Thursday, January 21, 2016

For Those Who STILL. DON'T. GET. IT!

WTF OVR | January 20, 2016 | WTF OVR 

It is an irony of politics that we often get that which we most despise yet doggedly work to bring into fruition - mediocrity ...
Purists want nothing less than complete lock step with whatever definition each one of them individually defines to be their ideology. But life, in a land that upholds as sacrosanct the historically novel idea of individual freedom, must by its very nature admit as many diverse opinions as their exists individuals.
The nexus of the problem is that the purist can never bend in the wind - and so he snaps - at everything and everyone, friend and foe alike. Not settling for anything less than 100 percent of that which defines his personal orthodoxy, he or she will cast out those who otherwise might be his best ally in the fight.
So goes the present contest of wills between two groups, each of whose chosen leader now battles for the number one position in a political struggle that will decide the fate of this American Republic for generations to come - that is, if our nation manages to survive as a republic.
Thus, it is to the "conservative purists" that I direct this rebuke ...
You, oh most orthodox believer in the church of "conservatism," would have all other members march, in perfect Hun tradition, as one gloriously synchronized goose-stepping phalanx. You, oh most pure of ideologues, would brutishly force all to go lock step to the beat of your most holy drum, left-right-left, without but a millimeter of deviation nor a nanosecond of doubt - even while the entire edifice burns and crumbles down around you ... Boldly you shall continue to sing only the most orthodox of conservative hymns, while holding up your fist in defiance and rage, obstinately certain of your "ideological purity" throughout the ensuing sociopolitical collapse.
Shall we attempt to douse the flames? NO! The water is contaminated with impurities! We dare not allow it to touch our sacred conservative tabernacle! We must not defile ourselves! We should rather perish! But the flames will surely spread and burn down the city ... So be it! Better to die than compromise our precious bodily fluids! Commander Jack D. Conservative will have none of it! OK, have it your way ...
The total destruction of EVERYTHING Americans ever were, or could ever hope to be, is but a minor thing; for you will happily perish in the flames of political Armageddon, gladly be reduced to ashes, because you may proudly shout from your graves that never did you deviate in the slightest from your dogma ... Let the irony of your indifference forever echo above the charred destruction ... Let the epitaph of this Republic be chiseled into the cold granite of your obstinately monolithic stupidity:
"Here lies Pure Conservatism - His cause perished with his country, but at least he pridefully never gave one inch!"
And you, oh purist, with your willing accomplices, made certain that neither could any other, less you beat them into submission with incessant mockery and damnable calumny - "Burn the heretics! Long live the Church of Pure!"
In your absolute arrogance, you forgot one very important axiom of life - a tree that never bends in the wind, snaps.
There is nothing so constant as change, and if it is not allowed to develop organically, then it will come by way of destructive revolution. Nor is there any object so elusive as the entity without blemish. Nothing in this life is pure - not even gold, and least of all political ideology ... There will always be heretics and compromising hellions to muddy the waters. Oh, the shame of it all!
The fact is that the political brinkmanship is not about electing the the most ideologically pure candidate ... The contest is and always has been one of choosing the MOST ELECTABLE ideological candidate ... You don't get 100 percent unadulterated conservatism - you settle for the mutt, because in politics the purebred is a myth - a figment spun only in the imaginations of those who have not acquired the ability to courageously face life's awful truths. Reality often sucks for ideologues.
No, you do not get the "purist" candidate - for reason that there is not one political animal who can win a national election by the weight of his ideological purity alone. Why? Because there is not one individual voter who is made up of 100 percent unadulterated anything. We're all political mutts! No citizen this side of sanity, who functions productively within our Constitutional Representative Republic, is so self-absorbed in their orthodoxy as to play the purist fiddle while the nation burns to the ground around them.
This is not a dress rehearsal, there is no do-over. This is our moment of trial. We have a nation in financial and cultural chaos, a Republic sitting on the precipice of the abyss. We have but one last opportunity to perhaps pull her back from the edge; and in this hour of peril "purity" takes a back seat to self-preservation.
We are now in a "fight to the death" with forces that unabashedly mean to destroy us and all we have ever been. Let me remind those who perhaps have forgotten those fateful words past spoken:
"... Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. ..." - Abraham Lincoln, The Gettysburg Address
We need ALL hands on deck - the purists and the not so pure; the ideologue and the pragmatist; Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Independent, man, woman, young, old - every one who believes in what this country stands for ... We need every creed, color, race and ethnicity who, at their very core, are AMERICANS FIRST!
Which now brings me to the point of my rant: Donald J. Trump ...
OK, I get it - Trump is not a straight down the list "pure" conservative. Well, golly gee, all you followers of Captain Obvious, thanks for pointing that out to me - I might never have guessed! But then again ... Neither is Senator Ted Cruz, his protests to the contrary notwithstanding.
In fact, I doubt you ideological bloodhounds will ever find such a creature among us, because we each hold to a different idea of what defines that ubiquitous moniker of "conservative" - and that reality check IS the point that Governor Palin made in her endorsement speech for Donald Trump.
On the other hand, the enemy we face IS VERY "pure" - and VERY focused on one singular evil goal - the utter destruction of our Republic ... He is the Dragon of fascist governance - let's call this beast "Smog," if you please, and we are the Hobbits.
Smog is the guardian of the gold that lies beneath the seemingly impenetrable mountain fortress of The Establishment, whose evil overlords have plotted down through the centuries so to protect their ill-gotten gain - and thus, by treachery of their warring dynasties, cast a perpetual darkness upon the Land of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. Their proxies promise reform - some promise to "spread the wealth;" and still others promise to "punish the wicked and restore justice." But somehow the smothering darkness never yields its grip on the land, no matter how often the dynastic throne changes hands, because the Dragon allows none but its heirs to enter his gold filled lair.
This Dragon, this entrenched and most powerful adversary, desires to crush our rugged individualism; he desires to extinguish the guiding spirit that beats in every American heart; any who dare threaten his power are burned out of existence - the orthodox and not so orthodox alike ... For all must accept their serfdom, never to be more than drones, existing but not prospering in this planned utopia of Dynastic crony collectivism.
Unfortunately for the cause of freedom, those who demand nothing less than "ideological purity" consistently act to deny admittance to those falling short of their personally prescribed measure. Thus the purists help our Dragon adversary achieve his evil goals.
We are a nation in search of a champion; but,more than a Bilbo Baggins, we need a Brave Heart ... We need a leader who will exploit the Dragon's weakness, see the chink in the Dragon's allegedly invincible armor, and let fly the arrow of liberty to its fateful mark. We need a new breed of warrior, one who fights to win; not merely for the purists, but for all Americans: the red, the white, the blue - and all the shades in between. That individual may not be the most "pure" of conservatives, but he's the only man consistently hitting the target ... A lean, mean fighting machine, named Donald J. Trump.

Just To Be Clear ^ | January 21, 2016 | Derek Hunter 

I've never been a fan of the term "establishment." I know what it means only to me, just as you only know what it means only to you. That's not because the word has no meaning - it was quite clear not that long ago. It's because the term has lost all meaning through overuse.
Words don't simply lose meaning by themselves; the meaning is stripped from them through abuse. To be called a racist was once a serious charge, as was to claim racism. Unfortunately for real victims of racism, every utterance today is subject to accusations of racism, which dilutes real incidents of racism to background noise.
Once left-wing activists discovered they could mobilize masses, obtain influence and power, and, more importantly, monetize claims of racism, real or manufactured, it was game on. The word may have retained its meaning, but the charge is all but meaningless.
That's why the charges of racism against the Oscars have fallen on deaf ears - half the country has seen someone falsely accused of it and the other half has been falsely accused of it. I don't know if the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is racist or just has different taste in movies than Will Smith's wife, but I do know I don't care.
The Oscars, like many things, are subjective. To ascribe racism to a matter of taste is yet another example of watering down the word. As comedian Adam Carolla says, you never want something subjective to go to the judges, be it a boxing match, an award, or anything else. In life you want to land the knockout blow so there's no ambiguity.
But ambiguity is now a weapon unto itself, at least in politics.
Enter the word "Establishment."
When it started it was clear it meant Republicans who campaigned as conservatives but governed as liberals; those who claimed to be boat rockers but, once, in Washington, learned to go along to get along. Now it means any Republican someone doesn't support.
"Establishment" is now a meaningless term, a marketing gimmick used to elicit an "amen" from the choir without actually having to preach anything of meaning. It's a boogeyman, a meaningless "they."
Candidate now claim the mantle of "enemy of the establishment," or they're "the establishment's worst nightmare."
When former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump in her rambling, incoherent speech, she dropped the "E-bomb" every chance she got. What remains unclear is what Trump meant earlier this week when he scolded Ted Cruz for calling Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell a "liar" for misleading him and others about re-authorizing the Export-Import Bank
Is defending Mitch McConnell anti-establishment? Is Mitch McConnell anti-establishment?
Of course not. And Palin and Trump know it. As does just about everyone who uses the term.
But it's become such a catchall that it means nothing.
As is often the case with something so meaningless, it has become almost a form of currency for political pundits, on both the right and the left. When Paul Begala talks about the GOP establishment with faux concern, the shark has been jumped. It's time to move on.
Conservatives have substantive policy differences with liberals, and Republicans, talk about them in real terms, with real examples, not vapid buzzwords. Of all the lessons for Donald Trump's candidacy, one of the few worth learning is poll-tested, focus-group-directed campaigns are the road to ruin. Just look at Hillary Clinton. An FBI investigation into potential felonies aside, her speaking to a crowd is like being stuck in an elevator with Frank Luntz.
Be it a narcissistic actor, his wife, Sarah Palin, Paul Begala, some random talking head or even the candidate you like, mindlessly misusing terms is a counterproductive exercise.
Words have meaning, at least for now. The more we surrender to the political class, entertainers or anyone our words and the meanings of those words, the farther we slide down the rabbit hole of our demise. And that's the key to letting the racist establishment win, isn't it? Or something.

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