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Obama:The Lamest Duck

PJ Media ^ | 28 Feb 2016 | Victor Davis Hanson 

President Obama is boxed in a state of paralysis—more so than typical lame-duck presidents.
His hard-left politics have insidiously eroded the Democratic Party, which has lost both houses of Congress and the vast majority of the state legislatures, state elected offices, and governorships. Obama has redefined the black vote, as a necessary, no-margin-of-error 95% bloc majority to offset his similar creation of an increasingly monolithic 65% bloc white vote. We are no longer individual voters, but, in Chicago-politics style, merely faceless “Latinos,” “Asians,” “African-Americans,” “gays,” “women,” and now “whites.”
Obama issues a new initiative—and the nation snoozes. He wastes the day on the golf links—and the nation snoozes. He smear his critics, invites a rapper to the White House whose latest album cover has a dead white judge lying in front of the White House—and the nation snoozes. He cozies up to America’s enemies and snubs our friends—and the nation snoozes. For the nth time, he blusters about closing down Guantanamo—and the nation snoozes. He opens the border even wider to welcome in more illegal aliens and future constituents—and the nation snoozes. Lame duckestry means not even being able to wake up your opponents.
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Whatever his faults, Trump is superior to Hillary in every way

Canada Free Press ^ | February 29, 2016 | Dan Calabrese 

I completely understand why some conservatives are horrified at the prospect of Donald Trump being the Republican nominee for president. I understand their discomfort with his bluster, with his lack of any history supporting conservative ideas, with his many contributions to Democrat candidates, with some elements of his track record in business. Some of it bothers me too, although I do think a lot of the handwringing is over things that don’t really matter that much.
But look, sure, nominating a guy like Donald Trump is in all kinds of ways contrary to what conservative movement types have advocated for decades. I wanted a conservative governor with a really solid record of governing achievements using conservative policy ideas, which is why I was so all over Scott Walker in the early going - and why I think to this day that it was a mistake not to give Rick Perry more serious consideration.
But hey, that’s how it went. Right now Trump appears to be the odds-on favorite for the nomination, and a lot of conservatives are beside themselves of it. I get it.
But what I don’t get is the currently popular fad of self-styled conservative intellectuals declaring that they will never vote for Trump, even if he is the nominee, and even if it means Hillary Clinton becomes president.

There Are 1,800 Reasons Why the Controversy Over Hillary Clinton's Emails Is Far From Over

vice news ^ | 2-29-2016 | Jason Leopold 

The final 3,800 pages of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's emails will be released later today.
But the most serious controversy surrounding the Democratic presidential frontrunner's exclusive use of a private email account — connected to a server she set up in the bathroom of her New York home — to conduct official government business is far from over. In fact, the worst of it probably lies ahead.
The 30,000 emails the State Department released over the past 10 months in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed by VICE News in January 2015 did not contain any smoking guns about Clinton's tenure at State. But it was the emails the department deemed too sensitive to publicly disclose that attracted the most attention from the media and Clinton's detractors — and they will continue to do so.
More than 1,800 emails were withheld under exemptions to the FOIA law, including nearly 50 that were not released because they were deemed Top Secret and Secret. VICE News is currently fighting in federal court for a summary of the information contained in those emails.
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Donald Trump Will Be President And Stocks Will Rally

CNBC ^ | February 29 

Donald Trump is bound for the White House, and when he reaches the Oval Office, stocks will "go straight up," said Kevin O'Leary, chairman of O'Leary Financial Group.
"I think what we're going to see happen — although it's so remarkable and I'm not endorsing his candidacy — is Trump is going to ride his way into the White House on a populist wave of anger at our government," O'Leary told CNBC's "Fast Money: Halftime Report" on Monday.
The "Shark Tank" investor, who claimed to be "agnostic to party," said state primary and caucus results have borne out what he has believed since the beginning of the election cycle.
"The old, crusty brands aren't going to work. Bush brand. Gone. Clinton's not going to work," he said.
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These Celebrities Say They'd Leave the Country If Trump Wins!

Fox Insider ^ | 2/29/2016 | Fox and Friends 

These celebrities had some, uh, extreme responses to the possibility of Donald Trump winning the White House.

Rev. Al Sharpton has said he’s “reserving my ticket to get out of here if he wins.”
The View’s Whoopi Goldberg said, “I don’t think that’s America. I don’t want it to be America.” “Maybe it’s time for me to move,” she added.
And Raven-Symone imparted this gem. Funnily enough, someone on a Nova Scotia island may have the answer to their problems. An online campaign called “Cape Breton if Donald Trump Wins” is offering Trump haters a new home. Nova Scotia.
Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., responded to the remarks on Fox and Friends this morning. “I’ll buy them their airfare,” said Donald Jr. “Those are endorsements for Trump.” Watch more, above.
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Pat Buchanan: A New GOP is Born

World Net Daily ^ | February 29, 2016 | Pat Buchanan 

Pat Buchanan: Regardless of nominee, Donald Trump surge marks 'death rattle' of establishment
We hear wails that the nomination of Trump would mean the end of the conservative movement. But how so?
If Trump won and conducted a conservative government, it would validate the movement. If Trump won and turned left, it would inspire an insurgency like Ronald Reagan’s in 1976, when the Ford-Rockefeller-Kissinger administration moved too far toward detente.
If Trump ran and lost, the conservative movement would have President Clinton to unite and rally the troops against.
One recalls Barry Goldwater’s historic wipeout in 1964. But, in 1966, Republicans made the greatest gains in a generation, and went on to win the presidency for 20 of the next 24 years.
Undeniably, a Trump presidency would mean an end to the Bush and establishment policies on trade, immigration and intervention.
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A vote for Ted Cruz or, Marco Rubio is a wasted vote!


As Ted Cruz & Marco Rubio nosedive in the most recent polls and CNN, MSNBC & FNC go bananas trying to do in Donald Trump, this "child" circus has become the laughing stock of the nation. DJT is a bigot, DJT has small hands, DJT is with the Mafia, DJT has orange skin, DJT loves the KKK....and on & on. Well. as you will all see this evening, this childish, idiot campaign by Cruz & Rubio has failed and the TV networks all look like buffoons to the vast majority of the American people.
Here are a couple of hard facts: 20,000 Democrats have left the Democrat Party in Massachusetts, 3,500 to the Republicans & the rest to become Independents. Hillary Clinton received tons of African-American votes in her South Carolina primary victory...but she received very few White, Independent or Crossover voters...her vote total reaching a miserable 370,000 votes vs, the Republican 738,000 votes. Ther are 2,700,000 registered voters in South Carolina of which Clinton received only 13%..much worse than Obama in 2008, who received 22% of that vote total. I could go on & on.
Here is the bottom line, like it or not....Donald J. Trump will win the GOP POTUS nominee title with ease. Nether Cruz or Rubio are ready for prime time. The print and TV Establishment media are in the corners of both the Democrat & Republican Establishment parties. If you want America to head to a new positive, America first, direction...these two political parties must be destoyed politically. It is as simple as that. Cruz & Rubio are going nowhere...fast. Cast your vote for DONALD J. TRUMP...today!!!



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At Ranger School, Three's a Fraud

US Defense Watch ^ | February 29, 2016 | Ray Starmann 

Call me a suspicious guy, but I find it just a little too convenient that three women managed to graduate from Ranger School in the months preceding Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s decision to allow women to serve in the combat arms branches and special operations units.
When you last tuned into USDW:
Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver were the first two women to graduate from Ranger School in August of 2015. Their graduation was the subject of much speculation by some members of the media and Congressman Steve Russell who requested the Ranger School records of both Griest and Haver.
Congressman Steve Russell (R., OK) has been trying to get the Ranger School records for the female graduates for six months now.
Why won’t the Army just give Russell the records? At first they told him they were destroyed. That’s interesting since Army schools usually keep records a year or two after graduation. Then, Russell requested the Green Cards, the transcript of someone’s performance at Ranger School that everyone who has attended the school since 1952 has in a file cabinet there.
The Army balked at the Green Card request stating “privacy concerns.” That’s a good one, considering the people looking at the records are elected officials with top secret clearances. What’s private about a land navigation score? Nothing, unless one of the female graduates had a history of BOLO-ing land nav repeatedly and the Army passed her anyway. Can you think of a bigger cluster than a Ranger who doesn’t know how to use a map and compass?
In the Fall of 2014, at Fort Carson, Colorado, a group of female soldiers were given three months of training to specifically prepare them for Ranger School. The female soldiers were pulled away from their regular duties in the Army to eat, breathe and sleep Ranger School for ninety days. One of the female soldiers who attended the training was First Lieutenant Shaye Haver.
Yet, the Army’s senior leaders, from Secretary John McHugh, down to General Martin Dempsey, Major-General Scott Miller, commander of Fort Benning and Colonel David Fivecoat, commander of the Airborne and Ranger Training Brigade repeatedly denied that women were given any type of special treatment or advance preparation for Ranger School.
In addition, First Lieutenant Haver consistently failed land navigation during various assessments conducted at Fort Carson. Yet, Haver was sent to Fort Benning to attend Ranger School. Even more frightening is the fact that not one female soldier in the assessment group of roughly fifty soldiers passed land navigation. It is not known if other female soldiers were sent to Fort Benning from this group.
Sources also informed US Defense Watch that First Lieutenant Haver failed land navigation at the Ranger Training Assessment Course, a 16 day evaluation soldiers must pass before being allowed to start the school itself.
Haver graduated from Ranger School in August of 2015 after having been recycled twice and having to restart the whole course on one occasion. Did Haver also fail land navigation repeatedly at Ranger School? Undoubtedly, this would appear in her records, which were shredded by the Army. But, her Green Card, a Ranger School transcript of her progress wasn’t. Surely, Haver’s land navigation scores are noted on her Green Card.
Yet, the Army refuses to send Congressman Steve Russell and the House Armed Services Committee the Green Cards for Haver, Griest and Major Lisa Jaster, the 37 year old woman who graduated from the school as well. As of now, the only thing Congressman Russell has received from the Army is some concocted mini white paper showing that men and women are performing the same at Fort Benning and that women are meeting the standards.
More like double standards.
More like a conspiracy to defraud the American people.
Obviously, the Army wheeled out three females and graduated them from Ranger School as a gift to Ash Carter, who knows nothing about the military and everything about pleasing the White House.
When Steve Russell, a former Ranger School grad, Infantry officer and combat vet began to question what was going on at Benning, the Army went into an oral lockdown mode.
With Russell muzzled and any questions by the media denounced, Ash Carter was persuaded to use the three female Ranger School graduates as some kind of litmus test for the authorization of putting women into the combat arms and special operations.
And, here we are today…
Since Major Jaster, or Mommy Ranger “graduated” from Ranger School in September 2015, in what was a complete and utter Lie too Far, not one more female has made it through the course. Nearly two dozen women have washed out.
Now, that Carter has already made his decision, which will certainly be approved by a spineless Congress in April, it’s kind of suspicious why no other women seem to be passing.
You don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that the three women were coddled and used by the Army to promote a crackpot feminist agenda oozing from the White House.
The moral cowards at Benning who permitted that fiasco to take place have disgraced the honor of every Ranger in the nation’s history. The moral cowards at Benning are guilty of aiding and abetting the destruction of the US military.
By passing three unqualified women at Ranger School, the moral cowards at Benning have blown a hole right through the national defense.
At Ranger School, Three’s a Fraud.

Nobody Really Cares About Your Feelings, College Kids

The Blaze ^ | 2-29-16 | Matt Walsh 

I’m assured that, on occasion, learning still happens on college campuses. I have not detected any evidence of this, but I accept it as a matter of faith. People I trust have assured me that universities are not just bastions of cultish indoctrination — there’s a lot of sex and beer pong, too. But sometimes, I’m informed, a rebellious student might endeavor to adsorb an actual fact or piece of knowledge. Again, I cannot independently confirm this shocking claim.
These rogue learners aside, it’s obvious that college is often a place where students go to erase from their minds any trace of truth or common sense. Supplanted in its place is a dreamscape of “white privilege” and “systematic racism” and “non-binary gender” and “patriarchy” and “transgenderism” and leprechauns and climate change and other fictional phenomena. Central to this fantasy world is always me. Not me, specifically, but the Great Me, the Mighty Me, the Universal Me.
The primary lesson kids learn in college and in our culture is that they, personally, individually, are primary. Their thoughts, ideas, and (especially) feelings are the most important things in existence, and all of existence ought to bend to their whim. If they feel sad, the world must make them happy. If they say something, the world must listen. If they believe something to be true, the world must play along.
We could spend all day talking about the lies kids are taught in college and in society at large, but this, the primacy of their own emotions and beliefs, is the most damaging. I thought, then, it might be a good idea to run down a list of three basic, uncomfortable, common sense truths, for the benefit of these college students(and everyone else).
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Last Chance for America?

Townhall.com ^ | March 1, 2016 | Thomas Sowell 

The "Super Tuesday" primaries may be a turning point for America -- and quite possibly a turn for the worse. After seven long years of domestic disasters and increasing international dangers, the next President of the United States will need extraordinary wisdom, maturity, depth of knowledge and personal character to rescue America.
Instead, if the polls are an indication, what we may get is someone with the opposite of all these things, a glib egomaniac with a checkered record in business and no track record at all in government -- Donald Trump.
If so, the downward trajectory of America over the past seven years may well continue on into the future, to the point of no return.
Democrat Susan Estrich says that it is "fun" watching Donald Trump. She may be able to enjoy the spectacle because Trump is Hillary Clinton's best chance of winning the general election in November. Even if the FBI's investigation leads them to recommend an indictment, the Obama administration is not likely to indict Hillary.
No doubt "The Donald" is entertaining, and he has ridden a wave of Republican voter anger against the Republican establishment, which has repeatedly betrayed them, especially on illegal immigration.
But these political problems are a sideshow, in a world where Iran is guaranteed to get nuclear weapons and North Korea, which already has them, is developing long-range missiles that can reach American cities. Iran is also developing long-range missiles.
Then there are the international terrorist organizations from the Middle East -- many sponsored by Iran -- whose agents have had easy access to the United States across our open border with Mexico.
We will need the cooperation of nations around the world to keep us informed of these terrorist organizations' activities, and to help disrupt the international money flows to terrorists.
Those nations know that helping the United States makes them targets of terrorism. So they have to weigh how much they can rely on America, before they risk their own national survival by cooperating with us against the terrorists.
Is Donald Trump someone who would inspire such confidence among leaders of other countries? Already Trump's irresponsible rhetoric has caused a backlash in Mexico and there has also been an attempt in Britain to ban him from setting foot on British soil.
We need all the allies we can get, from countries around the world, including Muslim allies in the Middle East. The last thing we can afford, at this crucial juncture in history is a president who alienates allies we have to have in a war against international terrorists.
On the campaign trail, Donald Trump's theatrical talents, including his bluster and bombast, may be enough to conceal his shallow understanding of very deep problems. But that will not cut it in the White House, where you cannot clown or con your way out of problems, and where the stakes are matters of life and death.
Trump's acting like a bull in a china shop may appeal to some voters but, in the world as it is, he may well cost us our last chance to recover from the great dangers into which the Obama administration has gotten this nation.
We already have an ego-driven, know-it-all president who will not listen to military or intelligence agency experts. Do we need to tempt fate by having two in a row?
Despite Donald Trump's string of primary vote victories, he has not yet gotten a majority of the Republican votes anywhere. But although most Republican votes are being cast against him, the scattering of that vote among so many other candidates leaves Trump with a good chance to get the nomination.
Everyone understands that the best chance for stopping Trump is for that fractured majority vote to consolidate behind one candidate opposed to him. But who will step aside for the good of the country?
When we think of American military heroes who have fallen on enemy hand grenades to save those around them, at the cost of their own lives, is it really too much to ask candidates -- especially those who present themselves as patriots -- to give up their one political chance in a zillion this year for the sake of the country?
Voters have a responsibility too. They might well ask themselves: Do I plan to use my vote to vent my emotions or to try to help save this country?