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George W. Bush inherited 'crumbling' intel community from Bill Clinton

The Washington Times ^ | February 15, 2016 | Rowan Scarborough 

GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump blames Bush for failing to stop 9/11 attacks!

As Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hammers away at former President George W. Bush for not stopping the September 11 attacks, another factor could be added to the debate: Mr. Bush inherited from Bill Clinton an intelligence community in terrible shape.
This fact comes not from a Republican partisan but from George Tenet, President Clinton's CIA director, a post that at the time made him the country's top intelligence officer.
Mr. Tenet wrote in his memoirs, "At the Center of the Storm," that Mr. Clinton left Mr. Bush with a CIA that was in "Chapter 11." The eavesdropping National Security Agency was "crumbling" and "going deaf," he said.
It is one explanation for why the intelligence community failed to discover and stop the September 11 plot.
Mr. Clinton is an integral part of Hillary Clinton's Democratic presidential campaign. The record shows that, as commander in chief, he shrunk the CIA at the very time al Qaeda was expanding.
On his watch, the Osama bin Laden terror group declared war on the U.S. and carried out the first World Trade Center attack, as well as the bombings of a destroyer and two American embassies in Africa.
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WOW!Trump Invites Supporters On Stage for Handling Protester-CROWD ERUPTS WHEN ONE SAYS HE’S A VET ^ | February 16 

You can't plan something like this...

At a Trump campaign rally in North Augusta, South Carolina on Tuesday, Donald Trump was interrupted by a protester who was screaming profanities and raising his middle finger to the crowd.
Two Trump supporters "took action" against the radical obscene protester - and Mr. Trump called them up to the stage to share a few words.
The crowd ERUPTED after one of the men told the audience he was an Iraq War veteran.
Both men thanked Donald Trump.
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Yesterday Men

The Z Blog ^ | February 15, 2016 | The Z Man 

The old right, which I would define as Anglo-Saxon traditionalism, was obliterated in America during the first years of the 20th century. When Wilson abandoned traditional American isolationism in favor of Teddy Roosevelt's jingoistic internationalism, American conservatism was finished as a dominant political ideology. It could not exist in a world where America was an active participant in European intrigues. It staggered along after Wilson, until the Great Depression delivered the final blow.
What replaced it was the mild corporatism of FDR that was an adaptation of what we would come to understand as European fascism. In America this meant that the government would be the referee between business and labor, but sometimes marshaling both sides in support of national goals, while other times putting a thumb on the scale to help one side or the other. Mussolini would fit right in with the Democrats, even today.
The "conservatism" that emerged post-war was nothing like the old version. Instead, it was intended as a brake on the part of American corporatism that was always on the lookout for monsters to destroy. It's why conservatism has such a terrific losing streak. You beat crusades with brute force or by de-legitimizing them, neither of which is in the modern conservative toolkit.
The New Deal coalition carried on brilliantly in the two decades after the war, mostly because the rest of the world was in rubble. It's not hard to be the economic super power when everyone else is rebuilding from the greatest civilizational catastrophe in human history. America was winning by default. Then the rest of the world got back on its feet and the party was over. The 70's saw a decade of economic and cultural decay not seen in America since the Depression.
The mathematics of the New Deal coalition simply could not hold up in a competitive world where cheap labor and cheap land was still available in huge quantities. The Japanese could deliver better cheaper commodity products like economy cars and transistor radios. The Europeans could deliver better middle brow items popular with the middle class.
The solution was not a dismantling of the New Deal system of governance. Instead what emerged was a politics of necessity. Both sides of the political class settled on new currency arrangements formalized in the Louvre Accords. Credit money controlled by the Federal Reserve would allow America to wage the Cold War, maintain the New Deal politics at home and provide the American middle class with a standard of living the political system required.
This looked like a winner. The 80's saw a booming economy with only a small hiccup at the end. That was followed by another boom that lasted until the tech bubble burst. Even so, the recovery in the Bush years convinced everyone the party was still going. What they did not see is that the New Deal economic arrangements were being supplanted by the emerging global capitalism created by credit money.
The brewing revolt is due, in large part, to the fact that American politics has remained locked in amber. The one side dreams of new noble causes to which they endeavor to rally the masses. The other side wrings its hands and makes snarky comments about those crazy liberals. On the one side it is the politics of old women thinking they can still dine out on their looks. On the other side it is the politics of old men complaining about the kid's music today.
Sanders and Trump are not leaders of new political movements. Both are where they are because they are willing to put a finger in the chest of their respective party leaders. Neither man makes a great case for himself, but like those Muslim men wandering into Germany, threatening to collapse Europe, they correctly see that the old guard is a collection of yesterday men, unable to defend their position.
The wailing and moaning coming from the Conservative Industrial Complex conceals the terrible truth at the core of their thing. That is, there's nothing there. The "movement" they carry on about has nothing to show for itself since the 80's and now it is being knocked out of the box by a guy they call a "witless ape." Whatever it was or intended to be, it's just an artifact of a bygone era now. It's a museum piece.
The noise on the Right has drowned out what's happening on the other side. Sanders is an unreconstructed Stalinist for goodness sake. That said, his arguments sound pretty good against a party that thinks the plight of men in sundresses is a great crusade. Sanders offering free tuition sounds sensible compared to offering free rubbers to coeds. Sanders may have his head up his ass, but the rest of his party has theirs in their vagina.
America is long overdue for an overhaul of its political system. The yesterday men of both parties are like guests who won't leave. Eventually, they have to be made to leave. That's what we're seeing today. The wrecking ball is swinging, preparing the way for what comes next. If Trump and Sanders are a clue, the future of American politics may look more like the 19th century than the 20th. But, we'll see.

Here is the US Code that shows Ted Cruz IS a citizen

U.S. Code ^ | 2/16/2016 | omegatoo 

The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:

(g) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining the age of fourteen yearsProvided, That any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization as that term is defined in section 288 of title 22 by such citizen parent, or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, or (B) employed by the United States Government or an international organization as defined in section 288 of title 22, may be included in order to satisfy the physical- presence requirement of this paragraph. This proviso shall be applicable to persons born on or after December 24, 1952, to the same extent as if it had become effective in its present form on that date;

The GOP Senate should hold off on any SCOTUS nominee until Hillary is indicted.

2/17/2016 | Total Vanity 

The GOP controlled Senate should gate itself on any consideration for Scalia's appointment to the DOJ indicting Hillary.
Hold off on the nominee hearings and re-issue subpoena's to those in the Obama administration over the IRS emails and DOJ emails and Benghazi.
Obama rescind all of his immigration executive orders that undermine the rule of law on immigration and naturalization.
Receive written public apologies from those Senators still alive and in elected office who borked Robert Bork and participated in the high tech lynching of Clarence Thomas.
Then and only then should the GOP consider a nominee. When all the grievances are properly settled rather than stonewalled and swept under the rug.

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(Flashback) Democrats, Block Those Bush Appointees ^ | 12/19/01 | Robert Kuttner 

Republicans now control the executive and legislative branches of government and are aiming for a lock on the third branch, the federal courts. All that stands in their way are 50 Democratic senators, 40 of whom can mount a filibuster. But will the Democrats be as unified and as tough as the Republicans?
We will get a preview of the Democrats' resolve when the Senate takes up the nomination of Ted Olson as solicitor general. Olson, who was less than candid with the Senate Judiciary Committee about his role in the Clinton-bashing Arkansas Project, would be the most partisan solicitor general ever.
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