Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Administration, Please Continue to Spew Misinformation on Guns

Townhall.com ^ | December 15, 2015 | David Limbaugh 

The Obama administration is not only at odds with America, as founded, but also woefully out of touch with ordinary Americans, and it is deceitful or delusional (or both) on guns.
President Obama twisted himself into a pretzel to deny that the San Bernardino, California, massacre was committed by Islamic terrorists. Even as facts accumulated -- making the obvious undeniable -- he continued to cling to the preposterous narrative that it was workplace violence. It's those high-stress jobs, you see, that cause otherwise peaceful people to fire up their time machines and go back to buy weapons to kill dozens of people who have nothing to do with their workplace grievances.
The ever-clueless White House press secretary, Josh Earnest, referring to recent shootings and the San Bernardino terror attack, said: "The more that we see this kind of violence on our streets the more people go out and buy guns. And that is both ironic and tragic."
In the first place, these liberals have never been able to refute the axiomatic truth that making our gun laws more restrictive would not have prevented the various mass shootings they invariably use to launch new salvos against gun ownership. So the fact that they even raise the issue after these incidents is obscenely dishonest, opportunistic and hyper-partisan.
In the second place, guns are not the cause of these shootings. Indeed, in many cases, guns could help prevent them or reduce injury and death. It is no accident that these evildoers often unleash their hellfire in gun-free zones.
In view of the facts, how could Earnest call it "ironic and tragic" that in response to these acts of violence, more people buy guns? It is not ironic, because people rightly believe they will be safer with guns, and the American people know that Obama and his ilk want to confiscate their weapons, which they make clear every time there's a mass killing involving guns. It's not tragic, either, because increasing gun ownership is quintessentially American and constitutional, and it increases the safety of the American people. What's tragic about that?
What is tragic is that this administration uses these terrible incidents, whether terrorism-related or not, to distort and politicize the gun issue. What is tragic is that it selectively cares about shootings depending on the identity of the perpetrators and victims and the motivation of the killers.
The administration barely blinks an eye at all the black-on-black gun shootings around the country, especially in Obama's hometown of Chicago, though far more people are killed by those often-gang-related gun killings than the mass shootings Obama always politicizes. It begins federal investigations when there's a shooting by a rogue cop but ignores the chronic inner-city murders where cops are not involved. It's not the killings that Obama cares about but his agenda. He showcases one type and ignores others to serve his political obsessions.
If President Obama cared about the safety and security of the American people, would he go out of his way to deny it when Islamic terrorism is obviously the cause and ignore that there is a disturbingly increasing pattern of such on American soil? Would he deceitfully pretend that ready access to guns and excessive gun ownership are the proximate cause of blatant acts of Islamic shootings?
To deny that Islamists, including those here at home, are at war with the United States and represent a threat to Americans puts Americans at greater risk. To make it harder for Americans to buy weapons to defend themselves puts Americans at greater risk. Why does this administration want to put Americans at greater risk?
Only God knows why Obama pursues his destructive policies, but more and more Americans realize that he is putting them at greater risk by trying to make them less safe personally and degrading our national security and our leadership presence around the world.
As ordinary Americans are fully aware of Obama's dangerous policies, it is neither ironic nor tragic that they are running out and gobbling up all the weapons they can get their hands on. It is eminently rational behavior for people interested in self-preservation.
So please continue to spew nonsense, Mr. Earnest, and even more Americans will wake up to this administration's recklessness.

People are calling Sam's Club CEO 'racist' after she gave an interview about diversity!

Business Insider ^ | 14 Dec 2015 | Hayley Peterson 

Sam's Club CEO Rosalind Brewer is being accused of discriminating against white men following a CNN interview where she discussed the importance of workforce diversity.
Brewer was asked by the interviewer how she promotes diversity within her company.
"It has to start with top leadership," Brewer said. "My executive team is very diverse and I make that a priority. I demand it within my team."
She said she mentors women inside and outside of her company, as well, and also encourages Sam's Club's partners to hire a more diverse workforce.
Now here's the comment that ignited the uproar. Brewer said:
"Just today we met with a supplier and the entire other side of the table was all Caucasian males. That was interesting. I decided not to talk about it directly with [the supplier's] folks in the room because there were actually no female, like, levels down. So I'm going to place a call to him."
Critics are claiming that Brewer's remarks are evidence that she advocates against employing and hiring white men — even though four of the eight people on her executive team are white men. Some customers are now accusing Brewer of being "racist" toward white men and are threatening to boycott Sam's Club.
The interview has since been shared widely by right-wing sites, including RedState, BizPac Review, and TeaParty.org, prompting some customers to criticize the company online.
"As a white male I'm deeply offended by the remarks of your employee," one person wrote on Sam's Club's Facebook page. "We will not be patronizing Sam's Club until this is corrected."
(Excerpt) Read more at businessinsider.com ...

White House Holds Meeting With Muslims And Sikhs

NBCNews ^ | December 14, 2015 

White House Holds Meeting With Muslims And Sikhs by KRISTIN DONNELLY, CHRIS JANSING and CORKY SIEMASZKO

President Obama's top advisers held a series of meetings Monday with Muslim and Sikh religious leaders to discuss the fallout their communities are facing in the wake of the deadly San Bernardino shootings.
Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, Domestic Policy Council director Cecilia Munoz, and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes took part in the White House sit-downs — a dozen days after a radicalized Muslim couple fatally shot 14 people and wounded 21 more in California.
The Chicago-born Syed Farood and his wife Tashfeen Malik, a Pakistani national raised in Saudi Arabia, were killed in a gun battle with the police after the Dec. 2 massacre.
Related: FBI Reviewing Shooting of Muslim Taxi Driver in Pittsburgh, Suspect in Custody
Representing the Muslim community were a dozen influential leaders including Maya Berry of the Arab-American Institute and Imam Khalid Latif, a New York Police Department chaplain.
A person inside the meetings told NBC News that participants thanked the Obama Administration for sticking up for Muslims, asked for advice how to deal with anti-Muslim hate crimes, and recounted heartbreaking tales of school girls being bullied for wearing head scarves.
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‘Playing into the Hands of ISIS’?

National Review ^ | 12/14/2015 | Victor Davis Hanson 

American elites take a perverse view of what ISIS is really after.

"Playing into the hands of ISIS" is the new Beltway mantra. The finger-shaking by the administration and its supporters warns Americans not to give in to their supposedly natural biases against Muslims.

Never mind that FBI statistics show that Jews in this country are the objects of hate crimes at nearly four times the rate of Muslims. It is mysteriously never reported who are the main perpetrators of hate crimes against Jews. In any case, when the administration alleges Islamophobia, it assumes that if it did not, ISIS might announce to Muslims worldwide, "We told you so," to confirm its suspicions of American prejudices toward Islam.

But according to Obama's own logic, his constant suggestions that Americans are prejudiced against Islam would themselves strengthen ISIS by providing them a rationale or justification for their anti-American terrorism. Would they not think, "If President Obama himself is constantly worried that his own people are anti-Muslim, then surely they must be - even though statistics do not support that charge"?

Or are we to think that ISIS reasons along the following lines: "Even after 9/11, Americans let in hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and yet hate crimes against them are far rarer than against Jews. Therefore Americans are our friends, and we will refrain from attacking them"?

When the president pontificates on the evils of Guantánamo Bay, rather than worries over the subsequent careers of terrorists who were released from the detention facility, does that encourage or discourage ISIS?
(Excerpt) Read more at nationalreview.com ...


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