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MUSLIM Obama Threatens to Veto House GOP Legislation to Improve Syrian Refugee Screenings

Fox News ^ | 11/18/2015 

President Obama threatened late Wednesday to veto legislation aimed at improving screening for Syrian refugees, potentially putting the White House and Congress on a collision course in a matter of days.
The veto threat came as the House was preparing the bill -- which sets high hurdles for refugee admission including FBI background checks and sign-offs by top officials -- for floor action as early as Thursday. In a committee meeting, Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, accused the president of confusing the public about the intentions of the legislation.
Moments later, the White House issued a statement defending the current screening process and claiming the changes called for under the bill would create "significant delays and obstacles" for the existing vetting program.
"Given the lives at stake and the critical importance to our partners in the Middle East and Europe of American leadership in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis ... [Obama] would veto the bill," the White House said.
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Ted Cruz Gets Into Tough Exchange With ABC News Reporter: ‘Can You Say Radical Islamic...

The Blaze ^ | Nov. 18, 2015 | Kaitlyn Schallhorn 

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and ABC’s Jonathan Karl sparred briefly over Cruz’s plan for Syrian migrants during Tuesday’s “World News Tonight.”
Karl hit Cruz on a bill the senator plans to introduce that would keep Syrian migrants from entering the United States. Cruz explained to Karl that his legislation would bar not only Syrian migrants but any Muslim migrants from countries with a serious Al Qaeda or Islamic State presence - an idea very similar to legislation that Cruz’s fellow Republican presidential contender Sen. Rand Paul (Ky.) announced earlier this week.
Image source: ABC News
Image source: ABC News
When Karl pressed Cruz on the fact that the bill would prevent Muslim migrants while permitting Christians to continue to enter the country, Cruz responded, “Can you say ‘radical Islamic terrorism’?”
“We should not be allowing Muslim refugees from countries where ISIS and Al Qaeda have control of significant amounts of territory,” Cruz said, “because of the inability of this administration, the inability of our intelligence sources to distinguish between who is and is not an ISIS terrorist.”
“At the end of the day, it’s not that complicated,” Cruz continued. “There’s no history of ISIS terrorists embedding in the Christian community and pretending to be Christian. If that were occurring, we would work to prevent it.”
“Christians are different in the Middle East, number one, because they are being persecuted and facing genocide, that is qualitatively different,” Cruz said. “ISIS is crucifying Christians.
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On cutting the crap, breaking the Caliphate’s back, and focusing on America

Non-Intervention ^ | 11/18/2015 | Michael Scheuer 

Honoring Paris’s dead and wounded is now being done with crocodile tears, candles, moments of silence, crowds of strangers holding hands, pledges of solidarity, the endless, pro forma singing of national anthems, and bouquets of followers mounded up as colorful, if wilting, temples to the dead.
None of this nonsense honors anyone, it is simply another meaningless iteration of the made-for-TV, post-Islamist-attack “Festival of the Dead”, an event to which Westerners seem to be intensely attached and are now institutionalizing. After all, it’s a chance to get outdoors, walk a bit, and mingle with other self-professed and mourning lovers of humanity. It is, in fact, all hogwash. It allows Western people to feel they have done something to contribute to victory over the enemy when in fact they have done less to honor the dead and destroy their killers than their national governments — and that truly is quite an underachievement.
But there is a time-honored and effective way to honor the Paris dead, as well as the U.S. and Western soldiers whose lives and limbs have been wasted since 2001 by national leaders who did not intend to win. If the United States and the West really do not want to do the smartest thing and encourage a Sunni-Shia sectarian war, then it has the near-term option of destroying all those facilities in Syria and Iraq that are essential to the Islamic State’s effort to build a state or, in their words, rebuild the Caliphate.
Currently, IS is in possession of:
–Highways and bridges –Portions of a railway system –Fleets of tanker trucks, construction vehicles and machinery, and farming equipment –Cell phone tower networks and overhead power lines –Improved waterways and irrigation canals/systems –Potable water and urban sanitation systems –Hydroelectric dams and reservoirs –Airfields –Grain silos –Mills for processing wheat and other grains –Facilities for mining minerals –Oil fields, wells, and refineries –Gas fields, wells, and distribution systems –Pipelines for fuel, gas, and water –Factories, government buildings, warehouses, and military bases –Farmland that is growing crops –Hospitals –Universities –Police stations, military barracks, office buildings, and hotels that are used to store arms and house fighters
Each of these things, needless to say, is part of the IS military effort. They are even more important, however, to its effort to build a state, fund an economy, attract foreign volunteers, and feed, employ, and care for a population. They all are also wonderfully visible, cannot be readily moved or hidden, and are just the kind of targets that Western air forces can annihilate in an air campaign of relatively short duration. For the first time since 1996, the Islamists have acquired a large and valuable set of physical assets that they cannot afford to lose, and they are assets that are perfectly suited to the West’s conventional military forces and so will give Western militaries a respite from the folly of trying to defeat IS by killing their fighters one or two at a time.

Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?

The Guardian ^ | 18 Nov 2015 | David Graeber 

How could Isis be eliminated? In the region, everyone knows. All it would really take would be to unleash the largely Kurdish forces of the YPG (Democratic Union party) in Syria, and PKK (Kurdistan Workers’ party) guerillas in Iraq and Turkey. These are, currently, the main forces actually fighting Isis on the ground. They have proved extraordinarily militarily effective and oppose every aspect of Isis’s reactionary ideology.

But instead, YPG-controlled territory in Syria finds itself placed under a total embargo by Turkey, and PKK forces are under continual bombardment by the Turkish air force. Not only has ErdoÄŸan done almost everything he can to cripple the forces actually fighting Isis; there is considerable evidence that his government has been at least tacitly aiding Isis itself.
It might seem outrageous to suggest that a Nato member like Turkey would in any way support an organisation that murders western civilians in cold blood. That would be like a Nato member supporting al-Qaida. But in fact there is reason to believe that Erdoğan’s government does support the Syrian branch of al-Qaida (Jabhat al-Nusra) too, along with any number of other rebel groups that share its conservative Islamist ideology. The Institute for the Study of Human Rights at Columbia University has compiled a long list of evidence of Turkish support for Isis in Syria.
The PKK was responsible for rescuing thousands of Yazidi civilians threatened with genocide by Isis in 2014, and its sister organisation, the YPG, of protecting Christian communities in Syria as well
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Utah prosecutor says he's investigating US Sen. Harry Reid!

Associated Press ^ | November 18, 2015 | By BRADY McCOMBS 

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- A Utah county prosecutor said Wednesday he is investigating U.S. Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada in connection with a pay-to-play scheme involving two former Utah attorneys general.
Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings, a Republican, said in a statement that he's looking into allegations related to the Democratic senator.
Rawlings declined to disclose the allegations and only said the claims are based on information from witnesses in the attorneys general case.
Reid, who hasn't been charged, fired back at Rawlings in a statement from his spokeswoman Kristen Orthman. She said Rawlings is using "Sen. Reid's name to generate attention to himself and advance his political career, so every few months he seeks headlines by floating the same unsubstantiated allegations."
Reid has denied wrongdoing since a businessman said in 2013 that a former Utah attorney general arranged a deal to pay the senator to get rid of a federal investigation into a software business. . .
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SYRIAN AMBASSADOR: “MORE THAN 20% Of ‘Refugees’ Pouring Into The EU Likely Have Ties To ISIS!

Shoebat ^ | 11/18/15 

In early September, an unnamed ISIS operative confirmed that an estimated 4,000 covert ISIS terrorists had arrived in Europe disguised as refugees.
“Among the refugees, who went to Europe, maybe more than 20 percent belong to ISIS groups. Now Europeans (and other Western nations) have invited this threat into their homelands. It will only get much worse in the future,” Riad Abbas said, commenting on recent deadly terrorist acts in Paris.
Sputnik News  According to the diplomat, terrorism has penetrated everywhere in Europe. “Now Europe is under pressure. Although Syrian peoples are suffering but the fact is that since terrorism has no boundaries it can reach any country,” he said, adding that all the countries must unite to combat extreme violence against civilians.
Syrians who fled their homeland due to the ongoing civil war will return to their cities and their work, Abbas noted.
The Paris terror attacks left at least 132 dead and over 350 injured, 99 critically.The Islamic State militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks in the French capital. According to media reports, at least two suspects have been in Syria at some time in the past.

Throngs of children are trying to cross the Texas border again!

Houston Chronicle ^ | November 18, 2015 | By Dylan Baddour 

Recent months have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of children trying to trek across Texas' southern border alone, according to new data from the U.S. Border Patrol.
After a months-long decrease in solo child arrivals after the surge in summer 2014, the numbers are back up to their highest levels for early fall in at least six years.
August and September, the most recent months with available data, have borne the brunt of the recent increase. In the Border Patrol's Big Bend sector of Texas, the number of unaccompanied children apprehended trying to enter the country during that period averaged 24 between 2010 and 2014. This year agents tallied 319.
Statewide, 7,390 unaccompanied children were caught crossing in those two months, and 85 percent increase over the same period last year
"We're clearly seeing a significant uptick," said Marc Rosenblum, a deputy director at the Migration Policy Institute in Washington D.C. He said that the slump of arrivals in the last year may have been an anomaly, and that the recent numbers are in line with what trend lines predicted years ago. . .
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SEIU hits GOP field on immigration - multimillion dollar advertising campaign!

The Hill ^ | November 19, 2015 | Tim Devaney 

The Service Employees International Union - fresh off its endorsement this week of Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton - is launching a multimillion dollar advertising campaign blasting GOP candidates for their "anti-immigrant attacks."
The campaign will target Republicans like Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Jeb Bush, who have suggested rolling back the Obama administration's immigration policies.
It is timed to run over the one-year anniversary of the president's controversial executive order allowing millions of illegal immigrants to live in the U.S.
"One year ago, President Obama took historic action, standing up for all families striving to achieve the American Dream," SEIU International executive vice president Rocio Saenz said in a statement. "Since then, we have reached one full year of consistent attacks against Latino and immigrant families. It's simply inexcusable."
The SEIU will run the ad beginning Thursday. A Spanish language version will run nationwide on Univision and Telemundo during the Latin Grammy Awards. An English version will run online in Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and Florida.
The SEIU is spending "six-figures" on the ad, which is part of a larger multimillion campaign for immigration reform.
The GOP presidential hopefuls will be scolded for their "radical and hateful language against immigrant communities."
The ad opens with news clips of Cruz, Rubio and Trump calling for more restrictive immigration policies, then shoots to a voice-over: "Now, it's time for our community to say no. We will not accept hate. We will not allow anti-immigrant attacks."

Chart That Could Decide the 2016 Election And it doesn’t look great for Democrats.

New Republic ^ | November 18, 2015 | David Dayen 

At first glance, the economy appears to be in a decent position to chug along or even improve—and bode well for the Democrats in 2016. But that first look may be deceiving.

To the extent that real-world events...


Fortunately for Democrats, the Federal Reserve predicts 2016 growth at 2.4 percent, in line with other economists’ projections. Unemployment has fallen to the lowest rate in seven years. With threats of a debt-limit default or government shutdown (mostly) contained, self-inflicted wounds from Washington are unlikely. At first glance, the economy appears to be in a decent position to chug along or even improve—and bode well for the Democrats in 2016.

But that first look may be deceiving. When I want to understand future economic trends,...


The chart measures the ratio between business inventories and sales. A higher ratio means that inventory is building up nationwide; a lower ratio means that consumers are snapping up goods as fast as they’re being produced.


It’s important to note that slow growth in 2016 is not a consensus view among economists. You can envision a scenario where a banner holiday season depletes inventories, where job growth finally leads to higher wages, where consumers finally use the extra cash from low gas prices—and where any fears blow over. But if a generally on-target economist like Baker sees a low-growth story unfolding in 2016, it’s hard to completely dismiss it. And that should raise alarm bells at DNC headquarters.
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