Saturday, October 31, 2015

'I do, I do, I do:' Brazilian female trio get hitched (and now it begins)

AFP ^ | 10/30/15 | Laura Bonilla 

Three's a crowd? Not in Brazil, where three women have defied deeply conservative trends in Congress and wider traditional mores by celebrating a polyamorous civil union.

The happy trio, who reportedly have shared a bed for years and say they want to raise a child, took an oath of love in early October in the presence of Rio de Janeiro notary public Fernanda de Freitas Leitao.
"This union is not just symbolic," because it defines "how they intend to have children," attorney Leitao said.

The lovers -- a businesswomen and a dentist who are both 32 and a 34-year-old office manager -- have been together for three years and wish to remain anonymous. Despite salacious media speculation about their supposed love life, they are in fact shy, their lawyer said.

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You’ll Never Guess What Inspired the 2nd Amendment ^ | Russ Hepler 

You’ll Never Guess What Inspired the 2nd Amendment!!!

It is one of Americans’ fundamental rights – the right to “keep and bear arms.” It has kept America free from tyranny, both foreign and domestic for over two centuries.
The 2nd Amendment is under assault across the board today from liberals, socialists, Democrats, and the national media.
But, where did our Founding Fathers come up with the idea for the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights? The idea of average citizens being armed was foreign to European countries. So where did the concept come from?
William J. Federer has the surprising answers: This followed the example of the earliest known militia in history – Ancient Israel, where every man was armed and always ready to defend his community.
Denver University Law Review, July 15, 2013 published an article Ancient Hebrew Militia Law, by David B. Kopel, in which he wrote:
” New Englanders intensely self-identified with ancient Israel-from the first days of settlement in early 17th century (Israel in the wilderness) to the days of the American Revolution, when New England’s ‘black regiment’ of clergymen incited the Revolution as a religious duty,
and described the thirteen American colonies as the modern version of the twelve confederate tribes of Israel.
Thus, ancient Hebrew militia law is part of the intellectual background of the American militia system, and of the Second Amendment…
Every male ‘from the age of twenty years up, all those in Israel who are able to bear arms’…were obliged to fight, to go forth ‘armed to battle.’ Men who failed this duty ‘sinned against the Lord.’
Although God may work miracles…the righteous…may never force God’s hand by demanding a miracle-putting good people in danger and expecting God to protecting them…”
Yep, that’s right! Our Founding Fathers looked to ancient Israel from the pages of the Old Testament in the Bible as their basis for developing the idea of local militias with everyone armed to defend and protect their families, homes, and communities.

Now, don’t expect to hear this from some liberal college History professor; or from the national media.
But, the more we dig into American History, the more examples we find that the Founding Fathers used principles from the nation of Israel – God’s chosen people – to build America upon.
The concepts of private property ownership, local representative government, universally applied laws of justice, and other guaranteed rights not given by government all come from the pages of the Old Testament and found their way into our founding documents.
William J. Federer provides more info:
David B. Kopel continued:
“Israel’s military system was ‘based on the duty of every able-bodied male to bear arms and serve.’
Israel relied on a militia, in which citizen soldiers would spend most of their time cultivating their farms, or engaged in other economic production, and would fight only for limited periods (ideally, after the harvest), and only when necessary.
Similarly, during the American Revolution, most men served in their state militias, rather than the Continental Army. Thus, they were most able to keep their farms in production, and other economic activity in progress.
This was an important reason why the United States was able to economically sustain a war that lasted eight years…”
And it is not just modern historians who have this perspective. According to William J. Federer, there is ample evidence from the colonial period to prove these facts.
In September of 1774, Dr. Joseph Warren wrote the Suffolk Resolves.
British statesman Edmund Burke cited the Suffolk Resolves as a major development in colonial animosity, which eventually led to the Declaration of Independence.
The Suffolk Resolves stated:
“That it is an indispensable duty which we owe to God, our country, ourselves and posterity,
by all lawful ways and means in our power to maintain, defend and preserve those civil and religious rights and liberties, for which many of our fathers fought, bled and died,
and to hand them down entire to future generations…
and that the inhabitants of those towns and districts…do use their utmost diligence to acquaint themselves with the art of war as soon as possible, and do, for that purpose, appear under arms at least once every week.”
Wow! When was the last time we read about that in public school history books?
William J. Federer adds more:
Massachusetts citizen soldiers drilled on the parade ground, many times led by a deacon or pastor, then went to church for exhortation and prayer.
The Provincial Congress issued a Resolution to Massachusetts Bay, 1774:
” Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual…
Continue steadfast, and with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.”
Maybe this explains why President Obama and his gaggle of atheist socialists hate the 2nd Amendment – it comes from Israel and from God!

Climate Change Is A Religion, Not Science!

Right Wing News ^ | 31 Oct, 2015 | William Teach 

Ted Cruz sat down with Glenn Beck Thursday, and had this to say on the subject of ‘climate change’

RWW News: Ted Cruz Says That 'Climate Change Is Not Science, It's Religion' (video)
“You know part of the reason he (the president of the Sierra Club) didn't know the facts? Because climate change is not science, it's religion.
Look at the language where they call you a "denier" Denier is not the language of science. Look, I'm the child of two scientists. My parents are both mathematicians, computer programmers. My dad was self-taught geophysicist. The essence of the scientific method is to start with a hypothesis, and then look to the evidence to disprove the hypothesis. You're not trying to prove it, you're trying to disprove it. Any good scientist is a skeptic, if he's not, he or she should not be a scientist.
But yet the language of the global warming alarmists, "denier" is the language of religion, it's heretic, you are a blasphemer.
The response from the Sierra Club, "We have decreed this is the answer, you must accept it." And so he didn't know his facts because he just knew his religion.
Of course, this has made Warmists very mad. EcoWatch calls it an “alarming video”. And, for Warmists, it is, because it exposes the fallacy and insanity of the ‘climate change’ movement. I’ve listened to Cruz speak on the subject before, and he sort-of steals my line in calling it a political movement and “It was massive government control of the economy, the energy sector, and every aspect of our lives.”
Roe Romm’s George Soros funded Climate Progress is also very upset, and writer Samantha Page spins madly, highlighting that this is not science
The data he is referring to is very specific. Cruz is looking only at satellite data - not ground-level data or oceanographic data - and he does not say "18 years" just as a random number.
Would this be the same data that the NOAA is refusing to comply with a Congressional subpoena over? The data that has received massive adjustments, all upwards? The same data that is biased towards warming due to UHI/land use? Yes.

Ninety- seven percent of published, peer-reviewed climate science papers concur that man-made climate change is occurring.
If you’re throwing out “consensus”, especially from an utterly debunked study, you’re talking politics, sociology, and even religion, not science.
He also seems to not have seen any of the data showing that the world is hot and getting hotter. 2015 is on track to be the hottest year on record. 2016 will likely beat it.
Except, at most, it would only be hundreds of a degree, and this is prognostication before the facts. We already know how this worked out for the 2014 claim. They’re already telling us what the data will say, and they’ll make darned sure that the data says that.
My only disagreement with Cruz is that this is not really religion, it is a cult.

Obamacare Is A Disaster: Co-Op Insurers Across America Are Collapsing, And Now There Is Fraud!

Zero Hedge ^ | 30 October 2015 | Tyler Durden 

Two weeks ago we reported that in what at the time was still a rather isolated incident, Colorado's largest nonprofit health insurer (aka co-op), Colorado HealthOP is abruptly shutting down, forcing 80,000 Coloradans to find a new insurer for 2016.
At the time, we said that the health insurer had been decertified by the Division of Insurance as an eligible insurance company because the cooperative relied on federal support, and federal authorities announced last month they wouldn't be able to pay most of what they owed in a program designed to help health insurance co-ops get established.
In other words, one of the 24 co-ops funded with Federal dollars and created to give more policyholders control over their insurers - especially those who wished to stay away from various corporate offerings, had failed simply because the government was unable to subsidize it: the same government that spends $35 billion in global economic "aid" but can't support its most important welfare program.
Fast forward to today, when we learn that another co-op, this time New York's Health Republic Insurance - the largest of the nonprofit cooperatives created under the Affordable Care Act - is not only shuttering, but was engaging in fraud.
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