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Mass exodus! U.S. doctors fleeing medicine! ^ | 11/14/2015 | Greg Corombos 

Mountains of Obamacare-related paperwork and the threats of severe fines for the slightest errors are forcing many doctors to retire and others to shut down their practices and work under the protection of hospitals, and all of it spells bad news for patients.
Galen Institute President Grace-Marie Turner says the exodus is alarming, as evidenced by a Physicians Foundation report showing the number of doctors who say they run an independent practice has dropped from 62 percent in 2008 to 35 percent in 2014. The survey of 20,000 physicians also shows only 17 percent in solo practice. Eighty-one percent of doctors are at full capacity or even overextended. Forty-six percent grade Obamacare as a D or an F. Just 25 percent give the law an A or a B.
For those greatly frustrated by the system, Turner said the government is making their lives miserable.
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The Obamacare cost explosion

Twin Cities Pioneer Press ^ | November 14, 2015 | By John Tyler 

It is time to come to grips with the inevitable health insurance price increases being caused by the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) known as "Obamacare."
Obamacare's short-term sweeteners and phase-ins are behind us, and the fundamentally flawed structure of Obamacare and its true costs are exposed. The result: substantially increasing individual and small-group health insurance prices.
Given the mandates required by the ACA law, these are not likely to recede any time soon.
In Minnesota, small-group prices skyrocketed by up to 94 percent in 2014. Individual plans are up by an average 31 percent, and up to 60 percent in 2016, according to the Commerce Department. Minnesota insurance companies providing individual policies have already lost over $394 million since the implementation of Obamacare. They have no choice but to increase premiums to cover increased costs of care.
Why is this happening?
Think about it. If someone asked you to pay for all their future health care in exchange for a fixed monthly price, wouldn't you want to know what you would be liable for so you could set the appropriate price? What if you were required to pay their claims, but they were not responsible to continue paying you once you had paid out your part of the deal? You would lose big, just as the nation's insurance carriers have.
Obamacare tells health insurers it is illegal to ask health questions before providing insurance and illegal to deny claims for those who apply for insurance after the conditions occur, including for all future claims as well. Incentives for healthier behavior and better consumer decision-making are eliminated. . .
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Conspiracy Tale at Arpaio Contempt Hearing

Courthouse News Service ^ | November 13, 2015 | JAMIE ROSS 

After invoking the Fifth Amendment 220 times under five hours of questioning Thursday, an investigator for Sheriff Joe Arpaio blurted out an impassioned tale that the sheriff's office investigated the federal judge overseeing Arpaio's contempt-of-court hearing because the judge was "a victim" of the federal government's illegal seizure of his bank and IRS records. The court heard a number of audio recordings Zullo made with his iPhone... In another recording, former billionaire Tim Blixseth tells Arpaio that then-Senator Barack Obama had hired computer hackers to doctor Obama's birth certificate and change Florida voting records to alter redistricting efforts. Blixseth said he learned of Montgomery when Montgomery hacked into Blixseth's personal information to provide it to his ex-wife and her attorneys during their divorce proceedings. That's when, Blixseth says, Montgomery told him about information he had uncovered about the federal government. According to Montgomery, a young man working for John Brennan - now director of the Central Intelligence Agency - was hired to alter Obama's birth certificate while he was still a senator. When people began to question the authenticity of the certificate, the young man "got a bullet between the eyes," Blixseth said.
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