Thursday, November 5, 2015

WHY AMERICA VOTED REPUBLICAN ^ | 11/05/15 | Bob Lonsberry 

On Tuesday, at the voting booth, America took a hard turn in the Republican direction.

In race after race and state after state, the big winners at the ballot box were Republican candidates and Republican principles.

I know why.

It’s because the Democrat brand sucks.

It’s because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and any number of their hangers on have turned their party into something hostile to the beliefs and lives of an increasing number of Americans.

Let me give you some examples.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who hate the cops.

If you think cops are racist thugs roaming around looking for black people to kill, the Democratic Party is for you. The president has just finished up a week of speechifying dedicated specifically to “police-community relations.”

That’s Democratspeak for “we hate the police.”

If your first impulse upon seeing a police officer is to spit on him and pull out your phone to record his response, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who love criminals.

Obama just turned loose 6,000 drug dealers, right? And he just spent another week speechifying about how America needs to be nicer to people in jail.

Didn’t he just create new education and housing benefits for convicted felons? Isn’t the Democratic Party banging the drum for “alternatives to incarceration?” Isn’t the Democratic Party talking about some racist “school to prison pipeline” that herds people to the penitentiary?

If you think the crooks behind bars are victims of society, instead of predators on society, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who think borders are meaningless.

The Democrat Party is behind the “amnesty city” movement that gives shelter to foreign criminals and ignores domestic laws. It is Democrats who talk about the rights of anyone anywhere to come here and, more often than not, pick up a welfare card.

If you think that everyone else has a right to your country and its bounty, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who think a boy who says he's a girl should be allowed to shower with girls who really are girls.

The day before the election, the Obama Administration threatened legal action against a high school that asked a boy who calls himself a girl to change behind a curtain in the girls locker room as he gets ready to play on a girls team. The Democrats said the curtain had to come down and the boy had to see the naked girls and the girls had to see the naked boy, or it was a violation of his-her rights.

If you think gender is a social construct between the ears instead of a physical reality between the legs, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who think Iran should have a nuke.

With Americans opposed more than 2-to-1, Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress rammed through an agreement that puts “Death to America” Iran 10 years away from unfettered development of nuclear weapons.

Iran gets to trade in weapons and missiles seven years from now, and all constraints on its nuke program come off three years after that.

And either Times Square or Tel Aviv blow up shortly after that.

If you are OK with that, then the Democrat Party is the party for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who don’t like white people.

If the in-your-face racial bigotry of #BlackLivesMatter makes sense to you, then you’ll be happy to know that every Democrat politician close to a microphone agrees with you.

The Democratic Party has become the haven of people whose motivating force is antipathy toward whites. No one will say that out loud, but everyone realizes it – and the Democrats profit from it. Without the votes of angry minorities, Democrats seldom win elections. So the key to Democrat survival and success is keeping minorities angry. To that end, the Democrats preach victimhood, entitlement and chip-on-the-shoulder cultural antagonism toward whites.

If you think white privilege and institutional racism are ruining America, the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is the party of people who resent and are jealous of success.

In the policies and priorities of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, successful people are punished and dysfunctional people are rewarded.

If you make wise choices, get an education and work hard, and end up making more money as a result, the Democrats vilify you and take your money. If you make poor choices, drop out of school, and sit on your ass, and end up making less money as a result, the Democrats champion you and give you other people’s money – and count you as their core constituency.

If you believe in hating the other fellow because of his success, instead of working harder to get your own success, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is for people who think America and its history are bad.

If you think Columbus committed genocide and Washington was primarily a slave owner, and that America’s westward expansion was racist, then you will like the Democrat Party.

It is the Democrats who seem to believe American history began when some jerk tried to kick Rosa Parks out of her seat. If the Founders are enemies and America is bad, if this country is imperialistic and our foreign dealings are sinister – if patriotism is a bad thing – then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is for people who think the American people are bad.

If you believe the American lifestyle is the root of the world’s problems, you will really like listening to Democrat speeches about global warming. If you think your neighbors are too fat, if they should give up their cars and have their roads ripped up to make bicycle boulevards, if they should do without air conditioning and carbon-producing electricity, if they should stop eating meat and using plastics and having children, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is for people who think God is a joke.

Statistics show that if you and your family have no religious faith or practice, and if you openly mock those who do, then the Democrat Party is for you.

The Democrat Party is for people who think the U.S. military is a bad thing.

Beyond cutting personnel and programs, and enhancing the rights of gays and transgenders, and pushing troops into repeated deployments in an increasing number of conflicts, the Obama administration hasn’t had much to do with the military. It is something he and his Starbucks cup salute absentmindedly as he passes.

Whenever military recruiters have been pushed out of schools or campuses, it has been Democrats doing the pushing. Just like it was Democrats doing the bashing on the Boy Scouts over whatever it was they were bashing the Boy Scouts over.

If you see an American in uniform, and you don’t know that you’re looking at one of the good guys, then the Democrat Party is for you.

And America knows that.

Which is why, on Tuesday at the ballot box, America voted Republican.

Taxpayer bill to resettle 35,000 Mideast refugees: $2.3 billion ($65k each!)

WND ^ 

It costs U.S. taxpayers nearly $65,000 to resettle one Middle Eastern refugee over the first five years, which is 12 times what it would cost to care for that same refugee in a neighboring country in the region, according to a new study.
The Center for Immigration Studies cites “heavy welfare use” as the main reason why refugees are so costly to resettle. This flies in the face of oft-quoted comments by U.S. mayors who claim refugees add to their tax base and promote economic growth, making for a more “culturally diverse” and “economically resilient” city.
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Carly Fiorina and the Male Chauvinists of "The View" ^ | November 5, 2015 | Carl Jackson 

As Carly Fiorina prepares to enter the lion's den with her appearance on "The View" this Friday, I hope she's aware that the hosts of the show are apparently "self-identifying" as liberal male chauvinists. What else would cause a fellow human-being to degrade a woman based upon her physical attributes, while totally ignoring her accomplishments and capabilities?
Let's be honest, Carly Fiorina is far more attractive than Hillary Clinton could dream to be and she certainly doesn't look "demented." I'm certain the hosts of "The View" will not comment on Hillary's looks any time soon- at least not before Election Day November 2016. Therefore, the question becomes, what caused this aberration from the lefts "I am woman hear me roar" mantra? I suspect there are a few reasons. Here they are:
1)Fear. A competent conservative woman undermines the lefts narrative that the only women with conservative values serve their families barefoot and pregnant at the kitchen table; They don't serve as CEO's of Hewlett Packard like Carly did.
2)Leftism is self-contradictory. With the exception of the activists in their party, you'd be hard pressed to find any Democrats that practice what they preach in their own home behind closed doors. I'm certain Barack Obama doesn't want his daughters in a bathroom with men who "identify" as women (aka perverts) next to them. Likewise, I'm doubtful that people like George Soros go out of their way to pay taxes, and divvy up their wealth amongst their homies in the hood.
3) Thirdly, leftists need a villain in order to feel good about themselves. This is why they create "fake moral causes" like man-made global warming, or saving the whales at Sea World from the people that saved them, and even championing a mental disorder like "gender-dysphoria," while lashing out at those of us that realize a man that wants to be a woman is not normal.
Could you imagine the exodus that might occur by women of the left from the Democratic Party were Carly Fiorina to become president? Based on their apparent juvenile IQ's (you can only be nice for so long), I'm doubtful the women of "The View" can. The idea that you could break the "glass ceiling" as a woman that holds traditional values, flies in the face of everything their leftists professors on college campuses, SNL and MTV taught them.
Furthermore, it is the height of hyprocrisy to stand for so-called "women's rights" while attacking Carly's appearance. As they'd argue, "aren't we past the caveman era?" In an attempt to render men an unnecessary species, leftist feminists have begun behaving like the male chauvinists of the good ole days.
Lastly, does anyone really believe the hosts of "The View" could offer a philosophical view of their ideology? Of course not! The Democrats’ voter base is motivated by emotion not common sense. They vilify conservatives like Carly Fiorina because they have no effective arguments to the contrary. Democrats don't win by making their constituents successful; they win by keeping them mad and dependent upon the federal government.
I'd imagine the male chauvinists of "The View" are salivating to rip Carly to shreds. I'm confident however, that Carly's substance will carry the day.

"Free" health care costs too much ^ | 10/31/2015 | Ross Kaminsky 

Last month, Colorado HealthOP, the state's largest non-profit health insurer, was removed from Colorado's Obamacare exchange, Connect for Health Colorado, because massive ongoing losses have rendered it financially unstable. As of next year, the co-op's 83,000 members will have to find new health coverage, while taxpayers are on the hook for more than $70 million in startup loans.

The Denver Post reported earlier this year that Colorado HealthOP, which captured roughly 40 percent of all health insurance enrollments though the state exchange and was its largest carrier, garnered market share with an "aggressive price cut ... but analysts warn the move carries financial risk."
You don't say. Too bad the risk was yours and mine instead of theirs.
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Cruz: Abolishing IRS Not a ‘Pie in the Sky’ Proposal

Breitbart ^ | 4 Nov 2015 | Jeff Poor 

Wednesday on Fox Business Network's "Varney & Co.," Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), ....... insisted that his tax plan that would abolish the Internal Revenue Service, isn’t a “pie in the sky” proposal, as FBN host Stuart Varney suggested it was.
"Well, you know it's interesting," he said. "If you go back to 1981 when Ronald Reagan was elected president, he wanted to cut the top marginal tax rate from 70 percent to 28 percent. Every observer said that's pie in the sky, that will never happen and especially that will never happen with a Democratic House of Representatives and Tip O'Neill as speaker of the House."
"And what Reagan did is he took the case to the American people and he made the case that with economic growth, we can turn this country around," he continued. "And we went from the stagflation, the misery and malaise of the Carter years to the seven fat years, to the booming Reagan growth. My tax plan, a simple flat tax is designed to do the same thing and we're going to do the same thing by taking it to the American people by coming out of this election with a mandate from the people."
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Doctors, Hospitals Say 'No' to Obamacare Plans

US News & World Report ^ | November 4, 2015 | By Kimberly Leonard 

Government health officials worked diligently this year to improve consumer experience on and make sure people know what they are getting for their money when they pick health insurance. But one thing is out of the government's control: whether doctors and hospitals will agree to accept patients who buy these plans.
Surveys and data are limited, so it's difficult to gauge the extent of the issue, but anecdotal evidence from patients and providers show it is a struggle. Some newly insured patients wonder whether it's worth paying for coverage they can't actually use. Even when they do find a provider, reports show they face crippling out-of-pocket costs they didn't expect.
Doctors or hospitals may be left out of insurance networks for many reasons; the decision is usually up to the insurance company, not the provider, but it usually comes down to reimbursement, which can be lower through plans obtained via the Obamacare marketplace.
"We have no idea what the plans are paying," says David Howard, professor in the department of health policy and management at Emory University. "That's closely guarded information. We can only draw conclusions based on anecdotal reports."
Clare Krusing, spokeswoman for America's Health Insurance Programs, said in an email that the group does not have data on how many physicians are choosing not to accept insurance or participate in certain networks. "Our recent report on out-of-network charges show that consumers are increasingly paying very high, and in many cases, exorbitant charges for medical care when they are treated by an out-of-network provider," she said. . .
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