Everybody was not wrong. I did not think that Trump was gonna implode. I was one of the first people to tell you that this was gonna resonate, even on June 16th during that outrageous introductory speech, I warned everybody this was gonna resonate with people, back when everybody was laughing it off, this is a joke. Back then the establishment, "All right, all right, this is great. This is gonna make Jeb look even more presidential. This is gonna make Jeb look even better. 'Cause Trump's looking like a genuine insane lunatic."

And I said, "Nope, nope, you're misreading this. This is gonna resonate." I said it's gonna resonate because of immigration. Oh, remind me, I don't want to get sidetracked right now. The exit polls do not show immigration as a top three issue in many of these states. Remind me to talk about that. The second thing that's going on here -- and I also referenced this within the past couple weeks. Koko, do a site search, find out the actual date I mentioned this, because I mentioned in passing that certain things that have happened and things that Trump said made me realize he's been planning this for years.

This is something Trump has been planning for years. And I'll give you a little hint. I forget what it was that was the catalyst that made me realize that, but it forced me to remember some things, and it was probably a conversation about does Trump really want this, is he really gonna stay in this, do we trust Trump, what he's saying. It was a conversation like that, and it might not have been even with a caller, but I made the point I think he's been thinking about this a lot longer than anybody thinks. I don't think this is a snap decision. The reason I said this, you know, don't misunderstand me here, but I've played golf with Trump a number of times, and each time I've played politics, of course, is one of the primary subjects.

And I remember on two separate occasions he was really, really curious, wanted to know in detail why I moved to Florida from New York, what was it about New York taxes. And then he admitted, "You know, Rush, I have to tell you: I had a lot of people tell me the same thing. They're thinking of leaving. They can't handle it anymore. It's just it's..." This is just the last two or three years, and then many in-depth discussions about Obama. "He's a bad guy, right, Rush? Is a bad guy. What kind of guy you think Obama is?" And it was a back-and-forth.

He was acutely interested. This was not just idle chatter during a round of golf. It was pretty focused and intense, although I didn't attach this kind of meaning to it. There was... At no point did I ever think, "My God, this guy sounds like he's thinking of running." I just thought it was somebody that was deeply interested and talking about things that you don't normally hear him talk about in public. But now looking back on everything that's happened, I think two or three years ago he was planning this.

Two or three years ago he was plotting and strategizing and learning and formulating thoughts, this, that, and the other. And I think that's what this Planned Parenthood stuff is. All that stuff that happened in the South Carolina primary, I think what it means is that Trump already thinks in terms of being the nominee. I think he's been running a national presidential campaign for a while now. In other words, I think he's been focused on Hillary. I don't think his real focus has just been on Cruz or Jeb or Rubio.

Particularly after the first couple of months when his poll numbers through the roof and nobody else is getting any traction whatsoever. And his level of confidence. You know, last night he mentioned Planned Parenthood again. And in that answer on Planned Parenthood, he kind of gave something away. He talks about, "Yeah, so-called conservatives," and then he caught himself. "But I'm a conservative! I'm a common-sense conservative." "So-called conservatives." There was a... That means there is a...

Oh, I wouldn't go so far to call it "a foul taste in his mouth about it," but clearly he's got some discomfort, problems with rock-ribbed -- I mean, super-serious -- ideological conservatives, much like the Republican establishment does, by the way. That's what makes 'em nervous about Cruz. "Nobody's that way! Nobody's this earnest and ideological in everything they say or do. It makes us uncomfortable," they say. But his continuing support of Planned Parenthood and his reasons why...

"They do great health things for women!" He acknowledges abortion's no way. "We're gonna defund 'em because of that," but he... Folks, he's running a national campaign here, and he's talking about broadening the base. Last night he said, "We're gonna unify." Last night he acknowledged a point that I've been trying to make everybody here for weeks now, and that is that he has put together a coalition that's way beyond the Republican base. It's way beyond a conservative Republican base.

He's got every ethnicity and demographic and every age-group and every income bracket in his support. This is exactly what the Republican Party's been telling us they need to do to win, while they tell us conservatives to shut up and go away, that they can't win with us alone. Trump's done it, and he's continuing to, because he's running his national campaign right now. And he fully intends to grow it. He's talking about, "I'm making the party bigger! I'm enlarging the party. I'm making it bigger. I'm growing the party, exactly what everybody says needs to happen -- and you watch how I'm gonna unify the party."

Hillary Will Be Indicted if AG Loretta Lynch Convenes a Grand Jury

PJ Media ^ | February 29, 2016 | By Debra Heine 

Attorney General Loretta Lynch confirmed to Congress last week that career Justice Department attorneys are working with FBI agents on the ongoing criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email practices and possible public corruption at the Clinton Foundation. According to legal experts, this gives agents "access to the U.S. government’s full investigative tool box, including subpoena power for individuals, business or phone records, as well as witnesses." Fox News legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano says that if Lynch presents their evidence to a grand jury, "Mrs. Clinton will be indicted."
Judge Napoitano reported on Fox News this morning that the final batch of Hillary Clinton’s emails set to be released Monday include information on drone strikes "which are in the highest category of top secret." He argued that Clinton, as secretary, was obligated to know "a national security state secret" when she saw one.
"'Classified' is Hollywood term, not a legal term. The legal term is confidential, secret or top-secret. So when she says, 'I didn't send or receive anything marked classified,' it is technically true. The answer is nothing is marked classified," he said.
The judge noted that former CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden recently called it "certain" that the Russians hacked into Clinton's unsecured server.
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The Moment We Knew Donald Trump Was Here to Stay

YTimes ^ 

Donald J. Trump’s dominant performance on Tuesday erased all doubt — if any remained — that he is in a strong position to be the Republican presidential nominee, a prospect that less than a year ago seemed inconceivable.
The political world has gone through stages of disbelief about his candidacy since he announced it last June: dismissing it at first, then acknowledging his strength and finally accepting that he could win the nomination.
As political reporters, we have come to realize the power and tenacity of Mr. Trump’s campaign at a different pace, and some of us can pinpoint the moment it all came into focus. These are some of our recollections:
It was Nov. 7, 2015. I was at a Thai restaurant in Chelsea with my wife, who is a political reporter, and two friends. I was alone in predicting that someone other than Mr. Trump would end up as the nominee. These weren’t casual news consumers: They were among the smartest and the most politically perceptive people I know. As I argued for another candidate’s chances, I found my own case less and less convincing. A Trump nomination still seemed far-fetched, but doubt sank in: Was I the one missing the bigger picture of 2016? — Alexander Burns
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